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Lyria Coster

"I was selfish. I chose my life over theirs, and for that I must stay here. I must protect them now, for back then, I could not."

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a character in “The Great Vandirra”, as played by HOLYCRAPAGHOST


Name: Lyria Coster
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Ren
Role: Lead Survivor

Lyria has a heart shaped face with full lips and a pointed her nose. Her entire face is covered in freckles, and the little dots spread further down her arms and body. Her auburn hair is always tangled into waves. Often times twigs and leaves can be found sticking out after spending the evening keeping watch. Her green eyes are usually downcast; a great depression has taken over her mind. She is always wearing a rough tunic and pants using elements in the forest.


Lyria was once a bright and vivid child with a personality to match. She would often be found running through the town playing with other children. She avoid responsibility, forcing her way out of any and every role her parents tried to force her in. She longed to be like her brother who was free to make the choices he wanted. Although, he was guaranteed a good future. He would inherit the farm their parents had worked hard to keep together, while Lyria was granted the life her future husband would grant her.

She was always rebellious and often times slept through the Lothming Ritual, stating that it was a stupid tradition. If it was important, they would surely come and get her.

Her personality shifted, drastically, after she was chosen as Ren's sacrifice to the beast. She was cold to all who tried to speak to her leading up to her entrance into the forest. Fear had gripped her heart, and it had changed her forever.

Now, she is a fierce survivor, cautious with every step she takes, and constantly analyzing any situation. She is fearful of the beast, but hides it under a stoic face. She believes that it is her duty to keep the kingdoms safe from the Vandirra, for she almost destroyed them when she escaped the beast.

Because of this, she carries a hefty burden on her shoulders, even if it is not just hers to bare.


Over the five years that Lyria has been trapped in the forest, she has become very gifted with a bow and arrow. It was the easiest thing to craft from the elements around her, and, therefore, became her weapon of choice. She is constantly carrying a bow and some arrows with her, in fear that an attack could happen at any moment. L


Lyria was born into a good farming family. Her father and mother were good, but strict with her and her older brother. She worked hard on the farm, proving her worth and becoming an optimal bride for any suitor who came to call. Although, she shunned most who came, and fought against marrying until she was ready to. Which was never, in her mind. In her 14th Summer, she had, for once since she was 9, attended the Lothming Ritual, and, to her surprise, her name was called.

Five years later, Lyria has survived and has saved each and every one of the sacrifices that have come after her. As well as keeping the beast at bay, and slowly weakening it. She knows it's weak spots, it's thoughts, it's secrets and hideouts. She may not be gifted with the Sight, but she knows the beast greater than anyone has ever had the chance to do.

Writing Sample

She ran, feeling the heat of the beast’s breath on her neck. Sweat stuck to her body as fear took over her entire body. Her white dress and auburn hair clung to her body as she pushed her way through the tree.
She glanced over her shoulder expecting to see the bright glowing yellow eyes of the large beast, but was surprised to be greeted by the eerie darkness. Her foot caught a branch on the ground and her body lurched forward landing roughly on the grimy and dirt covered ground.

She cried feeling the dirt stick to her already grimy face. She pulled on the dirt trying to make sense of everything. Memories coursed through her mind. Her home Kingdom of Ren went through their Summer sacrifice. This Summer, it was she who was drawn from the Chimber. She remembered walking through the town being draped with white flowers as she was lead out of the kingdom to the entrance of the Great Thayma Forest. She was handed a lantern and left to walk alone to the middle of the forest. Where she would meet up with the sacrifice from Killian, the neighboring kingdom, and together they would wait until the wick of their lights burned out and the darkness would engulf them. And the Great Vandirra would find them.

She, however, did not make it to the center of the forest. She had fallen and her light burned out much too soon. The Great Vandirra only attacks when the forest is shrouded in darkness. It quickly found her, and just as quickly attacked.

She felt a warm wind pass over her shoulders, brushing her hair into her face. She felt a tremor of fear rock through her body. She glanced up, her green eyes meeting the yellow eyes of the Great Beast. She watched with horror as the beast opened it’s large mouth revealing long, sharp teeth. Blood and saliva dripped down onto the ground. She felt a scream escape her lips and the beast lunged at her.

Lyria rolled out of the way quickly, finding herself buried underneath a thicket of bushes. Her hands dug through the dirt, trying to find some sort of weapon, anything she could use to buy her some time. Her fingers grasped a hold of a smooth object, a rock. She gripped it tightly in her hand, as she dug for more. She had at least six in her hand, when she felt the beast's warm breath on her neck.

Her body froze with fear, but the beast's sense of smell was great. There was noway he didn't know she was there. Quickly, Lyria rolled over and shot a rock down the beast's open mouth. As it hacked and coughed up the lodged object, the redhead took the time to roll out from under the bush and continue running. She didn't know where to go, or how to get free from the beast's pursuit. She held the rocks tightly in her fists, fear driving her forward.

She couldn't see, and she found herself slowly coming to a halt in a soft grassy patch of the forest. Her breath was loud in her ears, and she could hear her blood pumping, trying to keep up with her fast movements. She needed light.

Immediately, she got to work rubbing the two rocks together, hoping a spark would catch some dried leaves. She didn't have much time, the beast would find her easily. She brushed some of her from her face, the strands sticking to her sweat covered body. She cursed under her breath when she felt the beast's presence. It huffed, it's breath warming the space around Lyria. She froze, but only briefly, and her hands went back to trying to make a fire.

When the beast lunged, a spark caught a pile of dried leaves and lit the entire clearly up in a fiery glow. The beast cowered back and quickly receded into the shadows. Triumph overflowed through Lyria, but her mind quickly fell back to her present situation. Quickly, containing the fire with a few sticks and stones, she laid down next to the warming flame and awaited the morning.


So begins...

Lyria Coster's Story