Beatrice Calliope Delacroix

"You'd be surprised at how open your mind truly is."

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Full Name: Beatrice Michelle Delacroix
Nicknames: Bertie; Calli; Little Bookworm
Age: 16
Birthdate: january 3rd, 1996
Hometown: Oxford, England
Sexuality: Mainly Men/Heterosexual
Species: Human(superhuman?)

Power(s): I Have a few Psychic abilities, and has had them since I was young. While these are all nice and dandy to have and use, each one comes with a price, or a trade-off. And to be quite honest, i'd rather not have them at all.:

  • Telepathy: Yes, I can read minds and speak using My own mind. I've had this the longest, and even then I haven't gotten full control of it. When in a crowded space, I'll end up hearing voices of almost everyone in the room, or when thinking to myself, I might be communicating to somebody else on accident. The major concern here though is the constant voices going around in my head. Yeah, sometimes hearing them is a good thing; others, not so much. I've gotten better though, and can control it a lot better than I could before-- which is obviously a good thing.
  • Retro/Precognition: Every once in awhile in dreams, I can see someone else's past, or future (but never my own). It's completely random, and the previous "vision" usually does not correspond with the current one. They also aren't a common thing (well, they have been as of late), and it does take up some good amount of My own energy. The trade-off for this ability? Well, i'm slowly losing her own memory. At this point, I don't remember anything before I was 6. I'm sure it'll stop at some point-- but, to be honest, I'm deathly afraid that I just might lose it all someday.
  • Telekinesis/Transvection: Yeah, I can move things with my mind(including myself). This take little effort, depending on how heavy the item is, and sometimes I use it without knowing. When I was younger, I'd use this ability like it was nothing, and has since then learned how to control it- for the most part.

Weaknesses:(*= fear; **= Flaw)
  • Large dogs*
  • Can get a bit loud**
  • the deep ocean*/**(flaw because lack of swimming knowledge aka she cant swim)
  • Terrible at math**
  • occasional insecurity issues**
  • Rejection*(which causes insecurity)
  • Terrible at cleaning**
  • Fast Learner
  • Intelligent
  • Artistically and Musically Talented
  • Resourceful/clever
  • Quick on feet/Agile
  • Good listener
  • Can cook, for the most part
  • Pretty darn good at archery/ Great Aim
  • Food
  • Learning/Experiencing new things
  • Art/Music
  • Movies
  • Reading
  • Astronomy
  • Mythology
  • History
  • Various Mixed media
  • too-spicy foods
  • Stuck-Up/ TOO obnoxious people (I can get a bit obnoxious with My actions too, but there's a point where one needs to stop)
  • Mathematics with a passion
  • Large dogs she's not accustomed with
  • learning "from a textbook"(I learn better with hands-on things)
  • Learning about the human body
  • Dumb Vampire/Werewolf lore
  • Horror Genre
  • Too crowded places

Image Personality:
People often tell me i'm more of a reserved, quiet person-- one who'd enjoy being alone than in a large group-- and i'm not gonna lie, that is somewhat true (for obvious reasons). I'm not introverted or antisocial, no, but every girl needs her alone time; i just happen to have mine more often than others. I'm pretty intelligent, and i'm not gonna lie, i can be pretty damn sassy and sarcastic-- with a side of wit. I don't take any Bullshit either, and Will stand up for myself if i need too. I'm not gonna "fight" you-- I see no point to be honest-- But i don't see why i can't out-smack you. If, of course, that makes any sense.

Unlike a lot of people i've met, I'm pretty calm in tight situations, missions, and under pressure. I prefer it, since i'm not too great with deadlines-- it just gives me a chance to be my procrastinating self and lazy about. Some of my best works and projects, actually, are all done the night before. I work quickly and silently, and try to make myself as unnoticeable as possible. I guess my height helps with that, huh?

Normally, if i'm in a large crowd or just uncomfortable, I will tend to keep to myself, but if i'm comfortable with you, i can be kinda loud, a little obnoxious with my actions 100x more sarcastic and sassy with my jokes, and have no knowledge of personal space whatsoever. I am pretty loyal though, and I'm the best at keeping secrets. my ears are always open when you need to vent, and i'm a great listener too.
Just don't try to hid things from me, because 9 out of ten times i'm gonna find out.

I, for the most part, Have lived a normal-ish life. My mother(professor Marie Throop; English Lit; she keeps her last name when it comes to her career) was born in england, and married my father, who's french, a year after college(professor Edward Delacroix;History professor; he actually teaches history at the same college they met, which happens to be oxford, ironically). I was born and raised by the 2 college professors and my great aunt on my fathers side, who'd watch me while my parent were working and i was too young for any daycare. Even when i was of daycare age, she still kept me under her watchful eye until kindergarten. I had friends, a loving family on both sides, we weren't low on money(as far as i can remember, and that's only till about 6) and life was good.

Life was grand.

I had my first "vision" when i was 6. I don't remember what is was now that i think about it, but i do remember that i was scared shitless when it came true. I'm pretty sure i told my parents, but i was six. I had a big imaginations and they blew it off as a coincidence, and so did my aunt. And with that being the only on in a year, I believed them. I truly and honestly believed them.

Then The voices started coming. In the 1st grade, i remember hearing the voices of other student in my own mind, some with not so nice comments, and other just well-- being others. I knew both my parents really didn't believe in all that paranormal stuff, not seriously anyways, so after the first week or so I told my aunt. She'd always insist she knew a "psychic" herself growing up, and wouldn't be surprised if they really did exist. the brain is constantly developing, evolving, so why couldn't there be people who could read others thoughts? It was highly plausible. maybe not in this day and age, but it was. My aunt was the only person, and still is, that knew about my abilities and since that time in first grade, they've only gotten stronger.
over the next 10 years, my powers developed and grew and "evolved"-- more or less. Soon I was able to move things with my mind, and my visions came more frequently (I even started seeing things from the past! Hazy, yes, but they were there).

About a week or two into my second year of highschool, A.N.G.E.L. found me, and had me enrolled and starting here at the Guardian institute within the first week. So yeah, I guess i'm still relatively new here.

Other: No, not really

So begins...

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