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Rita Wills

"Evil? There is no such thing as evil or good, there are only choices, made by people like you and me."

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a character in “The Grimmore Murders”, as played by Zaria



================================================ Rita Wills =================================================
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Good question, take a guess.
Position: Criminal Profiler
Height | Weight: 5' 10" | 151
Hair Color: Jet black aka raven

Eye Color: Green, or Purple (I have a specific reason for putting two colors here, not bicolored)

Physical Description: Imagine a woman with a slim body - slim hips, proportionally small waist and long elegant legs, hair dark as night, eyes green like a leaf, or Radium. – that is all one can see with a quick glance.

Shortest would be hidden INFJ, but to be specific :

Seemingly extroverted, with a bit of “lustful” side. – behavioral patterns change, depending on situation, same goes for emotional and cognitive process.

"She has her own way of caring for others, tends or maybe even pretends to be mischievous, but I’d say toying with others, forcing people into a game of guessing is what she simply loves."

Likes: Teasing, music, Aporia, psychopaths, games, naïve people, kind hearted people.

Dislikes: Stupidity, waiting, helplessness, hiding behind the sheet of problems, lack of awareness, alcohol.

Habits: Humming from time to time, staring too long at people, terrible jokes from time to time.
Flaws: Overconfident, troubling past, caring, too honest sometimes - bitch, games.

History :

My past? Really? Do we need to talk about it?
Alright, I’m an only child, never really knew my mother, or father, but I had others like me.
So my childhood wasn’t bad, but that’s all I’ll tell, you’ll have to guess the rest.

We have little information about her early childhood, above is the only thing she’d ever say herself. What else we know is that her back is marked with scars, made by something long, maybe a whip – it does lead to an assumption that she suffered from domestic violence, but when asked she only chuckled, and refused to speak in any other way. Still her reaction is a hint.

Most information we have on her starts from her eighteenth year of life, which leads to few possible assumptions – First, she lived outside of the community we know, let’s say in a smaller one with rather strange traditions and rules.

Second would be, that she is unwanted child, that somehow survived without making a contact with people, possibly in the woods, but call me crazy if you don’t want to consider that.

The other possibility would be… she got kidnapped when she was a child, the problem is, we would mostly like have anything on her, if that was the case, while we have nothing in the database.

That creates another possibility, Black market, though I won’t explain why I think it may be a possibility.


As you all know, I’ve met her before she joined us, while investigating a crime, morbid crime most would say. She was a witness of sorts, at that time. Let’s leave it at that, for a moment.

Also before I tell you my evaluation of her, let’s briefly go through her education. We have little information about her studying before the first university she went to, at least officially.

Unofficially we know that she appeared one day in one of the schools, and later passed the last exams with ease, except the math, we learned she hates math. Ironically the school got closed afterwards, and that school was closed for two reasons – Connections with rather shady organizations, and the fact that a paid assassin worked there. That puts her in a rather troublesome position, once someone digs it out, don’t you think?

I’ll leave it at that, if you don’t mind.

Good, let’s continue.

She studied management abroad, in the UK, university called Winchester, wanted to learn more about a different culture supposedly. Sadly, as much as we’d like to learn about her, and connect the dots that were possibly given earlier, here we have no proof of connection to an assassin or one of the organizations I’ll refrain from naming. Part time studies, if anyone’s wondering, she worked.

Few years of studying, graduation, then she went to work for a year I believe, then suddenly she went back to the US. Suddenly only for those who fail to read, she got acquainted with one of the lectures from the Cainright University, the one that happens to have a bachelor degree in criminology.

I’m quite sure all know where this is leading, but let me make sure we do : while studying abroad her interest in psychology, and criminology grew stronger, after graduating she focused solely on learning more about her interests, and polishing abilities she had gained. Question would be why she suddenly returned to the UK, well, as I mentioned earlier, she got into a friendly relationship with a rather young lecturer, who happens to still remember her fondly.

Both had similar views on some topics, but most of the time two disagreed when it came to answers about the particular cases they studied for entertainment. Her perspective was needlessly complicated at times, and ideas given for causes of crime were rather unexpected, is what the lecturer said. Still he liked her, for two reasons – strangeness, and pillows.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, you heard right, pillows.

Putting that aside…

He also mentioned her eyes are purple, while we know her eyes are green, even on the ID, or are they really? It’s an interesting small detail, that I’ll leave for now.

