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Adrian Tentrus

"From from here, there, and back in 2 seconds flat."

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a character in “The Guardian Institute”, as played by ceh12



Full Name: Adrian Jansto Tentrus
Nicknames: Adrian, just Adrian is fine
Codename: Quicksilver
Age: 19
Birthdate: June 3rd
Hometown: Albany, NY originally but most of my life in Jessico, ON
Sexuality: I'm Pansexual...
Species: Human... I think


Speed: Super speed, allowing me to run at up to 75mph, for about two hours but, I can sprint to 200mph though only for a few minutes without tiring out. My feet do hurt on occasional because of this and I have specially made shoes when allow me to run on any terrain, even water if I have enough initial speed before I touch the water.

Teleportation: Okay, my original power, this is the reason for the huge purple scars on my arms. It is hardly limited to where I can go although it is inaccurate depending on how tired I am. The more energy and concentration usually equals better accuracy which makes teleportation during combat quite hard. It takes a lot of energy to do this so I can only teleport an extremely long distance about once every few hours and when I do I'm winded.

Mechanism: I am quite good with robotics, an inherited trait from my father most likely since he had a similar field. I have many designs and use some of them like one of my pets,Aracnie. Although, I still have room for improvement since the biggest robot I've made was a measly ten inches long.


Bronze: I know, this is a bit strange with my name but hush. Bronze makes me normal speed as the average human being and no ability to teleport. Actually, there is worse that could happen which is excessive teleportation. It is exactly as it sounds, lots of teleporting in a short amount of time. This has led to me being nearly eaten by sharks, freezing, and nearly burning to death.

Stamina: I use up a lot of energy running and teleporting so my muscles are worn a day or so after an intense amount of training. It leads to me shaking like a purse dog and sweating like a pig on occasion.


Mechanism:I'm somewhat ranged in my mechanical prowess but don't overload me with work please.
Hiking: Self Explanatory...
Swimming: Again I think you know...

  • Spiders
  • Chrome Anything
  • Sweet People
  • Night
  • White Clothes (Nearly all I wear)

  • Roaches
  • Bronze
  • His scars
  • Morning
  • Sadistic People

I am... holy hell how do I start this one? Okay scatterbrained I guess, I can't focus on many things and when I can you can't get me away. If you know me then I'm quirky and friendly, running around and sometimes annoying people if they deserve a bit of a poking, however if I have no idea who you are then I most likely won't talk or look at you, depending on my mood and what you're putting off. I have a darkside however... which stems from my birthparents most likely and their

I was born to a simple family, if a normal is counted as a family of supervillians. My father was a genius who created endless mutated creatures and inventions that were sadly used for evil. My mother had super speed and strength, making an amazing combination during battle. I was born with untapped energy, mundane as some would say. My father was not happy with this fate and he simply wanted me to have some type of power.

He tried all he could until I was five when he unveiled his machine which he had been working on since I was born. My mother grudgingly allowed me to try and I sat down in the piece of metal, oblivious and happy. Well, the machine worked but in the process it attracted some of the authorities who attacked them ruthlessly. I cried and the machine first revealed it's gift to me. I teleported out of the machine and onto my mother, who with my father... had passed.

I weeped as I hugged her, wanting her to wake up and hold me. My new found powers went berserk and I teleported the farthest distance I've ever gone, to Canada. There I fainted in the woods only to be shortly found by a skinny young woman who had been declared infertile and was living with her fiance at the time. She took me in and I had a new mother, the scars fading and my powers dying out quickly by the second hour along with the memories of my true parents.

My powers hadn't revealed themselves again until age ten when I tried out for track. My stepfather wanted me to instead of my usual hobby of tinkering with machines around the house. I set myself up at the starting lines for tryouts and started to go fast, faster than everyone else and I got on the team. I kept on the team for years, getting faster and faster until I was fourteen when the scars appeared.

They gave me my powers as I quit the team and started to run solo, getting up to one hundred miles by the time I reached fifteen when the teleporting started. I would think of the target an move there in a flash, passing out afterwards but still. The next stage was me remembering, I remembered my true parents and what and how they lived. My powers kept growing and I improved myself to the point of pure awesome. I think I was being monitored the whole time however, which because A.N.G.E.L to contact me on my eighteenth birthday.

