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I just want to go home

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, as played by mkiyogawa


Name: Miyako
Age: 15
Gender: F
Classification: Slave
Race: Human
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 98 pounds
Skin Color: Asian Tan
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Collar: Blue, Orange

Personality: Miyako has always been a shy girl. In her community, girls were raised to be shy and outgoing girls were mocked as being boyish. She was always taught to be reverent and obedient, especially to elders and authority. In all social situations with older people she will stand or sit quietly, never speaking unless she's told it's okay. She is creative, she likes to draw, write and dance. It's through her creativity that she is able to be outgoing.
Likes: Bright colors, drawing, writing and dancing. She likes cats and other small animals (she's a vegetarian). She likes laying in the sun and watching the clouds. She likes collecting shiny, colorful stones.
Dislikes: Being dirty (people in her village bathed daily), Being yelled at (being hit is worse), The dark, Dogs

History: From a small village at the base of the mountains, Miyako lived with her family in a small, remote, conservative community. She wasn't happy, but she wasn't sad either. The community never valued girls, they were a minus when they married (dowry). She didn't go to school, education was for boys not for girls who were going to marry and raise children. Rubies were discovered in the village and when word got out their community was invaded. Most of her village was wiped out, though a few escaped, including her, she was captured several days later and sold to slavers

Former Masters/Training: None

So begins...

Miyako's Story

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It begins
Raven Loft: Master Hall

The land of Thaiden has been in a elemental turmoil for the last six days and it can be guessed that such will remain for longer still. Winds bite at exposed flesh while the rain cuts like a blade in the open air. Lightning scythes through the sky and cracks against the earth in an act of grand furry, turning land into a smoldering pit, trees into burning splinters, and sand into glass. Everyone hides themselves from this hell on the landscape as they huddle together in their homes and shut themselves away in the cities.

But the house of Raven Loft stands strong.
The guards watch their patrols and the fires burn to light the way for all on foot in this storm, as armored bodies waltz in tune with one another to keep the sanctity of this place in check. However on the horizon the sight of lights approach, it is the wagons carrying their load of flesh and spirit to the destination of this revered hall and their load heavy this night.

Though the night is dark with a moonless sky none can falsely tell that they do not see life in these covered cages. The chiming tune of shackles rattling together with the sway of the horses gate, make many of the wagon drivers easy in the storm. For they know that when their destination is reached then a night of rest and pay are well in hand, while some who gleam into the cages look forward to much different delights

The time of the transaction is short and practiced, many bodies and lives are ushered out of their containers and into the open air of the storm before being marched into Raven Loft. Though some fight and struggle with their bindings a strike from the rod and the reassurance of special irons make all their efforts for naught.
Master Kenner in all of his regal attire stands with his cohort Pesshka in attendance, they both glare at the new flesh being walked in out of the storm and cast strange glances as the different forms pass by.

Kenner shines a large smile as the different tones of fur and flesh parade towards him and are lined up before his steps like a sideshow of bondage. His eyes see much too his liking as he notices more then the usual amount of rare product on display. He walks slowly towards the group as they are each brought to their knees by the guards in attendance. Though the treatment itself is not harsh, the guards know that damage goods are worth far less and do not wish to inquire either Kenner's or Pesska's wrath.
But he still smiles as he runs a hand over his exposed midsection, his wardrobe is relaxed as much as one could get but the very air about him is off and sickening slightly. Pesshka on the other hand has a rather perplexing outfit on for most of the slaves and new guards to see. Her entire body is covered in a crimson red body suit that appears to have no real opening save for section of heavy buckles. He face however is covered with a singular mask that is slate white and is painted to look like a child's doll. Rose red cheeks and heavy eyelashes, the very look of such a person in her position is rather disturbing in of itself.

She walks behind Kenner as he looks from one slave to another, calling out their name as he checks each one and lightly touches their bodies as if a salesman inspecting a product. As she speaks her voice is found to be the most disturbing aspect of her, more so then a match for her appearance.
When she speaks it sounds as if that instead of speaking for herself, a mouth full of disembodied voices speak for her. Ranging from the seductive voice of a temptress to the innocence of a lost child.

Kenner looks at the young man and smiles, even in such a vulnerable state he can see defiance in the little beast eye, More so then enough that he had to me muzzled prior to arriving. He runs a hand over the mans head stringing his fingers through his hair and keeping the smile bright. He feels around his shoulders and arms to gauge his physical strength as well to which he just grabs the Bloodsong by the chin and looks him in the eyes.."All this will change.. soon, mark him black" he says before walking by.

For this one Kenner has an unusual chirp of glee in his eyes, kneeling as he gets on her level and eyes her body over. He runs her hair over her ear and gets strangely close too her face before speaking.."Its been sometime since your kind have graced these halls." He brings his head beside hers lightly brushing her ear with his lips "Another one who could not do their job." That moment caused an involuntary pulse to come through her and his hands received it easily, making his smile brighten. "Pink & red.. we will see just how much she has left in her" Kenner then steps away.

Kenner cocks his head on its side when he looks at this little slave, her expression shows an amount of fear and suspense and then he can already tell what kind of place she came from. He goes to one knee and looks her over, the dried tears on her face ever distinguishable from the rain and light bruising shows she was in harmful care before coming to his hands. He runs a hand lightly up her stomach and over the her chest in no way on par for discomfort. He takes both her hands in his and looks at them.. "Hmm your rather young.. don't worry child, we don't do things like that here." He runs her hand across his cheek and slyly smiles.."Ahh, well trained hands.. Orange for her." Pesshka checks the list as he stands and walks on.

The creature before Kenner does not throw him off, he has seen a few Sergals pass through Raven Loft before but not many like this one. She was still almost face to face with him despite being on her knees and eager to see what kind she was he started to look and inspect, running his fingers through her mane slowly. To his surprise she leaned into his touch and he could tell that she was obviously misplaced from her original owner. But their loss is his gain either way, the look in her eyes showed a honed intelligence from already living among a well kept house. He looks back at her and grins"Aren't you a sweetheart.. but still your tameness is desirable, white shale do for you... maybe you will have a rather grand future." He steps away from the Sergal and moves towards the next.

~Aurora Rose~
Kenner looks down at the mashed amount of dreads in his vision, not even being able to see the slaves face without kneeling himself to look below her hair. One look however was enough to tell that she was rather temperamental about her position. She peered out through anger lit eyes and huffed in contempt through her nose, after which Kenner noticed the large iron ring around her neck. "Well.. have some brimstone in our blood do we."
He chuckles as he looks her over and runs a finger across the bottom of her chin, which in itself causes a heavy tense sensation coursing through her. He keeps his face lightly blank as he marks her.. "Red.. & black, she will be somewhat of a trouble in the future." He flips some of her locks off of her face and turns towards the next slave.

~Nix Nir~
He turns toward Pesshka after speaking the name from the list and looks back towards Nir with a surprised expression...My.. my you are far from home, aside from our little winged friend over there who might I add is not even from this plane. You got the others beat for distance." That is when he notices her irons, they bear sigils and a large silver inlay as he eyes them over. He leans in and puts his nose on her head and gives a deep breath of inhalation and pulls away with an exited sigh.."No not wolf.. or bear.. how perplexing, I'll have to see you for myself when the time comes." He brushes her long hair away from her neck and see's that she already bears a collar. Two halves Red and Black are both on the article and he laughs for a moment. "Well.. someones stubborn, but I guess your mine now" He takes one more sniff of her hair as he walks away.

Kenner looks over the little Neko before him, even though he has been locked in a cage for several days now and going through all this he looks up and Kenner with a strange sense of admiration in his eyes. Kenner can already tell that this boy, being at his age was sent away for extra training and that slightly pissed him off. "You know I dislike breeders, they think they can train them well but instead they make for poor company when it comes down to it." He gives the little Neko a scratch behind the ear and sees that he likes it.. "However he is in good shape and at least he has basic.. if not minor training already imprinted. Pink with a small mark of black, just to be sure." He steps away from the Neko finally.

