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Liuvash Daronia

"My purpose is to serve."

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, as played by xXRawrDarkWolfXx


Name: Liuvash Daronia ('Liu' For Short)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Classification: Slave

Race: Succubus

Physical Description: Image

Wears a BLUE/WHITE/PINK Collar









-Exotic Food


-Poor Surroundings



-Big groups


The last thing Liuvash remembered before being taken away was flying in the woods, Its was a dark stormy night, Her friends were being chased by people in black suits. She saw he mother getting shot down infront of her, Liu remembered tripping and having a net thrown over her, A man ran up to her and started to drag her off, "You will fetch a pretty price!" He grinned. Then all she saw was darkness and the screams of her friends.
Training: Before being captured by the slavers, Her mother had trained her in the Advanced skills of a Succubus:


-Basic Fire Magic


So begins...

Liuvash Daronia's Story

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New Arrivals

The day within the last few hours of Thaiden have grown more lite in weather and while the clouds have receded past the horizon of sight, it was still possible to feel the heavy weight in the air. On this day the guards within the walls of Raven Loft were again expecting a shipment, one that they had been aware of for some time and as the men stared on they could see movement on the hills outside of the grounds.
But to the surprise of few there was not a carriage that came down the road, but a moving box with wheels. This was an automobile and while it was a change with the times that these would make their appearance. Many of the guards could only recall hearing about such a thing and the event of seeing one has a few of them slack jawed in the moment.
However Roldan was there and he had been to the cities further south were they do have such creations in abundance.."Its usually referred to as a car boys, now put your eyes back in and present yourselves. The men shot back into position as he smacked one on the back of his head to get his attention.

The car rolled down the uneven road with small rocks being tossed aside with each turn of the wheels.
The bodies inside rear box were not to well off themselves, being shoved inside and treated like they were it was not unsean.

The two driving were not to well off either, one seemed to be on edge for no reason and the other bore another item of the modern world. A shotgun, held in his arms as if a favored child and he as well was on the same mental level as his driving companion. As they pulled up to the front gate with papers and letters in hand the driver exited the car and approached Roldan.
He held out his credentials for Roldan to take and he spoke in turn.. "Alright.. we're here, can we leave now?" Roldan gave the man who was still looking quite skittish in his shoes and his weary eyes and asked. "Whats wrong? You could stay a while and rest up, we offer food & bed inside." The man hectically shakes his head and responds.

"No..N-n-no.. We have traveled far enough with that damn demon in the back and I ain't risking my life no mo." The mans vernacular reveals that he isn't from the best of gene pools, that and the six missing teeth seemed to give him away as well.
Roldan gave his men a signal after the papers matched his own and the men moved to opened the rear door and this provoked a response from the armed man who aimed dead at the rear of the car. Roldan was there to place a hand on the barrel and lower it for him as the guards pulled both of the slaves to be out.
Roldan was thinking something was amiss when he spotted the two being pulled out, his papers said two girls. He looked up and was reassured with his sight that it was one girl and one demon. The green eyed girl was young looking and aware of her surroundings, though it seems she was woken up for her to be removed from the car. The more intriguing girl was a demon born, a succubus to be more precise. However her physical features were obscured by a cowl and small mouth cover. Apparently the men who handled her first had some problems with her coaxing one of their own and this is what they decided to do with. While the cowl did not completely block her vision, that was not the full intention of such a piece of fabric. It was more intended so others could not see her eyes and therefore fall for whatever tricks she could employ.

Roldan let the driver get back to his seat and allowed them to turn around before handing them the silver they deserved for their delivery. The men were all too eager to drive off and be rid of their cargo, while Roldan was content to escort them into the main hall with two other guards to help the girls along.
As they walked into the hall and allowed the girls to take in the large structure within Roldan called to a guard."Find the master and tell him that the late shipment has arrived." He looks back at the girls as the guard runs off and takes a slight first impression for himself.

