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Felix Fletcher

"I'm a wise ass first and Wizard second."

0 · 777 views · located in The Guardian Institute

a character in “The Guardian Institute”, as played by Sneakyrio




Full Name: Felix Blackstone Copperfield Fletcher

Nicknames: Just Felix, please.

Codename: Starborn - I know it sounds weird. It's what Lea always called me. I thought it was some fairy word for wizards, but when I asked one of the magic professors here, he looked at me like I was crazy. He told me that a "Starborn" is an ancient tale told among magic practicioners about an individual born under unusual stars on a night of great change. The Starborn is supposed to be a fulcrum, someone who has the power to change the unchangeable.......thought I would name myself that as something to strive to become. Because if this world needs anything, it's change.

Age: 19

Height: 6'7".....yeah, I'm pretty damn tall. Got made fun of a lot when I was younger.

Weight: 225lbs......I work out and the training from the Institute helps, but i don't think I'll ever really fill out like a professional wrestler or anything.

Birthdate: October 31

Hometown: Born in Chicago, IL but moved around for most of my life.

Sexuality: I enjoy the ladies......even if they don't enjoy me much.

Species: I am a Wizard.......stop laughing.

Power(s): Magic: A form of energy. It can be used by magical beings, wizards, witches, Mages etc. and under certain conditions or with help even by non-magical mortals. Not really sure what else to say about it. I could....go over the different types I'm good at...I guess. OK, I'll do that.

-Thaumaturgy: The process of creating magical links between objects or people. Magic flows through one object and is attached to the other. As above, so below. Make something happen on a small scale and feed it enough energy to happen on a large scale. Most thaumaturgy requires something to connect the object being used to the greater object, such as blood, hair or nail clippings, etc. Thaumaturgy is employed in various ways. The most well-known example is the voodoo doll, which is a doll magically connected to a person. Though, Ive never made a voodoo doll before, because I'm not sure if Ive ever wanted to hurt anybody that much. You see, for magic to work.....really work, you have to believe in it, or else it just fizzles. At least, for Wizards you have to.

Tracking spells are like any kind of targeted thaumaturgy: create a link, channel to target, pour energy into that channel. With a tracking spell, you're setting up a continuous trickle of energy and then follow it to the target. I'm actually really good at these. I can pretty much find anyone or anything no matter how far away they are, as long as the connection is good enough. It's probably were my talents shine the most. Ive been told that no one is as good as I am at tracking spells.......which to me doesn't sound like there is a lot of competition. I'm also really good at blocking other peoples tracking spells. Ive sort of had to be to get as far as I have.

-Evocation: The most direct, spectacular, and noisy form of magic, or sorcery. It can only happen in direct line of sight. The evocator would have to be in the same room as their victims. I like to call it Quick and Dirty magic. You don't need a ritual for it to work like Thaumaturgy, so it's great on the fly. This type of magic might need a focus depending on the skills of the wizard......I mainly use a Focus. I'll tell you what a Focus or Foci is later on.

Examples of evocation include; blasts of fire, blasts of force, beams of fire, earthquakes, lighting multiple candles, opening cabinet doors, summoning items, etc. This type of magic is what is mainly used in direct combat situations. I'm pretty good at it, not the best by far, but I can slug it out with some pretty heavy duty monsters. I mainly use Force and Fire. Ive dabbled in other areas of it, but those two are my main ones.

Enchanting: The art of imbuing magical properties to mundane items. This means making staves, rods or even pieces of clothing do cool stuff. Ebenezar told me I have a talent for it. Ive made a lot of stuff to better my arsenal. I even made my duster bulletproof. It took like......2 weeks straight, but I did it. You want me to make you something cool? All you have to do is ask.

Alchemy: Thats right! I can make freaking potions! Snape, eat your heart out! I sort of made a cheat sheet of a bunch of different potions I can make. I don't use ingredients you would think like lace wing flies or wolfsbane or eye of newt. I use stuff like champagne, coffee grounds, love letters and even gold. It's not about what you put in, its about what those things mean to you. And before you ask, yes, I can make a love potion. But, it doesn't last long and it's not going to do what you think it will. It pretty much makes people really horny no matter what is going on. A Demon could be shooting fireballs at them but all they'll care about is getting in your pants. And before you ask, no I will not make you one, you disgusting pig.