The little girl lightly trembled at Kenner's feet, either by the cold or out of of the sensation of fear one could not tell. He looked her over and once again ran his hand up her stomach and chest lightly, he lifter her gaze to meet his and spoke.. "I see.. your even younger and lost, while that is I assure you quite sad the truth is now what it is. This is your fate, embrace it." He watched as her eyes danced to avoid his and then moved down onto her shoulders and hands. He picked one hand and began to run her fingers through with his.."Someone knows how to use a brush it seems.. Blue & Orange she has a future yet." He stands and moves on.

Off from the start Kenner could tell that this one was special, what little water that was left in her hair from the rain had lightly frosted over and began to flake off as he brushed her locks towards the side. She flashes him a bat of her eyelashes as he does this and he smiles in return. Going further he raises both her arms and can see the golden bracelets under her other bindings. "So.. an elemental, that should make you rather interesting in the long run." As if to test her resolve he grips her around the waist lightly with his hands and the reaction is only small look from her, not much different then before. However Kenner can tell the difference.. "Oh and you a deceptive one aren't you? Black.. preparations will need to be made for her cell." Kenner moves away from her then and proceeds.

~Kit Kuchini~
"Oh another, how quaint." Even though his words were not sarcastic there was a tone of jackass behind his teeth. He was not fond of Nekos himself, most people who required such a pet usually had something sick wrong with them. Then he looked back at Pesshka and remembered what he did in her training.. "Good times.. now about you" the young Neko was showing signs of wear and mistreatment, but despite this he did responded well to being touched in the right places. So the best part was that his spirit was not broken and he still had a chance to find a real master that was perfect for him. "I guess blue shall be alright for you.. for now"

Kenner stepped back placing himself at Pesshka's side and looked down at her chart before looking back up.

"Welcome to Raven Loft.. if you have not heard of this place then don't worry I don't give history lessons. Your life is now in my hands and I am Kenner your head master. All of your training comes through me and all of the trainers within Raven Loft answer to none other then me." He begins to walk back pacing himself in front of them.

"I understand this can be new and rather daunting at the moment, but give it time for the feeling will pass and with the passing of that comes acceptance. However if you insist on resisting whatever means we have to better you lives then I can assure you that your time here will become rather unpleasant. My head caretaker Pesshka will be in charge of your housing and care, if there is anything about your living conditions you require then by all means ask them of her. However I suggest you do not abuse her.. (hehe) good nature." The laugh was slightly snuffed out but the unease could not be broken with Pesshka staring with her expressionless mask over his shoulder.

Kenner strikes a rather serious face as he steps back and heads up the stairs.."Do not fight against your training.. do as your told and we shall all enjoy the days to come." Kenner walks up the stairs with his robe swaying behind him and then Pesshka steps into view.
~Its time to see your accommodations.. now.~
The guards ussher the new slaves up onto their feet and begin to lead them into the halls of Raven Loft, the ears of each are accosted by the sounds of other within the vast hall. Voices and sounds of more then a tempting nature can be heard, while other sounds are sweet and soft. Music that mixes within the vast archways can be heard coming from all around and as that sound grows dim the slaves are lead into a large housing room with parallel cells.

The cells sit in groups of four that are close, but not within arms reach of one another. It appears that all of the slaves will be set into the same area and that is when Pesshka speaks again.. ~Commom practice is you came here together so you stay together for as longs as required.~
The contents of the cells however are unique, they each hold a bed and table, a chair and even a slide in the back corner that maintains at least some privacy. The quarters here for slaves are meant for those with at least a sense of manners and Pesshka looks the group over as she pairs up cells for them. Her only concern is with the Sergal Alice, she may have some kind of prior training but Pesshka will still assign a guard to move her for 'walking' privileges.

*the orders go as such*
Four cells set almost corner to corner and each cluster is in sight of each other, each being a ten by ten cell for singular use. Each slave has a bed, table, chair, cup & mug, bathing pale(large thin steel bowl) and lightly concealed restroom. The rotation of the cells and contents can change with an order from Pesshka.

*placement is as such*

Bloodsong - Hope <--> Naamah - Miyako

Narcissa - Alice <--> Nix Nir - Aurora Rose
Alistair - Kit Kuchini

The guards leave out of the the room while three maintain their station at the entrance and Pesshka begins to follow them out. She turns and looks at the new slaves situated in their cells and speak..~If I might suggest.. no crying, I hate crying.~ She perks up for a moment before raising and hand and pressing her fingers together.
~Now good night and sleep dreams, we have a long day tomorrow.~ With that she snaps her fingers and somehow by cue the lights in the room begin to die slowly and dim the room to a more soothing tone.

The night is still young and our slaves are at rest for once in a long time, the shackles have been removed for freedom of movement and muzzles set aside. They have personal space too themselves now and even company that keeps no matter what one says. Hopefully the night will end with everyone still alive and well.

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Miyako slid deeper into the side of the cage, the fear of her bonds and the unknown that awaited her drowned out by the frightening sounds of thunder and the lightning that seemed so close. With every bolt she counted, hoping that the number would get higher each time, but it didn't. Sometimes the count would be four seconds, sometimes eight seconds, sometime more. The fear grew in her body from the thought that she may never make it to her destination, that she may be killed by a stray bolt.
It seemed like so long ago that her village was attacked, she had hidden for several days in a the fields, hoping that the men would go away. What she didn't understand was the men were not thieves, or a barbarian tribe attacking to get what they could and leave. The men were there to stay. When she finally came out from the fields to forage for food, she was spotted by a young boy who pointed her out to his father and she was grabbed. "I hate that boy." she says almost everyday. "I wish he were dead!" Instead of killing her like they had most of her village, the men saw her as a way to make more money and she was sold to slavers.

Miyako slid her legs tighter against her small body. She is fifteen years old, but she looks younger. "I just want out of here." she whimpers quietly. She sits shivering in her chains, the booms of thunder frightening her waiting for them to reach wherever.

The wagon stopped and she was dragged from the the wagon and set on her knees. Miyako sat with her head down afraid to look up and see what might be there, who might be there. She could hear him call out names like ~Bloodsong~ and ~Naamah~ and ~Hope~, but after every name his voice got lower, not softer, but lower and more menacing. Whoever was speaking, she was already scared of him.

"~Miyako~" the voice called. Miyako jumped just abit, her body shook more - it was her turn. The man touched her stomach and rode hisfinger to her chest and then lifted her face upward. His eyes looked so hard, so cruel, she tried to look everywhere but at him.
"I see.. your even younger and lost, while that is I assure you quite sad the truth is now what it is. This is your fate, embrace it." He napped. He ran his fingers on her hands, probed her fingers with his, "Someone knows how to use a brush it seems.. Blue & Orange she has a future yet." He said coldly then moved on.

As scared as she had been the whole way, she was terrified now. She struggled not to cry, but it was hard. Tears built up in her eyes, some falling on the ground. Before she was afraid of what was going to happen, this was worse, much worse than what she thought it would be.

Miyako never looked up the whole time, not when he finished his speech, not when his assistant spoke, not when they put her in a cell. She couldn't look, it would be too real, too scary. When they unchained her in her cell she just stood there, not moving. The woman told them not to cry, but she had too, she was too scared and it all seemed to hopeless. So, she quietly cried, her tears falling from her face.

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The soft rumble of a purr erupted from Kit's throat, the result of the man who had been glancing over him just moments before. Kit was a sucker for attention.

He was afraid, yes, but then Kit was afraid of his own shadow. Quite literally. There were often times in which Kit had near on jumped out of his skin at his shadow surprising him, the way it crept up on him like that. He knew others laughed at him for his cowardice, but Kit preferred to see it as caution. Yes, he was just being cautious.

The cell he had been taken too was pretty nice. It covered all of his basic needs and in comparison to some of the conditions he had been kept in prior to this, it was pretty luxurious. It certainly was better then being chained to a concrete floor without food or water for days on end with lacerations due to cruel restraints and unattended injuries. He considered moving himself onto the bed, getting comfortable, but decided instead to rotate himself around the edges of his cell so he could get a good look at what was going on. He needed to orient himself and there was just so much going on!

