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William "Mad Dog Bill" Manhoon

"So which one of yous want's to make livin with Ol' Mad Dog?"

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a character in “The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need”, as played by Bromander Shepard



Name: William "Mad Dog Bill" Manhoon
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Classification: Master
Race: Human/Lycan Hybrid
Physical Description:


Standing 6'3" and weighing in at 206 lbs Mad Dog Bill is not a small man. Tall with well toned muscle he does not have a bulky appearance but his wiry frame seems to be coiled with tense muscle. He sports a thick handlebar mustache that wraps around to his sideburns and is the pride of his appearance. Beyond that he is almost always seen with a cleaver hanging from his hip and a few knives for you never know when the Mad Dog will have to carve up some meat. Then there are his eyes, black as soot but in the dark they light right up like a wolf in the night.

Personality: Ruthless yet principled, Bill values integrity very highly. He knows a good man when he sees one and can be the kinda friend you want to have. Always willing to help for the right price, Bill is widely known and has business acquaintances all over. He is called upon a lot to deal with problems the upper class usually can't dirty their hands with or the lower class can't handle on their own. Either way you always pay back Mad Dog Bill one way or another unless you wanna end up skinned alive.

Abilities- As a halfbreed lycan Bill cannot shift into a full lycan form but can shift partially. When he does his skin get's increasingly more durable to physical damage, his strength would increase and his speed and reaction time would surge as well. When he is not in a shifted state his senses are still significantly increased like his sense of smell, hearing and vision in the dark. Bill is known to boast an ability to tell when someone is lying just by the smell of them.

A Good Cigar
A Bare Knuckle Brawl

Dandy Boys
The Law


(Excerpt from a series of letters written by a member of The Dishonored Sons of Dunwall)

So, you want the scoop on Mad Dog huh? What he was like when we was young, before he got his name? Oh, he's got a cool head now, but it weren't always like that in the days before he was boss of The Dishonored Sons of Dunwall. Time was, young Mad Dog Bill wasn't such a reasonable man.

Like most of us, he grew up on the streets, running with a pack of ragamuffins and avoiding the law, pinchin' whatever he needed. Dark haired and dark eyed, smokin' a pipe by the age o' ten. For them born into the brothels or coming from the orphanages, it was either the gangs or workin' with the mud larks and no one wants that. Some got pressed into the Navy or put down in the mines run by the Pendleton or Boyle families. As hard as it was on the streets, as hungry as we all got, at least we was free.

But Mad Dog? He had it worst then the lot of us. Comin up as halfbreed like that. See his old man was a lycan, raped one of the working girls at some bath house. That left Bill Manhoon with no one to look after him but the streets of Dunwall themselves, which could be pretty mean at the best of times specially if you was a halfbreed. Them teeth of his and the way he growled when he'd get pissed, dead giveaway. Some dumb chauffers back in the day thought the he'd be an easy target. Problem was even though he couldn't go full wolf he could still shift just fine. When he did, boy did things get interesting. Usually end up with someone gettin up to collect their teeth if they were lucky. If they weren't lucky they wouldn't get up at all.

By the time we weren't little 'uns any more, Mad Dog was one to watch, usually callin' the shots when we took down a farmer's cart or sidewalk street vendor. He'd come up with the plan, give everyone some part to play and decide on the split. Most of us just went along, 'cause we learned fast that we made out better like that. More food, more coin. Plus, none of us wanted to deal with Bill when he was in a rage.

He worked on a couple of big jobs with Black Sally across town, and that was enough to get the attention of the other bosses. He wasn't just a street kid any more. Now he was an up-and-comer, which meant trouble.

Another guy who fancied himself as such was Mike the Fish, who was workin' his way up running the protection racket among the factory women. One fine evening we're all taking in a bawdy show in the theater house. Mike the Fish and his lot are there in the cheap seats too, just down the aisle from us. Mike gets a wild idea - he wasn't big on planning - and throws a heavy ceramic spittoon at Mad Dog. Hits him square in the face and breaks his jaw. We look to see if there's gonna be a blood brawl, but Bill just points at the door and we all leave, with Mike laughing at our backs.

Waking up the next day, without telling us why, Mad Dog Bill motions for us all to follow. He still can't say a word, so we just come along. We stop at the docks and Bill buys - actually pays coin for it - a heavy chain covered in hooks. It's for fishing in the deep, something you'd attach to a long line off the side of a ship. It's about four feet, made of thick links, and there are shark hooks comin' off it at different angles. Mad Dog's got that thing wrapped around his left arm, danglin' at his side.

