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Blanca McGee

"Our world is in chaos. I wonder, can you restore it?"

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a character in “The Great Pancrepe Divide”, as played by Griese Lightning



β‡’ "I beg you...restore this world to peace."

β‡’ Dian Rubens
β‡’ Team Administrator
β‡’ Teal-Blue | Lavender

β•‘ N A M E β•‘
Blanca McGee

β•‘ G E N D E R β•‘

β•‘ A G E β•‘

β•‘ S E X U A L I T Y β•‘

β•‘ S I D E β•‘

β•‘ R A C E β•‘

"Forgive me for being forward, but I believe you may be the heroes who can save this world."

xxxxβ•‘ H E I G H Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ W E I G H T
xxxxx 5’8’’ || 173cm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx115 lbs. || 52 kg

xxβ•‘ H A I R --C O L O RxxxxxxXXxxxβ•‘ E Y E _C O L O R
xxxxx Black xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlue

β•‘ A P P E A R E N C E
xxxx Blanca is a woman of average height and average build. She’s fairly slender and a bit curvy, but overall has a waifish and almost ethereal beauty to her. Pale and fair-faced, Blanca finds most of her color in her kind blue eyes and slightly pink lips, with her hair carrying a slight sheen in the raven locks. She tends to wear robes and dresses and has an overall mature look to her. Though she appears young, no one knows her true age--it’s rumored she uses a youth spell to keep herself looking like a twenty-year-old, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

β—ˆ Balanced β—ˆ Mysterious β—ˆ Maternal β—ˆ

xxxx Blanca has always been a bit of a mystery. She tends to remain secluded in her tower watching over the people of her kingdom from the privacy of her home, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care--in fact, those who have met her compare her to a mother or a loving mentor. She is patient, kind, and wise, guiding her people with a steady hand and a balanced view of life. Without taking sides, she simply observes; playing the long game is part of her strategy.

Though her power is immense and her magic power simply intimidating, she values friendship and diplomacy over any sort of war and mostly uses her power to protect and heal. Overall a caring, mature, and devoted woman, Blanca is a friend to all who are close to her and a mourner over those who oppose her.

"The state of our world, the state of our saddens me to think we’ve sunk this low."

β˜€ L I K E S β˜€
Her family β—Œ Blanca has always been a lover of family and although she can’t have her own children , she cares deeply for her niece and loves her sister’s family although they were her own.
Her students β—Œ As she grew more talented, Blanca took on the task of teaching others her magic. One of her students, a gifted healer named Claude Devereaux who went on to become the premier healer in his country, has always been like a son to Blanca; she often invites her students over for tea and cookies despite her dislike of attention.
Her subjects β—Œ After taking over as a queen of sorts, Blanca grew to love and admire the people of her country more than she had before, truly valuing the work they put into staying happy and healthy while she kept everyone safe. She cares for all of them equally as a mother cares for her kids, though sometimes their affection is a bit overwhelming.
Whipped cream β—Œ Blanca has always been a fan of the fluffiness of good old fashioned whipped cream. She finds it fun to make designs on her hot cocoa using whipped cream.
Snowflakes β—Œ The uniqueness of each snowflake is a beauty Blanca greatly admires. Her ultimate goal is to master a spell that would allow her to make snowflakes large enough to keep.
Delicate things β—Œ Perhaps due to her maternal instincts, Blanca has always loved delicate and soft things, finding a strange sense of satisfaction in having to protect or otherwise keep them safe from harm.

☁ D I S L I K E S ☁
Poor ethics and manners β—Œ Blanca has always had a strong moral compass and finds herself easily frustrated by those who do not follow a code of ethics. Additionally, as a bit of a formal person a lack of manners annoys her.
War β—Œ Due to her pacifistic nature, Blanca has always been highly opposed to the ongoing war between dark and light.
Being called old β—Œ Though no one knows her true age, Blanca seems to be annoyed by people guessing that she’s any older than her thirties. It seems to be a complex of hers.
Vegetables β—Œ Blanca simply never developed a taste for vegetables--growing up, she ate mostly fruit and found vegetables either too flavorless or with too strange a texture to bother trying.
Spicy food β—Œ Spice has always been just a bit too much for Blanca--though she likes flavor, she’s much more of a sweets kind of woman than a spice kind of woman and would far sooner season her food with salt or sugar than a drop of hot sauce.

β˜‚ Q U I R K S β˜‚
β—Œ Blanca rarely faces a person while talking to them; she’s usually working on something in the background.
β—Œ She’s almost always doing something with her hands, usually reading something.
β—Œ She tends to giggle at nothing, having apparently thought of something funny or read something amusing in her book of the day.