His eyes went wide with shock as he took note of some of the other creatures sharing this place with him. However, it was a growling wolf-like being that frightened him far into the corner of his cell, as far away from the other one's space as possible. He brought his knees up to his chest and hissed, his tail flicking. That thing would rip him to pieces if it got near him! He'd only been here a short moment and already he felt like his life was in jeopardy! He really didn't like dogs.

His cat ears perked as he was distracted by the soft sound of weeping. "Hello? Are you okay?" he said softly, though he couldn't see the person who was crying. He meowed again softly and walked towards the side of his cell closest to the sobbing sound, trying not to notice the wolf creature again. He purred and nuzzled at the barrier of his cell, doting affection upon it simply because he could not play kitty to the upset person.

He wouldn't cry. Not yet. Things weren't too bad, so far, other than that scary dog thing. He'd seen far worse in his short life and showed gratitude every day for being rescued from that horrific man from his past... the one who left his mark forever on Kit's body, as well as psychological and emotional scarring. As long as he wasn't being tortured, Kit thought he could keep relatively quiet and follow orders.

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Miyako stood, almost motionless, the tears dropping slowly from her eyes. She thought back to the destruction of her village, the death of so many good people. She never understood how she escaped, why the gods had blessed her by sparing her the sword or ax. But now, now she is sure it wasn't a blessing, it was a curse. The Gods had damned her to this wretched existence, to be a slave.

She listened to the voices and sounds around her, her nose twitched and her face crawled from the smells. She was frightened by the creature in another cage that had snarled so fiercely and the other creature in hers that had made such a racket, that was promising she would never be tamed, that she would kill the man that held her here. She was afraid that creature would practice on her and right now, she half-hoped that the girl would.
She tried to tell herself that it wasn't real, she had an accident and was injured, delirious, but it didn't work. This place was real and no amount of wishing was going to change that. She stood staring at the ground, giving up any hope that she'd ever be free again, much less go home.

Then she heard a voice she was sure was talking to her. It sounded gentle and concerned, "Hello? Are you okay?"
Miyako stood trying to decide how to respond, she wanted to nod her head, she wanted to say, "I'm fine." She wanted to be like the girl in the cage with her, defiant and brave, but it wasn't in her. Both from nature and nurture, she was a passive girl, an obedient girl, not a fighter, not someone who could menace people or animals. She just wanted everyone and everything to be happy.

Then, she not only shook her head, but she shook her whole body, no. She wasn't alright, she wasn't even sort of maybe, okay, she was terrible. She made several feeble whines, but nothing else. Then she dropped on the ground, pulled her legs into her chest and began sobbing, because it was the only thing she could think to do.

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Kit could barely make out the figure of the girl he had spoken to. She appeared to be human and very young, even younger then him. Surely she did not deserve to be here. Did any of them? Maybe the wolf-thing did... You couldn't trust to give dogs freedom, right? Then again, some of the other sights and sounds he was witnessing didn't sound as if they were coming from tame beings... He shivered, his eyes wide in his skull now, enraptured by the fear of being devoured.

He couldn't make out all of the other beings in the cells around him... some were blocked from vision and others just too far. He thought he saw the small human girl shaking in a negative answer to his question, but he definitely watched her crumple into a heap and begin sobbing, much louder then before, as if she suddenly no longer cared who heard her.

Kit meowed louder, wishing there weren't so much space between them. He didn't like seeing her upset. She was so small and didn't look like she could possibly hurt anyone. He wanted to nuzzle at her. Most humans seemed to like that, found it comforting. He would purr and nudge at her hands, get her to pet him, distract her from whatever sadness currently held her. This task, however, wasn't possible from the distance he was from her and this made him whine. The most he could do was attempt to verbally comfort her. "Meow? What's wrong? Why are you so sad?" he spoke to her, a slight whine accenting the end-trail of his words.

He understood it wasn't expected for anybody to be happy about being in this place. For one, it was scary... Another thing, it wasn't exactly freedom. Had she never had a Master before? Had she never seen the inside of a slave den? He hoped not, considering how young she was. He remembered how frightened he was when he was sold and she obviously wasn't here voluntarily.

He paced up and down the length of his cell, feeling utterly useless to assist. But then, Kit often did. He wasn't very good at most things... and the few things he was good at always seemed to be barred off from him, like in this instance.

His eyes fell upon the being closest to him in proximity; a fellow Neko. A comforting feeling overwhelmed him, something akin to relief. It had been a while since he had even seen one of his own for a while and he knew in most cases that Neko's were fairly docile... though you never could be too sure, especially not in places like this. He wished he had paid more attention to the color coding of the collars, maybe he'd better be able to figure out the other one's temperament.

He noticed the other glancing at him warily which made him giggle a little. Yes, Kit was really a threat. That would be about the only time that had ever happened to him in the whole history of his life.

"Listen" he spoke to the other Neko, suddenly remembering the predicament he had found himself in. "That one is upset". He nudged his head in the general direction of the crying female, though he doubted this Neko would even be willing, let alone able to help any more then he could.

In truth, Kit just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. The waiting to be bought was the worst part, all of the uncertainty. You didn't know who was going to buy you, who would be kind, who would be cruel, what they'd use you for. Yes, the waiting was hell.

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Miyako sat legs against her chest, head buried deep, crying. She had no idea what was going to happen next and that fear was the worst part of the whole thing. She thought of all the terrible things they might do; she might be beaten, sold to someone evil, even raped. These thoughts frightened her, but the thing that frightened her most was, "It could be worse than she could imagine." This place was much worse than she thought it would be. She was a girl from a small village, she hadn't ever been anywhere, so her knowledge of the world was very limited.

By now her crying had become bigger, she was coughing and sniffling, not just tears, but water from her nose was also running down her face, on her legs, her body. She wasn't sure when she would lose it.

From around her she heard an odd sounding voice, "Meow? What's wrong? Why are you so sad?" The voice seemed odd, the accent strange. She turned her head sideways a little to see who was there. In the dark she couldn't see much, She waited until a bit deciding what to say, not much intelligent came to her, "I don't wanna be here!" she whispered through her tears and coughing. She turned her head back and buried it deeper in her body, "I wish I was dead." she muttered.

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Kit admired the other Neko's optimism. He assumed that Neko had been living this kind of life for most of his life, maybe all of it. Nobody could be that optimistic about being in a slave den unless it was all they'd ever known, he thought. At least this other one seemed placid and nice enough to be around, which was a real relief.

As for the girl, Kit had to train his ears hard to determine what she had said about the tears erupting from her. He only just managed to capture the last words she had spoken and they made him whimper. "Don't talk like that", he said, raising his voice so she might hear him clearly through all the other noises erupting around them. Could she even see him? "You'll make me sad if you talk like that. You never know, maybe you'll be bought by someone really nice who'll give you treats and lots of pats and scratches behind the ear and..." he stopped himself, remembering she wasn't Neko. Besides, even if she were bought by someone as kind as that, the first experience was always going to be scary.

...And then there was the possibility that someone unkind would want her, someone vicious and cruel like Master Reuben... He shuddered at the thought of that happening to her, to anyone. He didn't want to think about the possibility of him being taken by somebody like that. He didn't think he could go through it again.

He missed Vanessa. He missed her soft hands and her gentle voice. He missed feeling safe and protected in her care, the way she brushed his hair, the way she always smelled like lavender. He wanted so badly to smell that scent, to feel at home, as if everything would be okay. He doubted his luck at finding a Master or Mistress as kind as her. She was the kind of person that came but once in a lifetime.

The only reason he wasn't still with her was that she had fallen remarkably ill. She could no longer take care of him. She hadn't even been conscious enough to make the decision of relinquishing her possession of Kit, but it had been decided on her behalf anyway. Even if she were to recover, it wouldn't be for a long time yet and she didn't have a lot of friends, no one to take care of Kit in her place... So here he was, silently damning the Gods that he should lose her and be back here again, with all sorts of dangers and unfortunate circumstances surrounding him.

"Listen" he spoke again to the girl. "The other Neko is right. Things will get better. You're just in shock, is all. Trust that things will be okay, and they will be. They have to be" he said with a slight purr. His words didn't seem to be doing much to help her, and really, what could he say? He wondered if she even knew what a Neko was. He certainly didn't know what half of the strange creatures surrounding him were...

