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Master Kenner

Such pretty things around and so little time to play.

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, originally authored by Oborosen, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Master Damion Kenner
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Classification: Master
Race: Unknown

Physical Description:
Kenner stands slightly over 6"ft tall and possesses a rather lithe form for a man of his stature, his oxide blue eyes and waved blonde hair give him a rather unimpressive look even more so. However if one can look close enough the dark lines under his eyes are actually a part of his physical being and are not caused by lack of sleep.
While thin his frame is rather stern and he is almost never seen without wearing robes that expose his chest and midsection. One would take him for some kind of clergy or a magister of some sort at first glance but his overall appearance gives off a sense of unease no matter from what angle.

Personality: Kenner is a mixed bag no matter who he is dealing with, most of the other guards and workers within Raven Loft know when he is at his worst moods and do their best to avoid him. He treats slaves and workers alike and has been know to place distrusted masters in stockades and irons as well. He does however have a soft side, Kenner enjoys the arts and fine foods going so far as to enjoy the company of some of the slaves he houses.

Fine Foods-

Annoying noises-

History: Not many know where it was that Kenner arrived from, only that its been several decades since he took the position as house Master in Raven Loft. He took his time spreading his control around all of Thaiden and even if someone has a problem with whatever it is that Kenner is concerning himself with, they do not stay outspoken for long.
After taking his new position Kenner began to add rooms and more space to Raven Loft, allowing for the company of more masters and specialized trainers. His largest achievement was the training of his own slave Chlorra who was one of the most dangerous black collars locked with Raven Loft.

So begins...

Master Kenner's Story

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It begins
Raven Loft: Master Hall

The land of Thaiden has been in a elemental turmoil for the last six days and it can be guessed that such will remain for longer still. Winds bite at exposed flesh while the rain cuts like a blade in the open air. Lightning scythes through the sky and cracks against the earth in an act of grand furry, turning land into a smoldering pit, trees into burning splinters, and sand into glass. Everyone hides themselves from this hell on the landscape as they huddle together in their homes and shut themselves away in the cities.

But the house of Raven Loft stands strong.
The guards watch their patrols and the fires burn to light the way for all on foot in this storm, as armored bodies waltz in tune with one another to keep the sanctity of this place in check. However on the horizon the sight of lights approach, it is the wagons carrying their load of flesh and spirit to the destination of this revered hall and their load heavy this night.

Though the night is dark with a moonless sky none can falsely tell that they do not see life in these covered cages. The chiming tune of shackles rattling together with the sway of the horses gate, make many of the wagon drivers easy in the storm. For they know that when their destination is reached then a night of rest and pay are well in hand, while some who gleam into the cages look forward to much different delights

The time of the transaction is short and practiced, many bodies and lives are ushered out of their containers and into the open air of the storm before being marched into Raven Loft. Though some fight and struggle with their bindings a strike from the rod and the reassurance of special irons make all their efforts for naught.
Master Kenner in all of his regal attire stands with his cohort Pesshka in attendance, they both glare at the new flesh being walked in out of the storm and cast strange glances as the different forms pass by.

Kenner shines a large smile as the different tones of fur and flesh parade towards him and are lined up before his steps like a sideshow of bondage. His eyes see much too his liking as he notices more then the usual amount of rare product on display. He walks slowly towards the group as they are each brought to their knees by the guards in attendance. Though the treatment itself is not harsh, the guards know that damage goods are worth far less and do not wish to inquire either Kenner's or Pesska's wrath.
But he still smiles as he runs a hand over his exposed midsection, his wardrobe is relaxed as much as one could get but the very air about him is off and sickening slightly. Pesshka on the other hand has a rather perplexing outfit on for most of the slaves and new guards to see. Her entire body is covered in a crimson red body suit that appears to have no real opening save for section of heavy buckles. He face however is covered with a singular mask that is slate white and is painted to look like a child's doll. Rose red cheeks and heavy eyelashes, the very look of such a person in her position is rather disturbing in of itself.

She walks behind Kenner as he looks from one slave to another, calling out their name as he checks each one and lightly touches their bodies as if a salesman inspecting a product. As she speaks her voice is found to be the most disturbing aspect of her, more so then a match for her appearance.
When she speaks it sounds as if that instead of speaking for herself, a mouth full of disembodied voices speak for her. Ranging from the seductive voice of a temptress to the innocence of a lost child.

Kenner looks at the young man and smiles, even in such a vulnerable state he can see defiance in the little beast eye, More so then enough that he had to me muzzled prior to arriving. He runs a hand over the mans head stringing his fingers through his hair and keeping the smile bright. He feels around his shoulders and arms to gauge his physical strength as well to which he just grabs the Bloodsong by the chin and looks him in the eyes.."All this will change.. soon, mark him black" he says before walking by.

For this one Kenner has an unusual chirp of glee in his eyes, kneeling as he gets on her level and eyes her body over. He runs her hair over her ear and gets strangely close too her face before speaking.."Its been sometime since your kind have graced these halls." He brings his head beside hers lightly brushing her ear with his lips "Another one who could not do their job." That moment caused an involuntary pulse to come through her and his hands received it easily, making his smile brighten. "Pink & red.. we will see just how much she has left in her" Kenner then steps away.

Kenner cocks his head on its side when he looks at this little slave, her expression shows an amount of fear and suspense and then he can already tell what kind of place she came from. He goes to one knee and looks her over, the dried tears on her face ever distinguishable from the rain and light bruising shows she was in harmful care before coming to his hands. He runs a hand lightly up her stomach and over the her chest in no way on par for discomfort. He takes both her hands in his and looks at them.. "Hmm your rather young.. don't worry child, we don't do things like that here." He runs her hand across his cheek and slyly smiles.."Ahh, well trained hands.. Orange for her." Pesshka checks the list as he stands and walks on.

The creature before Kenner does not throw him off, he has seen a few Sergals pass through Raven Loft before but not many like this one. She was still almost face to face with him despite being on her knees and eager to see what kind she was he started to look and inspect, running his fingers through her mane slowly. To his surprise she leaned into his touch and he could tell that she was obviously misplaced from her original owner. But their loss is his gain either way, the look in her eyes showed a honed intelligence from already living among a well kept house. He looks back at her and grins"Aren't you a sweetheart.. but still your tameness is desirable, white shale do for you... maybe you will have a rather grand future." He steps away from the Sergal and moves towards the next.

~Aurora Rose~
Kenner looks down at the mashed amount of dreads in his vision, not even being able to see the slaves face without kneeling himself to look below her hair. One look however was enough to tell that she was rather temperamental about her position. She peered out through anger lit eyes and huffed in contempt through her nose, after which Kenner noticed the large iron ring around her neck. "Well.. have some brimstone in our blood do we."
He chuckles as he looks her over and runs a finger across the bottom of her chin, which in itself causes a heavy tense sensation coursing through her. He keeps his face lightly blank as he marks her.. "Red.. & black, she will be somewhat of a trouble in the future." He flips some of her locks off of her face and turns towards the next slave.

~Nix Nir~
He turns toward Pesshka after speaking the name from the list and looks back towards Nir with a surprised expression...My.. my you are far from home, aside from our little winged friend over there who might I add is not even from this plane. You got the others beat for distance." That is when he notices her irons, they bear sigils and a large silver inlay as he eyes them over. He leans in and puts his nose on her head and gives a deep breath of inhalation and pulls away with an exited sigh.."No not wolf.. or bear.. how perplexing, I'll have to see you for myself when the time comes." He brushes her long hair away from her neck and see's that she already bears a collar. Two halves Red and Black are both on the article and he laughs for a moment. "Well.. someones stubborn, but I guess your mine now" He takes one more sniff of her hair as he walks away.

Kenner looks over the little Neko before him, even though he has been locked in a cage for several days now and going through all this he looks up and Kenner with a strange sense of admiration in his eyes. Kenner can already tell that this boy, being at his age was sent away for extra training and that slightly pissed him off. "You know I dislike breeders, they think they can train them well but instead they make for poor company when it comes down to it." He gives the little Neko a scratch behind the ear and sees that he likes it.. "However he is in good shape and at least he has basic.. if not minor training already imprinted. Pink with a small mark of black, just to be sure." He steps away from the Neko finally.

The little girl lightly trembled at Kenner's feet, either by the cold or out of of the sensation of fear one could not tell. He looked her over and once again ran his hand up her stomach and chest lightly, he lifter her gaze to meet his and spoke.. "I see.. your even younger and lost, while that is I assure you quite sad the truth is now what it is. This is your fate, embrace it." He watched as her eyes danced to avoid his and then moved down onto her shoulders and hands. He picked one hand and began to run her fingers through with his.."Someone knows how to use a brush it seems.. Blue & Orange she has a future yet." He stands and moves on.

