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A mute Neko with a very special power.

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, as played by MissBrightside_


Name: Persephone (Last name is unknown as are her parents)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Classification: Slave
Race: Neko
Physical Description:


Persephone (Or Sephy but only her closest friends are allowed to call her that, and she has none.) has long almost white hair that falls to her chest, she has a athletic figure and stands tall at 6'0", Sephy has onyx black ears and a matching tail, which contrast incredibly with her pale complexion and red lips.
Her features are bold with large, almost black, eyes and a sharp jaw line.

Personality: Persephone has a calming effect on almost anyone which causes them to be lulled into a false sense of security, she is mute but this puts not damper on her personality and even though she cannot physically speak to you she has 'the gaze' that commands people to either 'shut up' or 'go away'.
Persephone has a unique power that does not come from her being a Neko, she has the power to contact people through their minds - She's not quiet sure why this is.

Despite her calming attitude she will stand up for herself and if you cross her she will turn primal and attack you.

+Other Neko's
+Her power
+The dark
+Small spaces

-Large spaces
-Being mute
-People who annoy her

History: Persephone doesn't know much about her past and even if she did, who would she tell about it? She has always been on her own and never liked to live in places where there were lots of people - Some might call her a loner but she does this because she can't speak without using her power and she's afraid that if she does use her power she'll be killed from being different.
Despite these worries she doesn't let them show and always has on a neutral face that gives away no emotion.
Sephy has no hopes in finding her parents - seeing as she was supposedly abandoned when she was four. She can only ever remember her life on the streets and has no idea who or where her parents are.
She doesn't have much of a history to tell, travelling from place to place and stealing food is as far back as she can go.

So begins...

Persephone's Story

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New Arrival

The actions of the last few days had been somewhat hectic for this young girl involved, Persephone had been locked in a cell for the past few days with not much for comfort and the leather hood placed on her head was more then enough to make her uneasy. Other then keeping her from biting, it also did not allow her to see the world around her and to make matters worse she was now sitting in the back of a car with a man leering back at her from the passenger seat up from.

It all started when she was caught two days ago stealing food from the pantry of the local market, unfortunately it was also the time of the local policeman's rally. She was found out with a arm full of food and not to mention two sweet buns in her mouth.
Her escape was fantastic however, the agility afforded by her natural form and the skill of getting around honed from years of dodging the law was enough to get her out of the building. But when she made it outside she was accosted by a stranger who was donned in fine business wear. He smiled at her and she stared back at him, even then she didn't notice the strange woman with him. She wore a tight fitting black outfit that covered every inch of her body and a slate white mask on her face. It was that woman who caught Persephone and dragged her back to the building where the police and the fine dressed man were waiting.

After that the man bargained with her release to his custody and paid for her to be given to his own agents who are the ones now in the car with her. But this was all without her knowledge, save for what information she could hear she knew that her destination was a place called Raven Loft far to the east of the city and that he life was sold into their hands.

Though she was not beaten or treated roughly, her nerves were slightly battered.

The men were nice and cordial with her, once in a while one would ask her if she was thirsty or hungry and he would feed her some thing with the affirmation of a nod. They did not touch the hood however due to strict rules from the man in fine clothes, at least that was all Persephone could gather from what she heard.

It was only some time till the car stopped and she could hear footsteps approaching her, hands reached up and helped her out of the car while she could hear voices conversing nearby. "Alphonse, good to see your back.. got something for us I see." Persephone could hear a heavy toned voice speaking and then a strangely feminine one returned.
Roldan.. My good dear boy, sorry for the lack of pleasantries but I'm expected back at Haqlin's." The rustling of the small chained cuffs on Persephone's wrist would slightly drown out some of the words as she was moved closer to the heavier toned voice until she came to a stop.

"Now lets see what we have.." the man said before Persephone's hood was pulled up and off her head, the light slightly dazing her light starved eyes.
"Oh my.. a rather pretty Neko aren't you?" The tall browned haired man was the one named Roldan, his lightly browned eyes look down at her and he smiles as he moves her hair away from her face.
"So you have anything to say miss?"