He turned back to the other Neko. "Can you tell me what the colors mean, on the collars? You must know; you seem so comfortable here" he asked him. Having the necessary information was a good start to figuring out how to get by.

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Hope lifted her head as another girls sobs sounded through her cage.
She wiped at her tears once more and looked up, trying to find the source and praying she were human so she could at least communicate with her. The other girl in her cage, the angel seemed afraid of nothing and she admired her for that.
She hated herself for not having any guts and not being able to stand up for her self, she was even so pathetic and sickly that her father at sold her. Her Father.

She looked around to room but there was no human here - she must be in a different cage.
Hope sighed and carried on inspecting, avoiding eye contact with the one in the corner.
Being here was hell, yes but it could not be any worse than home, she reminded herself and scraped her soaked hair out of her eyes.
She needed to be strong, if not she feared she'd fall apart, such a sickly child she was.

Standing up she noticed a woman walk in with a black lace mask, Hope stepped back into the darkness praying she wouldn't talk to her. She remembered her as Master Kenner's second in command and took a deep breath.
What if she were here to kill her? She was too weak to fight and being ill as she was she'd just be loose end, of course she could play and paint but was that enough to keep her alive?

"Please let it." She whispered to no-one but herself.

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"The other Neko is right. Things will get better. You're just in shock, is all. Trust that things will be okay, and they will be. They have to be" the being in the other cage tries to assure and console her, but it wasn't helping. He is in a cage just like her and unless he is some powerful being that could see into the future, nothing he says means anything.
For Miyako this whole situation is beyond comprehension, "How can they be so, so unafraid?" she wonders about the others, "Why don't they seem scared?" She'd like to appear as brave as them, but it's no use. She's ignorant about the world and people she knows that now. Her mother was right, "The world outside our community is cold and unfeeling. Our village has problems, but the outside world is much worse."
From somewhere in the dark she hears clocking sounds. The sounds send shivers through her body that she can feel into her soul. The sound is evil. She doesn't know why she's so sure of that, but she is. She stops crying and pulls tighter into a ball, pulling her knees as close to her chest as she can, burying her chin into her knees, keeping her eyes and ears open for anything and everything. Then she hears a voice; confident, demanding, condescending and more. It's his assistant, the woman who told them not to cry.
~Let me teach you something my little fallen bird..~ Pesshika's voice threatens. Then everything grows silent for a few brief moments and then the loud, threatening girl laughs.
"I can't do this," she whimpers. "I want out. I wanna go home." Miyako rolls over on her side, silently twisting and playing with her hair, she just lays there. The last thing she said has made her situation only worse, she has reminded herself that she has no home to go to.

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Miyako lays on her bed listening to the sounds of the prison. She doesn't look up, not even when the big commotion is happening outside involving some new prisoner. Curiosity is inside her, but not enough that she's willing to check and see that things really are worse. Murmurs from around the cells are speaking of a snake creature that has been brought in. Instead of peaking her curiosity, it merely frightens her more. "They'll probably feed us to that thing." she worries. Miyako has fallen into a depressed, terror stricken state tat she doesn't seem to be able to climb out of.
As she lays there she hears scraping on the floor and she smells something, Food!" she sits up. She's hungry, but wary too. Each creature in the cells is given their own tray, even the loud, angry girl. Miyako picks up the tray and stares at the food. "Bread, soup, meat and fruit. It looks and smells good - too good. "They're probably trying to poison us." she says aloud setting it back on the floor.
"If it looks too good to be true, it is." Shaman Asako used to say. He was the one who opposed inviting the outsiders in and he was correct. "Better alive and hungry, than a stomach full and dead." she says. The girls is still making a racket. Going on about killing Kenner. It's upsetting Miyako, but she also wants the girl to succeed. She wants out of here - BADLY! If it means the death of Kenner, GOOD!
She lays listening to everyone and everything in the cell and can take it no more, "I hope you kill him." she yells and then goes back to her silence. She could never kill anyone, she's weak and timid. Besides, "Killing is the last resort of the hero and the first choice of a wretch." another Asako maxim.

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Miyako laid on her bed, the food sitting on the tray on the floor. She heard that awful clacking sound again. That meant that crazy woman was coming back, the one with the mask. Miyako's body froze in fear as the sound got closer, the noise frightened her, more so than anything else she has seen or heard that awful clacking on the stones. She puts her hands over her ears wishing it would go away.
"Eat!" a voice calls in an angry and commanding voice. At first she thought it was meant for her; she bends over and picks up her tray ready to eat it. But then she realizes that she isn't talking to her. Miyako carefully sets the tray down trying to be as quiet as possible, sliding it in the shadows. Then she rolls back on her bed and curls up in a ball hopeful the woman won't pay any attention to her.

"I should have shut-up earlier." she whispers to herself, "I never should have said I hope you do. That was stupid." Miyako looks around the cell to see if the woman is coming, "What if she knows. I need to be a better girl. I need to be more careful." she thinks to herself.

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While Kenner stands before the three masters in the dinning room he see's one of the woman from before return. It was Peng'E again and she was in somewhat of a hurry which was evident in the haste in her step. She came to her masters ear and spoke lightly as she informed him of what happened down stairs.
She spoke cleanly and clearly, but light enough to keep the information from all but Syntira's draconian ears.

He gave a slightly distasteful look of discomfort with each passing word and all he can hear is a term of internment that quickly needs to be repaid to someone. He gives Peng'E a slight pat on the side to interrupt her and slides his chair back under the edge of the table.
"Well.. it seems the day keeps getting better." He looks at Peng'E and leans into her ear with one clear whisper before looking back. "I must apologize but an issue has arisen down stairs.. I leave you all in her capable hands for the moment. When everyone is done, she will take you to the atrium for viewing of the new additions." With that Kenner made a bow and then a slightly hasted retreat from the room. It was easy to see that there was a part of him fuming under the collar even before he stepped out and now it was more evident then before as he jumped the banister.
That fall was short and he quickly regained his footing and moved down towards the main hall, only to see that Roldan had moved the young slave girl Genti into the main hall and two of the house maids had come to redress her in something more suitable.

He looked her over and turned his attention towards Roldan.."What of the men who brought her?.. are they waiting to get paid for such an intrusion." He spoke with a lightly burning haze in the back of his eyes.. "No.." Roldan answered "I paid them a small sum of silver and.. forced them on their way."

kenner gave a blank stare with a slight exaggeration to his expression.."Keep her here and get her fed as well.. do not remove the cuffs yet however." He turns on his heel and heads back up the stairs rather quickly "Because I feel we will be seeing them again.."

The march back up the stairs towards his quarters was fast and full of reason as he had a very plane method of doing things. The men who brought Genti to his walls were in blatant disregard of his house and required a lesson in etiquette. Once inside his room he made use of the privacy such a place affords, the back of his room had a small library in place but in there at the moment books were not his concern.
He stepped in the middle of the floor where a glyph sat on the floor, next to the glyph sat a table with a small crystal on a stand that he quickly took in hand and squeezed. The crystal began to glow faintly and pulse as he concentrated on one name that could fix his current dilemma.

"Daud.. I must speak with William.. it is a matter of some urgency."

* * * *

Peeshka looked at Bloodsong as he chowed away on his meal and she pulled her hand back to her sides after the bowl was taken. She was glad that he was more reasonable then most despite his appearance, which made her look back at Nix and remember the fact that she would be more of a hassle then she's worth.

She takes another look at the others in the cells and speak towards the entire group.. ~I suggest you all eat up.. we're all going outside pretty soon and that means your all going to need your strength.~
She stepped back outside of Bloodsongs cell passing through the bars as she did before and moved to lean on the far wall as if she were waiting for something to happen.

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~I suggest you all eat up.. we're all going outside pretty soon and that means your all going to need your strength.~ the woman commanded sounding like a threat. Her voice frightened Miyako and her comment about going outside and needing her strength sent her mind reeling as to what horrors that could be. She quickly reached under the bed and pulled the tray back out, sat up and set the tray on the bed and pushed the bread into her mouth.
She ate the bread quickly, deciding that it was unlikely she was being poisoned. If the food was poisoned someone would have been dead by now and, she thought, "Being poisoned is probably better than what they have planned for all of them."

