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A happy, but shy, neko.

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, originally authored by PandaPrincess, as played by RolePlayGateway


Her light pink hair falls in waves just below her hips, her bangs framing her face and falling just above her eyes in a straight blunt cut. Her large amethyst eyes shine brightly with excitement, along with the two black cat ears located on the top-side of her head, and matching tail, they betray her every emotion. The color falls in stark contrast with her ivory skin and full pink lips. This lithe, curvy girl stands at only 5'2".


-Biting her bottom lip and playing with her hair, it is easy to see how timid the girl is. Her innocent and naïve nature attribute to her head floating off in the clouds at times, and suggestive or rude remarks by others going unanswered. She is unable to handle fighting or anger very well, and is willing to do anything to keep the peace. Remarkably, she is optimistic and upbeat regardless of her abusive past, though perhaps this is because she has managed to lock away many of these memories. With a child-like mind, this sixteen year-old neko just wants to find someone to love.
-She likes sweets, cooking, playing games, candies, pandas, and climbing trees.
-She dislikes rudeness, cheating at games, and yelling.


Her thin black dress flows down to her ankles, gently clinging to her sides. The straps cross over her chest before joining behind her neck. She carries a small first-aid kit attached to a black ribbon around her waist, and her feet are bare.


As a child, Emalyn was abused by her father. Her mother couldn't stop him, and so she tried to leave. The father threatened he would rather kill them both than let the 'demon' child go, and he took his frustrations out on the mother as well. One day, the woman was able to try her escape. She ran to take Emalyn with her, but was stopped by the father. He came at his wife with a knife, and she ran screaming out the door. He followed after and all was silent. Emalyn went towards the door when her father threw it open, the knife dripping red. He smiled and said "Your turn..." Fortunately she survived, but after a year long coma, the doctors realized she had amnesia. She occasional has flashbacks, but only when they are triggered by something horrible. The day she was healed enough to walk, her father sold her off and disappeared. She isn't too saddened because now she is free from this man, but she secretly hopes her new Master will be someone who will love her.

So begins...

Emalyn's Story

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New Arrival

Night has begun to fall on the land of Thaiden.
Owls hoot their time away in the tree's scattered along the boarders of Raven Lofts grounds while bats fly free in search of their nightly meals.
The sharp tole of a bell could be heard in the distance from Raven Loft, it was the bell tower ringing away with its notification to the masses that night was upon everyone. But on the horizon something was approaching, it was a carriage on the main road. Two men sat at the drivers perch as it lightly bounced along on the gravel dug highway and two sat in back with the slave in tow.

This one was a young Neko girl, so young and so beautiful.
She stared out the side window as the scenery passed by slowly with the trotting of hooves in the front. The two men in back had control of the young girl and it was evident that she wasn't going anywhere with them in attendance. Both were dressed well seeing as they had lived fat on trading and selling such creatures as the girl in the rear seat and they did not think more nor less of her.
One of them trying to move his hand along the young girls thigh as she was distracted with the movement outside, only to be caught with a swat from the hand of his partner in the seat across.."Hands off the merchandise.. I don't know why I even thought bringing you along. If the head master gets wind of anything you do there will be hell to pay for all of us."

"Oh really?" the slightly overweight man in his bowler hat said in return "Whats he going to do.. cry about her feelings and then give me a spanking for being a poor host." He said with a laugh as he pulled out his gold pocket watch and checked the time.
The man across from them gave a slightly deceitful measure of his palm and spat back at his partner. "No but if this man is crazy enough to imprison one of the southern lords for killing a slave on the grounds of Raven Loft then he would have no issue with cutting us down or stringing us up." He said as he leaned back in the seat and spoke towards the front.

"How long till we arrive?" A pause was there at the end of his question.

"We're pulling up now and the guards are coming out to flag us down." The man flashed a sign of relief on his face as he straightened his clothes and gathered his papers for preparation of handing the girl over. The Neko kept looking out the window even thought most of the conversation still concerned her well being in more ways then one.
"Aww come on.. why can't I have a little fun, daddy dearest sold this little piece of ass off for a nice profit and now she's being bought by such a nice place to train her up." She still paid him no real mind, keeping a calm face.