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Persephone looked at the man, a quizzical look on her face, she gave a small gesture to her mouth and then shook her head, showing him she couldn't speak nor did she want to show him her powers - Incase she was to be killed for being different, that was always something that Sephy dreaded, possibly the only thing she was scared of but it was enough to make her constantly be on edge.

The numbness she felt around her wrist area as they had been clamped for the past hours she frowned down at them, hoping that he'll understand what she means.
She studied the man, her dark eyes boring into him - Who is he? She thinks, still eyeing him, he doesn't look like most of the thugs I see usually, interesting.

Her onyx ears flick lightly as a cold shiver runs down her spin as a realisation hits her, It can't be? No..Surely not.
She lets out a soft growl, she'll die before she gets sold into slavery - Yes, Persephone is usually a calm girl but she utterly refuses to be sold to do someone else's work.

Lifting up both of her hands, as they are chained stiffly together, she moves a piece of white-blonde hair out of her eyes, and blinking them a little, still not used to the harsh sunlight after being hidden under a bag.

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The look on Kenner's face softened when Quinn replied, it was obvious that she was not used to this at all and he should have at least had patience with her to begin with. But she broke rule and it was not a simple one like fighting, if she had ousted herself about it before hand then the whole incident would have passed with little consequence.
But the fact that she lied to him was weighing heavily on his mind, he so hated being lied to and even in Peeshka's case it took some time for her to realize that it would be wise to stay truthful to him.

Kenner nodded his head as he swallowed back his pride and spoke.. "Fine.. you want privacy, that I can arrange.." He was silent for a moment after that and just stared the young girl down, he hated having to treat others like children. But no matter how old they are in nature the only one within the hall of Raven Loft closer to his age would be Peeshka herself and even she doesn't know how old she is.
Kenner clenched his fingers and help them over his shoulder as if to snap them and he turned his head to the side looking away from both the offending players in the short game and returned for he last time. "I am truly sorry for what is about to happen.. but you both brought it on yourselves." Even though he knew Bloodsong could not really understand what was happening or what he was saying, Kenner snapped his fingers as a signal to Peeshka.

The woman in red leather paused for a moment after his snap and then began to run her hands up her chest towards the center of her neckline. It was there that she revealed a small clasp just below the edge of her mask and when she undid it, the whole chest of her outfit began to unbutton. What revealed itself were not only two mound like protrusions that gave the semblance of breast, but also a long row of clasped teeth that extended from the base of the neck and traveled down past her navel. As she did this Peeshka's body moved as though she were stretching some muscle that had long gone without proper use and with a quick gasp of air the lining of teeth opened to form a large mouth.

The sounds of people screaming could be heard in the back of that great maw and as their calls echoed loader still tendrils of black oozing mass whipped out of the mouth and began to chase down the two slaves. Thought the first thought was to flee from the sight, the appendages were too many and too fast snaking around leg and neck, arm and torso.
Quinn could fight all she wanted but her higher strength afforded her little resolve as the dark tendrils pulled her closer to Peeshka. Even Bloodsong was not going to give in as he jumped with great height to escape but was snatched out of the air like a crippled winged bee in mid summer. He still fought however jerking and twisting, only when he sunk his teeth into the tendril around his left arm did he realize it tasted foul as mulled wine mixed with swamp water.

The two were dragged towards Peeshka's waiting jaws and as Quinn was being pulled up into the teeth she found that they did not pierces, in fact they feeling was soft and transparent like the touch of a brush. She still struggled however and when her legs were being consumed she felt no pain.
Nor did she feel anything, just a cold euphoria of sensation running up and down her legs like something was dancing toe to toe along her extremities. As she peered in should could not see through the darkness of what was inside and only when her waist was in did she recognize such a feeling, her body was being dragged in by the pull of dozens of anxious hands grabbing and groping to find hold and pull. She could only puzzle out the feeling as the rest of her body was jerked in and the Bloodsong was to follow, the same path the same sensations and with a practiced jerk of his legs the young wolfkin passed more quickly.

