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Yui Tanaka

"Peace? What a stupid idea. They'll never go for it, trust me."

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a character in “The Great Pancrepe Divide”, as played by Griese Lightning



β‡’ "You’re troublesome. Please leave."

β‡’ Yagyuu
β‡’ Dark Spy
β‡’ Grey | White

β•‘ N A M E β•‘
Yui Tanaka

β•‘ G E N D E R β•‘

β•‘ A G E β•‘

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ S E X U A L I T Y β•‘

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ S I D E β•‘

xxxxxxxβ•‘ R A C E β•‘
xxxxxxxΒ½ Sinless, Β½ Sinner; Lost One

"I really don’t care."

xxxxβ•‘ H E I G H Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxβ•‘ W E I G H T
xxxxx 5’10 | 178cm
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 125 lbs. | 57kg

xxβ•‘ H A I R --C O L O RxxxxxxXXxxxβ•‘ E Y E _C O L O R
xxxxx White xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRed + Pink (heterochromic)

β•‘ A P P E A R A N C E
xxxx Yui is a fairly tall girl, extremely curvaceous and busty. Partially to hide the slightly pink Sinless tint in her eye and partially for the aesthetic, she wears an eyepatch over her right eye, with the revealed eye a shining crimson red. With skin almost as white as her ivory pigtails, Yui has an oddly monochromatic style to her overall, mostly preferring monochrome clothing when she can get a hold of it. As her mother frequently chooses her outfits, she’s usually wearing something hypersexualized to accentuate her body.

β—ˆ Emotionless β—ˆ Deadpan β—ˆ Bitter β—ˆ

xxxx Yui simply has no personality. Lacking in emotion and completely deadpan at all times, her only hints of emotion are subtle frustration when dealing with her obnoxious friend Luka, subtle fear when dealing with her malicious and cruel mother Lady Aki, and subtle relaxation when finally given some time to herself. Sarcastic and highly guarded, Yui is indifferent at her best and downright ignorant at her worst. Embittered and highly distressed by the life she was forced into, Yui tends to look after herself first and everyone else only when she has the time.

"Really, it makes no difference to me."

β˜€ L I K E S β˜€
Being alone β—Œ Solitude gives Yui some much-needed time to unwind. There’s nothing she enjoys more than some silence and alone time.

☁ D I S L I K E S ☁
Basically everything else β—Œ Yui isn’t exactly one to have lots of β€œlikes”. As a cynical, disillusioned pessimist, she sees the worst in everything around her and tends to hate on everything you bring before her.

β˜‚ Q U I R K S β˜‚
β—Œ Yui rarely expresses emotion.

β†― F E A R S β†―
β—Œ Her mother. Everything Yui does is motivated by her mother’s orders and her very justified fear that Lady Aki could have her executed. After one too many run-ins with the torture chamber simply for tiny mistakes, Yui learned that the only thing worse than staying in this life would be trying to leave it.
β—Œ Losing her sense of self. Her entire life, Yui has clung stubbornly to her own self-identity as the one thing her mother could never take away. And although Lady Aki has tried, time and time again and through impressively drastic measures, Yui has always kept even the smallest flame of who she truly is deep down inside. If she were ever to lose that sense and become another one of her mother’s mindless drones, it may be the last straw to destroy her completely.
β—Œ Men. Due to a traumatic childhood experiment, her mother’s forced fetishization of her body, and the fact of her inheritance of the sin β€œLust”, Yui has a deep-rooted fear of men, finding herself far more comfortable around women and generally keeping to herself as much as she is allowed to when faced with men. Though her job amongst the Sinners and her mother’s orders make this difficult, truthfully Yui can’t stand all the hypersexualization and would much prefer to just be out of the way.

"I’ll say it one more time. Get out or I skewer you."

β—ˆ P O W E R S β—ˆ

β†˜ A B I L I T I E S ↙
Most of Yui’s strength comes from her incredible, diverse skills with weaponry, mostly of the bladed kind. Her preferred weapon is her parasol, built with blades in the frame for a rather elegant yet brutal fighting style, but years of experience have enabled her to use most any weapon she can find.

Additionally, her family’s specific β€œbreed” of Sinner is half-witch, leaving Yui with a bit of magic power of her own. This comes in the form of β€œLust”, a powerful spell counted among the seven most deadly her family can encounter. Sinners call these spells β€œSins” and each Sinner can control exactly one. The problem, however, is Yui’s status as what Sinners call a β€œLost One”, one who is half Sinner and half Sinless. Because of this, her control over her Sin is rather faulty--Lady Aki is hoping to get her further tainted by the dark before giving her full control and enlists Yui’s physical appearance to aid the Sin along. As for Lust’s actual capabilities, it’s a charming spell--hypnotic in nature, Lust is able to essentially completely dominate the mind of an individual and bend them to do whatever the controller tells them to do. As Yui’s control is still weak, Lust can only work on weak-willed individuals and is more of a supplement to her baseline sex appeal.