Not sure how he knew where Mike the Fish was stayin', but when we reach his girl's house, Bill throws a bottle through the window just like that. It's almost noon. There's a bunch of screamin' inside and Mike pokes his head out, looking wide-eyed and baffled. When he sees Mad Dog out in the street, a look comes over his face that still gives me the willies. Pure murder.

Mike comes out the side door bellowin' like a bloodox, holding a cleaver, heading straight for Bill. When they come together in the street, Mad Dog Bill spins and the shark hooks bite deep into Mike's arm and shoulder. He screams, but Mad Dog holds onto the chain. He's standin' there with his jaw broken, clenched tight, with the chain wrapped around his left arm, hooks sunk into Mike the Fish, just knifing him as fast as he can. Mike couldn't fight very well, hooked like that and using his left hand, but he was a big guy and it took a lot of stabbin' before he went to his knees. Everyone was cheering at first, but then we all went quiet. It just kept goin' and goin', until finally it was just Mike the Fish blubberin', cryin' like a baby, and the sound of Mad Dog's knife.

When it was over - and here's the brilliant part - Mad Dog Bill took out a note and stuck to Mike's face with a nail. It just said, If you want a job, come to Five Points.

Mad Dog didn't talk right for a couple of months, but word spread fast.

By the end of the year, once we had a sizable gang goin', he sent out letters to the other bosses, tellin' them that he was running a brand new crew over in The Points. Most of them laughed or beat up the guys who delivered the letters. Green-eye Trish even came back missing a thumb. But apparently Bill was expecting that kind of reaction and had a backup plan.

A week later, four of the bosses were dead. Seemed like a series of unfortunate events, but everyone knew better. One shot dead by the Watch while standing in the middle of a meat market. Another slipping and falling into the water, out cold. One of the older bosses found in bed with his belly opened wide and a pear stuffed into his mouth. Still not sure what that meant. And Sheila Barnsworth was found bubblin' in a cauldron o' hot wax.

Mad Dog Bill sent out another set of letters. Offers to the under-bosses, telling 'em they'd be treated fair as peers. He even sent Green-eye Trish with one of the letters. All of the under-bosses accepted.

After spilling the guts of his main competition, Mad Dog went in for stabilizin' his business, real neat like. Calling in favors, smoothing things over, giving everyone a little bit of coin or drink as a bonus. Showin' what he could be like as boss. So everything got quiet, which always makes the boys of the City Watch nervous, of course. Didn't matter, Mad Dog owned Dunwall now. He had his hand's everything and everyone owed him a favor or two. The Sons have become a force to be reckoned with, led by Mad Dog we eat well, real well and I don't see that changin any time soon.

--Crowley, The Dishonored Sons of Dunwall

Reasons for being a master/Former masters & training: The recent acquisition of a brothel known as the Kitty Cat Club has put Mad Dog in need in some girls to work the place as well as some muscle to keep an eye on things.


So begins...

William "Mad Dog Bill" Manhoon's Story

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While Kenner stands before the three masters in the dinning room he see's one of the woman from before return. It was Peng'E again and she was in somewhat of a hurry which was evident in the haste in her step. She came to her masters ear and spoke lightly as she informed him of what happened down stairs.
She spoke cleanly and clearly, but light enough to keep the information from all but Syntira's draconian ears.

He gave a slightly distasteful look of discomfort with each passing word and all he can hear is a term of internment that quickly needs to be repaid to someone. He gives Peng'E a slight pat on the side to interrupt her and slides his chair back under the edge of the table.
"Well.. it seems the day keeps getting better." He looks at Peng'E and leans into her ear with one clear whisper before looking back. "I must apologize but an issue has arisen down stairs.. I leave you all in her capable hands for the moment. When everyone is done, she will take you to the atrium for viewing of the new additions." With that Kenner made a bow and then a slightly hasted retreat from the room. It was easy to see that there was a part of him fuming under the collar even before he stepped out and now it was more evident then before as he jumped the banister.
That fall was short and he quickly regained his footing and moved down towards the main hall, only to see that Roldan had moved the young slave girl Genti into the main hall and two of the house maids had come to redress her in something more suitable.