As the carriage stopped and the men stepped out with the larger one pulling out the small Neko girl, Roldan was there to watch over the group.
"Whats with this then?" He asked the two men set at the drivers perch and they motioned behind them as he looked at the young girl being presented. The more cautious minded man in his burgundy vest steps forward and holds out several papers for Roldan to look at. To which he takes hold of as the same man speaks.."We are coming from Servail about three days from the east, this slave named Emalyn was purchased via agent from our market for delivery here." Roldan nods his head as he listens and confirms what the paper says, the girl was indeed bought by one of the houses agents in the field.

He looks over the mans shoulder and Roldan catches the eye contact with the girl as she just starts to look at him. The look in her face could show that she was rather young and new to many things, Roldan asked her a question to get a feeling for the girls mindset.
"Have anything to say little miss?"

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Even though nighttime had fallen, Emalyn stared out the carriage window, much preferring her own thoughts than the words of the two men beside her. Owls could be heard in the distance, and she gave a slight smile at the familiar noise. She tried to sort through her memories of the past week, as the men continued talking.

*Flashback* She knows she woke up in the hospital, a broken mess, and that the doctors there put her through excruciating 'therapy' to regain her movement as well as restore her memory. A man, she was told he was her father, would come by every now and then to glare at the girl while whispering to the staff. One day, he walked into her room, for once unaccompanied. The neko girl's ears perked up as she struggled to stand and smile at the man. He watched her with calculating eyes as she shakily walked over, her small hands grasping at the wall to help keep her up. With a small laugh, her amethyst eyes shining, she looked up at his aged and hardened face. "F-father, I....I did it!" She made a move to grasp his hand, hoping he would be proud and look at her, to embrace her. With a snarl, he ripped his hand from his daughter's grasp and turned to leave. Without looking, the man made a quick reply: "In the morning, I shall send someone to fetch you." Emalyn responded with confused eyes and a tilt of her head, her pink locks falling over her shoulder. "Are we going home father?" With a dark laugh, he slammed the door, her question unanswered.

With a small start, the girl registered first a hand on her thigh, the hand belonging to the overweight man on her left who wore a bowler hat(and who for some reason smelled of rotting pheasant), before said man was slapped away by the trader in front of her. The one in front seemed to be angry, conversing with his larger partner. "Hands off the merchandise.. I don't know why I even thought of bringing you along. If the head master gets wind of anything you do there will be hell to pay for all of us." "Oh really?" the overweight man said in return "Whats he going to do.." At that, the neko trailed off in her thoughts again. Confused, she managed to keep a calm face as they continued to discuss her and the uncertain future she surely had. She frowned slightly at the large man's poor choice in language, but cheered up when she realized the carriage was slowing. (Maybe now I can ask what's going on? These people certainly don't wish to speak to me, let alone explain.) As they stopped, the two traders got out first, the angry one talking and showing papers, as the other helped the young girl, smirk still in place.

Emayln looked up to see what appeared to be a guard, although no armor was to be seen. His brown eyes boring into her own, she met his gaze with a small blush. "Have anything to say little miss?" he asked. Her mouth opened in a small 'o' shape before closing again. With a silent curtsey, and bow of the head, the neko looked back up with questioning eyes. "P-please sir, why am I h-here? I thought my father...." Her eyes started to sting while the overweight man behind her gave a sharp laugh. With cheeks flushed, the girl's hands flew to cover her face, only her eyes being seen still. Her voice small and shaky, she asked "A-am I to live here now?"