So now the two were consumed by darkness, an ever present void as with being there they found their minds becoming heavy and their bodies sluggish. Only when full suppression had overtaken them did they cease to fight the darkness and the state of unconsciousness befell them.

* * * *

Roldan looked at the young Neko before him and sighed as she made a good understatement of how she felt about her situation. Even though the she didn't speak he knew that she didn't like the idea of where she was and what was transpiring.
He gave her as best a soft smile as he could and looked to his guardsman.."Take her to the holding area, and make sure she gets fed.. I'll deliver the paperwork back to the office and file everything away." The two men at her side nodded and lightly took Persephone under the arms and walked her down the long hallway so they bring her through the master hall.

It was a short walk for them and the scent of food was beginning to fill the air as they got closer.
Persephone could see a group of people with food entering the room ahead of her from the other door, as she was lead in and released by the guards who slowly closed the gate behind her she could see the whole of the room before her. Peeshka had just finished closing her suit back up and the other slaves were scattered about the room.

It was at this time they could see Evix for the first time, tough most of her outfit covered her body her face was still plainly visible. The dark raven black hair that crested out from her head and the lightly greenish blue scales that covered her face were enough of an indicator that she was reptilian in nature. Her helpers began to ladle food into large wooden bowls and lay then on trays with loafs of bread. Another would place a large canter water on the side with a small bowl of fruit.
As they worked the room began to fill with the aroma of sauced meat and the spice of the broth tickled the nose.

Kenner was still staring at the spot Quinn occupied before the sound of the gate at the other end of the room caught his and Peeshka's attention. He looked at the young Neko walking in with the irons still on her wrist and smirked a small glance at her. Even though the past moments had gotten him down, he could still relish in the fact that it was only for that moment.
As he walked up to Persephone and looked her over he could tell that she had been living in rough conditions before being brought to him. As he reached down and took hold of her hands to lift them up he also undid the latching of her irons. The small bolts snapping easily with a little tug from his fingers, and they to fell to the floor disappearing into a gleam of light. "Go ahead and eat for now, you can breath easy now.. there is a home for you here." He did his best to comfort the look in her eyes, giving the top of her head a rub with his hand and caressing one of her ears as he did so.

He pointed out towards the kitchen staff as they were handing out trays of food to the other slaves.

One of them, a young girl layed out a larger tray with four bowls in front of Nitha as she lay on her warmer. The woman flashed her a nice smile before returning to her work and soon the whole staff was done with their duties and every one of them moved back out the gate after the food was handed out.

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Persephone watched everyone from her cage as they entered, staying in the shadows.
She wasn't used to having set meals, especially surrounded by people like she was, so she stayed still in the corner on the room and observed, her knees up by her chest as she sat.
Then she noticed something they all seemed to have in common - Collars.
What are they? She thinks to herself as she looks at one girl particularly, her collar was two different colours: Blue and orange.
How unusual for slaves to be given such things, it must be a form of identification if everyone has one. She muses, wondering if she'll get one in time.

Deciding the girl that was eating her food with the peculiar collar wasn't dangerous she shuts her eyes, attempting to communicate with her and hoping no one got stuck in between their convocation.
"Hello," She pushes into the girls head quietly, hoping she doesn't startle her too much, "Please don't be afraid, I am Persephone - The Neko in the corner.
Biting down on her lip in concentration she continues "I was wondering what the collars you all wear stand for? I hope you don't mind me asking." She adds the last part just incase they were personal things.

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After Quinn snatched the bowl from him Kenner stood, she was easily more well off then Bloodsong. Who when Kenner looked over after he scrambled away and his reaction towards Peeshka, he knew something had happened in that place. Turning to look at Peeshka he gave his head a slight lean and questioned.."What did you do?"