Off from the start Kenner could tell that this one was special, what little water that was left in her hair from the rain had lightly frosted over and began to flake off as he brushed her locks towards the side. She flashes him a bat of her eyelashes as he does this and he smiles in return. Going further he raises both her arms and can see the golden bracelets under her other bindings. "So.. an elemental, that should make you rather interesting in the long run." As if to test her resolve he grips her around the waist lightly with his hands and the reaction is only small look from her, not much different then before. However Kenner can tell the difference.. "Oh and you a deceptive one aren't you? Black.. preparations will need to be made for her cell." Kenner moves away from her then and proceeds.

~Kit Kuchini~
"Oh another, how quaint." Even though his words were not sarcastic there was a tone of jackass behind his teeth. He was not fond of Nekos himself, most people who required such a pet usually had something sick wrong with them. Then he looked back at Pesshka and remembered what he did in her training.. "Good times.. now about you" the young Neko was showing signs of wear and mistreatment, but despite this he did responded well to being touched in the right places. So the best part was that his spirit was not broken and he still had a chance to find a real master that was perfect for him. "I guess blue shall be alright for you.. for now"

Kenner stepped back placing himself at Pesshka's side and looked down at her chart before looking back up.

"Welcome to Raven Loft.. if you have not heard of this place then don't worry I don't give history lessons. Your life is now in my hands and I am Kenner your head master. All of your training comes through me and all of the trainers within Raven Loft answer to none other then me." He begins to walk back pacing himself in front of them.

"I understand this can be new and rather daunting at the moment, but give it time for the feeling will pass and with the passing of that comes acceptance. However if you insist on resisting whatever means we have to better you lives then I can assure you that your time here will become rather unpleasant. My head caretaker Pesshka will be in charge of your housing and care, if there is anything about your living conditions you require then by all means ask them of her. However I suggest you do not abuse her.. (hehe) good nature." The laugh was slightly snuffed out but the unease could not be broken with Pesshka staring with her expressionless mask over his shoulder.

Kenner strikes a rather serious face as he steps back and heads up the stairs.."Do not fight against your training.. do as your told and we shall all enjoy the days to come." Kenner walks up the stairs with his robe swaying behind him and then Pesshka steps into view.
~Its time to see your accommodations.. now.~
The guards ussher the new slaves up onto their feet and begin to lead them into the halls of Raven Loft, the ears of each are accosted by the sounds of other within the vast hall. Voices and sounds of more then a tempting nature can be heard, while other sounds are sweet and soft. Music that mixes within the vast archways can be heard coming from all around and as that sound grows dim the slaves are lead into a large housing room with parallel cells.

The cells sit in groups of four that are close, but not within arms reach of one another. It appears that all of the slaves will be set into the same area and that is when Pesshka speaks again.. ~Commom practice is you came here together so you stay together for as longs as required.~
The contents of the cells however are unique, they each hold a bed and table, a chair and even a slide in the back corner that maintains at least some privacy. The quarters here for slaves are meant for those with at least a sense of manners and Pesshka looks the group over as she pairs up cells for them. Her only concern is with the Sergal Alice, she may have some kind of prior training but Pesshka will still assign a guard to move her for 'walking' privileges.

*the orders go as such*
Four cells set almost corner to corner and each cluster is in sight of each other, each being a ten by ten cell for singular use. Each slave has a bed, table, chair, cup & mug, bathing pale(large thin steel bowl) and lightly concealed restroom. The rotation of the cells and contents can change with an order from Pesshka.

*placement is as such*

Bloodsong - Hope <--> Naamah - Miyako

Narcissa - Alice <--> Nix Nir - Aurora Rose
Alistair - Kit Kuchini

The guards leave out of the the room while three maintain their station at the entrance and Pesshka begins to follow them out. She turns and looks at the new slaves situated in their cells and speak..~If I might suggest.. no crying, I hate crying.~ She perks up for a moment before raising and hand and pressing her fingers together.
~Now good night and sleep dreams, we have a long day tomorrow.~ With that she snaps her fingers and somehow by cue the lights in the room begin to die slowly and dim the room to a more soothing tone.

The night is still young and our slaves are at rest for once in a long time, the shackles have been removed for freedom of movement and muzzles set aside. They have personal space too themselves now and even company that keeps no matter what one says. Hopefully the night will end with everyone still alive and well.

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Miyako slid deeper into the side of the cage, the fear of her bonds and the unknown that awaited her drowned out by the frightening sounds of thunder and the lightning that seemed so close. With every bolt she counted, hoping that the number would get higher each time, but it didn't. Sometimes the count would be four seconds, sometimes eight seconds, sometime more. The fear grew in her body from the thought that she may never make it to her destination, that she may be killed by a stray bolt.
It seemed like so long ago that her village was attacked, she had hidden for several days in a the fields, hoping that the men would go away. What she didn't understand was the men were not thieves, or a barbarian tribe attacking to get what they could and leave. The men were there to stay. When she finally came out from the fields to forage for food, she was spotted by a young boy who pointed her out to his father and she was grabbed. "I hate that boy." she says almost everyday. "I wish he were dead!" Instead of killing her like they had most of her village, the men saw her as a way to make more money and she was sold to slavers.

Miyako slid her legs tighter against her small body. She is fifteen years old, but she looks younger. "I just want out of here." she whimpers quietly. She sits shivering in her chains, the booms of thunder frightening her waiting for them to reach wherever.

The wagon stopped and she was dragged from the the wagon and set on her knees. Miyako sat with her head down afraid to look up and see what might be there, who might be there. She could hear him call out names like ~Bloodsong~ and ~Naamah~ and ~Hope~, but after every name his voice got lower, not softer, but lower and more menacing. Whoever was speaking, she was already scared of him.

"~Miyako~" the voice called. Miyako jumped just abit, her body shook more - it was her turn. The man touched her stomach and rode hisfinger to her chest and then lifted her face upward. His eyes looked so hard, so cruel, she tried to look everywhere but at him.
"I see.. your even younger and lost, while that is I assure you quite sad the truth is now what it is. This is your fate, embrace it." He napped. He ran his fingers on her hands, probed her fingers with his, "Someone knows how to use a brush it seems.. Blue & Orange she has a future yet." He said coldly then moved on.

As scared as she had been the whole way, she was terrified now. She struggled not to cry, but it was hard. Tears built up in her eyes, some falling on the ground. Before she was afraid of what was going to happen, this was worse, much worse than what she thought it would be.

Miyako never looked up the whole time, not when he finished his speech, not when his assistant spoke, not when they put her in a cell. She couldn't look, it would be too real, too scary. When they unchained her in her cell she just stood there, not moving. The woman told them not to cry, but she had too, she was too scared and it all seemed to hopeless. So, she quietly cried, her tears falling from her face.

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Nix was not scared, not at all. She feared her catchers not, and she would fear this place and whoever person was there to command her around not either. No way was she fearing the stupid men that thought they could train her and bring her down like a broken animal. She was not a broken animal. Nix was a strong woman, and proud of herself. She had lost her family, her mate had taken a bullet for her, and she had been sold in Slavery, well, she did not care. She would return to Africa, create her tribe as it was, and make sure her kind would live forth. Yes, that is that Nix would do.

Whatever she was in, pulled to a stop and she was dragged from her cage and forced on her knees. She struggled violently, trying to kill the men that thought they could bring her down. She growled low and looked up for a moment, Nix noticed other persons, whoever they were, and a man who seemed as proud as she had been at the tribe. She growled lowly and looked down as the man called the names. She grumbled, finding this unnecessary.

Nix looked up with proud in her eyes and stubbornness that she would not let go. She narrowed her eyes at the man. ''My.. my you are far from home, aside from our little winged friend over there who might I add is not ever from this plane. You got the others beat for distance." Nix growled softly. She growled when the man sniffed her head but stayed silent. "No not wolf.. or bear.. how perplexing, I'll have to see you for myself when the time comes." Nix growled, that he could not even recognize the proud hyena inside her. He moved aside her hair and saw the collars and she smirked proudly. "Well.. someones stubborn, but I guess your mine now." He took one more sniff and left. She grinned wildly, proud of herself and surely not intimidated by this pathetic man who thought he could be better then the rest and not die.

Nix was ushered to a cell with a bed. She smirked proudly and once the chains and all that pathetic stuff and jumped onto her bed and laughed. She laid down and smiled happily. ''Thing your so tough hé!? I'll teach you a little lesson you pathetic man, and the pathetic trainers will be first in line to be taught. And I'll come after you. Wait and see, and cower in a corner when I come to get and kill you!''

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The soft rumble of a purr erupted from Kit's throat, the result of the man who had been glancing over him just moments before. Kit was a sucker for attention.

He was afraid, yes, but then Kit was afraid of his own shadow. Quite literally. There were often times in which Kit had near on jumped out of his skin at his shadow surprising him, the way it crept up on him like that. He knew others laughed at him for his cowardice, but Kit preferred to see it as caution. Yes, he was just being cautious.

