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The Great Vandirra

The Great Vandirra


The Great Vandirra resides in the Thayma Forest and, for years, has terrorized the kingdoms of Ren and Killian, but now the beast is dying and only requires four more sacrifices from the two Kingdoms. [PLENTY OF SPOTS OPEN]

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The country of Thayma is small, with only two kingdoms, separated by a large overgrown forest. The Kingdoms of Ren and Killian live in harmony with each other, relying on each other’s trades to survive, but the two kingdoms are plagued by an awful beast. A great beast that resides in the forest. The Great Vandirra. Anyone who enters the forest, shrouded in darkness, will never return. Light is the only thing that keeps the beast at bay, but when the night falls, the world is under his control.

Good news, however, has reached the ears of the two Kings. The beast, the beast that has terrorized the kingdom for generations, is dying. Someone, or something, is attacking the beast, and winning. The Great Vandirra, no longer has the strength to fight, and will gladly welcome death.

But, not without taking his final sacrifices. Only this time, four sacrifices are to come into the Thayma Forest when the sun is just setting, and meet in the center, until their lantern oils burn out, and await their death. Two sacrifices from each kingdom will be made, instead of the usual one.

The Deal

The beast speaks with those gifted with the Sight, those who are able to see and hear things others cannot; a highly intellectual creature, he propositioned a deal with the two kingdoms. He will leave them at peace, if and only if, he is offered two sacrifices a year, one from each kingdom.

Fear clutching their hearts, the leaders of the two kingdoms had no choice, but to accept the terrifying beast’s proposition. Two would die, to protect the many.

The Lothming Ritual

It became a tradition, the Lothming Ritual, in the two kingdoms. On the first day of every Summer, all the populous would gather in the square; a large basin, now referred to as the Chimber due to the sound it makes when someone’s hand reaches inside and rustles the slips of papers hidden inside, stands in the center. The slips of papers have individual names written on them in beautiful calligraphy. Names of the villagers between the ages of 10 and 18 Summers old, who are sufficient to be sacrificed to the beast.


The Kingdom of Ren: On the east side of the forest, the Kingdom of Ren is ruled by the Ilimens family. The King is fair and kind, ruling beside his people rather than above them. Ren's main exports are agricultural due to it's rich fields.

The Kingdom of Killian: On the west side of the forest, the Kingdom of Ren is ruled by the Donnis family. The King rules with an iron fist, but has great wisdom to back up his icy exterior. Killian's main exports are coal, iron, and precious gems due to their high mountains and caves.

The Great Vandirra: The Great "killer". Resides deep in the forest and is a constant terror for the two kingdoms. It is dying, due to forces in the forest fighting against it.

The Lothming Ritual: A tradition in the two kingdoms, the ritual decides who will be sacrificed to the beast.

The Chimber: (shh-mber) The basin holding slips of paper with the names of townsfolk between the ages of 10 and 18 within.

The Sight: A divine gift given to those blessed. They have the power to see and hear things others cannot. Only people who can speak to the Vandirra, and will often relay messages to the Kings.

The Covenant: A secret organization situated in a different country of Thayma, but they seem to know the most about the beast. (More will be discovered about the organization as time goes on.)


Kingdom of Ren Sacrifice 1: [Taken by HAT101]

Kingdom of Ren Sacrifice 2: [open]

Kingdom of Killian Sacrifice 1: [Taken by Ashling]

Kingdom of Killian Sacrifice 2: [open]

Survivor Leader: [Taken by HOLYCRAPAGHOST]

Survivor 1: (Ren) [open]

Survivor 2: (Killian) [open]

Survivor 3: (Ren) [open]

Survivor 4: (Killian) [open]

Survivor 5: (Ren) [open]

Survivor 6: (Killian) [open]

Survivor 7: (Ren) [open]

Survivor 8: (Killian) [open]

Member of Covenant: [Taken by EKRonnie] (I am only having one Covenant member at the moment. Though, I may open up more positions if the RP calls for it.)

The four sacrifices can be between the ages of 10 and 18. The sacrifices must be at least five years older than the age they were when they were chosen to be sacrificed.

The survivors were all saved by the lead survivor on the day they were to die. However, than can be older than the leader, however they cannot be older than 23. All survivors are required to write an excerpt on when their name was drawn from the Chimber and how they survived the attack

(Any other ideas, just PM me and we can try and work something out. Although, I do have the right to deny the character.)

Essentially, the lead survivor managed to survive the attack from the beast and each Summer saves the next sacrifices. Together, they all work together to keep the beast at bay from destroying the two kingdoms. Because of the vulnerable minds of the townsfolk, they are forced to reside in the forest until the beast dies. They fear that if they show their faces back in the kingdoms, everyone would be plunged into chaos for the beast was not appeased. This RP will revolve around the final sacrifices and the survivors, as they try and destroy the beast without giving it its final sacrifices.

If you are confused about anything, please, PM me and I will try to explain better. There is a lot of information to get through, and I wouldn't be surprised if I missed something vital.


1. No Godmodding!

2. Follow the sight rules! Please!

3. The OOC is a happy place!

4. Have fun!

5. Romance is okay! Don't get too carried away ;)

6. Heed the Narration posts!

7. All survivors must have a writing sample of when they were chosen to be sacrificed and how they survived. Failure to have it will result in your character being rejected.

8. Try to have lengthy posts. No word count, but try to have at least 1 to 2 paragraphs per post.

9. Try to post regularly. At least once every other day. Life get's in the way, so let me know if you'll be unavailable for awhile. Post more, if you would like, but this is the minimum.

10. One character per person! Although, I may change this if necessary.

11. Please follow all the rules I have laid out! I will terminate your character if you do not!

12. Write "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts" at the end of your character app, so I know that you have read through everything! Failure to do so, will result in your character being immediately rejected.

13. Thanks for reading!

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Character Portrait: Leslie Tarin
Leslie Tarin

"Inventions! I love Inventions! My father will be proud of my work some day!"

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Character Portrait: Peregrin Bloom
Peregrin Bloom

nose hidden in a book,but eyes always sharp for what lies ahead.

Character Portrait: Lyria Coster
Lyria Coster

"I was selfish. I chose my life over theirs, and for that I must stay here. I must protect them now, for back then, I could not."

Character Portrait: Leslie Tarin
Leslie Tarin

"Inventions! I love Inventions! My father will be proud of my work some day!"

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Character Portrait: Peregrin Bloom
Peregrin Bloom

nose hidden in a book,but eyes always sharp for what lies ahead.

Character Portrait: Leslie Tarin
Leslie Tarin

"Inventions! I love Inventions! My father will be proud of my work some day!"

Character Portrait: Lyria Coster
Lyria Coster

"I was selfish. I chose my life over theirs, and for that I must stay here. I must protect them now, for back then, I could not."

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