She turned her head to look back and even though her face could not be seen, the feeling of eyes followed wherever it pointed.
The words that came out of her might have been somewhat hard to understand for anybody, but Kenner had known her long enough to catch her meaning. ~I let him drink from the river..~ Kenner leaned his head back with a small gap to his eyes as he soaked in her words. Turning back to look at the wolf-kin he gave a slightly solemn stare as he reached forward, picking the bowl off the floor and sliding it towards Bloodsong letting it lay at his feet.

Kenner stood then and looked around at the rest of the slaves in attendance.."Alright, it will be time to sleep soon and tomorrow we all start a new day.. So I suggest you all finish your meals and get to sleep." He and Peeshka walk for the door with the kitchen attendant in tow, to which Kenner speaks again. "The tone will sound in an hour and the lights will dim so be in bed by then."

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"Hello." Miyako raised stopped eating and looked around, "Please don't be afraid, I am Persephone - The Neko in the corner." Miyako looked around again. She looked toward the corner and saw something there. The creature in the corner had ears that looked similar to some of the creatures that she had seen. The Neko looked tall, she had white hair.
Miyako was a little scared - not difficult to do. Miyako set her plate down on the bed and shook her head whispering, "I don't know. I'm sorry. One girl said mine was for art. Kenner said something about it too. But I'm not sure." Miyako stared waiting for the Neko's reply.

"Alright, it will be time to sleep soon and tomorrow we all start a new day.. So I suggest you all finish your meals and get to sleep." Kenner announced, it sounded to Miyako like more of a warning. Miyako watched as he walked toward the exit. "The tone will sound in an hour and the lights will dim so be in bed by then."
Miyako quickly picked up the plate and quickly finished her meal. She didn't know if there was any punishment for not finishing, but she wasn't going to take a chance. The woman in the mask told her that Master would love her if she was good, but she'd be punished if she was bad. Miyako was not going to be a bad girl; not now, not ever.

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It was not long after the time that Kenner specified that the tone did sound, a light solid chime emanating from deep and high somewhere from inside Raven Loft.
Some have gone to sleep, while others full from their meal idled off into dreams as they lay in their beds. Hitha lay around the rock instead on on it, the large plush pillows allowed her to fall asleep faster then she would have normally.
While the little girl Silver had curled up and leaned herself against the Naga, a lone thumb perched in her lips and a soft look of grace that came from her dreams.

Nix had her feet barely brushed under the covers of her bed and she was still slightly whimpering in the half cupped moments of her soft breath, sleep had come but it was not without turbulence. While Bloodsong did not gather himself in a bed, instead he had pulled off the wool blanket and two sheets to gather around himself as he lay against the base of a bed. His ears twitched from moment to moment in time with a small smack of his lips, his dreams full with days of uncaring.

Miyako and Persephone slept apart from one another, the space between their beds was slight and the two looked as though mirror images of one another. A leg hung slightly off one side of the bed, while one arm laid flailed out to the other.
Quin was the last of the group to fall into slumber, she sat on her bed for several minutes after the others had drifted off into sleep and she eyed the room with a strange sense of disillusion.
But with all things her lids became heavy and she soon resigned herself to lay down on the covers and fall away. Not even worrying about removing her own boots she just turned over and was pulled away into her dreams.

The young prince Kaede had been lead back to his quarters with the other masters, he however was not so easy to put to rest. Kaede spent some time pacing back and forth at the foot of his bed and wondered about the plethora of slaves to be had outside of his door and what purpose they could be used to serve his intentions most fully.
But the worrying addled his mind for the whole time, it wasn't until after he stopped pacing that his body realized how tired it was and a long forcible yawn broke from his lips and he resigned himself to sleep after preparing for bed.