-The Sight This is something, Ive been told, all wizards can do. Use of the Sight, sometimes also referred to as "third eye", allows a wizard to gaze upon the world and see its supernatural side, allowing the perception of things hidden to the normal eye. What has been seen through the use of the Sight will remain a lasting memory forever, and will neither fade nor be forgotten. Because of this, I don't use it often, for it could easily drive me insane.

Using it, I can see through illusions, no matter how strong, and it allows me to see the true nature of things. Say your dad just died and you two were very close. If I used the sight on you, I would see scars and markings because you are damaged internally.....emotionally. I can also see if somebody is corrupted or tainted or pure and righteous. I accidentally looked at this cop once and she appeared to me with giant angel wings and a fiery sword in her hand, she was so bright I could barely look at her.

-Soulgaze OK, this is one of the down sides of being a Wizard. I can't turn this on and off like the Sight. If somebody stares into my eyes for more than like.....2 seconds, something.....happens. I essentially look inside their Soul. I see exactly who they are, what they stand for, and how they would act in any situation. I get to know them more in a split second then I could in 5 years. Unfortunately, it's a two way street. Whoever Soulgazes with me, gets to see into my soul back. It can be......traumatizing to normal people, well, non-magic people. It's a pretty intense experience no matter who it happens to. Because of this, I tend not to look people in the eye. Which makes men think I'm a coward and women think I hate them, but it's better than the alternative.

-I think the Soulgaze is a pretty good weakness.
-Staring at the wrong thing with The Sight could kill me.
-I can definitely over exert myself. My magic comes from an energy inside me that does have a finite limit. If I overuse my abilities, My body will start to wear down and sometimes......Ive just passed out right then and there.
-Technology and I......don't mix all. Just being around it makes it go funky. The newer and more advanced it is, the more likely it will just stop working. I can fry an iPad at 50 paces. It has something to do with magic. Anything made after WWII is suspect. Apparetly in older times, magic beings used to make animals jumpy and turned cream sour. Before then it would give people weird hives and fire would turn different colors around you. Now, it makes technology screwy.
-This one is a little more of a fear than a weakness.....being alone forever. Let me explain. You see, being a Wizard, I'm going to live around 500 to 700 years and I'm not going to stop looking like I do now until I'm like......200 or something. Not a lot of girls are thrilled with growing old with a guy who won't grow with them. I also don't want to have to continually relive watching the women I love die over and over again. I mean, I'm willing to do it, but just not thrilled with the thought.
-A pretty face: Yeah....I can get pretty stupid around women on occasion. Especially if there evil and trying to trick me. I mean, If I know there evil I don't fall for it, but if I don't.......yeah. I'm a sucker for a sob story and puppy eyes.

-I can make a mean cup of coffee, home brewed, my own recipe. Been drinking it since I was 15.
-I can dance many classic dances like the Waltz or the Foxtrot. None of this new age grinding stuff though.
-I'm good at puzzles and mysteries. I always figure out who did it in novels and I can solve puzzles pretty fast. I mean I'm no Einstein, I couldn't calculate my way out of a middle school algebra equation. I just have a knack of putting together pieces that don't seem like they fit.
-I'm pretty good in hand to hand combat, good thing Ive took care of my body. I'm more of a catch as you can fighter than using a particular style. Ive also learned how to staff fight pretty darn good.
-I'm a pretty good shot, no award winning marksmen, but I have my moments.
-Ive got long legs so I can run faster then a normal guy without putting as much effort into it.

-Reading, preferably Sci-Fi
-Movies, older ones obviously, I'm really sort of a Cinebuff
-Coffee, or should I say, mana of the Gods
-Art, I mean i'm no expert or anything, but I can tell the difference between a Lautrec and a Monet.
-Music, preferably classic rock or classical, but i'm open to most stuff.
-Magic, sure its a pain some times, but I love who I am and everyone else can go shove it.
-I like my women smart and I like them sassy.
-I love going back and forth with a good friend in a duel of words.