The cell he had been taken too was pretty nice. It covered all of his basic needs and in comparison to some of the conditions he had been kept in prior to this, it was pretty luxurious. It certainly was better then being chained to a concrete floor without food or water for days on end with lacerations due to cruel restraints and unattended injuries. He considered moving himself onto the bed, getting comfortable, but decided instead to rotate himself around the edges of his cell so he could get a good look at what was going on. He needed to orient himself and there was just so much going on!

His eyes went wide with shock as he took note of some of the other creatures sharing this place with him. However, it was a growling wolf-like being that frightened him far into the corner of his cell, as far away from the other one's space as possible. He brought his knees up to his chest and hissed, his tail flicking. That thing would rip him to pieces if it got near him! He'd only been here a short moment and already he felt like his life was in jeopardy! He really didn't like dogs.

His cat ears perked as he was distracted by the soft sound of weeping. "Hello? Are you okay?" he said softly, though he couldn't see the person who was crying. He meowed again softly and walked towards the side of his cell closest to the sobbing sound, trying not to notice the wolf creature again. He purred and nuzzled at the barrier of his cell, doting affection upon it simply because he could not play kitty to the upset person.

He wouldn't cry. Not yet. Things weren't too bad, so far, other than that scary dog thing. He'd seen far worse in his short life and showed gratitude every day for being rescued from that horrific man from his past... the one who left his mark forever on Kit's body, as well as psychological and emotional scarring. As long as he wasn't being tortured, Kit thought he could keep relatively quiet and follow orders.

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Aurora struggled in her chains, she hated being treated as an animal, anyone who got close enough she would snap her jaws at and try to bite them. When she was taken in some place and put on her knees she tried to stand but they wouldn't allow her to. There was some man talking to them but she was not really listening, she was trying to look around to find a way out. There was others around her but she didnt pay them much attention either. Suddenly someone was kneeling in front of her, she glared at the man with eyes of hate Well.. have some brimstone in our blood do we." She heard the man say, then she felt the fingers of the mantouch her chin and she tensed up "Red.. & black, she will be somewhat of a trouble in the future." the man said and then walked off. "You've got that right" she said under her breath.

After a little while she was taken by a guard and brought with the others to a cage, she wasn't some animal and she really wished they wouldnt treat her as one. She was taken to a cell and her chains and cuffs where taken off, she looked to the others and her eyes focused on the one as she heard her say ''Thing your so tough hé!? I'll teach you a little lesson you pathetic man, and the pathetic trainers will be first in line to be taught. And I'll come after you. Wait and see, and cower in a corner when I come to get and kill you!''

She leaned against the cage and looked at the other "ill helpif you like?"

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Master Kenner had made himself comfertable within the confines of his penthouse and seated himself at his desk, he took the time prior to pour a glass of brandy and collect several books from his library for classification. His thoughts still on the note of some of the new slaves that were received today and he sprawled several open on the top with his glass in hand.
His was not so enthralled in his task that he did not notice Pesshka step into his chambers, the heels of her shoes making the familiar knock on the marble of the entrance way.

~A strange shipment if ever I have seen one..~ She says as she saunters up towards him.

"Yes I know.. we usually get one or two black collars a shipment, but this one was rather different." He answered back as he flicked through several pages. Pesshka leans over his shoulder and wraps her hands lightly around his waste as she questions.. ~What are you looking for?"
His finger does the answering as it thumps on the open book at the third entry on the page. "It says Kemonomini, a form of wolf hybrid also known in other parts of the world as a Lycostuni. That is what the classification for that slave Bloodsong will be, rather wild one either way don't you think?" Pesshka just leans in and rubs herself slightly against Kenner ~Let him be wild.. If he doesn't learn then we send him down below for her.."

Kenner pulls the book closed after she speaks and admits silently that she may be correct on that decision.

"Either way I would like to find out what breed that shape shifter was, she growled so much though that her refinement might be in question." Pesshka chuckles behind her mask and for what its worth that in itself was a rather disturbing sound. When she ends she brings up the paperwork again..~She has killed several masters and has shown resistance to most conventional methods of training. If she kills someone else we may have to just put her down like the animal she chooses to be.~ Kenner glares over his shoulder at his warden and gives her an off look.

"Well that just sounds wasteful.. such a beautiful creature should not go down like that. Hmm.. I know, call in Mari and we should get them to meet, She owes me after that Arcadia incident."
He slides back and gives a low draw of breath in excitement after pouring through a short scroll.. "Location in the deserts of the far east are tribes of nomadic to shamanistic souls, they share an affixed name cast and are predominantly shaft shifters of the Hyena breed."
He goes blank in the face for a moment and stares out into nothingness before snapping back.."I can honestly say I have yet to see a werehyena, this could be a learning experience for both of us.
Pesshka laughs again as he pushes the books back on his desk.

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#, as written by Tonks
Naamah The Fallen

Once Naamah had taken the time to get her head on straight she looked around at the others around her. She wasn't much of an angel any longer, but she could tell what the others around here were feeling. On the surface anyway, and it wasn't fool proof. There was one that caught her interest. He had shaggy black hair and the ears of a dog, he really didn't seem to understand what was going on. All that radiated from him was determination and curiosity. The winged being stood slowly and made her way towards his cage, all her body language trained to show she wasn't a threat, but she wasn't prey either. "Can you understand me?" She asked her head tilting to the side, asking a question in any language.

She automatically knew why he interested her, she had been there for the birth of his kind. It had been a bloody day for her and one she hardly remembered, the millennia blurred together and she only had vague memories of most things. She sat slowly keeping her eyes on him and gently let her wings unfurl, so that she didn't startle the creature. It had been so long since she had been able to stretch at all, it felt amazing.

Teagan Holmes

Walking in to the lobby the woman schooled her features into a calm façade. Teagan wasn't ignored, ever. Not even by the master of this house. "Nelix." Her voice was sharp as she spoke to her slave. "Yes mistress?" He asked his head bowed, he never look her in the eye unless commanded to. "Get word to the master of the house that I have arrived, I don't care how.. Just don't be obnoxious." He nodded and took a step back, waiting to be dismissed. "Now." She added leaning against a railing and observing the room, her back to the only wall that didn't have a door or window. She had learned that it was never a bad idea to be a little paranoid, better that than dead.

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Kenner laid in his bed ready to enjoy the rest of his rest, Peeshka too was just as willing as she began to scoot her body along the sheets. Despite still being in her suit she straddled the master and sat on his waist for several moments before laying down on his chest..~I wonder.. will any of them make it?~
Kenner grins as she tucks her head around onto his shoulder and begins to croon softly, he reaches up and takes hold of her back and props her up to look into the eyes of her mask. "You know very well that is not up to us, but for them to decide."

She tilts her head to the side but still giggles with the touch of his hands and she reaches up to take hold of the buckles on the front of her red leather outfit. Each clasp is undone slowly as she starts to sway in small motions while Kenner lowers his own hands. The woman gets half way down the front buckles until she stops and begins to groan as if disappointing. Kenner stares for a moment and then ask.. "What are they doing know?" his own voice rings out with its own tone of annoyance.

Pesshka's head perks to one side and she moves from that towards the other speaking..~They are doing fine but your little furry girl is getting riled up about something. It seems she changed..~ Kenner sits up slightly and hugs his arms around Pesshka while bringing his face against her breast and lays it there. "Well at least I no longer have to wait.." He begins to nuzzle against her as well and she takes he's shoulders to stop him which makes him give a puzzled look.

Pesshka looks down on Kenner and speak with a rather audible tone of disappointment.. ~The guards are checking in.. you have a Mistress Holmes looking for you, well not her, her slave asked a guard of your whereabouts. That and a man who claims to be a prince is at the gates, he is requesting entry and an audience with you.~
Kenner looks off for a moment and realizes the company after a moments thought.."Ah yes.. Teagen Holmes and Prince Kaede.. have the guards lead them to the master hall and I will be there shortly, also have them return Miss Teagen's slave as well and you should go check on the new additions." Peeshka nods and clasp her buckles back on her chest before leaning off Kenner, but instead of falling onto the floor off the bed she fades into the marble without making contact. Not bothered by this happening Kenner stands and redresses in his robe before heading down out of the stairs and out of his penthouse.

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#, as written by Tonks
Naamah The Fallen

The angel nodded showing her appreciation for his understanding. Will you fight them when they try to train you? she asked with a small whimper, hoping that he wouldn't fight too hard. They might end up killing him, she'd seen it in the past, when she was brave enough to look in on the slaves of past. She also knew that if she could make him useful through her, they might have a decent future. Two warriors such as themselves could be useful and deadly as a team. Her wings twitched and she moved uneasily, showing him her discomfort with him fighting at this time.

