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Aoi Kurotama

"It makes sense why you chose me. Still wish you didn't, though."

0 · 85 views · located in Orynni

a character in “The Great Pancrepe Divide”, as played by Griese Lightning



β‡’ "It’s useless to care, you know. It’ll just get you in trouble."

β‡’ Makoto Kikuchi (Xenoglossia)
β‡’ Light Mage
β‡’ Ice Blue | Blue

β•‘ N A M E β•‘
Aoi Kurotama

β•‘ G E N D E R β•‘

β•‘ A G E β•‘

β•‘ S E X U A L I T Y β•‘

β•‘ S I D E β•‘

β•‘ R A C E β•‘

"I’m dangerous. You’re better off leaving me alone."

xxxxβ•‘ H E I G H Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ W E I G H T
xxxxx 5’4 | 163cm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx105 lbs. | 48kg

xxβ•‘ H A I R --C O L O RxxxxxxXXxxxβ•‘ E Y E _C O L O R
xxxxx Black xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlue

β•‘ A P P E A R A N C E
xxxx The first thing most people notice about Aoi are her bright, beautiful, vibrant blue eyes. She has narrow eyes with thick eyelashes, pale, smooth skin, and a petite frameβ€”until you reach the hips. Perhaps surprisingly, Aoi has wide, rounded hips--though she usually covers this up by wearing baggy clothing as much as possible. Aoi doesn't care much about her hair, so her boyishly-cut black hair is usually messy.

β—ˆ Cold β—ˆ Snarky β—ˆ Caring β—ˆ

xxxx Aoi is, in a word, a jerk. Closed-off and incredibly snarky, she keeps her heart guarded with cruel retorts and snappy retorts. Most of the time she’s distant at best--though this is mostly because of her horrible loneliness and distress at everyone in her life leaving her at some point. She has a soft spot for children and is capable of smiles, but they come few and far-between; though caring at her core, years of being trained to have a frozen heart have turned Aoi into an ice queen. Additionally, she can be incredibly arrogant due to her impeccable power and immense intellect. Even so, her skills make her useful to have around...and she makes sure you know this.

"Say whatever you want about me. At least I’m strong."

β˜€ L I K E S β˜€
Children β—Œ A piece of Aoi adapted maternal instincts from essentially raising herself. Nowadays, she likes to appoint herself as the honorary β€œbig sister” of children in the group or even those only a couple years younger than her, finding it a welcome break from her need to be in control and guarded.
The cold β—Œ She’s always enjoyed the cold more than the heat, likely because of her powers.
Soft things β—Œ Whether it’s a soft blanket, a soft pillow, or a soft kitten, a quick way to Aoi’s heart is by presenting her with something soft as a present. She states it’s because they’re more comfortable to be around, but really it’s because they’re easier to cry into.
Cats β—Œ Aoi deems cats her spirit animal and adores them to no end. One day she’d like to own twenty.
Tea β—Œ Put simply, Aoi is obsessed with tea. She drinks at least twenty cups a day. And feels empty when she hasn’t had any.
Kaiden β—Œ Even though he abandoned her and was a lech at his best points while they were together, Aoi still sees Kaiden as her best friend and honorary big brother. She’s fairly defensive of him against those who refuse to see his better parts.

☁ D I S L I K E S ☁
Heat β—Œ Being an ice mage means heat could literally melt Aoi’s soul. She avoids any extreme heat or fires whenever possible.
Being alone β—Œ Even though she seems prickly, Aoi hates being alone. Secretly, she’s downright desperate for a real friend...although years of being without company has left her incredibly socially inept.
Most people β—Œ She’s picky about her friends. Loud people, obnoxious people, and arrogant people are among her pet peeves. She realizes the irony in hating the latter.
Kaiden β—Œ As much as she loves him, Aoi finds Kaiden absolutely insufferable and wishes he would stop being so obsessed with her.

β˜‚ Q U I R K S β˜‚
β—Œ For unknown reasons, Aoi despises carriage salesmen. She blames all of her problems on them even when it’s completely unrelated.
β—Œ Aoi talks to herself out loud in the third person.
β—Œ She quickly becomes a squealing mess when she sees something cute.
β—Œ Aoi dotes over children like a mother.

β†― F E A R S β†―
β—Œ Dying alone. This is by far Aoi’s worst fear--she often has nightmares of facing her demise surrounded by nothing and spends many nights trying to keep herself awake by practicing just to feel less lonely.
β—Œ Fire. Because of its highly destructive nature against her particular race, Aoi is horrified of fire and the immense agony it can cause her.
β—Œ Failure. A failure of any sort would remove the one thing Aoi can find comfort in--her skill. Without her abilities placing her near the top of the strongest mages, Aoi considers herself nothing. A failed mission or failed plan would absolutely wreck her.
β—Œ Not being forgiven. Secretly, Aoi knows it was her own fault most of her friends left her and she hates it. She avoids apologies, however, because of the fear of these simple four words: β€œI don’t forgive you.” This fear is part of what motivates her to push others away before they can push her away first.
β—Œ Herself. After an outburst of her own powers killed both her parents and her β€œsister”, Aoi learned to be terrified of herself and her own capabilities. This is her main motivation for training herself so hard.

"Just leave me alone! You don’t understand and you never will!"

β—ˆ P O W E R S β—ˆ

β†˜ A B I L I T I E S ↙
As an ice mage, Aoi is able to generate, manipulate, and control ice. She can do nigh-anything with this power, with one move strong enough to even manipulate the soul--though her own lack of stamina holds her back from actually utilizing this move. Additionally, Aoi can control water to a degree, including melting herself into a puddle of water or bending water away from her face to breathe β€œunderwater”.