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The larger man gives Emalyn a stiff stare as she responds to Roldan's question, he almost starts to lift his hand and strike her. This must stem from the fact that she basically ignored him for the entire trip from start all the way to finish.
His eye catches a small glint of metallic silver before his arm reaches back all the way and he realizes that the tip of a rapier is pointed narrowly at his chin. Roldan had slipped the papers to one side and produced the blade from its sheath on the back of his hip and his grip on it is rock solid as he points it further in and begins to prod the man on his lower lip. "I would suspect you to know the house rules.." The other trader lays his hand on his own face and speaks in the defense or his partner. "I apologize sir.. He doesn't get out much and I was rather apprehensive to bring him to begin with."

Two of the other guards step forward to edge the girl away from her original handlers, moving her behind Roldan and taking her into the doorway. Roldan takes his share of the papers and presses a small bag of silver into the hands of the more sensible trader while the other stepped back into the back of the carriage while still rubbing his chin.
He looks back at Emalyn as he steps towards her and smiles at the young Neko.. "Yes.. This will be your home now and don't worry, we will take good care of you." He reassures the young girl, petting her head lightly and brushing her ear with his fingers.
"Take her to the holding area.. Master Kenner should still be there and he would want to see her as well."
Roldan dropped his hand and stuffed the papers under his arm as he walked by, intent on going to his office to file the new arrival. While he does this the other two guards move Emalyn along with them down the side passage and through the master hall.

Peeshka finally enters the patio overlooking the Atrium as she peers at the other Masters, noticing that one is missing she strides over to the rail and looks down to see her getting aquianted with some of the other slaves. She cranes her head to the side as she speaks down into the clearing..~Time to head back now little one's.~
The guards were opening the main door as she finished speaking and they moved once again with the same trained sequence they had done before. Approaching the slaves calmly and cautiously, setting restraints and coaxing them out the gate as a reminisces of what happened before. The guards sway past Mistress Syntira, unfortunately they had to interrupt her conversation to get all the slaves rounded up and back out of the atrium.
"Apologies Mistress.. as per Master Kenner orders we are order to bring the slaves back to the holding area." Strangely the guards do not wait for a reply as they issue the slaves away and disappear themselves.

The leather clad Peeshka looks back at the other Masters and informs them..~It is now getting late and now dinner will be delivered to your quarters for tonight's meal.. so please enjoy your first night.~ She gives a slight bow as she leans back on the rail and falls over, her body giving away to a quick fall as she lands with an intense solid thud.
Her body recovers quickly however and she trots over to Syntira's person.
~Well.. Mistress, I suspect you would either like to eat or finish your little conversation. That or you could do both at the same time.. however you would have to pay for that dinner." It was obvious that she was making a sly little stab at her origins and if she had a face behind that mask it would be wearing an intense smirk for the moment.

It took some time while everyone was being ushered to and fro with their own effects passing by, a small audience of guards was given to the Masters to bring them back to their respective room. On their arrival they were met with the presentation of a personal dinner laid on the center table of their rooms. A meal fit for their taste and pallet was presented but one would guess how someone would have access to such knowledge.
The slaves in turn were returned to the holding area and instead of being brought in, one was released and allowed entry for them to get better acquainted with the new rooming.

Kenner looked to Quinn as she turned away from him and he noticed the small strip of incantations under her sleeves. He was quick to reach out and grab her right hand and pull her back around to face him, holding her arm closely so he can inspect it. By this time the other slaves were being released back into the room, one by one they came in and their bindings were released.
"It looks as though you were the center of some concern for a few people." He smiles for a while as he can be seen contemplating something as it crossed his mind. "I know of a way to quickly have you released if that if your wish.. but it is dangerous" as the slaves finished with their reentry he dropped her arm softly before returning. "We will finish this some other time.."

He walked past her and strode past Silver who was still situated next to Nitha and dipped his fingers in the fountain, giving the water a small flick as he walked past them to get their attention. "Alright ladies.. get ready for dinner." He walked up to the others as they got situated as well and spoke to them.
"Alright I suggest everyone grab a seat somewhere or at your beds and hold tight, Evix should be here with the food and I suggest everyone be at their best behavior." He laid his eyes on Nix and gave the hyena a smile with some teeth showing on his side before moving past.
His eyes pick out the new Neko girl who was being let into the door with by two other guards on the opposite door. He kept a cock sided look to his head as he walked up on the young girl and turned his eye to the guards. "Unregistered? The guard shook his head slightly and returned "No sir, Roldan says she was contracted through one of our agents." Kenner flashed a look of realization and issued the guards to move with their work as he took the young girl in his hands, holding her lightly at the shoulders and looked her over.