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Liuvash looked up at the man known as 'Roldan' with a souless expression and then lowered her head. She didnt survey her surroundings all she did was look dead ahead as if looking into a black hole. Awaiting this 'Master' she stood still and calmy as a stone.

"Do not talk if they capture you, Liuvash!" Her mother screamed before she was killed, A single tear ran down her face as she remembered the events that transpired before she was shoved into a car with another slave and driven off. She remember how the driver used to look in his mirror and all she did was stare at him, She did not talk to anyone on the way here. She will only do as they ask and then hopefully live for the rest of her life happily.

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Silver hadn't opened her mouth the entire car ride. Each jolt of the vehicle sent a shiver up her spine as she watched the land recede into the distance, her body cramp and stiff from the box she'd been jammed inside of. She could hear the sounds of the demon girl beside her but wasn't afraid; she'd encountered demons many times before, Keiro had even housed a Shade at one point. Her bright, green eyes peered through the slats in the box, and she could only hope they reached their destination soon. Before she knew it, her eyelids drooped closed and her body relaxed, settling into a deep, though uncomfortable sleep.
The brilliant light of a sunlight day woke her as the beams of light penetrated her closed eyes, and she jolted upward, slamming her head on the wood of the box. Silver didn't cry out, or show any sign of pain. She avoided the hands of a nearby man, perhaps trying to help her get out, and slid onto the ground. Her eyes were alight as she look in everything around her, eyes skating back and forth with almost dizzying speed. The demon was beside her, but Silver showed no sign of fear. The men around them were all focused on the demon; this pleased her. It would much easier to go unnoticed when arriving with such a troublesome creature. The guards moved to help her, but she once again avoided their touch, walking on her own. The huge fortress both daunted and intrigued her. She stretched as she walked, her limbs sore from the journey. All those around her seemed to think her quite tame; all the better for her to deceive them as long as possible. She let her mouth settle into a content smirk. Sooner or later they will learn. She stood almost perfectly still in the hall, awaiting her new master.

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After having tested Nix on her resolve, which the act in itself showed Kenner that he would need to keep an eye on such an powerful and spirited individual. His trek back to his quarters were not hampered by the presence of other people so he was able to cut some corners and pass through other areas without drawing attention.
He was sound with leaving the other masters by themselves to look in on the others and he would not live to regret such a choice. The guards themselves were well trained and could handle any other problems that might arise. His thoughts came back to Nix however at the idea of how she could handle what he had given her and maybe that it was a bit too much for her constitution to take.

Deep in thought he was back in his room, with the closet open and an array of clothes before him, he took the chance to adorn himself softer then the dark reds and instead dressed in light greens. Almost changing his whole attire were it not for the fact he still did not have shoes on.
He heard a distant knock on his door and turned to speak. "Enter.." he commanded with a solemn voice and the door swung open with a guard it its holdings. He stayed at the door, not daring to cross the threshold between Kenners room and the rotunda. "Master Kenner, the new arrivals slated for today have come.. Roldan currently has them in the main hall." Kenner spun around and walked off as he finished tying his sash, approaching the guard in time. "That's splendid.. go ahead and have them brought to the holding area while I make ready for the slaves return from the atrium." He said as he passed the guard patting him on the shoulder and heading down the stair.
With a heated bounce in his step the guard was right behind Kenner as they moved down the stair.

As Kenner and the guard come down the stairs he can see that both of the woman were in fact in the main hall, but his curiosity is peeked when he see's that one is a succubus. Without losing his stride he beckons with a finger and the guards escorting the two woman bring them on in tow with Kenner.
He steps in time with an unheard beat and only makes the men stop with the woman outside of the archway into the holding area before he steps in alone. There Peeshka was still peering into Nitha's cell and she turns towards him with a crick in her neck.. ~She wishes to.. swim..~ Kenner gives a small smile with the realization of this and returns "Yes her kind like to do such things among being well fed and taken care of." He gives his fingers a crack and stretches with his elbows for a second giving Pesshka a small pause. ~Your going to do that now?..~ Her voice returning to the same as it was before, several echoing tones and mannerisms channeling into one singular voice.