β†― F E A R S β†―
β—Œ Losing her magic is Blanca’s biggest fear. Though she can induce it in others, she has no real way to protect herself from nullification or seals and is terrified of someone finding a way to take her magic away, as its the only thing keeping her kingdom safe at the moment.
β—Œ That the war will never end. Though desperate for its conclusion, in the back of her mind Blanca fears always having to be pouring mana into a protective spell simply because the war cannot be stopped.
β—Œ Spiders. Blanca has always been terrified of spiders--no one is quite sure why.
β—Œ Large crowds. Blanca feels rather suffocated by too much attention and gets rather claustrophobic in large crowds, which is why she tends to keep to herself in her tower.

"We are in a state of constant imbalance. I wonder how much we need to tip the scales to restore that balance."

β—ˆ P O W E R S β—ˆ

β†˜ A B I L I T I E S ↙
To describe all of Blanca’s myriad spells would take an entire tome. As a self-proclaimed β€œRainbow Mage”, Blanca has mastered spells even from the worlds of Dark and Black Magic. In fact, the sheer scope of her magic power makes it easier to simply say she can do just about anything. Healing and even resurrection from the dead are a snap--her control of attack spells range to force as high as a volcanic explosion--and her shields are fully invincible.

However, there are things she can’t do. For instance, Blanca cannot create life from nothing, alter the size of objects, affect the senses in any way, or resist nullification or having her magic stolen.

β†˜ S T R E N G T H S ↙
Defense | In terms of sheer defensive power, Blanca is nigh-invincible. Her magic allows her to craft spells that could withstand just about anything and can be held for a long period of time at minimal mana drain.
Magical Power | The sheer magic power Blanca possesses is her greatest strength. Her capacity for spells is limitless, existing only as a construct she can eliminate through constant study and hard work.
Adaptability | Blanca has always been exceptional at thinking outside the box to create plans or spells that work in the exact way she needs them to. Unexpected outcomes are troublesome, but nothing she can’t handle with a bit of ingenuity.

β†˜ W E A K N E S S E S ↙
Offense | Though capable of incredible offensive feats, Blanca rarely uses them and usually holds back her full power. Additionally, offensive spells in particular take out a lot of her mana and usually leave her feeling too exhausted to stack any more spells on top of them, making them overall uneffective.
Pacifism | Perhaps it’s more apt to say Blanca simply refuses to engage with anyone in a way that could potentially hurt them. This has led to her using others to launch attacks more than once, often leading to injuries or deaths she could have prevented if she’d only launched the attack herself.
Unskilled outside of magic | Blanca has no skill with any weapon, no immense knowledge of anything other than magic, no remarkable skills in anything other than simplest terms, without her magic Blanca is nothing. All it would take was one seal or one nullification spell to render her completely void.

β†˜ S T A T S ↙
(From 0 to 10, assuming 0 is completely unskilled, 5 is average, and 10 is exceptional)
Intelligence | 9/10
Dexterity | 8/10
Strength | 6/10
Charisma | 7/10
Stamina | 9/10
Magic Power | 10/10
Total Stat Score: 49

β•‘ B I O G R A P H Y β•‘

β—ˆ Arachne Thistlebum β—ˆ Sister β—ˆ 48 β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ
β—ˆ Ariadne Thistlebum β—ˆ Niece β—ˆ 16 β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ
β—ˆ Robert Thistlebum β—ˆ Brother-In-Law β—ˆ 50 β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ

xxxx As a child, Blanca found her mother’s book of Black Magic and began to study at the age of 3, as soon as she could read. Though at first her white-magic-attuned mother was wary, her dark-magic-attuned father convinced her to let the girl study, and they worked together to get Blanca books to work on her magic. She trained alongside her sister Arachne, but while Arachne would often spend time at parties and hanging out with friends instead of practicing her magic, Blanca spent every second of every day pouring over her books and creating new spells to use.

Though this led to her lacking social skills, it did give her incredible control over her magic and by her 20th birthday, she had just about mastered every school of magic through constant studying for 17 years. From there, her studies only grew--when war broke out, she used her magic to envelop her kingdom in a magic bubble protecting them from any outside interference. Since then, she became a bit of a queen to her people--revered by the subjects she had helped protect, Blanca was elevated amongst the people and found herself rarely alone. In a desperate attempt to escape the unwanted attention, Blanca withdrew into her tower and kept herself alone inside, using her magic only to help her subjects as much as she could and spending the rest of her time perfecting every possible spell she could get her hands on.

β•‘ C R E A T O R β•‘
OstrichBurgers ; )

β•‘ R O L E P L A Y E R β•‘
Griese Lightning

β•‘ O T H E R β•‘
When her niece Ariadne was born, Ariadne’s jealous mother had Blanca place a curse on the child that rendered her only able to use Black Magic. While this β€œcurse” made Ariadne impeccably skilled in Dark and Black Magics and a genuine powerhouse, it also left her extremely weak and unable to defend of heal herself. Blanca holds herself personally responsible for her niece’s wellbeing and has been secretly spying on her since she was an infant to ensure she could protect Ariadne herself against any incoming threats.

So begins...

Blanca McGee's Story