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More information about the country called "Ywano".

Syshil holds sovereignty over Ywano (Medieval Style), giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Ywano has been trough many wars the past few years, but one of the greatest of all was the war started by Duke Torrinsön, who tried to overthrow the king. During this war, many Elves got killed as they tried to fight for there home country. However Duke Torrinsön was actually defeated, his shadow still lurks over the lands...

Since a couple of years Ywano is again in peace, ruled by a good king who knows what to do to keep his country alive. There are some different cities, the main capital (and port) is called Makrat, which you will find close to the ocean.
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Ywano (Medieval Style)

More information about the country called "Ywano".


Ywano (Medieval Style) is a part of The Guild.

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Dubhe Viëry [3] 'You locked me up, and used me as a weapon...'
Asher [2] "The last thing I want is assassins trying to kill me. They're the most annoying of them all, other than witch hunters."
Roran [1] "She was gone. But I knew one day I'd find her."

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"like talking puts my mother in danger." I said. I knew the life she must have lead was dangerous, But it couldn't possibly be that bad. I shrugged. "Very well. Take me to this guild. Now that I know you are there I will be joining." i said. Truth was I was always curious about the guild. the assassins guild. it seemed so dark and mysterious, one couldn't help but wonder.

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Someone was watching. That's what was in my head as I had just bought some food. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but no one had their eyes on me, not even in peripheal vision. I kept looking around anyway, then readjusted my hood. One thing is for certain about this time period: people in robes with hoods up are just the norm. That was the advantage... Well, for now. Pretty soon, the people would just find out that it's suspicious, not normal. However, they didn't figure it out yet, so I was in the safe zone.

However, that feeling someone was watching me creeped up my spine yet again, and I turned around. I saw two people on a rooftop nearby, talking to each other. One of them hugged the other. That was all I saw. Even though that's all I see, I immidiately turned and ran. No one's gonna look at you if you're running in these parts. Hell, everyone runs in the market. A lot of people use the market as a shortcut or a playsite, or maybe because they stole something from the vendors and they were caught. Whatever the reason was, people never really do look at you when you're running down the market. I just hope no one's following me...