"Yeah.. I am" He drops to his knees once again and presses his palms against the floor causing the soft white light to peel away into the area around him. Yet this time it keeps growing and consuming filling out into the whole of the room. Where furniture was the light encased the floor and that object would sink into the warm light disappearing from view and in one moment the walls of the room made a slight lurching noise as the structure of Raven Loft shifted to adapt to the change.
The cages all around soon to fell into the light and even Nitha's own cell dissolved around her, the heated stone and bowls being whisked away from view just as quick. Her whole body was surrounded by this soft glowing radiance that in itself one could hear a slight hum. While light became the only thing that anyone near or in the room could see.

Then within an instance all was clear once more, the room itself had taken a massive change in shape and interior. It was now a single large room with both exits possessing strong barred gates, the beds themselves now situated on the northern side of the room while a low fountain like bath had been formed on the southern end in turn. The heated rock was now in the corner surrounded by plush pillows for those who wished to lay as well away from the beds and small tables situated near the fountain.

Kenner stood and began to brush his hands against his thighs as he whistled out for the guards to bring the two new girls in and so they responded. As they walked in he looked back at Pesshka and Nitha giving the Naga as slight gesture with his hand towards the large fountain. It looked as though it could handle her size and then a few others, while the water sparkled and cascaded divinely.
He turned and gazed back at the two being brought before him and reached up to see the young human girl and looked at the guard holding the papers. He caught Kenner looking at him and shortly stammered with his voice before speaking.."Yes.. This girl is named Silver, while her companion here is name Liuvash D-da-Daronia?" Kenner gave him a nod as he looked over the young girl Silver and ran his hands over her shoulders for a moment while giving her a calm look.

She was slightly meek to him but that could be a type of apathy that he usually see's with young girls, he slides her bangs back over her ears as he gives her a small smile and begins to step away. "Rather puzzling look in her eyes.. Red & Pink for now.. until we get a better look at her."
He stepped up to Liuvash and sighed as he looked at the way she had been dressed up, he almost could laugh at the superstition of humans when dealing with anything beyond their comprehension. He takes a moment to undo the clasp on her gag and unties her cowl, removing them gently taking care not to pull her hair or catch anything sensitive. Once her eyes were clear he could see that her beauty was respective of her race and he gave her a smile as well. Going through the motions he touched her in several small places not going beyond normal boundaries and gave her a clean look over.

"She has promise.. Blue & white.. maybe Pink as well if she has the aptitude for it." The guards move up behind the two and slide the corresponding color of collar around their necks latching them and returning to their own duties as they walk back out the holding area, shutting the new gate behind them.
Kenner gives the girls a solid smile as he reaches down and unbinds them from their irons, strangely enough with only his bare hands and as the shackles fall to the floor they are consumed by the familiar white light on impact to disappear as well. Kenner see's that Liuvash has two small bangles on her wrist that are made of a specially forged metal, he can tell these are actually made to suppress any other powers that she might have in her veins.

He takes a step back and lets the girls get a look at their surroundings and rub their wrist free of the stiffness before speaking.. "Welcome to Raven Loft my dears.."

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She could see her surrounding more clearer now that the cowl has been removed, the gag was also removed aswell letting her breath clearly. Liuvash did not move while he look her over, she felt a sudden strange feeling. "Be thankful for everything you have," Liu remembered her mother used to say with that usual smile. Liu was thankful that she survived, that she was allowed to live, giving a smile to the man infront of her as meant to say. "Thank you" He stood back and announced that the girl beside her a Red and Pink collar. She wondered what she will be given, Liu had a kind heart eversince she was a child, she responded easily to commands so what colour would that represent?