Miyako sat on the bed listening to the sounds from around the room, who was eating, who wasn't, who was talking and what were they talking about. She didn't eat meat, so she passed on that. She took a bite out of the fruit and nodded, "It's pretty good." she had to admit.
She thought back on the day her village was attacked. They appeared just before dawn, all dressed in their best uniforms, a modern army. Gone were the leather padding, the heavy armor, instead they wore uniforms, all the same color, black boots, rode big white horses. They were friendly, talked to the village elders, told them about the wondrous changes, that our village was going to get a seat on the Emperor's Council. Our land has such riches on it that the Emperor himself would likely visit. She remembers the people crying when they heard the Emperor was coming. "I just want to see him." one old woman said. "The Emperor here? We will have to make sure the village is presentable." One of the village elders exclaimed.

We all had breakfast: rice, soup, cabbage, tomatoes, fish and meat.
"How come your not eating your pork young girl?" an officer asked. She remembers how handsome he was and so strong in his uniform. He looked like a great warrior, a hero of the people. His white uniform with red trim, his tall white hat with the feather, his sword and his pistol. She remembers being in awe of him and she didn't know what to say.
He picked her up and told her how pretty she was and that she could be his daughter anytime. Then he took out his pistol and shot one of the elders and then they all began shooting at her people.

Miyako doesn't remember much after that, just a lot of sounds, screaming, yelling, the smells of the powder and how they burned her nose with their aroma, but nothing visual. She doesn't even remember how she got away. How she ended up in the patty fields.
Miyako sat on the edge of her bed staring at the wall, seeing nothing but the images in her mind, hearing the sounds in her head as she relived that moment over-and-over, eating her fruit, her legs kicking back-and-forth on the bed.

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Kenner only had to wait for several moments after Daud received his words, the man that was once a slave in his care was looking as though he has been keeping himself busy. Either with his own endeavors or otherwise, he was rather persistent in that which he chose to follow and partake on.
Through the perception of the small stone the whole of reality disappeared to make the world seem narrow and it was in this small spot light of existence that he awaited the voice that came from the other side.

"Hey there Kenner, been too long. Daud tells me you got a little business for Ol' Mad Dog. That right?"

The friendly voice put a slight smile on Kenner's face as he could recall the first days that he could really count on someone outside of the walls of Raven Loft. At least someone who wasn't paid with fraudulent sums of money and their tongue wasn't held by other unfortunate measures. Kenner grit his teeth for a moment as he thought of what to say as the stress of the day had already started to get to him and it could be heard in his voice.

"Apologies for skipping the refreshing dialog William.. but I have a certain thing needing caking care of and you are one I know who can get results.." Kenner was unconsiously rolling the orb in his palm and looked back at his door "There are two men heading towards Dunwall, they are taking the main road and its two drivers in the carriage with an empty cage in the back. They have a small satchel of silver on them from Raven Loft and that shall half your compensation for now. I want those men alive when they get here.. what shape their in however is up to you."

He gave the ball another small roll before raising it higher.."Now if you exscuse me I have a new addition in my house that needs care.. but still I emphasize alive. We can catch up when you get here."
Kenner puts the crystal orb back down on the small table which resounds with a knock as he walks off.

He moves fast for his apparent pace and keeps his feet as steady as a man damned, his walk back down stairs towards the main hall is an amorous one as well. He fumes from the thought of someone disrespecting the house that he leads and only changes his tune when he gets back in view of the new girl.
He looks back up as Roldan steps forward as well and is letting the girl sit with her meal next to her.
The maids had already come and changed her cloths into some presentable linens, even though she still had some dirt on her face and hands she was for the better now at least.

He gaze meets his as he bends to a knee and begins to inspect her for a few moments, going through his routine with a new slave did do something to calm his mind. She was a rather pretty sort and when saw her bindings had the inscribing for its suppression against her kind he leaned in and held to her head. Drawing in a deep breath as he did with Nix and took in what she would most likely be.."Ahh.. a wolf.. and a pure breed at that." He takes a deep look back at her face and see's that she still burns with a wild nature inside of her even though she doesn't appear to have it in a outward form.

Kenner thought for a moment on how strange a coincidence this is seeing that he called William, he might take a liking to this one on sheer reference.

* * * *

Pesshka stood at the wall and watched the others eat and thought that it was good she didn't have to really force anyone's hand and in her mind was grateful for not having to do so at all. She did like her work and for what it was worth she really did enjoy being over them, if not but in a more aggressive support capacity. Nix and Bloodsong finally came to their senses as they began to eat the food given to them.
She however also noticed one of the other slaves, nestled in the corner of her cell eating and sitting quietly in some sort of cold contemplation. Peeshka could see the thoughts going to and fro on her face as her eyes did the same mismatched dance. She had not touched her meals full portions and that tipped her off on the facts that either she didn't like that type of food at all, or she was a vegetarian. She smirked even though you could not see the expression on her mask as she approached Miyako's cell.

~Deep in thought I see... tell me, what are you thinking off child?~
She was sincere in the question, having known many slaves before this one she could already guess at her story and piece together where she might have come from. Seeing out the corner of her vision she caught the werehyena Nix as well clasped on the edge of her bed and resting. She could almost feel the emotion glowing off the girl in bestial form.

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Miyako remained in her trance her feet kicking faster when she thought about what happened that day and the stupid boy who told on her. She isn't sure who she hates more, the men or the boy. She reached down for something else to eat but she had eaten everything she could eat. No matter, she didn't notice she was still in her own world trying to make sense of why she was here, why the Emperor would do this to her village.

Her thoughts are interrupted, ~Deep in thought I see... tell me, what are you thinking off child?~ Miyako jumped when the voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked around and was more surprised, and frightened at seeing the woman in the mask standing there. Miyako looked down, not wishing to upset the woman by staring at her. "Uhhhh..." Miyako thought about what to say. While she was scared, her first reaction was to be polite, something that had been taught to her by everyone in her village; the need to be polite to her elders.

Miyako's feet kicked faster as she thought about how to answer the woman. Finally she stood up, hands behind her back, her body swaying to-and-fro, still staring at the ground. "I was thinking... thinking... about my family." she said trying to get out the words without crying, her heart beating faster. "I was thinking about the men... the men who killed..." she stammered with so many thoughts of that day, tears welling up in her eyes. She shook her head really hard, her face turning red, the tears tossed into the air from her face, "I'm... I'm sorry. I... know you... you said not to... not to cry. I don't want you to be angry. I'm just... I'm not strong. Please don't be angry. I'll try harder."
Miyako then stopped shaking, waiting for the woman's judgment on her behavior. Though she was sure the woman would be angry or disgusted by her weakness.

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Master Kenner looked back at the young girl staring up into his eyes, she possessed a rather salted look about her and he could tell she was having a hard time dealing with him as well. It was a look of anger that he had seen many times before, being that she could not or did not want to come to grips with her current condition.

He mused a bit about how she stared at him.
He picked up the bowl of soup that she was trying to avoid and held it up to her as a sign of good will.. "Come on little one.. you need to eat, because how are you going to have the strength to take me down if that strength does not exist within you?" He was making fun of her expression towards him, but at the same time making sure that she would have the right of mind to actually eat the food and if not for common sense then her own health.

"And while we can talk.. I am Master Kenner?" He gives her an assured look as he slightly wiggles the bowl in front of her face. "And who might you be?"

* * * *

Peeshka looked into the cell at the little girl, Miyako was beginning to lose control of herself from the sheer thought of coming back to the memories of her home and the people who ensured her for this fate. As the girl cried and shook her head Peeshka squeezed through the bars as she did before and quickly took the girl in her arms.
The hold was not one of affection, pity, or even one of affirmation to her suffering. She grabbed the girl and slightly cupped her in the length of her arms, staring her deep into the eyes with the blank stare of her mask. Miyako can see directly into the pits of the eye sockets of the mask, with the two same pin pricks of white phosphorus light pointing back at her.