Teagan Holmes

Smiling Teagan walked in to the masters hall, noticing her slave was already standing out of the way like he was trained to. "Well done Nelix, I won't have any more need for you tonight. You may leave." He bowed and exited the room. Glancing around he room Teagan decided to sit comfortably on a couch, her skirt tightening around her hips in a visually pleasing way. There was so much here that she was uncomfortable with, the skirt for one thing, but it was what she needed to do in order for her to keep her house hold in good shape and her self sane.

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The storm raging outside was a tall tale that escape would have been somewhat possible had she not been graced with the golden rings about her wrists prior to arrival. The guards seemed to know about her kind and took precautions after her first attack and now she could only cause the bare minimum of damage to someone now which usually was a bit of frost bite. She was taken inside with the others and already the sprinkle of water that flaked her hair was already frosting. She was damp and her outfit was beginning to cling, she made attempts to keep it from doing so but to no avail. As she was taken inside with the others and the light played over everyone once they were inside and she saw the different species and types she'd been grouped with. Her eyes fell to Pesshka and she tilted her head eyeing the attire the woman wore, but as she knew others would find the voice that came from the creature was inhuman and made her skin crawl. Kenner began examining each slave before her, they each still on their knees were examined one by one.
Narcissa's attention was drawn to Kenner as he briefly but swiftly began greeting each slave, one by one he addressed them, assessed them and then color collared them. When it was her turn she'd had her eyes cast down but feeling Kenner's fingers lacing their way into her hair to brush it away from her face she slowly lifted thick black lashes to briefly gaze at him, her eyes were a soft lavender in color as they were shadowed once more by the heavy lashes.
But the feel of his hands grasping and lifting her wrists had her tensing a little, her eyes focusing upon the golden rings that adorned her wrists and kept her from using the full potential of her powers. A sliver of pain trailed it's way up the middle of her spine as Kenner suddenly grabbed her about the waist with both hands and her eyes shifted from the lavender to an icy blue that seemed to illuminate as her lashes rose and she again gazed upon him. Kenner must have seen the affect he caused because he remarked upon it, and at the mention of her being deceptive she nearly smirked at him as he stepped away and declared her a black collar, releasing her waist and leaving her standing there a moment.

Her eyes shifted back to the soft lavender and she mused on what preparations he spoke of would need to be made to her cell. The mere thought of being in one had her nerves on end, but she'd fought once and the result was the golden rings about her wrists. She'd play nice for now, coy even if it drew her closer to freedom. Her attention was drawn back to Kenner as he introduced his what appeared to be second in command, Pesshka. The woman was in charge of making sure they were taken care of, nobody liked a poorly treated slave and so the task had been handed to her, one in which it seemed he enjoyed.
When the order was given to take them to their accommodations the guards ushered them all to their feet, Narcissa followed suit as they are led through the halls of Raven Loft she let her eyes roam over the walls, hearing the voices she grew slightly concerned and then it shifted to curiosity as to what was making to sounds.
She would have asked what was making the sounds or who the voices belonged to but the time wasn't now, instead she followed the others until they arrived in a very large room with parallel cells each square seemed fitting for 4 individuals, but they were separated by bars so each slave would have their own cell within the larger cell. When Pesshka spoke she listened as she remarked they'd stay together as long as required and then began ordering which cell each slave was to be put into. Once she was shoved into her cell Narcissa saw she was next to Alice as well as Bloodsong and hope and across from the others. The guards left the room with three stationed at the entrance.

Pesshka remained behind only to turn and comment how she suggested they not cry, that she hated it then as if in a way to be mocking said goodnight and sweet dreams. When the lights dimmed Narcissa stepped away from the bars as Pesshka vanished through the entrance way and sought her bed, her eyes roaming over the meager accommodations only suitable for slaves and her lip curled slightly. Sitting down upon the bed she sighed heavily at the reactions of the others, they were more pent up then she so she understood their fur being on ends and the like.
She was unhappy about their plight as well, but being verbal at this moment would do no good, so she remained silent, calm and only hoped tomorrow put her on a path to freedom. She touched the bars on the bed frame and it chilled slightly as a sheet of frost formed over the sheets, she slowly sank back placing her head on the pillow and reveled in the small peace the chill gave her.

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Kenner made his way down the stair towards the master hall and he could already see mistress Holmes sitting herself on one of the far couches. He had only met her several times before, but not enough to get a good feeling for the woman. Once again it most likely centered around the fact that her slave was a Neko who was rather timid and he still did not really trust anyone who would have that kind of slave. But in his line of work there are always preferences for such things and of course that was his own.

He decided to actually tie the midsection of his robe as to keep from misrepresenting himself.

His feet padded down on the marble of the floor and he looked out towards Teagen and gave her a slight bow.. "Mistress Holmes it is a pleasure to see you.. no matter the time of day. Might I ask what brings you here?" He ended his bow and strutted up closer to Teagen's person.
He looked also from side to side trying to see if the prince was in as well, apparently the guards have yet to spread the word.

* * * *

The cells were lightly buzzing with the different sounds the slaves made together, Nix was busy being rebellious in her confines while the others had managed to begin to converse with one another.
However the lights began to slowly heighten in their intensity and while the light they generated did not match with what they produced earlier, they still cascaded enough light to show the cells contents. Then with correlation with the lights Pesshka dropped in from the ceiling, the tiles overhead slightly distorting to let her pass and then reshaping after. Her body touching down on the floor just as softly as a feather would and with one assertion of her stature she stands and looks back into the cells.

Everyone seems to be doing what is expected of them at this point, however there are some tears being shed from the two human slaves that were brought in. Peeshka steps between the two sets of cells and stares with her black doll mask, moving her vision around from face to face.
She did however find the one that interested her and approached, the fallen angel Naamah was actually a valid target for her as she approached and noticed she was attempting to communicate with the wild one Bloodsong. He heels made a clicking noise as she approached she stepped with one last stride next to the cell and peered in at Naamah.

~Ahh.. making friends already I see, strange I thought such a benevolent creature such as yourself would help the two weeping in their fear and loneliness.~ She held her face close on the bars and kept her direction closely situated towards Naamah's form. However for Naamah she could see something under the mask, the two eyes were like empty voids save for a sharp pin prick of light that stared back out from each socket.

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Two New Arrivals

The morning had just begun for some as the waves of morning light tried to break through the remaining storm clouds overhead and while it was to no avail the land below had grown quiet. While the last few days have been treated to grizzly acts from the weather of late it is now that the light is winning and the wind was dying.
The form loaded into a pared carriage were being made to move towards the hall of Raven Loft, while the weather had lessened it still left its mark after all the days of rain and wind. Tree's bent towards the ground and mud caked against the wheels of the carriage made going through the normal routes uneasy. So it was that this transport made its way through higher roads to avoid such waste.

It appears that the carriage making its way up the road towards Raven Loft was lost in the storm and now it was finally on its right track towards the building. When the transport finally stopped the body within was being examined by the guards and two were taken off when they saw the one inside. A large reptilian body was stored in the main cage and while her hands were bound behind her, the tail end of her large body was tucked against itself and clasped together with large irons to keep her from bringing her tail to full length.
One of the guards who just stood there in his leathers and steel helmet, scratched his neck with a thought of what to do with the late arrivals. He didn't recall if he should hold her there for the master to arrive or bring her into the main hall.

It was then that he buckled and decided to have her unloaded and brought into the main hall as was the custom for all new arrivals, however he was not sure how Kenner would react to such a later addition.

The rather thin Naga was lifted from her cage and made to slide lazyly on the floor as her tail could not unwind the whole length. The guards however did not want her to try anything so they kept in step with her as the first lead her into the hall and there was Kenner speaking with Mistress Taegen.
He could see them from the corner of his eye and turned to look at the young Naga, he gave her a slight smile from over his lips as they approached.

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#, as written by Tonks
Naamah The Fallen

Naamah glanced up at the woman, she couldn't feel anything coming off of her, which her eyes seemed to reaffirm. "As your master so kindly pointed out to me." The ex angel stood and carfully unfurled her wings, not in the least bit scared of her. "I am no longer an angel, and I don't have to follow their ways." Naamah smirked, her pain and inner turmoil urging her on. "You know what they do to those like me before they cast us out?" She asked her voice deathly calm. "They torture us with methods you humans wished they could use. One bout would work so well on the mind of a humanoid that the intended taget would do anything you asked."

She took a step closer to the bars, her fear finally mastered. "And if we live through that and still rebel, they cast us out. Ripping our wings, our souls, away from us and throw us out of heaven." She placed her hands on the bars, her voice growing stronger. The angel and warrior slipping through and showing what she was and could be. "From thousands of miles above the earth we fall. Feeling every burn, cut, buise and eventual impact, but we cannot die." She laughed bitterly. "It's a bit poetic honestly, the one person who truly wants to die with every fiber of their being, can't. So do what you will to me, I can take anything you do to me and bounce right back, although I guess I'm kind of selling myself by now.. Aren't I?"