-Faeries: Not gay people, but enchanted beings from across the veil.
-Bullies: I cannot stand them for even a quarter of a matter how powerful or influential they are.
-Girls crying: Call me sexist if you want, but I was raised from an old school of thought. It's not that I enjoy seeing other people cry, but when someone messes with someone, especially a member of the fairer sex, I have to do matter how much It will screw me.
-Not a big fan of Black Magic users, bad experience.
-Authority figures: In my experience, there isn't much difference between the big man in charge and a bully. i don;t like people thinking or being above and better than other people, it just pisses me off. So I tend to break the rules.....a lot.......sometimes just for spite.........I don't have a problem with authority, it has a problem with me.

For most of my life, I have been a shy kid who compensates by being something of a sarcastic pain in the ass. I dealt with the death of my father and the subsequent loneliness of my years of state care by cultivating a persona of easy humor, always quick with a snarky remark or a caustic comeback. This attitude also resulted in a deep hatred of bullies, as I was beaten up. A lot.

Under my attitude, however, I'm a rather sensitive kid. I empathize with others on a deep level, and when I sees someone in trouble I can’t help but feel like I have to step in and help, especially if the person in trouble is a woman or child. I look out for the little guy, no matter the odds. My father raised me to be a gentleman, and I took those lessons to heart. I have a great deal of courage, though some would call it insanity, and won’t back down if I think the cause is right.

However, when I had first arrived at The Guardian Institute, I had been through a great deal of trauma that had left me sullen and withdrawn, wracked by guilt for the lives I had taken, and the pain of losing my second family.I tended to sit off to the side, trying to keep from attracting attention. I feared social contact, both because I never had much experience with large crowds or children my own age, and because I was afraid of being hurt again.

I have now come out of my shell and am the ever snarky smart ass who doesn't know when to keep my mouth shut. It became evident early on that I had a major problem with authority, or how I like to say "Authority has a problem with me." I will never back down and would sooner punch you in the face than let you win an argument if your a jerk about it. I have a good sense of humor and can take a joke, as long as your prepared to receive one back.

History: I was born to a normal father, Jason Fletcher, and a powerful witch named Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay. Sadly, my mom died in childbirth under mysterious circumstances before she had a chance to tell my dad about her true nature. Therefore, I spent my early childhood completely unaware of my magical heritage as my father and I traveled the country side performing his act as a stage magician.

Sadly these good times were not to last, and when I was six my dad died of a brain aneurysm, leaving me an orphan. I was bounced around state care facilities until I was ten years old. My first time using Magic I was in school, and small. All elbows and ears. Hadn't hit my growth spurt yet, and it was spring, and we were having this school Olympics. Field day, you know? And I was entered in the running long jump. Man, I wanted to win it. I'd lost every other event to a couple of guys who liked to give me a hard time. So I ran down the blacktop and jumped as hard as I could, yelling the whole time. Must have looked silly. But when I shouted and jumped, some of the power rolled out of me and threw me about ten feet farther than I should have been able to jump. I landed badly, of course. Sprained my wrist. But I won this little blue ribbon. I still have it back at my room. Two weeks later I was adopted by a powerful wizard named Damian Grimoire, along with another potential wizard, a witch named Rebecca. Grimoire introduced both of us to a skewed view of our heritage, and tried to turn Rebecca and I into his enforcers without our knowing. The training was grueling, indeed abusive and damaging, but I was happy in my own way, and me and Rebecca even began to fall in love.

This happiness was not to last, however. One dark day when I was sixteen years old, Grimoire revealed the true reason he had adopted me. Grimoire, a former Warden, kind of like a Wizard Secret Police, had become a Dark Wizard years ago, and had adopted Rebecca and I to raise us to be his enforcers. He succeeded in enthralling Rebecca, but I escaped. I ran as fast as I could and i didn't stop until I could no longer breathe. I didn't know what to do, all I knew was my life was over and that I was really hungry. Having no food and being lost from what had just happened....I robbed a convenient store. Not my proudest moment, but i was sixteen and scared out of my mind.