"She has promise.. Blue and white.. Maybe pink aswell if she has the aptitude for it," She heard him announce as she felt a Blue&White&Pink collar being slipped onto her neck, she smiled at it, it was somehow pretty. She saw the man walk up to them and place a hand on each of the shackles as somehow they fell the floor and swallowed by a white light just when they came in contact with the floor. She felt him place two bangles on her wrists, Liu felt strange like she could not do something anymore. Maybe to ensure I do not try and escape.. She massaged her wrists for a brief moment and stretched her wings closely keeping an eye on the man who took a step back and spoke. "Welcome to Raven Loft my dears.." She thought to herself for a brief moment. So this is where I am...

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#, as written by PixieCP
No sooner had she made her request to the alien when the kind/strange one returned. Nitha perked up at seeing him, her only friend in a long time. He had a brief exchange with the alien, and then....

Oh gods oh gods oh gods EVERYTHING was changing and Nitha had herself wrapped into a tight ball of fear as she lost sight of the world through the light. It was like what he had done to make her cage earlier, but then she'd been watching it, not in the midst of it. For a moment she had an irrational thought that he might try to rearrange her as well. When the world went back to normal, everything had changed and shifted. The bars were gone though there was still ones in the doors, but the room was now more open, what she had recognised as resting places shifted to one wall and her warmer in a corner. Nitha was bunched up, arms held close as she stared wildly.

However nobody else seemed perturbed by the situation at all, as the alien seemed utterly unaffected and the kind/strange one himself was calm as he led in two females, and the men she was beginning to recognise as guards. Nitha relaxed slightly, still eagle eyeing the kindstrange one.

She was somewhat mollified when he guestured slightly to the side and she darted her eyes across to see a pool. Well, sort of a pool. But closer to anything she'd seen to wash herself in so far. She slid over slowly to investigate, moving sideways while keeping her eyes on proceedings. The two females in with her now seemed much more calm and docile than those who had been in earlier, and she felt a wash of relief at that. Reaching the clear water, Nitha stuck her hand in. It was cool, but if she didn't spend forever in there and got back on her warmer quickly, that wouldn't be a problem. As she swirled it, she noticed that the muck that washed off her hand drifted to the side of the pool before vanishing under the rim. Curious, Nitha poked her finger under it, temporarily ignoring proceedings in favour of figuring this out. There seemed to be some sort of small aperture, or series of them, under the rim. Which meant the water was flowing. Which meant.... even if she washed every bit of filth off her, it would wash away and she was going to be clean! Nitha enthusiastically slid into the water and dunked her head, her entire length vanishing in although the widest point of her coils didn't quite fit under the surface. She resurfaced and happily shook her head to flop her locks about before rolling and dunking the back of her head in, hands coming up vigorously scrub. As she wiggled happily, she looked to the two new females who were also wearing pretty necklaces. Maybe they'd want to bathe too, she thought, not thinking of how very intimidating a large naked naga with her ribs showing would look.

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The girls reaction and cause took Kenner back for a moment, he looked at her with a renewed vigor as the instance passed and he smiled at her. "Interesting.." He stepped back to Peeshka's side for a moment and looked over to see Nitha doing her best to wash the days scales away, this brought a slight smirk to his face as he walked over towards her.
Peeshka took the moment to speak towards the two woman..~It should be fine for the two of you to pick a bed now.. just try not to get too comfortable.. you never know what may transpire.~
Her tone was euphoric for the most part and the fact that she didn't deter from her mask singular blank stare was not going to win over hearts anytime soon. So while Silver and Liuvash were allowed to find their own beds, Kenner kept moving towards the fountain with Nitha within.

"So.. you like the fountain?" By the time he spoke she was already leaned up against the inside of the bowl with he eyes fixated on the new girls. Kenner looked her over and he took in her form, despite however the fact that she was still slightly underweight she was more spry then before.
His words did cause her to tilt her head albeit instinctively from his interaction he still knew she did not speak the common language. "Such a barrier.. I will have to do something." She still stared at him blankly as he talked, apparent that his interaction with her was more soft then what she was used to.