Teagen Holmes

Teagen smiled sitting up properly to look the master over. "Well, I've heard that you've gotten in a new shipment.." The woman intentionally left out her contact, there wash no use in bringing people in to this that didn't need to be. "And I'd love to take a look at the stock, I'm always searching for the next useful being." She played idly, though not unintentionally tells were dangerous for someone like her to have, with the locket her husband had given to her. The round silver necklace bore the crest of the family she was now the head of. Teagen wouldn't tell a soul, but it was quite valuable to her. And she would do anything to keep it safe.

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The guards take his sword and daggers, patting him down and checking his bag to make sure that he wasn't hiding anything. "Sorry. Orders!" one of them ordering the others says to Kaede. His words do not sound apologetic, they seem more mechanical, as if he is used to say it and just reflexively utters the words no matter the station of the person receiving their attention.
Kaede says nothing to any of the men until they open his pack, "Be careful with that." he warns, "That bottle and those robes you could never afford even if you worked for a hundred years." Kaede's manner is less friendly, more abrasive than he earlier. He stares coldly at these men; he doesn't know them, they don't work for them, but they guard a slaver's den. No, not a den, a palace from the looks of the place. He wonders how many people it takes to run a place like this and figures his army would be about half of what is at his father's castle, which is a number he can't count, but it's still large. He watches each man trying to get a feel for what they're probably like. His gaze is broken when they finish searching his bag and carefully put everything back inside.
"Thank you, good sir." Kaede says smiling. He hadn't expected them to be so careful returning his things. Normally ordinary men stationed in the cold and miserable setting like this are rude and ill-mannered, men who have no respect for the property of others. These men are different, careful and respectful. "Their Master must be an exceptional human being." he thinks to himself. "A man of some sophistication. Even if he is a slaver."

Kaede is lead by a group of four guards into the manor. Kaede stands for a brief moment staring in awe at the inside of the estate. "Amazing!" he exhales. "This is grander than I could have ever imagined." It's not finer than his family's castle, nor is it a rival for the Emperor's palaces. But theirs have been centuries in the making and they have respectable occupations. This man is , for many, a necessary evil. Yet, he lives grandly.
"I will need an ante chamber to change my clothes. I cannot greet your Master looking like this." he says to the guards, more as an order, than a request. They point to a room to the side and he slips out of his riding clothes and armor and into a white robe with a light blue covering for his chest that is embroidered with purple and red stitching. He puts on a pair of white indoor sandals and then fixes his hair, tightening the pony tail to make it look neater and more presentable.

After he is properly fitted, the guards lead him to the master hall and Master Kenner. He looks in at both of them and takes a deep breath, "I should have had a swig of this before I got here." he mutters.

Kaede enters and eyes the pair in the room. The man is taller and seemingly older than him and shares the same color eyes, though nothing else. While Kaede's eyes seem out of place for his features, this man's eyes fit him well, make him seem even more special than his frame does. His manner seems confident, but his air is pleasant. "Given the amount of money I've already given him, I'd have expected him to drool on my shoes." Kaede reflects, "This is a good sign." Kaede pauses once more looking him over, "He has an odd mix or both regal bearing and common. Good."
The woman, like the man is older, and her bearing is more common than the man's. Her face, though attractive, has some weathering that suggests a rougher existence than most people of means. "She definitely commands the attention of everyone in any room." Kaede imagines that at a party she would either be surrounded by most people in the room or be the focus of conversation.
That they're probably both older than he is disappointing, but not surprising. Kenner has built this place up and unless he inherited the fortress and slave pens, it would take even the most resourceful man a few years to build this and the reputation he has. Most women he's found that buy slaves are usually a little older because the got there money when their father or husband died. How these two got their money is not important, what is important is that, they are older and he must be polite, defer to them in this conversation, not just for business reasons, but because he would shame himself, his name, his mother, uncles and cousins if he were disrespectful to people older than he.

Either one of them could be Kenner, but since it's Master Kenner and not Mistress, it's an easy conclusion to draw. Kaede approaches and bows to Master Kenner, "Sir. I am Prince Kaede Akamori, second son of King Haru, ruler of one of the wealthiest and most powerful lands in the Emperor's realm. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I have enjoyed our correspondances." Kaede rises, "I have brought this as a gift to you, sir. It's a bottle of rice wine from my family lands. It is very rare, expensive and delicious. I hope that our business here will be fruitful for both of us.Thank you for inviting me to your amazing and wondrous estate." Kaede says as politely and reverently as possible. In his lands, when one meets a person of high station for the first time being polite to the point of annoying is a requisite.

Kaede then turns to the lady, slightly blushing as if he were a schoolboy that forgot to do his homework. He bows to her, "M'lady. Please forgive me. Had I known a woman of your station and beauty would be on hand as well, I would have brought something rare and exotic as a gift. I do humbly apologize and hope that you have taken no offense." He then straightens himself awaiting their greeting

The setting changes from the-land-of-thaiden to Raven Loft


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#, as written by Sinkai
Syntira prepared her bags, dumping medallions of various colors and sizes into the hide satchel. She decided to bring quite the sum of money with her-she couldn't bear the thought of not bringing enough for her tastes. Syn had waited a long time before deciding to venture to the Raven Loft, and she wouldn't dare arrive empty handed. Aside from her wealth, Syn decided to bring along a leather bound journal. To the peering eye it may seem invaluable; some pages appear tattered and yellowed while the bindings threatened to release all of the pages at any moment. This was an angle that Syntira played however: she wouldn't have anyone taking her journal from her. In it she kept all records of her encounters with other species. She scribed information that she had read, as well as her own observations. In all of her research however, she hadn't had much interactions with half-breeds, such as Nekos. Being able to personally completely transform from two separate appearances, Syn was intrigued by the half-breeds. Which side would be more prevalent? Does it depend on the case? Or perhaps, the training? Syntira needed to know. The thought of interacting with such a breed intrigued her as well. She imagined holding a smaller one, scratching behind its ears as she cooed words of affection to it. Yes, Nekos were a predominant reason of why she had to attend the Raven Loft, but not the only reason.

Tying a huge red leather strap around the bags, she added two more smaller bags to the mix. Ones contents were all leather as well; different cuffs adorned with jewels and personalized etchings. A few were left blank however, but the materials she would need to make them ornate were in the bag as well. The other contained her clothing-a minor inconvenience with her transformation. Nodding to herself, she closed her eyes and shifted into her winged beast form. Emerald eyes with golden crowns peered through crimson scales that shimmered in the abundant light atop of the mountain. Syn stretched her wings, bellowing to announce her departure to the skies. Grasping the red leather tie, she pushed off of the cliff with incredible force. She was shot high into the air, keeping her wings close to her body. Only once she had begun to fall again did she open her wings, sighing momentarily with content due to the wind beneath her. Opening her eyes again, Syn focused towards the ground, unable to see it above the clouds. She pushed downward, expertly diving through the skies, piercing the air with her slim, aerodynamic form. Within no time she could see the Raven Loft, it was difficult to miss. Syntira circled once-to the dismay of a few guards-before landing about the entrance, careful to not damage the stone with her weight. Sitting back on her haunches, she covered herself with her wings, shifting behind them. It wasn't a beautiful transformation, one could describe it as demonic. Bones cracked and pushed at her skin, thus her choice to hide that monstrosity from the guards. Plus, she needed to put her clothes back on. After dressing, and when only the wings remained of her previous form, she moved them behind her, folding them against her body. This is where Mistress Syntira put on her long black and gold coat, tailored specifically to accommodate room for her wings. Only after this process did she look up to the guards, some of which staring at her in disbelief.

"Would you like me to paint you a picture?" She teased, giggling behind her hand with a wink. A bit taller in her boots, she approached the men, her attitude becoming instantly flirtatious. "Now which of you strong, handsome men are going to lead me to my pets?" Syn smiled, though it may have looked devious with her emerald eyes peering over them with slitted pupils. Inhaling the air, her smile twisted into a smirk. "I know they're in there..." She cooed, before gasping at herself. "My sincerest apologies, boys. I am Mistress Syntira. I believe your Lord should be aware of my impending arrival. Well, here I am." One of the men nodded, and went to alert Master Kenner. The Dragonkin's smirk remained on her face, one hand on her hip and the other dragging the bags behind her. This should be fun...

The setting changes from raven-loft to The land of Thaiden

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Kenner gave Teagen a warm greeting as well as he could and then it was that he saw Kaede from the edge of the hall coming towards them. The man was quite younger then he thought, but then again Kenner has had dealings with his house in the past and with his predecessors so with all the times everything must change.
The young prince was eloquent as his father and maybe more so, but his honeyed words towards Teagan showed he was just as much a womanizer as his grandfather. Kenner chuckled behind his teeth for a moment and gave the prince a quick bow as was his custom for royalty. Though miss Teagen was one of his best clients he was not going to betray his own set workings. The prince finishes approaching the two and stands before them to present himself.

