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Kaiden Reaper

"It's interesting, isn't it? How much a simple grudge can ruin a life."

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a character in “The Great Pancrepe Divide”, as played by Griese Lightning



β‡’ "My, my. It seems things are getting interesting."

β‡’ Yan Qing
β‡’ Dark Mercenary
β‡’ Turquoise | Midnight Blue

β•‘ N A M E β•‘
Kaiden Alexander Lucifer Keynan Reaper; goes by Kai

β•‘ G E N D E R β•‘

β•‘ A G E β•‘

β•‘ S E X U A L I T Y β•‘

β•‘ S I D E β•‘

β•‘ R A C E β•‘
3/4 Shadow 1/4 Witch

"Do you truly understand what it means to be born into the darkness?"

Imagexxxxβ•‘ H E I G H Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ W E I G H T
xxxxx 6’6 || 198 cm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 148 lbs. || 67kg

xxβ•‘ H A I R --C O L O RxxxxxxXXxxxβ•‘ E Y E _C O L O R
xxxxx Black xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXxxxxxxxxxxxGreen/Turquoise

β•‘ A P P E A R E N C E
xxxx Kaiden is very tall and slender. He has a tall face, healthy pink skin, and long, silky black hair pulled into a low ponytail. His face is small for his long head--thin turquoise eyes bordered by long eyelashes, thin lips, and small ears (one with an earring). In contrast, his nose is large and wide, with a bump at the bridge that made it protrude quite a bit. He has broad shoulders and well-muscled arms, but is surprisingly slender. Despite seeming a bit imbalanced, he’s overall rather handsome in a jolly sort of way.

β—ˆ Sadistic β—ˆ Gentlemanly β—ˆ Complicated β—ˆ

xxxx Kaiden is complicated at his best and an enigma at his worst. His personality works in dichotomies--at once loving and sadistic, intelligent and idiotic, perverted and protective, he is a mixed bag of personality traits that contribute to making him rather unpredictable. Though seemingly childish and a flirt, Kaiden is truthfully incredibly wise and mature and serves as a bit of a pillar of stability among his friends. Highly emotional and yet starkly logical, he provides both the heart and the brains to his group of other mercenaries and is incredibly difficult to get to know overall. He’s also a serious troll, seemingly gaining a sense of genuine satisfaction from seeing others struggle or get infuriated. Despite all of this, friends of his will vouch that he is unendingly loyal and would gladly give his life to keep them safe.

In short, he’s a man you want for an ally--but even that is difficult to tell. Even Kaiden himself never seems to be fully sure of what side he’s actually on.

"I’m afraid you’ve lost my interest. Entertain me and perhaps I’ll listen~!"

β˜€ L I K E S β˜€
Aoi β—Œ His childhood friend--Kaiden has been deeply in love with Aoi for years and would do anything to protect her, despite her rejection of his affections. It’s frequently cited that of all the β€œsides” Kaiden could be on, he is simply on β€œAoi’s side”.
Guns β—Œ After being gifted a gun by his father on his fourth birthday, Kaiden came to view them as a bit of a comfort item. He grew very comfortable with wielding guns and to this day sees them as necessary extensions of his own body, using them as his weapon of choice in every situation. He still has the first gun he ever received from his father, affectionately nicknamed β€œOld Lenny”.
Aoi β—Œ It cannot be stressed enough how much Kaiden adores Aoi. Though it annoys her to no end, she is by far the light of his life and likely the only reason he’s even still alive.
His father β—Œ Kaiden absolutely adored his father. Much of his motivation for everything he does is to get revenge for his father or to somehow make him proud. The two were unbelievably close until his father’s assassination when Kaiden was five.
Aoi β—Œ It really cannot be overstated how much Kaiden adores Aoi.
Baths β—Œ Kaiden has always loved taking a nice aromatherapy bath to unwind from a long day of killing things and shooting people. One of the quickest ways to get him to calm down is by drawing him a bath.
Knitting β—Œ Kaiden finds the act of knitting a nice scarf incredibly relaxing and often finds himself sitting down with needles and yarn when there’s nothing else to be done. It’s likely he got this from his mother.

☁ D I S L I K E S ☁
Loud people β—Œ Kaiden has always preferred quiet evenings alone in his room--those who are particularly loud and β€œobnoxious” tend to bother him.
Bringing up his father β—Œ Kaiden is incredibly defensive of his father and anyone bringing him up in a way other than to simply acknowledge his passing respectfully will immediately garner Kaiden’s wrath.
Anyone who does anything to Aoi β—Œ Even worse than Kaiden’s defensiveness of his father is his protectiveness of Aoi. Looking at her, touching her, commenting on her, or just relating to her in any way will drive Kaiden into a furious rampage instantly.
Losing β—Œ Kaiden has never been a fan of losing--though not a massive trigger such as his father or Aoi, it still seems to frustrate him greatly.

β˜‚ Q U I R K S β˜‚
β—Œ Giggles instead of laughing
β—Œ Almost always smiling
β—Œ Plays with his hair
β—Œ Likes resting his chin on people’s heads

β†― F E A R S β†―
β—Œ Losing Aoi--she’s almost literally his lifeline and the last thing keeping Kaiden even remotely sane and he fears what losing her would do to his psyche.
β—Œ The light--after a run-in with the people of the light in his youth, Kaiden grew to fear what they could do if they felt like using actual light against him. His species is naturally weak to it and concentrated light attacks are the quickest way to defeat a Shadow.
β—Œ Losing his mother--though Kaiden is unsure of where she is, secretly he longs to see his mother again and hearing of her loss would tear him apart.