From what has been gathered she met him, while she worked abroad, spent about a month or two, and she mentioned intention of studying criminology, he invited her to study at his university. She reluctantly accepted, as he described it, but I’ll spare details.

Now back to my “fated” meeting with her, that happened after she began studying once more, the first time was just an eye contact, she happened to be a witness of a crime, the one where culprit presumably made sausages out of the victim intestines, and left them around the corpse. I remember other people looking away, even cops, but she was the opposite, she tried to catch every detail she could.

Fast forward few weeks, and I meet her again, this time inside Cainright university. Invited by an old friend, we were supposed to talk about the murderer, and he proposed presenting the case to students, as their test, and first chance for experience.

I refused, to a degree, for obvious reasons some things couldn’t be shared, but I talked with students about what was known thanks to media. Each student jumped out with ideas, that were hard to count.

Then… then she raised hand, girl with long hair, in a middle, I recognized her – you can’t forget a stare that gives you chills for weeks.

I let her speak, and here’s what she said.

Everyone’s right to some degree, multiple wounds may show anger, or are a sign that it was an action filled by hate. Sadly at the same time it may mean that the victim put on a bigger struggle than what murderer had anticipated, or the weapon that was used did not work as intended or… we could give more possible causes, or focus on something that is clear in this case.

After dealing with the victim, he proceeded to their cut wrists, as if trying to bleed a human pig out, or to leave a false trail. Stabs were dealt frantically, judging by the amount and distance in between. Here is where I think something happened, something he may have not expected, or was made on purpose.
Part that we should focus on the most is what he did with the intestines, he made sausages out of them, that’s an obvious sign, a symbol of experience, view of a human, or something that he found funny.

So, assuming…

Cut wrists lead to two things – Suicide or bleeding out things as part of his life.

Frantic Stabs signal loss of control, or sadistic tendencies

Sausage has more than one meaning for sure, meanings that come to my mind are : Humans are like a pigs perspective, dark humor, intentional confusion, connected with work.

Which in turn lets us create a profile.

Troubled person, most likely suffered in some way.

Likes symbols, so maybe reads a lot?



Holds a grudge, and many more, that could be added, but I’d rather refrain from guessing too much, it feels like I’m still missing something, something big I think.


I’d risk saying he’s a butcher, considering the way he cut the intestines. Either way he’s experienced, and knows human body, at least a bit, maybe it’s someone with medical degree?

At that point, I remember clearly asking her : Why do you presume it’s a man? And if I remember correctly she said…

Oh, it’s simple, victim happened to be a man as well. To be precise victim was well built, clothes light, and a small stopwatch on his left wrist, which by the way tells us he was most likely right handed, and that would explain a notable bruise just above the wrist, on the right hand that is.

Then I asked her one more question.

Why didn’t you mention any of this sooner?

To which she replied…

I knew you’d ask, and that way, it’s more interesting.

She had already imagined the whole scene in mind, and by scene I mean my conversation with her. She also imagined one possible way of the how crime went, or maybe not one, but many. There’s a lot of details I’d like to add here, but we simply have little time.

She and two others got very close to the actual culprit, who was a man, but not a butcher , he happened to help a family with a farm in childhood, and his sister studied medicine. Other details are unnecessary.

Next thing – Behavior. When it comes to behavior when talking about the possible profile of murderer. Limited blinking, limited movement in overall, focused, barely notable tremble when something came to her mind.

We talked about her past a bit, about her strange behavior, and possible friends. Now let’s focus on the present situation.

We have a young soon to be profiler, who happens to be unlucky enough to have a rather troublesome past, a past that even the said young person refuses to explain in detail. Why? We do not know. Does this mean she should be rejected? No.

But… without further ado, my evaluation of her is simple.

With knowledge gathered through her acquaintances, my past experiences, and her reluctant acceptance of tests. I can tell you that she’s a strong willed, manipulative bitch, that enjoys tormenting people with games, at first glance. While in reality she’s tarnished person, with more than one scar, searching for a place in this world.

Now. Everyone have already been given the full evaluation of said girl in the file I asked earlier to be sent to all gathered here. I can say with full confidence, that as bitchy as she can be, she wouldn’t’ be a bad addition to profilers.

That you can choose to neglect, but before you do so, please do get to know her, by reading the file at least.

Hey! The damn file is too long and gets soon boring. - participant

They usually are...

Like your speech - another participant

So begins...

Rita Wills's Story