This was a rather opportune time for them to arrive seeing as they would be able to get situated into their own quarters before noon and that would allow them to get fully settled.

"Well Prince Kaede it is good to see that you are doing well and may I extend a full welcome from Raven Loft" He gives a quick motion towards Mistress Taegan. "This is Mistress Taegan Holmes, she is one of the other masters that will be spending her time here to acquire a slave for herself." He looks out towards the opening from where Kaede came and speaks lightly.
Strange I was expecting another this day, maybe she isn't as early" His eyes catch a view that is not quite in his liking, several guards are hoisting a slave along the way in the corridor and then in a moment the slave tries to break free. Kenner can see from there that she is a Naga of a much different breed then he's seen before. Kenner restrains himself from running out to see what the guards are doing and turns to face the two masters.
"It appears that duty has begun calling so early in the day, so I ask that you let this guard.." which is when he snaps and finger and one of the stairway guards quickly trots out to stand at his side. "Pan here will lead you both up to your rooms on the penthouse ring and both of you can take which fits your needs and I trust both of you will be satisfied with the choices" Kenner takes another slight bow toward the two and steps away being as calm as he can with a wicked look in his eye. It isn't until bot Kaede and Taegan have disappeared up the stairs that he breaks his stride and breaches the hallway to see the guards crowded around the Naga trying to coax her up off the floor.

Kenner slides up behind them and he swats one on the side of the head slightly to get his attention, the guard turns around with a rather pissed look in his eye until he see's that it is in fact Kenner that did the act. There was a look in his face that meant he almost soiled himself at the revelation and with that all the guards straightened up in attention in front of Kenner effectively dropping the Naga.
"Anything I should know because I don't think you can slide this one under the rug like a dropped pork chop." He barely raises his voice at the men, but still the portrayal that he is angered at them is enough to make them more then a little nervous. He kneels at the naga on the floor, her heavy but thin form wheezing and drawing breath with an almost pained expression. Kenner snaps the pin connecting her wrist irons with his hands and lifts her up, he dirty body transferring the contents of her cage onto the front of his robes and stomach.

"With how well I pay you to do your job, I would expect you to know the difference between hot and cold blooded." He carries her closer to the brazier at the end of the hall and lays her down only a few feet from the flames before turning towards the same guard from before.."Bring some towels to dry her off and get someone from the kitchen.." He turns her head to look into her eyes and places his hands along her neck and rubs down towards her stomach "Tell them to bring chicken broth, enough for six me." The guard gives a dazed stare for a moment before Kenne stares he down again. "I don't recall stuttering" The guard nods before running off with another in tow as to finish the work faster.

As if on cue for more trouble a guard came sauntering down the hall from the front gate and approached Kenner.. "Apologies on interrupting you sir, but Mistress Syntira has arrived and she says your expecting her" Kenner almost sighs with frustration, but at this point he was rather expecting this to happen. It only takes him a moment before he decides what to do as he looks back at the guard.
"Go and escort Miss Syntia to the upper ring and let he choose a penthouse.. oh and make sure to tell her that I apologize for not being able to meet her under these circumstances. Just make sure to inform her as well as Prince Kaede and Mistress Teagen that I would like to invite them to mid day meal in the dinning hall and make sure to have the guards collect them when the time comes." Not needing to be retold the guard understands his orders and gives a hearty clack of his heels before running off towards the front gate.

He looks down at the Naga in his hands and see's that her eyes are still rather lucid for the time being, he gives her a slight rub on the side of the cheek and gains eye contact with her. "So.. do you even have a name? Can you even speak?"

* * * *

Pesshka slightly gets agitated with whats transpiring in the cells, the angel is growing a mouth on her and the werehyena has begun to grow on Pesshka's nerves. The repeated slamming of her large form into the bars resounded throughout the entirety of the room. Pesshka only took several glances at the two before he could also see that the wolf hybrid was beginning to act up as well. Snarling and cutting his eyes towards her, this did not entirely bother Peeshka seeing as she had been the target of such things before. But it was the Angel that got such a atitude that really did it.

Pesshka looked at the three in her view and stepped back from Naamah's cell placing her hand upon her mask while speaking.. ~Let me teach you something my little fallen bird..~ She then gave a small twist and her mask popped of with a click of small hinges and she lowered that hand revealing that there was nothing being the mask. Just a pitch black surface that did not even bare the form of a face.
Then with a quick motion Peeshka lurched forward pointing her face towards the floor letting out a thick wave of black fluid. The oozing mass began to creep along the floors of the entire ward and crawled with a life of its own towards the reaches of the room. As the liquid entered Namaah's, Nix's and Bloodsong's cells as a mass of limbs jutted out from within, the three were quickly pinned to the ceiling of their separate cages as the forms of people began to arise out of the ooze as well. Faces and other limbs were starting to make appearances in front of the slave, each bearing gnashing teeth and lapping tongues with voices following shortly behind.

One form that broke through was rather feminine in shape and prodded outwards in front of Namaah. It bore a woman's face but also bore vastly skeletal features as it spoke with the torrent of voices. ~It is far easier to fall from heaven then it is to claw your way up from hell.. so do not speak to me of turmoil." the face gave a sickly smile then ~But it is good that you have kept your pride.. you will need that strength in the days to come.~ and then strangely all of the hands release and the three are dropped against the floor as all the dark ooze is pulled violently back across the floor and up into the vessel from which it came. Moving so much mass that the head and neck of Pesshka's body was distorted to let the fluid back in.

With the mass back inside and the voices silenced she twisted her neck slightly, letting a small pop of bone out before she replaces her mask and then begins to skip off around the cells and out the door.

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Kenner holds the young Naga's hand as she reaches for him and he realizes that she must not be completely aware of her situation or her surroundings. He can hear her mention something under her breath or it was just the fact that she was so weak that she could not muster the strength to really act on her whim.
She asked him if he knew her name, he could not answer her too well seeing as she was rather still weak for her state and he decided to take her up in his arms again. Kenner turned towards the last two remaining guards and speaks with his authority.. "I want you to go get the others that were going to get the food and tell them to bring it to the cells.. now" He does his best to balance her form in his arms, he makes his way with the Naga held fast against his body. A dull knocking sound resounding in the back of his ears.. "Get that.." He said as he passed by another guard.

Peeshka passes him and see's the load he carries..~Well.. I see the holders were neglectful to this one..should I..~ He does not give her the option to ask her question before he gives her an assertive shake of his head. The act does not harm her feelings but it does take her back a moment when she see's how he is treating the slave.

Within short order he was walking into the holding area with his new acquisition in hand, the other slaves were slightly riled from earlier. However Kenner did not have any idea of what Pesshka had done or what had transpired between her and the other slaves. Kenner looks at the cells and tries to decided where to put the Naga, even though a new cell would need to be made for her convenience. She needed warmth and space and the cell would have to keep her from getting out so it was that Kenner decided to make the alterations himself.

Kenner lays the young girl on the cobblestone floor off from the center of the room.

While he moves away from her Kenner makes sure to rest her arms on her side and turns to leave her for just a moment. While he is not one to really get so attached to a slave like this, it is a rather strong feeling for him when a slave is mistreated as such and it was that thought that drove him to carry her like this.
Kenner takes a knee near the center of the room and set both hands palm to palm in front of his chest, he breath slightly and as if responding the air in the room becomes still with his motionless state. For a moment Kenner looks over towards the slaves and glances back between the three sets of cages before moving again.

He presses his hands against the floor and in an instant the room is filled with a warm sensation and a low glow of light escaping from the floor. The light began to move away and take shape from the cobblestone as it reshaped and moved, splitting and widening on its edges growing ever wider. Eventually the glowing subsided and now in the center of the area stood a single cell with bars of its own.
The cell was however different from the rest with crossbars going around it making narrow squares instead of the regular vertical bars. The inside is devoid of much that the others have save for a elevated circular black stone.

Kenner grabs a section of the bars and gives a hearty pull which makes the section pop free on a hinge like a normal door. He returns to the Naga's side and gathers her up once again, carrying her inside and placing her on the stone slab which to her surprise is heated. He situates her as well as he can, finally removing the iron clasp that binds the two sections of her tail. Three guards arrive not long after he had stood to look her over, each bearing two bowls of broth like he instructed. They lay the bowls in front of her and are beginning to vacate from the cage when Kenner speaks.. "I see you handling another slave like this and I'll send you all below." The guards give a grim look and a small look of panic comes across their faces as they salute and return to leaving.

He places a hand on his head, not really knowing what to do if the rest of the day continues like this.

* * * *

The guard opened the door and looked to see Mistress Eavia.
He gave a quick bow of his head and proclaimed.. "I must apologize my lady but Master Kenner is rather indisposed at the moment." He looked towards Kenners direction heading into the holding area and decides to act as best he can.