My parents didn't know about my powers and hadn't seen the letter so I had one of two choices, either not go to the school or fake my own death. I chose the latter and dropped off the largest bridge I could find, then teleported away at the last moment. I'm not truly regretting anything about it but I do wonder if I could ever go back home and be reunited with my step parents...

Other: I have two pets Precious and Aracnie, both spiders but one of them not... real.

So begins...

Adrian Tentrus's Story

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#, as written by ceh12
Adrian Tentrus

Adrian sat in his bed staring at the sun for a few minutes as he waited for his alarm clock to buzz. He silently counted down until he heard the annoying Beep Beep of his clock which he slapped off in a split second. He smirked then jumped from his bed to start the new year. He was eager to get started as he looked through his closet to find the perfect image to use to show off and or look the best he could for this first day.

He saw it and quickly plucked out the white suit and pants. It looked like he was going for a job interview but he didn't mind, it meant class and elegance in his mind. He got it neatly then dashed in the bathroom and hygiened himself at the same speed he did everything, quickly. Next he dressed himself up easily and walked out of his room with the brisk sense of elegance in his own mind.

As he walked he thought about any new students, and any of whom left from last year... he couldn't recall a single name but he tried not to dwell on it as he reached the cafeteria and sat down, bored already. He glanced down at his watch and groaned as it only said 6:39, he had spent nearly ten minutes getting ready for nothing to do and a bored expression as he sat alone for someone, anyone to talk to him or anything to do.

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Sean Scott walked down the hallways of the Institute towards the teacher's lounge. He checked his watch. 6:40 AM. Brilliant. He didn't mind not sleeping in and was quite content with waking up early. He'd become so attuned to his inner clock in the military that it was hard to snap out of it.

The Counselor was dressed nicely in a tight-fitting black Polo shirt with near-black jeans. He had a belt on, one that also ran with the theme of black, and his black combat boots were laced up and partially hidden under his jeans. He whistled a light tune and tossed a worn lacrosse ball around in his hands. Not once did he miss a catch on the way down.

His boots were muffled by the carpet and he made a right face into the entrance of the Teacher's Lounge. Seeing Roman leaning against the counter put an amused grin on the man's face and he chuckled.

"Early bird catches the worm, huh?" Sean began in a friendly tone, lightly tossing the lacrosse ball at Roman. "How do you reckon this year's kids will be?"


Alaena had been up far, far longer than many of her peers for that year. She was still questioning as to why she even had to stay here besides helping with the history of Extraterrestrials class. She was an adept fighter and already knew far more than any of these teenagers. It all seemed so... pointless to her.

But she was there nonetheless. Back for an entirely new year to enjoy BS antics and killing stuff. Well, at least for her. Now here she was, at nearly 7 in the morning, going down to the school cafeteria that was so familiar.

The young woman, at least in appearance, was dressed to her usual standard. On her torso she wore a pure black bra and a dark blue sheer top that was, for the most part, see-through. She completed the outfit with a pair of black, lightly ripped (on purpose, naturally, with the thin rips going up and down either thigh to the knees) fitted jeans and some rather strappy black heels. Her dark hair was done in light waves and she wore a pair of simple golden earrings with an engraved ring the colour of sapphire on her right hand. The entire look practically shouted that she didn't give a damn about what people thought about her, she was going to show off her body to it's best potential. And damn did it work on guys. She was quite the sexy girl, after all. Naturally the outfit wasn't as practical for some of her classes but she tended to have a change of close for those specific ones.

She walked into the cafeteria and looked around, spotting only one other student. One quick use of her Synesthesia and she quickly assessed that he was human. He was familiar, sure, and quite handsome but Alaena couldn't remember his name. She walked over to a seat beside a window in the cafeteria several tables away and plopped herself down in it. She liked being able to see the outside world. It was her home.

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#, as written by Issa
Sybil Nolan

Sybil had risen with the sun, her excitement not easily contained. It was a new year at the Guardian Institute and Sybil had found it hard to get back to sleep once she had woken. She usually woke with the sun, something about the light seemed to call to her powers. Now, outside, she was sucking up the early morning rays. Roof top sunbathing was one of her favourite pass-times. Of course, since she hadn't learned to fly yet her roof top sunbathing was restricted to beside one of the doors that topped a stairwell.

