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The Great Masquerade

The Great Masquerade


The six nations, always feuding with one another for centuries. And after so long of the fighting and the deaths. The six kingdoms are meeting together but will it be for the best?

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Ever since the nation of Ceria was created, there were six countries inside of it's massive land. All, having their own way of life and at one time, they were allies. But, after just years of being created they started to argue about their ways of lives and wanting to change to other countries like theirs. And, after awhile they broke apart, never interacting with the others again; seeing it as dangerous and could threaten their own people. And, the people are not allowed to go outside of their country only the kings and queens were ever able to go outside of their own country. And asked for their children, they were taught from birth to take a strong dislike to the other five kingdoms. And that they should never leave their owned land. That was until now, kings and queens have ordered their two eldest children to come to the capital city of Nevea. Hoping that they might be able to stop the war raging right over the horizon. And for the next three months it is up to their children to try and stop the giant feud. But, when two of the 'royal' children turn out to be impostors, will they be caught or will they pull off the biggest heist in Ceria's history?


Ruled by the fair king Leo and his family, It was the first of the six countries to be created which has also made it the most populated mostly made up of high class and high middle class businessmen and their families. Their main feuding is towards the newest kingdom of Seria, just for that reason. They see that as still a newborn and doesn't see it as fit to call itself a country just yet.

King Leo | Face Claim:Matt Bomer | NPC (Unless Requested)

Queen Eleanor | Face Claim:Katharine McPhee | NCP (If not requested)

| 21 | Face Claim: Aaron Johnson | Reserved by Emerald.x

Cassandra Chamberland | 18 | Face Claim: Anna Kendrick | Taken by bandgeek

Only discovered about fifty years ago,it is mostly looked down upon the older countries mostly from the oldest and the capital, Nevea. Ruled by King Ciel and his family they are just trying to learn how to lead the way the other kingdoms do, trying to make a name for themselves as tough, secretive, dangerous,etc.

| 19 | Face Claim: Freddie Stroma | Open

Alexis Mercurious | 18 | Face Claim: Emily Osment | Taken by Nami L'Chi

Ruled by king Lorraine and his family, they are the second oldest kingdom created just ten years after they parted ways with Nevea. Being the most protective, they are also the most violent and do not have a problem with going to war with the other kingdoms. Knowing that they have the best trained guards. Their hatred is towards the most dangerous country of Raven Valley.

| 20 | Face Claim: Liam Hemsworth | Open

Marina Angelou | 18 | Face Claim: Lyndsy Fonseca | Taken by supertoastgirl

Ever since this kingdom was created they were known as the most dangerous and deadly to get in and out of. The inside? Is no better, the kingdom has most of the crimes and they are done by the same set of adopted children/siblings who are only known as 'The Spirits'. The Spirits are clever and cunning, and they are the two devious ones who are the impostors . The kingdom's hatred goes towards Lorraine, who as they see has a dictatorship.

| 23 | Face Claim: Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Reserved by Rubyblue

Daphne Constantinides | 20 | Face Claim: Arielle Kebbel | Taken by BleedingLover

They are known as the second most secretive because it is rare for someone to leave. It is by far the most peaceful and spiritual, never liking the idea of war. May would call this the place most logical people would like to live but most people aren't so lucky. They don't really have an enemy but they have a strong disliking to Costa Luna who is located next to their own country, seeing them as inferior.

Arthur Price | 22 | Face Claim: Max Irons | Taken by Onuwa

Lolan Price | 19 | Face Claim: Cara Delevingne | Taken by LittleRedDucky

Not much is none about this country except that they were the third created country of Ceria. Since the feuding has begun they went into hiding in order to keep their people safe from the dangers of the war that is beginning. To most, they see them as cowards but they are very calculating and intelligent. The have no true enemies seeing that they are so very quiet but, the do have a disliking to the country of Selestia

Adric Hastings | 19 | Face Claim: Ash Stymest | Taken by Rubyblue

Arrietty Lamperouge | 17 | Face Claim: Emily Browning | Taken by Ever


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[center][img]go to [url=] this [/url] site, and create your characters name here, placing it in the img brackets[/img][/center]

[right][img] GIF of your character [/img]
    [img]And, Another GIF[/img]
    [img]And Again Another GIF[/img]
    [img] one more, please.[/img][/right]
    [b]Name[/b]: First, middle, last.
    [b]Nickname[/b]: if any.
    [b]Age[/b]: Given
    [b]Country[/b]: What country do they represent
    [b]Sexuality[/b]:..... Everyone should know what this means.