She’s also an intellectual genius, incredibly intelligent about science and mathematics.

β†˜ S T R E N G T H S ↙
Control | Thanks to years of pushing herself, Aoi’s control over her powers is impeccable, even when she’s distracted in some capacity.
Pure power | Aoi’s frozen heart and cold soul provide an immense level of power for her to draw from. In terms of raw power, she’s roughly on the same level as the first ever ice mage, her ancestor Marsha Knowles.
Intelligence | Aoi is incredibly smart, often using her grasp of physics to enact plans others may not have considered. Her fast-moving mind allows her to plan quickly and leaves her flexible enough to adapt to most strategies.

β†˜ W E A K N E S S E S ↙
Fire/Heat | Heat of any sort (but especially fire) would render Aoi completely useless in seconds. None of her powers work at all around extreme heat and if she herself gets burned, her magic shuts down for hours if not days--or even weeks if the burn is severe enough.
Lack of stamina | Aoi’s stamina is downright awful. As her powers drain her actual soul, if she were to use them too much it would straight-up kill her. Due to this, she can only actually sustain her powers for a certain period of time before her stamina breaks down and she has to step back and do nothing until she’s recovered enough.
Not a team player | Aoi is convinced she is only team she will ever need. While a bit more willing to work with proven allies such as Nin, Kaiden, and Makoto, Aoi tends to overstep her boundaries and encroach on someone else’s role in a team, often putting her entire squad in jeopardy because of her reckless decisions.

β†˜ S T A T S ↙
(From 0 to 10, assuming 0 is completely unskilled, 5 is average, and 10 is exceptional)
Intelligence | 10/10
Dexterity | 8/10
Strength | 6/10
Charisma | 3/10
Stamina | 4/10
Magic Power | 10/10
Total Stat Score: 38

β•‘ B I O G R A P H Y β•‘

β—ˆ Shuko Kawamura β—ˆ β€œSister” β—ˆ 32 β—ˆ Dead β—ˆ
β—ˆ Rin Kurotama β—ˆ Mother β—ˆ 27 β—ˆ Dead β—ˆ
β—ˆ Hiro Kurotama β—ˆ Father β—ˆ 28 β—ˆ Dead β—ˆ
β—ˆ Marsha Knowles β—ˆ Distant Ancestor β—ˆ ??? β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ

xxxx Aoi had a perfect first.

She was born to a loving mother and father, both ice mages themselves. Until Aoi was four, they raised her with love and constant affection...but unfortunately, they neglected to raise her as a mage. When Aoi discovered her powers at four years old, she found herself entirely unable to control them and unsure of what was happening to her...and in a sudden burst of ice, she killed both parents.

Horrified, Aoi fled into the forest. When her powers went out of control again and knocked over a tree, she was saved from being crushed by Kaiden Reaper, who immediately brought her to his home. Aoi found herself uncomfortable around Kaiden’s mother Melissa, but she bonded quickly with Kaiden. As a compromise, Kaiden moved in with her with a woman named Shuko, another mage he had met while scouting the area. Aoi grew to adore Shuko, who she called β€œOnee-chan” and often bragged about to Kaiden. When Kaiden left her alone, Aoi clung to Shuko.

When she was eight, two young humans visited her mountain home on a vacation of sorts. They two, both a bit older than Aoi, introduced themselves as Nin and Makoto--they were there with Nin’s grandfather for a lengthy training β€œmission”. Aoi earned the affections of both and the three became fast friends. They played outside together almost daily and all time that wasn’t spent with Nin’s grandfather for training was spent at Aoi’s house for hot cocoa and snowball fights.

A year later, Aoi and Shuko got into a fight. Frustrated with how Shuko had been prioritizing her work over Aoi lately, the clingy young mage exploded in another burst of power that killed Shuko where she stood. Once again flung into PTSD and horror, Aoi locked herself in her room, the attack damaging her so deeply she contemplated suicide. Though Nin and Makoto tried to get her to come out of her room so they could help, Aoi refused to open the door, terrified she would hurt them too.

It was Kaiden who saved her life once again--upon learning from some gossiping neighbors of a mysterious scream coming from Aoi’s house, he raced back to her home, shot the door down, and gathered the girl in a hug that managed to calm her down just enough to keep her from snapping. For three years, Kaiden remained with Aoi and trained her to use her powers.

His methods were harsh--but what most would call physical and verbal abuse, Aoi called a regular day of training. Kaiden knew how to bring out the coldness in her heart that contributed to her powers, even though the only way to do so was by constantly belittling her. Aoi and Kaiden grew constantly closer through this strange relationship they developed, but soon Kaiden left her as well--Aoi was completely alone for the next five years.

Distraught by being left alone by the one person who had sworn he’d never leave her, Aoi dedicated the rest of her life to perfecting her power until those who met her would have no choice but to pay attention. Isolating herself from the outside world, she closed herself off and built her walls up so high she lost her own sense of self, instead becoming a dangerously powerful ice mage to prove to herself that she still had some sense of worth.

β•‘ C R E A T O R β•‘
OstrichBurgers ; )

β•‘ R O L E P L A Y E R β•‘
Griese Lightning

β•‘ O T H E R β•‘
Aoi was named for her stunningly blue eyes.

So begins...

Aoi Kurotama's Story