She supposed that she would go down for breakfast eventually, her stomach would eventually remind her when it was time to eat. Sybil closed her eyes, letting the sunlight wash over it. She always felt better in the sun, it powered her after all. A cool breeze blew over her and Sybil's hands had to come down to hold her dress in place. It had been a bad idea to wear the light, floaty number to the roof top. Even when the day wasn't windy the roof always managed to have some kind of breeze.

Eventually, as she heard noise coming from below, Sybil stood up. She dusted herself off and made for the stairway door. It opened with a creak. Sybil reluctantly left the sunshine behind and entered into the dark stairway. She walked to her room, briefly entering to check her reflection in the mirror. She wasn't a vain girl but she would hate to be walking around school with some dirt smeared across her backside from the roof. Convinced that there wasn't anything from the roof still on her Sybil left her room.

The corridors weren't nearly as full as she would have expected. She knew that a lot of students didn't share her love of early morning, but she would have expected more people to be awake than this. Still, Sybil found that she enjoyed the quieter atmosphere. She took the long way to the cafeteria, walking along a corridor that passed the teachers lounge. She could hear talk coming from inside but wasn't able to distinguish whose voice was speaking.

When she made it to the cafeteria it was to find the room occupied by two students. She gave them both a cursory glance, trying to remember their names. The girl was wearing dark colours, black and blue, while the boy was in white. She briefly wondered if she should have chosen a grey coloured outfit instead of her pastel coloured dress. She smiled to herself before turning her full attention to her breakfast. She selected toast and a glass of orange juice before taking a seat at one of the remaining free window tables, all the better to let the sun shine onto her back.

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#, as written by Ivisbo

Nottestrike had already been awake for hours when he witnessed the sun finally make its appearance over the horizon. He was standing before his rather large window, shirtless so that he could allow the joints where his wings met his shoulder blades some comfort before this long day. The sun was beautiful, peaking through the clear sky and cascading yellows and oranges and pinks...colors that he had never seen on Harval before. This planet was truly beautiful and he could understand why so many life forms flourished here.

Around him, he could sense his fellow 'class mates' awakening. Filled with trepidation, Nottestrike turned from the window and pulled on a short sleeve, button up white and blue striped shirt. The clothing on Earth did not allow for his wings to move freely as they did on Harval, so he had been forced to rip holes in the back. The result was non too attractive, but he could move. The Avian pulled his sweat pants off and donned a pair of uncomfortable dark washed jeans. He stared at the 'converse' shoes he had been given to wear on his feet, but on his planet they did not cover their feet. He needed his claws free for landing and take off, so the shoes would be a no-go. Someone, maybe a teacher, had gone shopping for him. The clothing all fit well, but some of the articles were confusing. Why would he wear shorts under these already tight and uncomfortable pants?

Lastly Nottestrike looked at his wings in the mirror, gazing at them sadly. The feathers were askew in more then a few places and he could see a few twigs and leaves in it. It may not seem so to the people here, but his wings were not taking to this planet well. They needed to be taken care of and there was no way for him to prune them. Nottestrike stretched the massive expanse of black feathers out to their full length, barely fitting them in his tiny dorm room. He assessed where he needed to pull and fix and reshape...things he was once an expert in but could only do to other Gaai. He let out a sad sigh, tucking them back in quickly and neatly.

Nottestrike left his room, slowly making his way through the confusing halls towards were he believed the first meal of the day was to be served. He hoped fish was on the menu, but was unsure what the people here thought 'breakfast' was. To his surprise, there was barely anyone in the cafeteria when he entered. He ushered himself quickly over to the food, looking at it with obvious confusion. He had learned the language, but customs had evaded him. Was he supposed to eat this whole barrel full of...was this eggs? Nottestrike stared at them in disgust, terrified that the humans would scrambled up unborn Earth birds into such a fluffy yellow meal.

The winged being looked around the room, noticing the few people present had individual plates. Nottestrike smiled to himself, glad to have figured out this problem on his own. He grabbed a plate and pilled it with al the meat that was provided. He was carnivorous and did not understand how to the humans could enjoy things like bread or potatoes. With his plate overloaded with food, Nottestrike made his way over to a table.

Since the cafeteria was to empty, he was able to pick a spot at the far end by himself. With some effort he settled into the chair, adjusting his wings to fold over the back in a slightly uncomfortable manner. Nottestrike stared down at his food, sent a silent prayer to the Avian Gods of Harvel to keep his family safe and then dug in to the pile of sausages and bacon.