Mis.Shift (Negative Zone Alliance)

Patroller of the 'Negative Barriers'

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a character in “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, as played by WadeJackel


Name: Ursala Shift
Alias: Mis.Shift
Patroller of the 'Negative Barriers'
Age: Inapplicable
Weight: 120 pounds (no armor)
Height: 6"1'

Species: Resident of the Negative Zone
Guardian Class being, part of the NZA (negative zone alliance), they are ever vigilant and protect the barrier which separates the Negative Zone from the rest of the universe (earth 616 and others).

Powers & Abilities:
Mis.Shift can harness the energy possessed by her alternate selves, mostly in the form of energy blasts. Since the members of the alliance draw their power from the negative zone itself they are extremely powerful beings while nestled within its borders, but beyond the zone their powers are far weaker, though still quite powerful. Though being outside the negative zone Mis.Shift has no control over which 'energies' she can cast, and therefore she cannot choose a specific energy blast to utilize.

Mis.Shift's body is constantly in flux, which is how she is able to utilize powers of her alternate selves that exist in various universes and dimensions beyond the current space-time continuum. The type of energy generated depends on which of her alternate selves is being sourced, the two major examples include.

The ability to absorb light, heat, radiation, etc, and direct the energy back as a compressed beam. Beings, machines etc who rely on such properties might be harmed.

The ability to intake all kinds of pollution and turn it into a massive beam which possesses the qualities of what was absorbed. Overuse can do significant damage to the wielder.

Zoners are not thought to have any particular 'super strength' or endurance, in many ways they are as fragile as the majority of humanoids, nothing beyond long life spans and vast intelligence. Though this is up to debate, for no significant study of the negative zone and of its peoples (save for the efforts Mr Fantastic), has been made.

Vigilant, brave, fearless, great intelligence, protective, dedicated

Just like the other members of the alliance Mis.Shift was conditioned and bred to assume the mantle of protector of the borders, and now with so many species and races becoming interested in the Negative Zone, the protectors are needed more then ever. For one hundred thousand earth years, Mis.Shift and her team (which includes: Skul'd and a reborn StarHawk) have protected the zone from various threats, both internal (in the form of their archenemy 'Null') and external. Her interest in joining the Guardian of the Galaxy is two-fold, first and foremost is to dissuade interested in the negative zone by the evil forces which she will fight against as a member. Secondly, she simply wants to help.

So begins...

Mis.Shift (Negative Zone Alliance)'s Story

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The illustrious band of hazy green stars flicker against the sleek armor of an approaching commercial vessel. The most consistent name given to this galaxy is, The Dragon Spire, for its coiled reptilian-like formation and color. Looking outside from the ship's viewports, remnants of an old galactic war can be seen as the space craft passes through cluttered fields of junked warships. The passengers on board this vessel contain the remaining candidates left from the Guardian trials. They were separated from previous evaluations: Each person was assigned into a group out of five with one of the Guardians of the Galaxy as their representatives.

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Star-Lord - Magnus

Rocket Raccoon - Sheriff Ultra

Drax - Knostiis

Gamora - Mis.Shift

Groot - King Moth

Out of the thousands that participated in the try outs, it has come down to these final five. Some may upkeep their resiliency and await what the Guardians of the Galaxy have yet to throw at them. Others may be doubtful of their own abilities, or perhaps curious of the others - where they're from and what their capabilities are. Nothing was said to the candidates about what the final exam would entail. The only hint given is the ominous display of wrecked ships floating around them. The transport vessel is called the 578-R Transporter, but the Guardians have retrofitted it with advanced defense and weapons systems to be able to handle its own in a tight pinch. Rocket Raccoon has dubbed it the Rocket, much to the Guardian's disapproval. The entire crew maintaining the vessel consists of robotic units, designed to function according to their given tasks, but all would be able to assist their passengers to the best of their abilities. Displayed in holo form in almost every corner of the "Rocket" is a layout of the entire ship. Just then an announcement is heard over the comm by one of the piloting robot units:

Attention all candidates. ETA in 02 hours and 15 minutes. Please enjoy our accommodations. Please note that the Bridge and Engine Room are off-limits. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask any of the attending units and they'll be happy to assist you.

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Character Portrait: King Moth Character Portrait: Sheriff Ultra Character Portrait: Star Lord Character Portrait: Knostiis (Vaughn Quatermass) Character Portrait: Magnus Character Portrait: Mis.Shift (Negative Zone Alliance)

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The transport was far too confining for Knostiis, seeing as he was use to flying threw vast voids of space with millions of light years between the tip of his wings and the nearest physical object. This vessel's configuration did little to alleviate the feeling of crampedness and confinement which the interior of the yellow ship evoked. The only vantage point which would allow one to gaze outside the vessel was an extremely small porthole at the height of the stairway, on the way to the bridge.

It was here where the width of the ship was the lest bulky, a fact which didn't sit well with Knostiis, it was a sure point of weakness in an otherwise sturdy vessel. There was a second port on the opposite side of the ship beneath front light fixture, but that was blocked off by the bulked which consisted of several feet of steel.

Everyone had been forbidden to enter the bridge and even though the stairwell leading to it was far more confining then any other part of the vessel it was there that Knostiis felt the best standing-The porthole giving Knostiis access to veiw the stars.


In stark contrast to Knostiis and his ill-feelings toward being packed into a small transport ship like so many sardines in a tin can, was Mis.Shift and her well adjusted acquiescence to the whole ordeal. She remained in her seat during the entire journey, on the inside Shift was just as frazzled as she assumed the others were at this point.

She had gotten out of her assigned seat just a single time when she attempted to open the door to the Airlock, not knowing that while in flight mode and under monitored conditions the airlock was closed up tight.

Shift had seen many strange visitors to the Negative Zone, both friendly and enemy alike, but the beings presented here were far more interesting to her, and Mis.Shift did indeed wonder about them. They in no doubt were wondereing about her and Knostiis as well.