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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅



"The last thing I want is assassins trying to kill me. They're the most annoying of them all, other than witch hunters."

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a character in “The Guild”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Always wears a dark blue robe covering his body and face in public. If not, he wears a jacket that would cover from his mouth to the knees. The parts that are from his waist down are cut open. He has silver hair, meessy, and icy blue eyes that would look right through you. His pants are dark green.


He is the kind of person leaning against the wall alone. Asher has emotions, but tends to hide them. Asher usually is to the point and always serious. He is also a good and loyal friend, once you get to know him.

He is very secretive. Due to Asher's past, he also has a very short patience with humans that are hard to please or ungrateful. Asher also has zero tolerance to humans that commit crimes for their own personal gain.


Chilling Blaze: Asher's main weapon. It's a katana, but longer. One side is tinted orange and the other is tinted light blue, signifying fire and ice. It is said that a cut from his weapon makes the area of the body so cold it burns. Unbreakable. It also makes his ice and fire powers more effective.
Sheath: The sheath is acutally made with the rock you would see castles made of, and it is also imbued with magic, making it unbreakable. Asher uses it to his advantage as a small and light shield. He can also use it as a blunt weapon.
Elemental tags: Tags that had elements imbued into them. Asher can use these as traps or projectiles. Flame tags explode with white flames, ice tags freezes the surrounding area, dark tags would make a make the immediate area surrounded in smoke, and wind tags would make the air push enemies back with enough force to match a tornado.
Asher's Robe: This robe is usually what Asher wears in public to conceal his belongings as well as his identity.
Asher's eyes: His eyes are not just for intimidation. They study you exactly like a book. Your actions, reactions, battle style, everything. In a few minutes, he would know you like you were family.


Asher was a victim of a tyrant's rule. His village was burned down, but only he had survived. Asher carried his nearly destroyed body out of the kingdom and into the hands of a Mage, who taught him how to manipulate fire and ice. Asher, two years later, roamed around the lands and eventually came across a sword master. By implementing his magic into sword attacks, Asher became stronger, and roamed the lands again as a freelancer. Asher would also take down tyrants and corrupted noblemen and governments. This made quite a few enemies, as well as making himself a target for many.

So begins...

Asher's Story

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I walk around town with my hood up. Lately I have made myself a target, and now I'm on the run from armies, assassins, everyone. I can't even sleep without worrying that someone will realize who I am. As if the universe wanted to insult me, I see a wanted paper with my name on it to the right. Someone drew a picture of me, and it was quite inaccurate. However, there are some features that can still be compared to the real thing. The hair style, for example.

I immediately take the poster and rip it up. I crumple it and burn it to ashes inside my own hand. How dare they? I save a kingdom from a tyrant and their reaction is to have every person in the kingdom try to arrest me! I sigh, then I see a couple people going to an alley way. I hesitated, thinking it was a trap. However, I decided to pass by anyway, just to see who's there. When I passed it however, no one was there. I pull my hood over my face more and kept walking. No one should be able to see my face. Not while my head is down and my hood is up.

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Character Portrait: Asher
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Someone was watching. That's what was in my head as I had just bought some food. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but no one had their eyes on me, not even in peripheal vision. I kept looking around anyway, then readjusted my hood. One thing is for certain about this time period: people in robes with hoods up are just the norm. That was the advantage... Well, for now. Pretty soon, the people would just find out that it's suspicious, not normal. However, they didn't figure it out yet, so I was in the safe zone.

However, that feeling someone was watching me creeped up my spine yet again, and I turned around. I saw two people on a rooftop nearby, talking to each other. One of them hugged the other. That was all I saw. Even though that's all I see, I immidiately turned and ran. No one's gonna look at you if you're running in these parts. Hell, everyone runs in the market. A lot of people use the market as a shortcut or a playsite, or maybe because they stole something from the vendors and they were caught. Whatever the reason was, people never really do look at you when you're running down the market. I just hope no one's following me...