Slowly she began to pull Miyako closer and up towards her, Pesshka picked the girl up and held her aloft as if coddling a child. She ran her mask across the face of Miyako and brushed it back and forth slightly, Miyako all the while feeling a sickly cold air escaping from the edges of the mask where it meets the leather binding.
~Shhhh... I only dislike such things because tears are a waste.. If you be a good girl and do as your told, then everything will be all right.~ She withdrew her mask from Miyako's face and the tears of her sadness were now glistening off the white ivory surface of the doll face.

~But if you don't do as your told.. I will not be as forgiving.~ at that moment a long black gelatinous tongue worked its way out of the right eye socket and began to clean away the blemishing from Peeshka's mask. She finished by bringing the girl closer and wiping the edge of her cheek off as well before withdrawing the organ.
~The Master will care for you, look after your needs and even in time.. love you. But if you think I am a monster? Then he can show you so much more.~ Pesshka sets the girl back down on her bed and straightens her into a seated position before asking. ~Do we have an understanding?~

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Miyako stood readying herself for what the woman might say or do. Her eyes never left their depressed stare on the floor beneath her feet. It's why she was so shocked when she realized the woman was standing in front of her. She hadn't heard a door open, didn't hear her enter, nothing. She was just there and she was holding her in a hug.
The woman felt cold, the hug seemed out of place for what Miyako had been thinking of the woman earlier. Miyako, was needing of some interaction with another never thought of pulling away. It seemed 'nice' but she couldn't say why. Miyako just stood there in the woman's arms, no one had held her in so long, not since the village was wiped out by the men, had she been held by anyone.

Then the woman did something even more unusual, she lifted Miyako off the ground and ran her face along the shell of her mask. Miyako felt an icy chill on her face, as if the woman was not human, was from another world; an icy cold world where feelings like love and sympathy either didn't exist or were in short supply.
"~Shhhh... I only dislike such things because tears are a waste.. If you be a good girl and do as your told, then everything will be all right.~" the woman told her as she pulled her face from the mask. Miyako released a breathy smile, her tears less than before. She wasn't sure if she were imagining it or not, but the woman seemed almost nice. That thought confused her no end. "How could she seem so nice and so cold at the same time? Am I imagining it?" she wondered many other things, trying to understand the woman with the dark mask who was showing an actual interest in how she felt.

"~But if you don't do as your told.. I will not be as forgiving.~" the woman said as if to warn her not to be a bad girl. Miyako pulled back a bit and her eyes grew wide as the strange tongue oozed from her mouth and cleaned the mask of Miyako's tears. As the woman dried the tears from her face, Miyako felt an odd sense of relief, as if her world has just become better. Her fears of what might happen next were not as overwhelming as they had been two minutes ago when she stood there fighting back her tears, trying not to anger the woman. Her heart eased, the fear that had been ravaging her body, the depression were gone.

"~The Master will care for you, look after your needs and even in time.. love you. But if you think I am a monster? Then he can show you so much more.~" the woman said sitting Miyako back on her bed gently as if she doesn't want to injure her, "~Do we have an understanding?~"
Miyako looked up at the woman amazed by how nice she seemed; she didn't seem to be the awful, threatening woman with the clacking heels that scared her so. Miyako nodded to the woman and then remembering her manners, "Yes, Ma'am. I understand. I will be a good girl." she said softly, but with a confidence she hadn't had in a long time, nodding as she answered. "I promise I will." She said bowing in her seat to show the woman respect.
Miyako then stared at her for a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity, trying to understand her, trying to understand what just happened. "Does she feel pity for me?" she wondered silently. "Can she feel pity? Why is she so cold?" She struggled trying to decide whether should say any more. "Ummmm... I... well... I don't eat meat. I'm allergic to fish and I don't like meat. So, I can't eat it. I hope that's okay." she said feeling the need to explain why she hadn't touched part of the food so the woman wouldn't think she was being bad.
Miyako then returned to her thoughts, but they weren't of her family or the men, they were to the woman and what she said. Her demand was simple, "Be good!" That was something Miyako was very good at, something she learned from a young age. If that's all she had to do was to be good and obey then maybe she would be fine.

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With the greetings done between Mad Dog and Kenner it is taken upon the business men to converse more as they walk for a while through the master hall.
Kenner is starting to understand that this day must have been some sort of test to get under his skin, however Williams presence is making everything seem much better as the time drew on.. "I see Manhoon."
"If you are looking for some new.. blood as you so lovingly put it, I may be able to facilitate."
He beckoned Mad Dog on and offered the extension to Daud as well and so the men began to walk out of the hall. As they left the guards who escorted the two men down below returned and continued with their own duties of standing guard at the stairs.

As the moved on it was easy to tell for Mad Dog that most of Raven Loft's insides had been renovated since he left with Daud in his keeping. Marble lined most of the floor and high archways gave the halls a towering appearance. Seeing that it was only barely after mid day many of the houses patrons were moving about to get back and forth between their respective stations. The sounds of the whole body that was this place echoed on around them while their foot steps were easily drowned out by the rest of such immense movement.

Kenner kept speaking to enhance the conversation between him and Mad Dog. "I do have an idea of what you could be looking for.. someone well enough for your new enterprise. From what I hear that new club will be ready for full operation soon." He dipped his head slightly as several woman passed by in sundresses, each with an assertive bounce in their step and it could be seen why. A woman was walking behind them who cast assertion in her face and dominance in her stride. It was her that was driving the group on to whatever activity they intended to be at next.
She gave Kenner a firm but respectful nod as she passed him and his two friends.
With their passing Kenner continued.."As of now all of my new additions that are not taken.. are rather bare."

"I do however have some unique new treats for our trainers at least."

As they kept moving in their purpose the three passed into a large rotunda of passageways with several stairways leading down into and away from it. This was the causeway, and it was the only part of Raven Loft that truly remained untouched from the renovations. Peng'E was leading the other masters into the rotunda at the same time and she could see Kenner ahead of the group. With a slight pause in her step the group was halted before fully surpassing Kenner's, she gave a slightly bow towards the masters accompanying her before Kenner himself greeted them.. "Ah yes.. its good to see you all here now, that is fine now Peng'E you can head back to mistress Thresh now." The woman in white bows once again flashing a slight smile as she heads back up the stairs from where the group came.

Kenner beckoned them onward and lead them further eastward into the keep and as he lead them on the hall began to become wider and taller, with a great vast light pouring in from the exit ahead. Each step lead them closer and as they walked the sounds of nature could be heard coming through the opening as well.
When the group broke the threshold it became clear to them what the name atrium meant.
It was a vast opening within the bowels of Raven Loft it had the makings of a massive gladiatorial arena, but instead of sand within the base of this giant ring there was a field. Trees and tall grass and a sizable lake in the center and all that many creatures could wish for. Kenner walks the group out onto the balcony of a large slope overlooking the atrium and presents it to them all. "Welcome to the atrium, a crowning example of design if ever there was one. As you look around you there is nature for all to see and if you cast your eyes above even the sun itself is part of Raven Loft."

He was not off when he said this, for when an eye was cast upwards a circular inverted dome could be seen dominating the roof of the atrium. It shined with a deep warm light that gave life as easily as the sun itself would do in mid summer.
"For all those slaves who want to see the world as they left it and come back to nature, however it is still safe to let them roam free here. There is no chance of escape even for those with the power of flight."

* * * *

Peeshka looked back at Nix as a look passed on her face that the masked warden would not have thought possible for the shape shifter to show. She tilted her head to the side as guards with restraining implements arrived in droves, each one in full dress and waiting with baited breath for Pesshka's words.
She cast her gaze towards them and spoke.. ~Alright pair up and get to your appointed cells..~ She looked up to see that behind several of them men were two guards with Genti in arm, they did little to hamper her movement and instead lent an arm to help support her weight for her as they helped her walk. The men & woman got to work as Pesshka walked closer to see Genti for herself. Stopping only a few feet away she stared for a few seconds before slowly leaning in, her expressionless mask looking on and red leather bindings creaking as she inched forward. ~I see.. a new one comes again unscheduled.~
"The master also wants her moved into the atrium with the others.." The guard holding her bowl in his right hand spoke in order to clarify. Peeshka only returned a twitch of her head in his direction before looking back at Genti before nodding.