"You light creatures are so predictable. It’s rather boring."

β—ˆ P O W E R S β—ˆ

β†˜ A B I L I T I E S ↙
Kaiden can control and manipulate the darkness manifest inside him. This includes making shields, tentacles, weapons made of darkness, and any number of other things relating to elemental manipulation. However, his powers are limited to the realm of the physical and cannot affect anything mental, spiritual, or otherwise intangible.

Additionally, he’s a gifted marksman who can hit most targets from yards off with incredible accuracy.

β†˜ S T R E N G T H S ↙
Accurate | Kaiden rarely misses a strike. Whether it be from his gun or with a shot of shadow, his expertly-timed shots can hit even moving targets from a distance with relatively flawless accuracy.
Deception | Years of living amongst the light have trained Kaiden to be adept at hiding his true nature. His polite facade makes him appear friendly and approachable, making him arguably more dangerous.
Lack of empathy | Aside from his love for Aoi, Kaiden simply doesn’t care. No sob story about your ill mother will get him to spare you, no desperate pleas to save your brother will get him to back off, and no shouts about how he’s an absolute monster will get him to reconsider. Though he can be reasoned with on occasion, you’d have to be an expert with words to find the exact things to say to make him even consider not pulling the trigger and even then, it’s a long shot.

β†˜ W E A K N E S S E S ↙
Aoi | By far, Aoi is Kaiden’s biggest weakness. His adoration of her has gotten him in trouble numerous times and Aoi is the one person able to get Kaiden to do anything she wants just by asking. He would do anything for her, often getting himself in compromising positions simply because someone has used Aoi to coerce him. (This is a very dangerous strategy, though--those who attempt to use Aoi to bargain with Kaiden who can’t defend against his speed and attacks will find themselves brutally slaughtered in seconds.)
Protectiveness | In general, once Kaiden makes a friend he often becomes incredibly sloppy trying to protect them from others.
Emotional | Kaiden runs mainly on emotion--though capable of logical thinking and strategy, most of the time he’s a creature of pure instinct whose rampant emotions often get in the way of how powerful he could be if he were fully focused.

β†˜ S T A T S ↙
(From 0 to 10, assuming 0 is completely unskilled, 5 is average, and 10 is exceptional)
Intelligence | 9/10
Dexterity | 9/10
Strength | 7/10
Charisma | 8/10
Stamina | 8/10
Magic Power | 7/10
Total Stat Score: 48

β•‘ B I O G R A P H Y β•‘

β—ˆ Aiden Alexander Reaper β—ˆ Father β—ˆ 23 β—ˆ Dead β—ˆ
β—ˆ Melissa Anne Reaper β—ˆ Mother β—ˆ 39 β—ˆ Unknown β—ˆ

xxxxKaiden was born to a Shadow father and a Witch-Shadow mother. His father, not wanting to get Kaiden wrapped up in the war, hid his heritage and moved his son and wife out to the mountains to raise their son in peace. Kaiden adored his father--Aiden Reaper was the perfect father to a budding young mercenary and gifted Kaiden his first gun at the tender age of four. They were, by all accounts, a fairly perfect family.

But perfection never lasts.

When Kaiden was only five years old, a Mage named Marsha Knowles who had control over ice broke into the home with some other Mages. She had caught wind of Aiden’s status as a Shadow but was somehow unaware of Melissa and Kaiden’s own heritage---thus, when she attacked the home, Aiden took the full force of the attack and ordered his wife to take Kaiden and run. Melissa didn’t listen and in the ensuing fight, she and Kaiden were forced to watch as Marsha slaughtered Aiden in front of them...for no reason other than his race.

With his dying breath, after Marsha and her goons had vanished, Aiden made Kaiden aware of his status as a Shadow. Furious and deeply grieved, Kaiden swore vengeance on every light creature who had ever lived--if they had killed Aiden only for being a creature of the dark, Kaiden would kill them simply for being a creature of the light.

Cue Aoi Kurotama.

Kaiden saved four-year-old Aoi from a haywire burst of power when he was eight, immediately earning her affections. As he grew older, Kaiden introduced Aoi to her β€œsister”, a woman he’d met while scouting the area, and helped her essentially raise Aoi to the woman she was.

But his revenge couldn’t wait forever. After a mission to try and take out aggression ended in Aoi’s powers once again going out of control and killing her sister, Kaiden stayed with the girl for another three years before abandoning her completely. Since then, five years passed--Kaiden left Aoi his phone number in case of emergency and joined a dark-affiliated mercenary group to take revenge on his father’s behalf. It’s there he’s been since leaving Aoi behind, secretly desperate to reconnect with her but afraid of the consequences of his absence.

β•‘ C R E A T O R β•‘
OstrichBurgers ; )

β•‘ R O L E P L A Y E R β•‘
Griese Lightning

β•‘ O T H E R β•‘
He would never admit it, but Kaiden shaves his legs.

So begins...

Kaiden Reaper's Story