As a half-Sinless and therefore a quarter-Angel, there is one more thing Yui can access (albeit very weakly): holy magic. Though highly stunted and mostly useful only for the absolute basics such as weak healing and chasing out corruption, it is something Yui has the capacity to use in certain circumstances.

β†˜ S T R E N G T H S ↙
Pure skill | Something that makes Yui particularly dangerous is that she doesn’t need Lust. Most of her own preferences are anchored in her use of weapons--she would far rather simply sneak around you and throw a knife into your throat from afar than use Lust and her body to try and trick anyone. Because of her disdain for her mother’s methods, Yui trained extensively to use her weapons and is now somewhat of an expert with them.
Strong willpower | In terms of raw stubbornness, emotional strength, and sheer willpower, Yui stands among the top. She isn’t immune in any way to mental attacks...they simply do not faze her. Attacks meant to target her mind and remind her of past sins, mistakes, fears, furies...her emotions are so stunted she simply doesn’t react to them. Additionally, because her grip on her own self-identity is so incredibly strong, she’s often able to shake herself out of hypnotism with a bit of work, no doubt aided by her latent (though weak) holy magic.
Authority | As much as she may dread it at times, the fact remains that Yui is the princess and heiress of a highly respected military faction of dark creatures. Though Lady Aki holds much of the authority in her land, when push comes to shove Yui is perfectly capable of acting as a ruling party and acting with authority as needed.

β†˜ W E A K N E S S E S ↙
Weak magic | Though her magic exists, it’s really more of a sidenote--it’s too weak to be a tide-turner in any way and can only provide incredibly basic assistance in any area.
Impassionate | The problem with Yui simply not caring is that she simply does not care. Even getting her to agree to having a part in a plan is extremely difficult, let alone pushing her to actually put her all into it.
Defense | While Yui put her all into perfecting attacks as per her mother’s demands, her defense is sorely lacking. Though quick to a degree, there’s truly nothing protecting Yui from direct attacks to the heart or other vital organs--her weaponized parasol can only take her so far.

β†˜ S T A T S ↙
(From 0 to 10, assuming 0 is completely unskilled, 5 is average, and 10 is exceptional)
Intelligence | 8/10
Dexterity | 7/10
Strength | 7/10
Charisma | 5/10
Stamina | 7/10
Magic Power | 3/10
Total Stat Score: 37

β•‘ B I O G R A P H Y β•‘

β—ˆ Lady Aki Tanaka β—ˆ Mother β—ˆ 42 β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ
β—ˆ Shinto Tanaka β—ˆ Father β—ˆ 24 β—ˆ Dead β—ˆ
β—ˆ Nadine β—ˆ Father’s Cousin β—ˆ 30 β—ˆ Alive β—ˆ

xxxxYui started off with a relatively normal and pleasant childhood. Her father, a Sinless, was well-to-do and a strong general while her mother, a Sinner, was a powerful magician and a commanding presence. Though their love was forbidden, it was deep--Lady Aki only ever smiled around her husband and Yui loved both dearly, though she always seemed to lean towards her father.

And then the war began.

When civil war again broke out amongst the demons, where Lady Aki had persisted in living, her husband rushed to her aid and was unceremoniously slaughtered. At that moment, Lady Aki had a complete change of heart. She immediately wrested control of one of the Demon King’s castles from him, set herself as the leader of her group of Sinners, and established a new faction with herself as queen. In order to make her only daughter and heir, Yui, more effective as a Sinner and less effective as a Sinless, she trained her daughter relentlessly and began grooming her to one day inherit Lust. A traumatic childhood experiment forced Yui into a compromising position before her mother, shattering her sense of self-worth and destroying the happiness she’d come to know.

From then on, it was a straight shot down to misery for Yui. Her mother treated her more like a slave or a pretty doll than a daughter, taking advantage of the curves she had essentially forced onto Yui to manipulate everyone around her. Growing more withdrawn with every passing moment (not at all helped by her childhood best friend Luka suddenly developing a massive β€œcrush” on her the second she β€œgrew up” and immediately turning into a huge pain in the butt), Yui learned quickly to obey her mother, ignore her own feelings, and bury everything until it was so stunted she forgot it was ever there.

β•‘ C R E A T O R β•‘
OstrichBurgers ; )

β•‘ R O L E P L A Y E R β•‘
Griese Lightning

β•‘ O T H E R β•‘
Yui is extremely allergic to shellfish.

So begins...

Yui Tanaka's Story