It was there that I faced a spectral assassin named He Who Walks Behind, an Outsider summoned by Grimoire to kill me. I managed to defeat him by using my very first destructive evcation spell when he was in between the gas pumps. Afterwards, I decided to go back and rescue Rebecca. I made a bargain with the Leanansidhe, a Faerie who appeared to em claiming she knew my mother. I was desperate scared and she offered me power in return for a small penance. I took it. In which I received power enough to defeat Damian Grimoire, a debt I would owe my now Faerie godmother for years to come. I faced Grimoire in a duel to the death and won. The whole fight being a blur, I couldn't actually remember much. But I left the smoking remains of his house with him lying in a pool of his own blood. I think Rebecca died in the fire.......but I don't know for sure.

Wandering in a daze, I dug himself out of the wreckage of the house, the only thing I had left in the world was my mother’s pendant. I wandered for a short time, but I did not get far before I was picked up by the Wardens. I had killed a former Warden who was my teacher and adoptive father. Dragged before a trial, I was facing decapitation with only the inside of a black bag. Grimoire had been a feared Warden, and had worked with even more feared men than he. The Wardens were terrified of the prospect of what I might become, the Tainted apprentice of Grimoire. I tryed to explain to them he practiced black magic and was enslaving people and that I had to kill him. Some apparently agreed....but not enough to absolve me. Not just because of Grimoire, but because of my mother as well. Oh, didn't I mention? It turns out she was a criminal as well. They were about to close the book on me when an elderly figure stepped forward and spoke on my behalf.

Ebenezer Hatchet was a highly respected wizard, who had spent years discovering new magic and battling dark wizards and powerful creatures. His word carried a great deal of weight among the Wardens, and his personal history with Margaret meant that when he heard of my trial, he rushed to investigate. His words swayed the Wardens, and convinced them to release me into his care on probation.

Ebenezer, however, knew he was in no position to raise a traumatized teenager, and so after about 9 months he contacted Headmaster (Whatever) about submitting a promising new student…
Other: So much stuff.

Staff- My staff is a Foci, an object a Wizard uses to focus his spells through. Magic doesn't require tools....but people do. It's also used as a fighting weapon. It's my most versatile of all my foci. It's meant simply to to aid in the redirection of forces used to call: wind, bend steel bars, channel lightening, erect barriers of force, disrupt hostile magics—and sometimes I use mine as a big stick for hitting things. It's almost as tall as I am, which is saying something. It is made from on old lightning-struck oak tree on Ebenezer's farm and is covered in runes that glow when I channel magic through it.

Blasting Rod-IT IS NOT A WAND!!!! I am NOT HARRY FREAK'IN POTTER!! It is a rod of wood that is notched at the end with runes carved in it. I use it primarily for my evocation spells. It helps hone them and focus them. Without it, I can still use evocation, it's just messier. With the rod I can shoot a jet of fire, without it, it's like someone blocked off a part of a garden hose.....except with fire. It's about 13 inches long.

Shield Bracelet- A bracelet with tiny medieval shield charms on it. Used for creating force fields. The bracelet began as a simple silver construction, but has evolved to feature a chain of multiple metals woven together and shields of different metals. I only use it for defensive spells. It mainly generates a a blue half dome shield from it that I can change the size and shape of....but I can never make it that big. I can even deflect bullets with it.

Force Rings- OK, these are something I invented on my own and pretty proud of them. I wear two of these on every single one of my fingers. They are bands of silver lightly etched with runes. They are designed to store a fraction of kinetic energy every time I move my hands. They then release that built up kinetic energy on my command. If built up for a month, I can make a car go flying, or make one big monster have a bad day.

Duster: While I was with Ebenezer, he gave me a birthday present. It was a long brown leather duster with a mantle. It was single handedly the coolest present I had ever gotten. Since coming to the Institute, I figured there would be times I would be facing gunfire that i might not always see coming. So I spent about 2 weeks enchanting it to be bulletproof, blade proof and claw proof. Does that mean I don't get hurt if someone shoots me point blank in the back. FUCK NO, IT HURTS LIKE HELL! But it's better than dying, am I right?

Mother's Pendant: The only item I have of my mother's. It's a simple silver pendant with a pentagram on it. The pentagram is the symbol for magic depicting the five elements as one. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. It's what I believe in, sort of my symbol of Faith. I believe in magic. I mainly use it summon up a Wizard Light.

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Felix Fletcher's Story