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Jennifer Williams

"Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend."

0 · 312 views · located in Grimmore

a character in “The Grimmore Murders”, as played by Lyysa



Jennifer Williams





"I think I know who I am by now, but that doesn't mean I actually like what I am. Some parts are fantastic others... I'm trying to change because I want to be proud of myself."

5'4" | 120

Brown with ombre highlights


Jennifer could be described as a petite but at the same time a fierce woman, she's small in stature with a body that looks boyish. But don't be fooled by the way she looks because she could pierce anyone with those emerald green eyes of hears. With her short brown hair colored with ombre highlights and a cute button nose that's covered with more freckles than you can count you would probably think that she looks like a nice friendly person to approach. But that's not true, even though she does have a nice smile and often shows it off she still has a resting bitch face that would scare away most people.

"I have always loved reading the classic murder mysteries books but I learned the hard way that reality is not as fancy as they describe it in there."

Naive | Sarcastic | Ambitious | Warm | Workaholic

Jennifer has always been an overachiever, she wasn't gifted from birth with an IQ like geniuses, everything she has achieved in this life has she fought for. During her younger years, she spent most of her time locked inside her room studying so that she would be considered the top student of the class. But that was never something she wanted anyone to find out so she played it off as a God-given gift, she wanted to feel superior once in life. Sadly, Jennifer has learned throughout her life that even if you are friendly and popular that doesn't mean that people actually like you for you. She hid the sadness through sarcasm and tried to ignore the fact that people didn't actually treat her as a friend since the thing she fears the most is solitude. So she let the other use her for whatever reason they had even though she has tried to not be as credulous while getting older. But it's hard to change the core of who you are.

"How can you be naive and have trust issues at the same time? It's simple really. I always end up trusting the wrong person."


Reading | Puzzles | Boardgames | Symphonic metal | Cats | Rainy days | Autum | Crossword-puzzles | Concerts | Tea | Hercule Poirot | Tenis

Unhonesty | Reptiles | Children | Coffe | Solitude | Indoor plants | Gossip | Talking about herself | Compliments | Perfumes | Her grandmother

Using sarcasm all to often | Chewing on her nails | Sniffing

Trust issues | Naive | Fragrance hypersensitivity

"I don't want to talk about the past, nothing gets better by dwelling over things you can't change. It's a waste of energy."


Jennifer comes from humble beginnings, she grew up with her mother and father as well as a little brother. They were not rich neither were they poor, they had everything the needed and Jennifer didn't ask for more. She was happy and carefree during her earlier childhood, it wasn't until later that she learned that if you want to be noticed by other you have to excel.
Her younger brother seemed to be blessed when it came to academic topics, while Jennifer excelled when it came to PE but that wasn't as impressive. Jennifer was thirteen when she noticed how much praise her brother got, how proud her parents were over his achievements. They did praise her as well but not nearly as much. But what was worse was that her grandmother never had anything nice to say to her. Every time she visited the old hag she only praised her brother or her cousins over how smart they were. They were brilliant while Jennifer disappeared in comparison. No one noticed her, no one praised her, that realization gave Jennifer scars and led to depression. But it also led to Jennifer doing everything she could to make everyone notice her - she wanted to be smarter and better than her brother.
In the end, she did get the praise she so desperately sought after but it didn't feel as good as she had imagined, her jealousy had drowned her and her brother apart while she still despised her grandmother for never saying anything nice to her. Her family had fallen to pieces because of an old hag that couldn't care less about what she had done. Even though Jennifer was popular and admired in school for her achievements she slowly noticed how two-faced people could be. They smiled in front of her face while laughing behind her back. She couldn't accept that but didn't want to confront her so-called friends either so she just played along while trying to stay afloat while the depression tried to drown her.
During her early twenties, her luck had finally turned around, she had found someone she could trust completely, someone who was her rock while she tried to build up her own self-esteem once more. Eric had swept her off her feet Image and they got married early because this was Jennifer's fairytale love story. She thought that she had found the man of her dreams - the one she would spend the rest of her days with. There was a catch though, Jennifer had always been absorbed with her work even when she was just a simple officer. Eric didn't exactly like that since she was so busy all of the time.
Jennifer was still living in her happy bubble when Eric brought her the news - he had met another and she was pregnant. The whole world got shattered that afternoon, Jennifer kept falling because she couldn't find anything to hold onto. Eric was stupid, he thought that he could have his cake and eat it at the same time but Jennifer didn't agree. He had made his choice when he had gone behind her back and met someone else. So an enraged Jennifer had thrown out everything that Eric owned from their joined apartment and shortly after that, they had gotten divorced.
Jennifer kept their cat even though Eric protested, but there was no chance that Jennifer would give her baby away to a cheater. Jennifer got herself transferred to a new city in an attempt to get as far away from her old life as possible - there was no one she felt like keeping in touch with anyway. She needed a new fresh start so she could create a new life for herself. She got moved to Grimmore and so far she likes it there even though she and her cat Hercule Poirot is living in a small studio apartment.

So begins...

Jennifer Williams's Story