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Dubhe Viëry

'You locked me up, and used me as a weapon...'

0 · 232 views · located in Ywano (Medieval Style)

a character in “The Guild”, as played by Syshil



Name: Dubhe
Nickname: Death Child
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years
Race: Human x Elve
Profession: Assassin and thieve

Skin: very pale and smooth
Hair: dark (ash) blonde and long. She has a fringe and wears her hair in a long braid most of the time
Eyes: She has very, very light blue eyes which turn purple in some shades of light. Her eyes are large by human standards, and almond-shaped, with an angled appearance that follows the lines of the eyebrows.
Face: She has the face of an elve... She has sharp, angular features and light bone structures; diamond-shaped face, narrow at the eyeline and jawline but with high, dramatic cheekbones.
Body: She has a musculair body which is still feminine. She is, however, also pretty skinny. She has slightly pointed ears, showing that she isn't human for the full 100%...
Clothes: She weares only dark clothes. A tight black top, tight black jeans, a dark cloak, black gloves, a belt with silver buckle and overknee, leather boots she is very proud off. On her belt she has different weapons: a large dagger and throwing knives. She also has a small knive on her left boot. On the left side of her belt she also has a small leather purse in which she keeps her belongings.


Dubhe is a very closed person who won't let anybody get in touch with her. Most people who do know her, call her "emotionless". She will not show any emotion to anybody and it's very hard to open her up. Nobody really knows her real personality, or who she is really.
Behind this walls, Dubhe is actually a very nice person. She never intended to become the person she is right now and has many problems going on in her head.
She has a great willpower and is a born leader.


- Large Dagger
- Throwing Knives
- Small boot-knive

- Money
- A small bottle, the content is unknown by anybody but Dubhe herself
- A small necklace with a photo on it from a mother and a child


Dubhe does not know anything about her real parents. The only thing that shows she is not fully human are the pointed ears she has and the fact that she's able to see better in the dark then normal humans and her uncommon pale skin. Because of this, many people believe she is a crossbreed between an elve and a human. Anyhow, she has been found by normal people and has grew up in a normal, small village on the edge of a forest.

Her years in childhood were the same as most kids have... untill she reached the age of 5. While she was in her room, a man sneaked in. However she screamed for her mother, he took her away from her house and trough that way Dubhe got in touch with a criminal organisation. A man (His name will not be revieled) learned her all the aspects of his profession: Assassination and Thievery...
From the age of 9, she started working as a thieve... and when her "master" died when she was 12, she was a fully trained assassin, working for herself and trying to live in this harsh world.
Dubhe has seen everything... and has been trough a lot of pain during those years. When people look her streight in the eyes... they mostly get shivers running down there spines... This girl has seen to much fear and pain for her young age... She is wanted, she is used, she is abused by civilization. Now... her story continues.

So begins...

Dubhe Viëry's Story

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#, as written by Syshil
Those people, walking down the street without fear... they would never understand the thoughts of the dark like i did. Those people would just live there lives, be happy together, marry a loving person, get kids... and eventually they would die surrounded by family. At least, that's how it seemed to me.
I knew... that even in my most fool dreams... things would never work out that way for me. At first: I didn't have family... i didn't even have friends. Friends were a weakness, just like love and tenderness. They could use you, they could get you to trust them... and then they could.. and they would.. let you down.
That was what my master had taught me all those years back, and that was the code i used for living... living my life as an assassin.
Of course i used to have a family... a long time ago. I didn't remember much about that time: the Guild had beaten all memories out of me. I did know that my mother had died several years after i had dissapeared.

I carefully emerged from the shadows of the alley, where i had been watching the people in Makrat living there daily lives. I enjoyed watching those happy souls, however it also brought me sadness as i knew i would never be like them... not anymore at least.
Allthough i did feel all those emotions... they would never leave my head. I would never show any of them on my face. I would never show a sad... or happy emotion to the outside world. They... the guild... they had done to much to me to open up again.
While i slowly walked down the road, i made sure my face was hidden in the shadows under the hood of my cloak of dark material. I knew showing my face would be the same as committing suicide at once. There were many posters on the walls in Makrat, showing my face and the text "WANTED!".
When i saw such a poster, i couldn't hold back the smile... however it was a cold, emotionless one (one that would make the shivers run down your spine).
"WANTED!... for assassination, thievery and more...". I looked at it for a short moment, before turning around and continueing my way trough Makrat. Most of the time i was glad it was a large city, as people like me didn't really get to much attention... but right now, with all those people on the street... i just got a little frustrated by the fact that i couldn't easily move on. Then i remembered... it was marketday today! I should have been thinking about that! How could i be stupid like that?!
Eventually i got out of the stream of human bodies and leant against a wall, thinking about other ways to get on my destination.

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#, as written by Syshil
I looked at him, wondering... but laughing coldly at the last thing he said. Every emotion i tried to show was unnatural and not real, my eyes didn't laugh at all. 'Oh, Roran... the old days are over: i do not need protection, i do not need a big bro anymore' i said coldly. 'and i can't be saved, you'll eventually will believe me' i said. 'but okay... of course you are welcome to join me in my despair' i shuggred. It was nice to have him back... but on the same time i was filled with worrie... and all of this, the happiness... the pain.. the fear... i couldn't show it to him because of what the guild had done to me.

We were still on the rooftops and i looked down when i saw a hooded figure *Asher* walking around. I didn't move, but just watched him with curiousity that was natural for somebody of my kind.

*guys, a little message outside the rp. We got more characters in the rp, so it would be nice if you all ADD CHARACTER to your post! Only your own character you are playing with, so it's more easy and less confusing who you are interacting with inside the rp. Thanks*

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I smirked to myself. I then did what I wanted to do for years. I walked up to her, and hugged her. I knew I would again if it was the last thing I did. I released her and then looked at her. Her face, her body, what kind of clothes she wore, everything had changed, except for her eyes. She still had the same eyes as when she was that little girl playing tag with me in the market place.

"So with all this, would you still drop in to see my dear old mum?" I asked her. i knew my Mum would love to see her.