He looked her over and turned his attention towards Roldan.."What of the men who brought her?.. are they waiting to get paid for such an intrusion." He spoke with a lightly burning haze in the back of his eyes.. "No.." Roldan answered "I paid them a small sum of silver and.. forced them on their way."

kenner gave a blank stare with a slight exaggeration to his expression.."Keep her here and get her fed as well.. do not remove the cuffs yet however." He turns on his heel and heads back up the stairs rather quickly "Because I feel we will be seeing them again.."

The march back up the stairs towards his quarters was fast and full of reason as he had a very plane method of doing things. The men who brought Genti to his walls were in blatant disregard of his house and required a lesson in etiquette. Once inside his room he made use of the privacy such a place affords, the back of his room had a small library in place but in there at the moment books were not his concern.
He stepped in the middle of the floor where a glyph sat on the floor, next to the glyph sat a table with a small crystal on a stand that he quickly took in hand and squeezed. The crystal began to glow faintly and pulse as he concentrated on one name that could fix his current dilemma.

"Daud.. I must speak with William.. it is a matter of some urgency."

* * * *

Peeshka looked at Bloodsong as he chowed away on his meal and she pulled her hand back to her sides after the bowl was taken. She was glad that he was more reasonable then most despite his appearance, which made her look back at Nix and remember the fact that she would be more of a hassle then she's worth.

She takes another look at the others in the cells and speak towards the entire group.. ~I suggest you all eat up.. we're all going outside pretty soon and that means your all going to need your strength.~
She stepped back outside of Bloodsongs cell passing through the bars as she did before and moved to lean on the far wall as if she were waiting for something to happen.

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In Dunwall the skies were dark, a gloomy overcast had blanketed the city. There were still a few hours left in the day yet it looked as if it was the dead of night from the amount of light that shone from the sky. The city seemed to extend forever to those walking it's streets. Buildings that stretched up to the heavens in a cluttered spectacle of brick, mortar and steel. Pipes ran along the exterior of most buildings and across some streets, ferrying a payload of noxious fumes or liquid waste. The refuse created by the growing industrial city was considerable, made evident by the now dead river that flowed out of it. The water had long since turned a sickly black and what fish remained floated dead on the top of it's waters, drowned beneath the wealth of pollution. Plumes of thick black smoke rose from the factory district as if from the smoking pipes of dozens of stone giants.

Near the factory district was a large distillery where the bulk of Dunwall's alcohol was produced. The distillery made a considerable amount of coin on it's own but it's owner and operator was into more than hawking booze. The distillery, while profitable, was just a front company. Something to account for his wealth and business dealings to the scrutinizing gaze of the law. On the top floor of the distillery, past the courtyard and the massive vats, up the stairs and through the seemingly endless corridors of barrels of drink was the office of William "Mad Dog Bill" Manhoon. There he sat, sitting at his desk, in front of him was a glass of his own fine drought and in his mouth was a pipe that billowed rich white smoke. His dark eyes scanned through pages of paper work on his new acquisition.

The Kitty Cat club, taken as payment from a madame who could no longer pay her debt to Bill, was now under new management and Mad Dog had a lot of work ahead of him if he was going to turn the once illustrious bath house around from the sorry state it now resided in. Madame Katherine was an old woman who had been running the Cat for years but was not it's creator. No, The Kitty Cat Club was around long before Katherine took over, the rugs in the main entry way were her only true addition. Despite her callousness she had always ran the place well. She ensured what ever fantasies her guests desired were met and then some by her courtesans. In fact the Cat was run quite finely, that was until she entertained one of Mad Dog Bill's red sand dealers. The dealer had struck up a conversation with the old madame and by the end of it she was snorting the powdery drug in her office.

Things only went down hill from there for Katherine. Her entire life had become consumed by her need for the narcotic. A sad but common tale yet this victim to the drug had significantly more to lose. The club fell into disrepair, the client tell waned and mutated from well to do nobles and socialites to violent sailors and scoundrels. The girls who worked at the club went from the sultry sirens of sin they once were to bruised and beaten whores who were used and cast aside by whoever strolled in the front door. Things continued this way until Katherine ran out of money. Bankrupt and fiending for a fix she went to the one man who'd be willing to help, Mad Dog Bill himself.