"May I ask for you to wait in the main hall, he should be just a few minutes."
It was then that he saw Pesshka still standing at the end of the stairs with her hand on her waist looking towards the holding area as well. She seemed to be waiting for something as well and only held her hand on the side of her mask adjusting it slightly from earlier.

The guard rather wherry of his options trots up next to her and gets her attention.."Miss Pesshka.. This woman has just arrived, I believe she is one of the new masters."
Pesshka looks over his shoulder as see's Mistress Eavia staring back through the door and recognizes her from the information that Kenner had received prior.

~Ah yes, Mistress Eavia.. come in please..~
She says with a beckoning wave of her hand.

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#, as written by Sinkai
"A Penthouse?" Syn stood baffled for a few moments. She hadn't planned on staying at the Raven Loft, but she wouldn't dare be rude enough to deny his generous offer. "Can't I see the little darlings first? What if they have a favorite color? I might have to accommodate their tastes in my decision." The soldiers seemed to be just as stubborn as she, but she could tell they were acting more on fear than simple respect of their Lord. Inhaling slowly, Syntira crossed her arms. One of her eyebrows raised, and the slits in her eyes seemed to thin. "I assure you, whatever Penthouse I am left with will be fine. I am not very picky when it comes to my housing. Trust me, my kind live in caves."

"I am sorry, Miss, but we have our orders." One of the bolder guards spoke up. Sighing, Syn decided that it was best to not cause trouble just upon her arrival. "Fine... Take me to the rooms. I assure you, we'll be back down here in a few moments." The Dragonkin was lead down a narrow corridor then up a few flights of stairs. When she reached the floor that held the penthouses, a smile immediately spread over her face. "My my... Your Lord certainly knows how to treat customers." She cooed, running her fingers along one of the wall decorations.

"He will be pleased to hear that, Mistress. Master Kenner took careful preparations to ensure the happiness and comfort of all those staying with us. Now, how about this room?" Syntira was ushered into a room and her jaw dropped. Floral decorations hung everywhere; ranging in color from fuchsias and lavenders to roses and violets. It was... Not her type.

"This room won't do. It's too... Human." Syn shook her head and made a "shooing" gesture with her arms. The man looked at her confused for a moment, before clearing his throat and piping up. "Right, Dragonkin. Being a Master and having interacted with many species, Master Kenner has rooms for peop-... For your kind." The Dragonkin flashed him a wicked smile, and he turned swiftly and led her down the lobby-looking room. Another door opened and her smile instantly widened. Black silk adorned the gorgeous king bed with silver lining. Black and silver seemed to be the theme of the room, along with the choice fabric of silk. She walked through the room, running her fingers along the furniture happily. About 10 feet from the foot of her bed stood a fireplace-something very important for a reptilian species like herself. The room was perfect.

"Miss, we have also been instructed to tell you of a mid-day lunch with the Master. We will inform you of when you are to come dow-"
"Downstairs? I'm planning on making a trip there already. I told you I wanted to see the little beasties Master Kenner has, and trust me, if I miss out on them because of you sweeping me around this place no one will be happy." Her face fell for a few moments after the last words, staring into the guard's eyes. Just before the man finally breathed again, she smiled and cocked her head to the side. "Now, make sure that fire is running and we'll be alright. Well, shall we?"

Led by a few soldiers, Syntira hurried down the stairs that the Prince had just wandered up. They passed briefly, just enough for Syn to make eye contact with both Kaede and Teagen before continuing with determination. The guards exchanged wary looks before leading her down the hallway towards the room containing the prized merchandise, just as Eavia had stepped out.

"Master Kenner?" She called into the room. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything-" Syntria stopped when her eyes fell upon a small boy towards the back of the room. He had white ears with a matching white tail, and her eyes didn't move from his figure. He was the first Neko she had seen this close, and she was immediately drawn to him. She smiled warmly, not knowing if the boy was watching her or not. Next her eyes scanned and locked on the next Neko she saw, a canine-like boy with a red stripe across his face. He was growling in the corner, and she was concerned of what had upset him so. Scenting the air, Syntira's attention turned again. A... Hyena? Such a thing of beauty... The Dragonkin thought to herself. She wanted to get a closer look at all the species, but her attention was immediately drawn to the Nekos and the Werehyena.

"I'm sorry Lord Kenner, she insisted. We will take her back if that is what you-" The man was silenced by a harsh reptilian glare shot at the man. A couple moments passed before she relaxed her gaze.
"Master Kenner, may I have a closer look? " Only then did the Mistress turn to the newly identified Master Kenner, noticing him walking away from a beautiful Naga. She smiled, Dragonkin and Nagas were close species. She couldn't wait to communicate with her later. Noticing the Lord's head in his hand, she swiftly traveled across the room, laying a comforting arm on his shoulder.

"Master Kenner, is everything alright?"

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Kenner had been tried for the whole beginning of the day, first he is frustrated with not knowing most of the type of slaves he was handed. Then he has his time with Pesshka cut drastically short not to mention that the registered Masters slated for arrival showed earlier then anticipated.
Then to top it all off he has come into ownership of a severely mistreated Naga, one of the rarest kinds of slaves he has come across aside from Namaah in the last three hundred years and to top that the guards were neglectful as well towards her which impacted his idea of his own workforce.

The approach of the new mistress was not on his mind as Kenner stood there with his hand on his forehead, he could feel the stress building in the back of his eyes. More so then it has in many years and that is saying much for someone of his stature.
The sound of Syntira's heels on the cobblestone flooring made a light ringing sound that lightly echoed throughout the holding area. But still Kenner was oblivious to what was happening behind him and even more so to the woman now within arms reach of him.

But that does not stop her from speaking to him..

"Master Kenner, is everything alright?"

As he hand made contact with his shoulder, the tip of her fingers were fortunate enough to touch bare flesh and that got quite a response from him. Kenner's stance straightens in a snap and the air around him is abruptly pushed away as the back of his robe bulges horribly. So much flesh is misplaced that the obstruction juts outwards towards the mistress and begins to rip slightly flaying fabric in short twisted directions.
He slowly begins to turn his head to face her and removes his hand, his eyes have now become two solid red orbs which share a heavy contrast with his light skin. Looking Mistress Synthira over for a quick moment his eyes bare the look of an animal all their own.

Kenner slowly begins to turn his gaze away and sinks his shoulders, he cannot afford to lose his nerve so easily and this thought pulls him back into the safe haven of his mind. He takes a deep breath and rolls his shoulders, doing so makes the bulge reseed disappearing into his back and as he turns to look at her again the red is vanishing from his eyes.."Mistress Syntira.. It is a honer to have one of your heritage among this house.." Kenner has plastered his best smile on his face and is doing his best to maintain his composure for her convenience.

He leans over a little and looks past her shoulder to see the Guard has dropped down on one knee, which is what they are trained to do in case such an occurrence happens. Kenner clicks his teeth at the young guard which quickly gets his attention.. "Leave.. Us.." The guard stands fast and snaps his heels before running off out the archway, to which Kenner looks back at Syntira.. "Well.. how was your trip?"

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Nix grumbled, she had laid down on the bed, still feral and kept a close eye on who entered and who left. And then some woman entered and she snarled lowly. She bared her teeth in the progress and narrowed her eyes, suspicious about the woman, and she had noticed Kenner too. No, not master Kenner, just Kenner. Nix laughed and walked before the bars, first to the right, then back to the left, and she repeated it again. She continued doing this for a while and growled at the frustration of being locked up in a cage. She was free! No one had the right to lock her up!

Nix went to the back of her cage, ran forward, and forced her side into the bars. She knew this probably had no effect, but she would try and try until she or the bars would break. Either way, she would get out, no matter what. And she would kill Kenner, and anyone that stood in her way too.

The white feral hyena snarled and laughed as she pushed her side in the bars again, focused on one main thing, to kill Kenner, like she had killed other masters before. She snarled as she for a third time forced her side into the bars and locked her jaws around one, then released it after a few chews.

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#, as written by PixieCP
Sometimes, people claimed Naga had a sixth sense. This was not in anyway true except for the very few and far between who legitimately possessed that gift. Instead, they were hyper aware to small changes in their surroundings. The ambient temperature, the vibrations of the ground, the hum of somebody's breath through their body and the faintest traces of perfume and pheromones. When a Naga was alert or suspicious, it was nearly impossible to sneak up on them. And so it was that Nitha realised the sudden change in air possibly before anybody else realised something was happening. Nitha immediately froze, flattening herself against her warmer, stilling in her drinking with a mouthful still on her tongue.