Everyone was thus gathered up from their cells.
Awoken from slumber or lead out from their positions, some had to be restrained in order to keep the guards peace of mind. The cause to being marked with a black collar saw many of those slaves being treated as such. However the guards were gentle as they could be and courteous in their work, the master would not want to see them damaged what he had just come into possession of within the last hours.
It was then that the group of slaves, was lead towards their destination of the atrium. However they did not share the use of the upper walkways like the masters and more privileged slaves were used to. The area they walked was darker and more somber with wider halls and such open spaces as to maneuver large groups of bodies. This was the main way for the guards to transfer a mass of slaves from one point in Raven Loft to the other and while the atmosphere of this lower area was rather dim.
It still bore a fresh air and lenient energy about it.

The only exception to the move was Nitha, she was left within her cell. The guards did not have the material to move her nor the manpower at the moment and while Kenner with his gifts could transport easily, they would need several men to move her even with a dolly.

Within several minutes the group was lead through a causeway of their own and this one itself lead into the grassy area within the atrium. As the guards lead the slaves in one after the other was released from their bindings and left to stand within the light of the atrium's dome. Those with less tendencies to strike were released first and those with black collars were let go last before the guards passed through the cause way again and as the last stepped through a large gate was swung closed behind to bar an exit.

Pesshka stayed behind with Nitha looking into her cell..~I must say that it is good to see one of your kind again.. it has been some time since one with blood like yours has passed through these walls.~

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Miyako get up from her bed and joined the group in line. She was nervous and scared. She wasn't afraid of the woman with the mask, she was afraid of what was going to happen next. Her fear was not as bad as it had been before the woman spoke with her, was kind to her. If this had happened earlier she would have been terrified.
Miyako stood next to the other girl. The girl was human like her and had brown eyes, but after that they were different. The girl was lighter skin and had rounder eyes. She was older and taller. She had the look that Miyako had earlier; the sad and defeated look of someone whose whole world had come to an end. She wanted to talk to the girl, maybe be her friend, but she decided not to, in case.
She looked behind and watched as the guards placed special restraints on the slaves with the black collars. She understood now what a black collar was, but was still uncertain what a blue and orange collar was. The girl next to her had orange, so they had something else in common, besides being human girls.

They walked through darkened underground corridors that felt cold and unfeeling. She couldn't see much, but the dark. As they walked she could see some light in the distance, "That must be the atrium." she though, her heart beating faster and her breath got faster. She squinted when they were almost there, the light seemed so bright. She stepped into the atrium and it looked like a giant forest. She stared at the trees, the grass, the flowers, everything, there was even a lake in the middle. Miyako stopped and looked up at the sunlight shining through the glass above. It was amazing, especially to a girl from such a small and backward community to see that a place like this really exhisted.

Miyako looked up and she could see people; there was the man who told her she was an orange and blue, two very scary looking men, a woman in white, a woman with red hair and a man in white robes who looked like he maybe similar to her but she couldn't tell for sure.
The girl named Nix went to play in the trees, the Wolfkin rolled in the grass, Miyako decided to go sit on a rock by the water and just watch everything. She didn't really want to play, there wasn't anyone to play with and she was more interested in watching everyone else, especially the people above them.

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Kaede continues following behind the group. He slides a little further back with each step. Except for Peng-E the group makes him feel on edge, "There is something wrong with these people, if they're even people." he repeats to himself. He's not so much afraid as he is being cautious -- probably too cautious. He needs to make sure that he doesn't arouse suspicion among the Mistresses.
His caution is eased momentarily when their group merges with Kenner and his group. Seeing Kenner does bring some measure of relief, but the group he's with doesn't bring one iota of ease, rather they bot make the hair on the back of his neck stand. "Wonderful! We've run into a group of common-looking thugs." he murmurs in his mind, though he is certain that they are anything but common. "I never expected to see saints and women of wholesome virtue," Kaede contemplates, "But, I also never anticipated that I'd be rambling around the third plane of Hell either." He feels like he has crossed through Minauros with its vile rains and harsh winds, past the demonic hoard of guardians that protect Mammon's golden fortress. If Kenner were less human and more serpent-like, Kaede would swear Kenner was the Viscount Mammon. Kaede shakes his head clearing his head of such thoughts.

Kaede bows to the 'gentlemen', "Gentlemen. Good day to both of you. It's a pleasure. I am Prince Kaede Akimori second son of King Haru. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." As uncertain as Kaede feels about the two new men, this mission is not about these men, Kenner, the women or his concerns; it is about acquiring what he needs and getting what is rightfully his and if that means dealing with unscrupulous and amoral beings then so be it.

Kaede steps back to the women and follows Kenner down the hall toward the atrium.
"Welcome to the atrium, a crowning example of design if ever there was one. As you look around you there is nature for all to see and if you cast your eyes above even the sun itself is part of Raven Loft." Kaede stands in awe inhaling the entire scene with his eyes, etching every plant, every piece of glass, every carving, everything about the room. He is amazed by the splendor and workmanship of the room. This room surpasses anything piece of construction he has ever seen, "The number of master craftsmen it must have taken to design and build such a structure." he whispers, a gasp in his voice.
"For all those slaves who want to see the world as they left it and come back to nature, however it is still safe to let them roam free here. There is no chance of escape even for those with the power of flight." Kenner proclaims not hiding his pride in the splendor of the room.
"Amazing!" is the only thing the young Prince can think to say, his mind blank of any thought of the others with him and earlier concerns. "A man who crafted this is someone not to be trifled with." he etches into his brain.

His muses of the room are interrupted by the noises below. The slaves have arrived. Kaede plants his focus on the slaves. He sits down and observes, the way the Emperor does when he picks a special woman for the evening. His attention begins with the rowdy young one who was singing an odd, but threatening song. Kaede smiles, "The dog that howls the loudest is not always the most dangerous. But, never be too quick to judge." he thinks.
The creature rolling in the grass is the next to earn his attention. It's a tall and fascinating looking being. He wonders how it might fare in a fight, if it could be trained to kill, and more importantly, kill the right target. That one wears black, while the girl has red and black.
"Interesting!" he says in a low voice as he tries to imagine them finishing off his father and brother. But the image doesn't come to him. Something about them bothers him. "For now." he says nodding his head.
He watches some of the others going about their routines and then his eyes fixate on a girl sitting near the lake. He cocks his head, sits up and leans forward, "She's one of us." he tells himself, shocked that a girl that might be from his region could be here. "Who would sell one of our people to this place? The Emperor would be infuriated should he discover this." he shouts in his head. It's possible he could be wrong. He etches that girl to his memory as well, "I will need to learn more about her." he whispers.

"Kenner, sir," Kaede says turning toward his host, "Questions. That girl down there singing that strange song. That creature rolling in the grass. Why do they have black collars. Specificall, Sir. I understand they're dangerous. Can I speak to them? Do they have the intelligence to understand? I mean, the girl is singing a song, but I can teach a parrot to do the same. That doesn't mean it would understand me and be able to hold conversation. No disrespect intended." he pauses for a brief second, "Oh, and that girl by the lake sitting there with her thoughts in the blue and orange collar. What of her? May I speak to her?"

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Kit wasn't feeling very safe about being around so many of these unfamiliar beings. Many of them looked dangerous, the wolf-thing in particular and the female singing strange songs. He kind of wanted to bolt right up one of those trees, just to ensure he was completely safe. Even then, he didn't know how many of them could climb.

He also didn't even know what species many of these creatures were. He supposed he had lived a pretty sheltered life, not seeing much of anything beyond Nekos and humans, something else on the rare occasion but never had he been this close and personal with anything else. Also, all of his Masters had been human. He couldn't imagine what cruelty non-human Masters were capable of, like that red-haired woman for example.

Just about the only beings in this enclosure which didn't make his ears pin back was Alistair and the small human girl, who he could now see in full. Everything else looked like it was capable of eating him, which didn't sound like much fun.

He located Alistair among the bodies of strangers, moving low to the ground in a near-crawl as not to be noticed by any hungry creatures. He refused to make eye contact with any of them, even looking upon them could be dangerous. Fortunately, the area was large enough for there to be some distance between he and most of the others.