    [b]Likes[/b]: At least seven.
    [b]Dislikes[/b]: At least seven.
    [b]Fears[/b]: At least 3

    [b]Personality[/b]: At least one well-written paragraph

    [b]History[/b]: Two-three paragraphs, please.

    [b]Theme Song[/b]: [url=LINK TO SONG] What song do you think explains you?[/url]
    [b]Anything else[/b]: Put any other information you deem necessary.


1. You may change your FC ONCE and only a couple of them am I willing to change, but if you do change it... It may not be someone I have seen in almost EVERY single RP I look at like Claire Holt, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Holland Roden, Victoria Secret models, OR Any girl from PLL (Pretty Little Liars).

2. Post on the OOC to reserve AND have the password. Do NOT private message, please. After you're reservation is made, you have two days to finish the character sheet. I don't like giving extensions. If you're too busy to make a CS, then you're too busy to post; that's the rule I always abide by.

3. If you can't post for a while, please let me know! It'd be greatly appreciated. Activity is needed to keep any RP alive. Please don't let this die.

4. Yes, I have Face Claims, do not flood the OOC saying how much you dislike them. Please.

5. As for post length, no one liners. You must post at least 160-300 words. Sorry, if that seems a lot but, then maybe you shouldn't join.

6. This roleplay is for mature people only. If you can't accept violence, swearing, drinking, sexual content, and such, then don't join.

7. I want to see interaction with EVERYONE. Just because your character doesn't get along doesn't mean you have an excuse to not talk to someone. Make drama!

8. With number 7 said, make drama IN character not OUT OF character. If you have a problem let me know

8.5. The first part of the password is your Favorite Book.

9.I know a few people who join and then disappear, and I do have the right to decline a reservation but, I will do it in PM

10. You MUST read these rules! The second part of the reservation is: Your Favorite Quote.

11. If you do not have the passwords, I will ignore your reservation and not reply to it. Get it? Got it? Good.

12. Have fun. This is all in good fun!

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0 sightings Arrietty Lamperouge (Aria) played by Ever
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Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Daw, don't worry. I know someone who might like to join. :)

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Awe... i don't have a brother :( :P

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

By the way, my new face claim is Emily Browning ^^

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Apologies for not having my form in. A close family member went into the hospital for surgery this morning. I'll try to get it up by tomorrow night but it depends on when the hospital will let us visit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

My character will be up by to ight :)

EDIT: or maybe tomorrow morning, up the hospital I go :/

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Yup, Ruby! I'll reserve them for ya right now. :)

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Hey there! mind if I reserve the raven valley male and the casta luna male please?

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Re: Putting on A Masquerade

@Ever:Reserved. ^.^

Also-Everyone, I have another RP I've been trying to get up and running so if you would like to join that as well... Defiance: The New World

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Sorry, I was on my ipod when I posted that and the rules didn't load >< So anyways, may I reserve the female from Casta Luna and from Code Geass; "Inequality isn't evil.. equality is!" And my favorite book, of all time, is Alice in Wonderland: Through the looking glass <3 Honestly; Tim Burton did very well in creating the atmosphere of a ruined Wonderland ^w^/

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Ever: Look at the rules for the password. -_-

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Oooh this seems very fun XD Can I reserve the female for Casta Luna?? And is it ok if I change the face claim??

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

You're all reserved! \(^.^)/

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Seems very interesting

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Hi, can I reserve the Aaron faceclaim please

Can't pick a favourite, but the nearest one is Unless; "This is why I read novels: so I can escape my own unrelenting monologue.” "

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Ooooooh :( I wanted bambi...with the face claim. Gutted:( could taken Freya??

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Favourite book....god that's hard...erm...fragile eternity...or the night world :)

Re: Putting on A Masquerade


Might I reserve Bambi? But is it alright is I change her face claim to Lyndsy Fonseca?

Also, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
And, "We belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to each other."

Re: Putting on A Masquerade

Well there! I really like the sound of this. I would like to reserve Max Irons if possible. :)

Edit Annnd I have realized in my hurry to reserve I have forgotten the passwords. Hopefully you can forgave me. My favourite book is Harry Potter, can't go wrong with that.
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Re: Putting on A Masquerade

CAn I reserve Emily Osmet FC? :)

Have you ever read The City of bones? My favorite quote from it is "The decent into hell is easy."

They're making a movie about it and i'm kinda hopin that quote will be in there :) so August I get to see it!!! :D

Putting on A Masquerade

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