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Marqx O'Keaves

A young carefree guard, whose intelligence is often masked by his crude and juvenile humor!

0 · 186 views · located in Lydia

a character in “The Guardians: Love and hatred”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!


Marqx O'Keaves



The Guard-Male Human





Blood type:



Marqx has the ability to show incredible strength when angered or annoyed.......strength that is coupled with an insensitivity to pain. Meaning while other humans could never break a light pole in half and then throw it a hundred yards, Marqx easily would/could if angered.....and he wouldn't feel an ounce of pain from doing so. However, he isn't immune to injury completely......if he goes overboard, which has happened several times before, he can become injured from whatever stunt he performed.....though he's likely to not feel anything close to the same level of pain from the injury that other humans would.


Marqx is joker who's casual and lazy on one hand, but also nosy and adventurous if the subject/task at hand is interesting enough to him. He can randomly be quick-tempered, but is generally quite the personable much so with women, that he's sometimes viewed as womanizer. But unlike a real womanizer, Marqx doesn't hit on every woman he sees just to get into their pants.........he simply likes to flirt and joke around. Making a girl laugh or smile, is something he gets off on in a sense......a textbook case of one who enjoys the chase, more than the capture.
That being said, Marqx isn't simply a serial flirt, afraid of commitment and only capable of child-like joking/behavior.......he's far more deep and intelligent than he lets on, and love/companionship is something he'd die for, if only he could find the right person.

Also, Marqx isn't thought of very highly by the Vampires around him, but doesn't let that effect him. Sure, he wouldn't mind more respect, but he doesn't crave it like some do.....instead, he sometimes enjoys getting under the skin of vampires around him with juvenile or crude joking.

Brief Description:

Height = 5'10
Weight/Build = 140lbs/Naturally-toned.
Eyes = Reddish Brown
Hair = Black, and reaches to his shoulder blades.

Clothing/Jewelry = Even when working and others around him are dressed appropriately, Marqx is always wearing a pair of black jeans, with a graphic-tshirt[usually with red on it somewhere], a studded belt[like in the picture], studded bracelets[like in the picture], chain bracelets[like in the picture], an Ace of Hearts ring[like in the picture], and red converse-like boots.
He also wears a hat, like the one pictured, whenever out and about..


Marqx usually enjoys picking up awkward or unusually-large things and throwing them at people he's angry or annoyed at. But if need be, he can easily handle himself hand-to-hand, being very skilled in the fluid Jeet Kune Do.

He's also a talented artist, and can often be found on a roof top staring down and drawing/painting the scenery and people beneath him.. Marqx can also draw someone or something, accurately, from memory.


- Flirting
- Joking Around
- Eating non-stop.
- Beer/Alcohol
- Music
- Lollipops! [He is often seen with a lollipop, like the one pictured above but slightly smaller, in his mouth.....]


- Overly serious people.
- Prudes/Snobs
- Fighting between Humans and Vampires
- Drugs
- Not being able to get in at LEAST 3-6 hours of couch potato time a day.


- Trypophobia


Marqx's childhood started off quite normal.........his parents weren't the richest around, and they often struggled for necessities.......but the family lived happily in their small house in the city. However, when Marqx was 14 years old, his parents were killed in a suspicious accident up in the farmlands........leaving him with no one other than his fathers long-time friend and his long-term caretaker, .a vampire named Herinz[a NPC], to look after him.
His parents death had a powerful impact on his life, turning him into a pessimistic and angry kid.........something that lasted for a couple of years, until with the help of Herinz, Marqx finally ceased all the fighting he kept getting himself into, as he realized that his parents would want him to be just as lively, funny, and happy with life as they were, instead of angry and that he became.
When Marqx turned 18, he relieved Herinz of his duties to watch over him, but the two remain so close that Herinz often can be found at Marqx's small house.

Herinz is also one of only a few vampires that know there is more to Marqx than the clownish flirt he puts forward, so much so that he's probably the only vampire at the moment who has respect for Marqx not only as a guard, but as a well-developed man. Matter of fact, it was Herinz who suggested the position of Guard to Marqx......and while the in-person interview process didn't go over well, his selection was cemented when a pack of thieves just so happened to be fleeing right outside of the building the interview just occurred in moments earlier.....and he was able to showcase the ease in which he could apprehend riff-raff.

Do you have any affection for some one?

Not at the moment, but is open to a relationship.


So begins...

Marqx O'Keaves's Story