He took her head in hand gently and caressed her chin as easily as he first met her, Kenner was looking for a way to help her understand the common tongue. He did have a few methods, but some were painful and he did not relish the thought of doing such a thing to her without a proper reason. He noticed then that her ears while slender, were at one point in time pierced. Her jewelry must have been taken when she was captured or she lost them at some point in her travels to Raven Loft. Kenner on the other hand did not really care about that, he had seen an opening for a more useful method of helping her learn and it was then that he slowly took his hands and clutched the sides of her head.
He pulled the young Naga closer to his chest and held her lightly, this made Peeshka uneasy as she paced slightly behind his back with a tense look in her form. Kenner on the other hand began to rub the lobe of her right ear with his fingers and kept utmost contact with her eyes.
She was easy with his touch that was no secret, but what came next was most likely out of her perception for him. A sharp yet quick lancing pain shot through the corresponding ear, only foretold by a crack of sound and a small blink of light. Needless to say the effect made a reeling withdraw in her body, but he had shifted his grip to her shoulders and held her fast. Her coiled form flowed down and pulsed away in its own attempt to run from the quick sensation tossing some of the water from the fountain.

Even though the pain was as quick as the act, what came next left an even more strange impression for Nitha. "I must apologize for what I just did, but it was a necessity." His voice was clean and clear, but strangely Nitha could understand him with just as clear perception as when he just spoke.

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New Arrival

Deep within the halls of Raven Loft there is a place, this place is enigmatic compared to the rest of the great house because it is so strange and secretive. This place is a gathering hall all its own, for individuals that are the more arcanely capable of the houses inhabitants.
Many work here robed and covered to preserve their identities and they move about carrying their wares and trades in hand. Scrolls and tomes that tell the stories of countless eternities and the people who carry them are more simple in their own motives. It was Kenner and his own allies that allowed for the creation of this section of Raven Loft and it is here that their teachings are exemplified in the material realm.

It is here that a man works, one of two brothers that serves Kenner in their research and one of two that strive to improve all. They stand shoulder to shoulder as they each finish drawing a circle of incantation on the floor.
"Jeremy, Are you sure the incantation is spot on?" The first brother looks to his sibling as they finish laying the powder for the circle. "Of course it is.. we both drew and prepared for it." The other replied giving a look back to get his point across.
This is Jeremy and Joshua, the two twin brothers have been within this lead position for Raven Loft for the last ten years and each one is a capable master in his own right.

Jeremy holds in his hand an item like that of Kenner's crystal.
He holds it up to his face and speaks into it.. "We are ready on this end, are you prepared as well?" The voices on the other side return with a cohesive *Yes* in their voices. The two brothers have been working on using their own application of magic to acquire product for Kenner's use and they were both o a breakthrough with their research. A woman was being held on the other end of the line of communication, a prisoner and demon no less. It was this fact that the brothers needed her seeing as she was not human and her body was suitable for the energies of where she would be traversing.

The woman on the other end was placed inside the center of a circled incantation ring, brought to her knees and a clasped chain latched to the floor to hold her in placed. She could see very little of her captors save for the dim light shining on the lower sections of their faces and a singular outstretched hand from each. They were intending to send her to Raven Loft via the Ether, a malleable world of constant magical essence that many of the arcane arts take advantage of.
Each member participating holds their hands out towards the center of their respective circles and begins to chant, Jeremy and Joshua do the same as they hold out their hands as well.
This causes the circles to glow faintly as each member continues to speak with the Demon held within feeling the light creep up on her thighs. As the spell works its way to completion both of the brothers share a moment of ecstatic momentum with a stare from one to the other. They had been working on such spell work for some time now and with this they hope to prove their worth even more to Kenner.

The moment of truth comes when Jeremy leans in with his hand to finish the incantation and speaks. "Clatu.. Veratta..Nic.."In the last moments the worst of things could happen, he sneezes and botches the incantation horribly.