She wasn't stupid. This creature had already carried her with little concern for her weight, only her mass. He was strong, and she was a runt for her kind. She might be bigger than him now, but it looked like he could easily change that. So Nitha didn't try to be strong, or big, or brave. Instead she threw out every bit of Naga body language to say 'don't mind me, just ignore me, I'm small, I'm hiding, you're bigger and badder, I'm not worth bothering with.' If he looked at her she'd close her eyes to reinforce the message.

That was certainly not his mate of any description. She'd yet to see anything react that way to something. However after a moment the overwhelming presence in the air faded and Nitha swallowed her mouthful, continuing with her steady eating although keeping her flattened posture. The beast that had been so loud finally became a registered presence in Nitha's mind as it flung itself with ungodly noise against the bars of its cage. Nitha jumped and scowled as a bit of broth spilled out of her bowl and on to her hand. At any other time she would have licked it off, but her hands were filthy. She turned her head to look over her right shoulder, staring at the thing that was insisting on throwing itself against the bars again and again. Nitha blinked and one thought crossed her mind. Stupid. In fact, not just stupid, but Stupid. It seemed to think that its flesh would somehow win out against the metal, and Nitha couldn't see a single shred of hope for that. It was also being obscenely noisy and Nitha suddenly hoped that either it or she would move. However, she couldn't see much sense of her being moved if the strange/kind one had made this cell precisely for her. She twisted her head around, keeping her non-threatening posture. Nope. Nowhere was there an arrangement quite like hers. So she'd just have to hope the animal would be removed, since it made absolutely no sense that it would be in here with what she assumed were other self aware creatures. She was filled with the sudden, uncharacteristic desire to give the damn thing a full body hug and see if it would have a nice long nap while its blood and air flow recovered. Instead, Nitha adjusted her coils, the tip of her tail curling over the top of her head to cover her ears while she polished off her third bowl and started on the fourth. It didn't do much for the vibrations, but it did do wonders for the snarling.

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#, as written by Sinkai
Syntria had to admit, she was caught off guard when Master Kenner's shoulder contorted towards her fingers. Instead of withdrawing her hand however, she was transfixed with interest, curiosity, and a hint of fear; she was unable to move. His crimson eyes met her emerald ones, paralyzing her further. They took in her form, seemingly with raw beast ferocity. Having studied many species, Syntira knew how to keep her composure when in the midst of the most horrifying displays. Plus, she found them ridiculously interesting.
Blood red eyes, contortions due to a.. Transformation? This man is proving to be more cryptic than I had imagined... Only after Kenner recomposed himself did Syn finally blink. Her hand left his shoulder as he rolled them backwards, and when she opened her eyes her face twisted into an equally convincing smile. The Mistress' gaze did not leave Kenner's face as he sent the guard off. Her only indication of his movements were the sounds of his rustling clothing, steps, and his heavy breathing as he scampered off. It was all she needed to properly assess what had just occurred, however. She wondered briefly how humans managed with such a primitive hearing ability. Bringing her thoughts back to the Lord, she realized that he had asked her a question.

"Hm..?" She cooed, her head tilting slightly to the side. Syn quickly realized what he had said, and nodded once. "How flattering. I didn't think many-" She swiftly rethought the use of the word human, and continued her sentence without noticeable delay, "people associated with my kind, let alone thought highly of them. The Dragonkin I grew up with seem to be at ease being raised and dying around only their own kind." She dismissed the memory. "It's lovely to hear such kind words from such a highly esteemed man such as yourself. Thank you. " Syntira bowed her head respectively, lowering her gaze before returning it back to him. "My trip was shorter than I had expected, so I apologize for being even but a few minutes early. I suppose I flew just a bit faster with excitement. Though I've been around this trade my entire life, I have yet to ever purchase a companion of my own." Turning her body moderately towards the slaves, her smile faded into a thinner line, reflecting upon the intensity of her observation.

"Two questions, Master Kenner. One; may I have a closer look? And two: how would you prefer I refer to you as?" Throughout the entire conversation her tone had remained cool, and steadily paced. Only now did she raise an eyebrow, smirking at a devious thought in her head. It disappeared just as quickly as it appeared, and her gaze fixed on his face.

Master Kenner, there are many questions I still have about you. What are you? I need to consult my journal.. I must have seen something like this before. I've become so well rehearsed in so many species.. How could this one have eluded me? Perhaps I don't know of his kind... But how? Either way, I will find out. This shan't be over anytime soon, Master Kenner. I have been taught to be respectful, and I know it is not proper to ask such personal questions after being so generously invited into your home. I suppose I'll have to find another way to answer my questions. Trust me, I will.

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Master Kenner had taken his time to introduce himself to Syntira finally, he had only read some details about her personally however he did know much about her kind. Dragons are still considered one of the most ancient and widespread races thanks to the actions of benevolent gods in dark ages of mans history.
He cast an eye over her body to take in who he was dealing with and it was easy to tell that she was masking her form with this lithe frame and beautiful face. It was then that he recalled only seeing one other of her kind pass through these walls, but that time belonged to his predecessor and he was merely content to watch at that time.

He ran a hand over the sleeve of his left shoulder to draw the torn fabric back up.. "I do suppose a closer look would be fine.. these were just acquired late in the midnight hours, some have been well taken care of while the others have seen neglect in their short time as slaves." He motions towards the Naga in her cage as she seems now content to sit upon her heated rock and slurp her food down hungrily.

"As for me Mistress Syntira you can just call me Kenner, everyone else does and I haven't minded it in the last seventy years. Kenner looked about the room to get a good look at how the other slaves were settling, he could still feel the tension in the air with them being in this place. The though was coming to his mind that perhaps having them so isolated from one another was not having the right effect. There was a time when three would be to a cage and that would allow for some interaction with the others, but he was thinking on doing something completely different.

But that would have to be for a later time.
Kenner turned his head as he heard another set of footsteps enter the room and his eyes locked on Pesshka lightly leaned against the archway of the door. She was waiting on him to finish his conversation with Syntira he figured, looking back at the woman in front of him who as he turned to see had a wash of thought on her face. He gave her a smirk as he knew that her attention was on him at the moment and he could not fault her for that.

"There will be a time for everything Mistress Syntira, but for now I suggest we get ready to enjoy the rest of the day. I am certain you were already situated within your quarters and by now the mid day bell should be getting ready to ring. So might I suggest you follow me and Pesshka into the dinning hall while everyone gets fed here and we can discuss how things work in Raven Loft with the others."

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#, as written by Sinkai
Syntira followed his gaze to the woman leaning on the door frame, and her curiosity was sparked even more. My my my... What do we have here? A doll's face? Interesting choice... The Dragonkin had to hold back a shiver, there was something definitely off about this one. What she was? -Perhaps even more of a mystery than Kenner's case. A red suit? How peculiar. It fits her well, however. The buckles are interesting. I suppose that... Her eyes flashed between Pesshka and Kenner. Definitely. So Kenner's into suits? Dearest Kenner, you are becoming more and more intriguing..

"There will be a time for everything Mistress Syntira, but for now I suggest we get ready to enjoy the rest of the day. I am certain you were already situated within your quarters and by now the mid day bell should be getting ready to ring. So might I suggest you follow me and Pesshka into the dinning hall while everyone gets fed hear and we can discuss how things work in Raven Loft."

"Certainly, Kenner. I would not wish to delve off of your expectations. You know my kind, and you know we are taught to be represent ourselves and other Dragons to our utmost ability. Thus, I require no formality when you are referring to me. Syntira is fine, though I respond to Syn as well. If it pleases you to remain formal however, I will not complain." She flashed a respectful smile before following behind him. So her name is Pesshka... Syn took in Kenner's form briefly as he was turning back to Pesshka. His midsection was exposed, as well as his chest. She was unsure if she had caught him unprepared, or if he enjoyed the casual wear. After looking him over, her eyes followed up the crimson suit to Pesshka's... 'face'. She could be looking anywhere, is she looking at me? If so... My apologies, Pesshka. Syn did her best to force her coming smirk into submission.

Following Kenner, Syntira tore her eyes off of the doll face to observe what was to come.

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Hearing voices gradually coming closer, Eavia stood up when two people came into the room.
She immediately recognised Kenner but the other creature, she was a dragonkin. But that was all she knew.
"Good day Master Kenner." She says graciously and then turns to the woman, "Hello, I am Mistress Eavia. But you can just call me Eavia if you please." She greeted the lady, noticing she wasn't a slave - by her attire and how well-spoken she was - and therefore allowed her to just call her by her given name.

The woman (Syntira) was most dazzling. Her fiery hair was unmissable and you could tell she wasn't human just by taking one glance.
Averting her gaze as to not make the dragonkin uncomfortable she looks from the floor and then to Pesshka, who was now standing in the corner watching Kenner with, what's that?

Oh, She thought She's Kenner's. Well, this is most interesting.

"I was wondering," She started, turning her gaze back to Kenner "Do you know when we can survey the slaves?"
She flicks a piece of soft white hair over her shoulder.