Kenner sat in his quarters, the chair in his study suited to his needs quite clearly as the head master held a large book in hand. He was not one to sleep so quickly and even then, sleep did not come easy to him and for good reason.
It wasn't until a leather glove began to slip its way around the back of his neck that he began to pay attention once again to his surroundings..~Please Kenner.. you look tired, come to bed..~ Peeshka pulled on with a low tone to her speech. Kenner only turned his head slightly as he looked around to stare into the empty eyes of her mask. "Alright then.. you talked me into it." He replied to her.

She pulled away from him as he stood and the two walked slowly towards the bed and as he laid himself down, he discarded the top of his robe by letting it fall to the floor. Peeshka took a knee on the edge of his bed and started to crawl in after him. The sound of her outfit making exaggerated stretching sounds along the way.
As she climbed up along the bed to his arms and snaked her way in between them she turned to look at him, which made him look back with a strange expression. "You know you shouldn't wear that to bed." He said as he reached up and lightly gripped the sides of her mask, slowly he began to remove the white shell and as it pulled away the dark emptiness of her face was there starring back at him. With the two same pin points of light pointed back at his eyes and with a nudge against him she curled up into his arms with a dejected sigh. They had both had a long day and in the view of things, they were looking forward to the days to follow.

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Persephone fakes sleep and stays silent in the corner.
She hasn't sleep through a whole night for years and she wasn't about to start now, not in this place.
Sighing slightly, she rolls over on her bed that is hidden in the dark and looks at the sleeping inmates.
Many she didn't know of, and many more she couldn't even understand what species they were.

She wracks her brain to try and find something positive to think about as she felt her body slowly sinking into the hard bed; her eyelids drooping.
But alas nothing good came to mind and so, once more she fell into a dream of terror and horror, a dream only someone whose had her past can dream about.

But then, her dream changes, she's back in her cell but, but she's being freed? No, surely not.
And then the man, a master she reckons, that was looking at them all comes in, he takes her away.
"What's going on?" She asks them, I can speak? She thinks to herself, confused.
And again the dream twists, turning her confusion into horror.

"NO!" She screams, yet she cannot scream and all you can see is her mouth forming the letters, no sound is made.
"N-no, anything but that." She whimpers in her mind, and then thinks, did the human girl just hear that?

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The morning begins with a resounding tone coursing throughout the halls of Raven Loft as somewhere withing a bell is being struck. The light has begun to crawl up the side of the mountain home and the guards had just finished switching details with their replacements.
The sound of boots trotting down the long hallways and the voices of multitudes of patrons coming from within give the hold a sound of a small city unto itself.

Kenner is the first to be awake from his a Peeshka's rest, though for arguments sake they both find it hard to do such a thing and even more so for her. He had managed to gather a cup of tea from the dinning hall adjacent from his room and was now reaching the bottom of the staircase. He would give and receive the usual greeting from the new guards on watch and passed by into the holding area.

Roldan was already standing in the doorway looking over the slaves with a pad in his hand and taking head count.
"Ah.. good morning Master Kenner" He gave with a slight nod but still did not manage to turn his head completely towards Kenner, a tune to how his head was still in his work.
Kenner gave him a touch on the shoulder as he walked passed."Good morning to you to Roldan, and how are our guest doing this fine morning? He gave as an obvious question.

"Good, as far as I can tell." He answered. "The Maidens should be here in a few minutes to help them prepare and tehn the day should be yours."
Kenner gave a slight smile as he walked on towards the beds and looked on at the slaves.."I trust everyone had a good nights rest.." it was obvious by the looks on the torrent of faces coming his way that it wasn't like that at all, no matter how much his smile tried to smooth things over.

There was a knock on Kaede's chamber door after the rise of the sun and a voice issued from behind to obstruction.. ~Master Kaede, you are invited for breakfast in thirty minutes and Kenner said he will be joining you to discus your intentions.~ Peeshka was sounding rather fulfilled this morning, despite how torrential her speech made things sound.