He approached Alistair, his eyes wide, glancing around him at all times to make sure nothing was attempting to rip his throat out. Not that there was much he could do about it if there was, his physique didn't allow for much resistance. He was bedazzled by the fact Alistair's life, brought up by breeders and solely intended for this kind of life, had been pleasant if not desirable. He felt a sort of longing in his heart. His family had never made him feel wanted or cared for, never bought joy to his features.

"Don't you want freedom?" Kit asked softly, hoping not to startle the other Neko by his sudden appearance. "Are you truly content with your life so far? And what is tuna?"

Kit personally longed for the day he might be free from the threat of abuse, pain, chains. It was doubtful it would ever happen, since he was far too cowardly to ever fight back or attempt escape, but he could dream, couldn't he?

He lay down, making himself as small as possible, his head resting on his arms, tail flicking beside him. What if nobody wanted him and he remained her for the rest of his miserable existence? The other creatures around him were far more fascinating then a simple kitty cat with no strength or talent.

He mewed weakly, feeling at unease among all these strangers, uncertainty hovering above him like a demon. Some of these beings smelled over-powering and he couldn't stand it. He meowed again, but louder, hoping the Gods of Familiarity would bless him with something stable he could hold on to.

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Eavia looked around the atruim, then back at Kenner and two other men.
"Pleased to meet you," She says, bowing her head slightly "I am Mistress Eavia."

Eavia turns her gaze to the Prince "So it's ok for other species to be enslaved but not your precious humans? Really, you'd think the, what do you call yourselves? Oh yes, the most 'intelligent' species would understand that they are just like the rest of 'us' and judging by that girls standards she won't last a week. Also if you were what you so 'modestly' say you are she wouldn't have gotten caught now would she?" She quips, knowing she shouldn't but sometimes human's infuriate her.

She then bows her head to him "I apologise but sometimes people just need to be put it their place."

She then turns from the men and inspects the slaves, most are species she knew of like the Naga, but had never seen.
"How wonderful." She whispers to herself and then says, more loudly to Kenner "How do you get such an amazing collection of slaves?" She asks, smiling a little brighter than usual, she enjoyed observing such ferocious creatures.

Then her eye lands on a Neko, nothing special really but she can't stop looking at him and even Eavia, whom doesn't own a soul has to have a small soft spot for him.
She can see that the Neko had grown up into slavery, otherwise she doubted he'd be so well tempered.
"Could you please tell me the collar of the Neko Kenner?" She asks, extending a slim, gloved finger to the creature.

She wanted it and, it was fact, that Mistress Eavia always got what she wanted.



Hope noticed the human girl standing behind her but didn't want to say anything, as if the startle her and anyway, how did she know that she wasn't as vicious as the rest of them. Although she hardly looked it.

Sighing, she trudged along behind the others, occasionally looking behind her, just seeing glimpses of another human thrilled her, but she dare not speak.

Gasping, she looks around the atrium as they enter, it's beautiful with a glistening lake and soft dewy grass.
She wants to just run and dance in it, but being whom she is, Hope says silent and finds a secluded place among the trees, watching the other human girl as she goes to sit by the lake.

Really, she doesn't look very dangerous and I'm at least a little taller, I could take her if she tried anything, Hope muses, standing.

She walks timidly over and whispers "Hello." Some distance away.

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Miyako stared into the lake, the fish were beautiful and there were many she had never seen. Her attention was interrupted by a voice from behind her, "Hello."
Miyako turned around, startled that someone may be speaking to her. It was the other girl from the cells. Miyako got up, then bowed, "Hello." she said nervously. Miyako looked around nervously trying to think of something to say, but she couldn't think of much, "My name is Miyako. What's yours?"
Before she could get an answer, Miyako saw Kenner on the ground and the singing girl has attacked him. When she bit into his arm she was sure he would be killed. But instead the girl seemed to go into a trance and then fell on the ground in convulsions and then Kenner laid clothing on her.
"What?" she wondered out loud. Then she said nothing.

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"So it's ok for other species to be enslaved but not your precious humans? Really, you'd think the, what do you call yourselves? Oh yes, the most 'intelligent' species would understand that they are just like the rest of 'us' and judging by that girls standards she won't last a week. Also if you were what you so 'modestly' say you are she wouldn't have gotten caught now would she?"
The woman's words have caught Kaede completely off guard. He's not used to people talking to him as such. But what really catches his attention is her ability to read his mind. He isn't necessarily surprised that she can; there are many creatures out there capable of that ability, he just didn't really think about it. Before he can organize his thoughts she has turned away from him and her interests lie elsewhere. "Some things are better left unsaid." he muses to himself smiling, trying not to show how irritated he is at her dressing down. "I must be more careful in my thoughts." he decides.

His attention returns back towards the grounds and the creatures below. He tries to wash the woman's words from his mind but her finds it difficult. She obviously misunderstood his thoughts or she's hypersensitive, he isn't sure which it is, he's hoping for the former rather than the latter -- there is also a tinge of anger that he was spoken to like that from a woman. He's more progressive and open-minded than most from his lands when it comes towards women and their status. He has found woman to be just as gifted, talented and intelligent as men and in some cases more so. But still, he carries some of the same prejudices of his people and being talked to like that from a woman is difficult to swallow. More so, that he can't afford to say something back and find himself in a distracting squabble.

His irritation is swept aside when he catches the creature who was signing the irritating song lunging at Kenner. He rises when the beast latches into Kenner's flesh and Kenner seems uninjured by the whole affair. It lasts a scant few seconds and then it ends with the beast taking human form, laid out on the ground in convulsions. Then Kenner lays a robe on her to cover her nakedness.
"Fascinating!" is the only thing that he can think to utter.
Kenner rejoins the group momentarily and departs to change his clothes.

Kaede sits back down in his seat and contemplates everything he's seen and how it fits in his plans. Periodically, he checks over at the white woman to try and ascertain if she is reading his thoughts again, but he's satisfied that she has other interests.
"How does that work for me?" he wonders. "Can that girl on the ground be my answer?" He ponders that thought and many other thoughts as well, trying to figure out how each of the beings down below could be used to his advantage and what he could offer them in return for their services.
"The girl laid out on the ground is easy." he tells himself, "Her freedom after the deed. But can she be trusted?" that is his over-arching worry. "Could I trust her?"
He turns his attention toward the two girls, "Both are artistic. But how are they artistic? Singing? Acting? Painting? There are lots of ways to be artistic. Some are less useful than others. What would they want?" he ponders, "The girl similar to me is easy, going back to her people. The other rubies? A title? Can they be useful in a killing?"
The shy, timid creature with the unkempt fur would be a distraction. But he hardly looks like he has the capacity to kill. The darker cat-like creature may have more possibilities. "Oh, damned it all." he mutters, rolling his eyes in frustration. "I don't know."
Kaede sits trying to gather his thoughts. There are too many possibilities and, for all his planning over the past few years, this part has always been the most difficult. This is a Tetsume venture, not his. He ponders sending for his friend to have him come and check them out. After a few minutes of thinking he decides not to. This is his job and he needs Tetsume back keeping everyone organized and ready for his return.

Kaede gets up and steps closer to the rail, he watches the both the hopeful buyers and the merchandise. From the buyers he tries to gather a glimmer of what they're planning on buying. If he has any doubts about whether or not to purchase a creature that any of them want, he plans on passing. Kaede is not interested in a bidding war. From the slaves he hopes to get some inspiration from what he sees. Maybe getting closer will help.

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Hope looked at the girl "Y-You are human right?" She asks, then notices her collar.
"You are like me but, what does the blue stand for?" She ponders as she takes a seat by the waters edge, removing her filthy sandals and placing her sore feet into the cool water.
Smiling slightly with relief she hums lightly to herself, she has never felt better since she's been here; she found another human and the other creatures that she's petrified of are spaced out in this giant land.

"What can you do?" She asks the girl quietly, looking at her feet in the water, moving them around slowly in circles.
"I mean, why do you have that collar? Can you sing or paint?" She asks, hoping the girl can, maybe then they'll have something to bond over; their gifts.