"My.. you are young, go ahead and take a bed for now while dinner comes. We will get you a collar tomorrow morning."
He sets the girl to his side and steps past as Peeshka shows up around the corner, she leaned around the doors edge and scanned her vision over the whole room, it was as if she was waiting for something.

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Flinching slightly, Emalyn closed her eyes quickly, her hands grasping the sides of her dress, as the large man made to strike her. Waiting, she hears continued conversation, and as she peeks out of her left eye, she sees (what appeared to be) the leader withdrawing his sword from the trader's face. Slowing being led behind him, she watches as papers are given and the two men leave, before he turns towards the girl and smiles. "Yes.. This will be your home now and don't worry, we will take good care of you." Petting her head lightly and brushing her ear with his fingers, he informs the others to take her to a Master Kenner. Practically purring, the girl gives a small wave as she walks away.

Looking around the hall, Emalyn gasps. (It's so huge! Is this really a house?) She tries to take in all of the activity: servants running back and forth with food, fine dressed people talking, and of course, more guards positioned about. As she enters a grand room, she only barely notices the silence before two hands are grasping her shoulders. "Unregistered?" One of the guards shook his head slightly and returned "No sir, Roldan says she was contracted through one of our agents." (Roldan, is that the kind man's name?) The stranger dismisses the men before looking her over. Blushing, she looks down at her feet, her pink hair falling in waves before her face. "S-sir?" "My.. you are young, go ahead and take a bed for now while dinner comes. We will get you a collar tomorrow morning." Emalyn gives a small nod, confusion in her eyes as he walked away.

She made her way over to a bed on the far end of the room, and sat on the floor behind it, out of sight. Deciding to figure out where she was (and more importantly who with) in the morning, the young neko grabbed her blanket and threw it over her shoulders, her head resting against the side of the mattress. She could hear some kind of fight in the background, but she simply kept her eyes closed and tried to breathe. This always worked for her before, if she couldn't see it, everything bad would go away. Her sitting figure shakes slightly as she nods off, screams as her only background noise. (Maybe it would be like home? At least these people were nicer than father.) With a sad smile, she gives a quick yawn and sleeps.

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Hearing a loud bell, Emalyn awoke from her place against the bed. Jumping up from the floor, her blanket pooled around her feet as she looked behind her to see maidens scurrying about. The young neko walks from her bed in the back corner of the room to see what was going on. She tilts her head when she sees a few of the women stop in front of her, one pulling out a rag as another holds a bowl of water. "E-excuse me, but w-what is going on?" The first two simply keep humming and proceed to wash the girl off as best as they can. Blushing, she looks back to see the last has started to brush her pink hair. Soothingly she replies, "Hush child, it is not our place to say." "Miss?" "Turn around." Doing so, she keeps her face pointed down, looking at her bare feet, while the three finish up.

Her long hair curls down to her waist, while the little dirt that was on her is gone. The girl smiles gratefully before looking around at the others sharing the room. With some surprise, she giggled as she saw a boy snapping at one of the maids, struggling to get away from his makeshift bath. The maiden ran away as he sat up, and Emalyn had to bring a hand up to cover her mouth so as not to laugh any louder. (What a funny wolfkin, he put up a really good fight though!) She continues to watch the others, and how they react, while playing with a strip of her hair.

The neko notices that each of the people, not including the ladies in white, had small collars around their neck. With a small start, she suddenly exclaimed: "Oh! That's right, the man last night said I was to have one as well." Blushing again, she looks around to see if anyone heard her. Glad to see nobody seemed to pay much attention to the energetic girl at that moment, she gives a small tilt of her head and whispers: "But what do they mean?"