As each member realizes that something has gone wrong they are too late to stop the spell and within that second the light envelops the young Demon and she is whisked away.
She is drawn through the Ether at a blinding pace as her travel is disturbingly fast and frantic as well. She is spit out of an unknown opening far from the laboratory that the brothers use and to make matters worse her exit it several feet suspended in the air.
A quick burst of turqoise light flashes into the room, bathing Kenner, Nitha, and the others in its radiance as she begins to fall. The demon girl makes a heavy splash in the water of the fountain showering Kenner over the front of the face as she lands.

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Kenner's face grew wide in a smile when Quinn asked his that question and he tilted his head back as if he was going to laugh. "Oh.. I so do love having such smart company.. it took Jeremy and his brother three guesses." He pulled forward wrapping his arms around her and holding her, his body keeping a slight sway.
He did breath a slight sigh however, as if there was still a problem.

"But.. That answer is one you will not get so easily."

"However I can tell you this, before Pride fell. Life for my kind was not as many of the humans make out to be.. Lets just say that the absence of chains does not mean freedom."
he said as he looked down into her eyes.
With Kenner's concerns about Quinn's fate resolved and the mix between his own staffs ambitions dealt with he felt it was time to end this days ordeals. So in one quick instance the shift came again and the two were pulled off once again into the ether.

The amount of time it took was almost undetectible as they burst back into the holding area for the other slaves. Small particles of dust and the large distortion of air was enough to shake the immediate section of flooring underneath.

As Kenner released Quinn they both stood in the same spot that they both left originally.
He lightly let the little demon go and stepped back giving her a look over "See that's far better.. no more residue as well... well its not completely gone but at least your not going to grow another limb while you sleep." he gripped one of her horns between two fingers and jostled it playfully as he spoke, like an adult talking towards a child.
His moment of playfulness was overturned however as the steps of heels came echoing up behind them.

It was Peeshka as she stopped only a few feet from them with her arms crossed over one another and despite an actual expression of emotion on the dolls mask her stance made it obvious she was rather cross. ~Kenner.. I wonder what is is your up to.~ He gave the leather bodied woman a slight dismissive wave and gave her a smile which did nothing to change her outwards disposition. "Everything is fine Peeshka.. Can you have the guards retrieve the other additions, I think its time for us to turn in a little early this evening." She gave the same stern stance and took several seconds to change, giving Kenner an astute movement of her head to indicate yes. ~Alright Kenner.. as you wish.~ The chorus of mixed childlike voices that pour from her still bear the same air of distinct stress even though she accepts his request.

He looks once again at Quinn and flakes some dust of her shoulder "Do not worry.. she and I have been companions for for almost as long as Iv been.. so down to earth." He gives a slight chuckle as he brings his hand down. "Her mind is colored with centuries of conflict and loneliness.. so if she doesn't warm up to you immediately, it will only take time."

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The larger man gives Emalyn a stiff stare as she responds to Roldan's question, he almost starts to lift his hand and strike her. This must stem from the fact that she basically ignored him for the entire trip from start all the way to finish.
His eye catches a small glint of metallic silver before his arm reaches back all the way and he realizes that the tip of a rapier is pointed narrowly at his chin. Roldan had slipped the papers to one side and produced the blade from its sheath on the back of his hip and his grip on it is rock solid as he points it further in and begins to prod the man on his lower lip. "I would suspect you to know the house rules.." The other trader lays his hand on his own face and speaks in the defense or his partner. "I apologize sir.. He doesn't get out much and I was rather apprehensive to bring him to begin with."