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The voices and slight movements abound Kenner made him sure in his mind that the night was not entirely true for the other slaves. His being approached by Quinn did tell him that she was willing to forget what transpired with her and Bloodsong not merely a few hours ago.
He looked at her and took her wrist in his hands, he held them aloft for a moment and looked at her with his same smile. "All in due time Quinn, but for now you need to get readied for this day." he turned his head as the sound of humming began to come from the other gate and he looked back at the others as he released Quinn's arms.

"I understand that most of this is still.. out there.. for most of you, but I will make sure to have everyone attended to and set on your path." the sound of humming becomes slightly louder as he looks back. "Now what happens next I suggest everyone just stay calm and let the maidens do their duties then breakfast will be served." He gives a slight bow as he back out the main gate and exits the holding area.
The approaching sound of the humming tune was growing more and more little footsteps to signal such an approach.

As a guard swings the door ajar several forms enter and begin to spread among the room.
Each is apparently a woman dressed in clean white linens and each carries a set of items, they move in concert with one another and it is noticeable that the humming is coming from each and every one of them. The tune in fact is soothing and crisp with very little wane in its tone. The girls move and break off into small groups of three separating themselves among one slave a group. They bring with them bowls of warm water and towels in hand, while one carries a wooden box in both her hands and they get to work.
They wipe the exposed areas of the body clean and brush hair with a gentle touch, it was obvious that this kind of treatment was more then a usual slave was expecting.

There was another woman there however and she did not work with the others, instead she stood near the center of the room and basked in what was transpiring. She wore a heavy brown linen dress that possessed a cowl much like the other women in the room, it hugged against the sides of her face and left the greying skin of her moth exposed. Dark almost purple lips framed her mouth and the slightly crooked smile was no more inviting then her appearance.
One arm was wrapped around her waist while the other dangled beside her, a gloved hand revealing that she was lacking one of the fingers normally had by other humanoid beings. She stared almost blankly into space, though the same problem with Peeshka remained here as her eyes were not discernibly in view.

* * * *

While the others worked down below Kenner was about to enter the dinning area after passing by the guards downstairs and sending them onto their assigned duties. He pressed the door open to see Kaede sitting at his side of the table and looking about the room, only to avert his eyes to Kenner when he entered.
A kitchen attendant was standing at the opposite side of the room near the kitchen door and noticed when Kenner entered, he gave her a nod and that was her signal to bring out the food. As he sat he leaned into his seat and looked at Kaede.."I am glad that you chose to meet me for breakfast, not many masters are willing to be up so early in the morning. I did have some other masters as guest a while back and their company was rather disappointing." No sooner then when he finished did several of the kitchen staff come back through the door, they carried platters with cooked sausages and bowls of boiled eggs with dates and other fresh fruit.

As they laid the items down near the center of the table Kenner reached out and took a date, popping it into his mouth and eating it. "I understand you had some questions for me?.."

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Kenner looked on across the table and Kaede as he spoke, knowing full well that he was talking about and was at first surprised that he was considering the other Masters supposed feelings and needs. But it was the mention that Kaede had certain needs and expectations for the slaves he hopes to take with him.
Smiling slightly as he leans into the table.."I can understand you needs and the attempt that you will be making with your family.. such privilege comes with its own dangers." He begins to lift a small cup to his mouth and pauses "And please refrain from calling me Lord Kenner.. I hate that title and my name suits just fine by itself." He continues to finish his drink

Afterwards he eats another date and speaks again. "The training can take up to a month and a half at least, at most two. We keep them here along with their intended master so the two can get more acquainted.. your treatment of them will be paramount however." As he speaks a female guard walks in walking silently and cautiously, she leans in and places her mouth to Kenner's ear. He in turn leans his head into hers as if he was expecting her to be there and she passes a message to him.
He rubs his hands together as she pulls away and moves back out the main door, closing it behind her.
"Well.. everything is going fine for now, our little wolf-kin is still fighting slightly but that is his nature. Soon the additions will receive breakfast and then the day can start in earnest." He continues to eat as Kaede does as well and he looks back up for the table with the need to clarify something to the young noble. "Kaede I feel I need to inform you that I knew your grandfather and his father as well, so if you even intend to waste my time.. all I have to do is wait you out." He says so with a strange smile on his face and then continues "But as for the treatment of your purchase, whatever happens to them after you leave Raven Loft is your responsibility however.. anything negative that reaches my ears will look badly on the owner."