Two of the other guards step forward to edge the girl away from her original handlers, moving her behind Roldan and taking her into the doorway. Roldan takes his share of the papers and presses a small bag of silver into the hands of the more sensible trader while the other stepped back into the back of the carriage while still rubbing his chin.
He looks back at Emalyn as he steps towards her and smiles at the young Neko.. "Yes.. This will be your home now and don't worry, we will take good care of you." He reassures the young girl, petting her head lightly and brushing her ear with his fingers.
"Take her to the holding area.. Master Kenner should still be there and he would want to see her as well."
Roldan dropped his hand and stuffed the papers under his arm as he walked by, intent on going to his office to file the new arrival. While he does this the other two guards move Emalyn along with them down the side passage and through the master hall.

Peeshka finally enters the patio overlooking the Atrium as she peers at the other Masters, noticing that one is missing she strides over to the rail and looks down to see her getting aquianted with some of the other slaves. She cranes her head to the side as she speaks down into the clearing..~Time to head back now little one's.~
The guards were opening the main door as she finished speaking and they moved once again with the same trained sequence they had done before. Approaching the slaves calmly and cautiously, setting restraints and coaxing them out the gate as a reminisces of what happened before. The guards sway past Mistress Syntira, unfortunately they had to interrupt her conversation to get all the slaves rounded up and back out of the atrium.
"Apologies Mistress.. as per Master Kenner orders we are order to bring the slaves back to the holding area." Strangely the guards do not wait for a reply as they issue the slaves away and disappear themselves.

The leather clad Peeshka looks back at the other Masters and informs them..~It is now getting late and now dinner will be delivered to your quarters for tonight's meal.. so please enjoy your first night.~ She gives a slight bow as she leans back on the rail and falls over, her body giving away to a quick fall as she lands with an intense solid thud.
Her body recovers quickly however and she trots over to Syntira's person.
~Well.. Mistress, I suspect you would either like to eat or finish your little conversation. That or you could do both at the same time.. however you would have to pay for that dinner." It was obvious that she was making a sly little stab at her origins and if she had a face behind that mask it would be wearing an intense smirk for the moment.

It took some time while everyone was being ushered to and fro with their own effects passing by, a small audience of guards was given to the Masters to bring them back to their respective room. On their arrival they were met with the presentation of a personal dinner laid on the center table of their rooms. A meal fit for their taste and pallet was presented but one would guess how someone would have access to such knowledge.
The slaves in turn were returned to the holding area and instead of being brought in, one was released and allowed entry for them to get better acquainted with the new rooming.

Kenner looked to Quinn as she turned away from him and he noticed the small strip of incantations under her sleeves. He was quick to reach out and grab her right hand and pull her back around to face him, holding her arm closely so he can inspect it. By this time the other slaves were being released back into the room, one by one they came in and their bindings were released.
"It looks as though you were the center of some concern for a few people." He smiles for a while as he can be seen contemplating something as it crossed his mind. "I know of a way to quickly have you released if that if your wish.. but it is dangerous" as the slaves finished with their reentry he dropped her arm softly before returning. "We will finish this some other time.."

He walked past her and strode past Silver who was still situated next to Nitha and dipped his fingers in the fountain, giving the water a small flick as he walked past them to get their attention. "Alright ladies.. get ready for dinner." He walked up to the others as they got situated as well and spoke to them.
"Alright I suggest everyone grab a seat somewhere or at your beds and hold tight, Evix should be here with the food and I suggest everyone be at their best behavior." He laid his eyes on Nix and gave the hyena a smile with some teeth showing on his side before moving past.
His eyes pick out the new Neko girl who was being let into the door with by two other guards on the opposite door. He kept a cock sided look to his head as he walked up on the young girl and turned his eye to the guards. "Unregistered? The guard shook his head slightly and returned "No sir, Roldan says she was contracted through one of our agents." Kenner flashed a look of realization and issued the guards to move with their work as he took the young girl in his hands, holding her lightly at the shoulders and looked her over.

"My.. you are young, go ahead and take a bed for now while dinner comes. We will get you a collar tomorrow morning."
He sets the girl to his side and steps past as Peeshka shows up around the corner, she leaned around the doors edge and scanned her vision over the whole room, it was as if she was waiting for something.