* * * *

With the maidens now done with their duties they quickly and cleanly gathered up their things and began to leave the holding area, still humming the same low and delightful tune that preceded them. The other however that came with them stood still near the center of the room, she was content to look on as the morning routine came to a fold with the slaves. Even so the smell of a meal was begin to wash into the large room with the preceding of the air that moved throughout the building. It was the kitchen staff again and this time there was a different set of individuals that came before. Most likely a cause to the staff being switched out due to a shift change.
The carried plates of soup and eggs much of which was scrambled with a covering of cheese, the meal itself was meant to be hearty so it would fill them up and keep them going. The flavor was only to come in at second since feeding them was a priority. The woman looked on still and gave a switch of her stance towards Bloodsong, his thrashing had caught her attention and she took a step towards him. "All bathed off now.. isn't that a nice feeling?" He voice cut the air and there as a sense of unevenness to it, like it was spiced and laid across the edge of a blade.
She turned to look across the whole group and began to speak again."I am Lady Bella.. when the time comes I will train you in the finer aspects of a servants service to their master and I will also instruct you in the manners of class and status." Though her eyes are not visible or the fact that she has any could be known, her head stays pointed at Bloodsong.."But I can see why Master Kenner had his reservations."

She raises her hands and claps them together then continues to wring her hands.."Now are there any questions or.. concerns either of you would like to voice?"

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Several minutes passed as Bella watched the other slaves in their moment, they ate the breakfast that was given to them aside from Nitha who did not seem to like the taste of her meal. She looked at Nitha and leaned her head to the side as she approached.. "You should eat.. you have no idea where this day may take you." She spoke out to Nitha with the same craned edge in her smile. She could also hear the two others Nix, and Quinn conversing on the side of her perception.

But that was not the only sound that could be heard, it was like a distant rumble that was working its way through the building. Everyone could hear in and whatever was making the noise was angered. It was coming from the master hall but getting closer and at that realization Bella turned her body from Nitha keeping her attention square on the guards at the main door. They also had a strange look on them, each one getting tense and straightening their stance as if something was about to happen.
Then something did happen..
The sound was an argument being held between the recognizable voice of Kenner and a woman with a soft but soured voice. The main gate swung wide as Kenner made his way into the holding cell and his expression told entirely that he was getting agitated at what was transpiring. Then the conversation hit the room with the woman speaking first.. "I still don't care what you think you have to say to me Kenner but at the end of this all your prisoners will be set free, do you understand me?" The woman behind Kenner was shorter and fairer in skin then most, her features were actually quite exotic as she pointed her long thin fingers at the back of his head. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and almond shaped eyes with an equally brown texture.

Her lips were full and her cheekbones were high, her face would actually look quite beautiful were it not tortured with her expression of anger towards Kenner.

Kenner turns on the balls of his heels and faces her quickly speaking up on his case.."I do understand Miss Shia, you are not smart enough to understand that no matter what law you claim on me or my house it will do no good. Raven Loft is not considered a true section of Thaiden so its laws do not apply here.. it has been this way since before you took your station." He pokes her in the center on her chest right below her collar and looks her dead in the face.
"Now leave, before I have the guard force you out.. I have lost my patience for you today." The woman Shia's face goes stern for a moment and she gives him a glowering stare before responding.
"Alright Kenner.. I will go, but when I come back you will be sorry and your house will pay for its atrocities." She turns to leave, passing by several of the guards in a huffed anger. Kenner takes a moment to calm himself as his face is away from the slaves and turns to smile once again at the whole of them.

"Well.. I hope everyone's night was fine."