Mad Dog was only too happy to help and gave her a sizable loan in the hopes she'd get back on her feet. What she accomplished however was blowing all the coin given to her on more red sand in record time. When time came to collect Madame Katherine was passed out on the floor of her ratty old office, in a drug haze. The Dishonored Sons of Dunwall were sent out to pick her up and bring her to Mad Dog. Bill's generosity had it's limits and when he'd found out that Katherine had not only spent all his money on drugs but more importantly that she had nothing to pay him back with he hacked off her hands, feet, nose and ears with a cleaver before hanging her off the Kaldwin Bridge with a noose made of chain. She was a message to all on what happened when you welch on a debt to Mad Dog Bill.

Bill Manhoon was not about to end up with nothing but a corpse for his trouble and instead took over ownership of the Kitty Cat Club. He set his people to fixing the place up, renovating the building, slapping on a fresh coat of paint, new furniture the works. Then he needed staff, people to work the place. Mad Dog never had much trouble getting able and willing bodies. The strumpets of Dunwall lined up to work in the newly remodeled Kitty Cat Club with dreams of being a classy courtesan but only the best were chosen. Bill still needed someone special though, a head liner to really draw in the crowds. A creature of such beauty and lusty magnificence men would throw their families wealth at Mad Dog's feet just for moment of her company. There was only one person who could find talent like that for Mad Dog.

As if on cue Daud stepped out of the shadows of Bill's office. His cold gaze falling on his boss and long time friend respectfully as he gave him a subtle nod in greeting.

"What is it?"

Bill asked as he puffed out a thick cloud of smoke from his pipe. Daud reached into one of the numerous pouches that hung from his belt and withdrew a small note pad and a pencil. He jotted something down quickly before handing it to Bill. Mad Dog read the short note casually before his eyebrow arched in surprise.

"Well then, ain't that fortuitous? Just the man I was needin to have a little sit down with."

Bill said as he got to his feet and handed the note back to Daud. The silent guardian of Mad Dog Bill proceeded to lead his employer out of his office and down the hall to Daud's personal quarters where his numerous magical artifacts and treasures could be found. The room itself seemed to give off an eerie, otherworldly purplish glow as if the very darkness in which consumed the room was alive. A shrine in the corner could be seen where Daud would practice his dark arts and several magical artifacts were placed nearby it, some stranger than others. The wealth of weapons Daud employed on his day to day operations could be found here too, everything from swords and daggers to customized crossbows and those new pistols that had become all the rage.

It was the whispering gem that had brought Bill to his old friends room however. One of the ways Daud stayed in contact with Bill's contacts and agents all over. Ironic for a man with no tongue to posses a device that allowed you to speak to anyone with a counterpart gem yet Daud had become quite adept and communicating just fine with actions alone, usually actions that resulted in the loss of blood. Daud reached down to a table where a glyph was painstakingly carved into it and a small stand stood that held the gem. Daud picked up the gem gently and held it in his hands as he squeezed. The whispering gem began to emit a wispy bluish light before Daud turned to Bill with a nod.

Mad Dog stepped forward and pulled the pipe out of his mouth in order to speak with the man holding the gem's counterpart.

"Hey there Kenner, been too long. Daud tells me you got a little business for Ol' Mad Dog. That right?"

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Kenner only had to wait for several moments after Daud received his words, the man that was once a slave in his care was looking as though he has been keeping himself busy. Either with his own endeavors or otherwise, he was rather persistent in that which he chose to follow and partake on.
Through the perception of the small stone the whole of reality disappeared to make the world seem narrow and it was in this small spot light of existence that he awaited the voice that came from the other side.

"Hey there Kenner, been too long. Daud tells me you got a little business for Ol' Mad Dog. That right?"

The friendly voice put a slight smile on Kenner's face as he could recall the first days that he could really count on someone outside of the walls of Raven Loft. At least someone who wasn't paid with fraudulent sums of money and their tongue wasn't held by other unfortunate measures. Kenner grit his teeth for a moment as he thought of what to say as the stress of the day had already started to get to him and it could be heard in his voice.

"Apologies for skipping the refreshing dialog William.. but I have a certain thing needing caking care of and you are one I know who can get results.." Kenner was unconsiously rolling the orb in his palm and looked back at his door "There are two men heading towards Dunwall, they are taking the main road and its two drivers in the carriage with an empty cage in the back. They have a small satchel of silver on them from Raven Loft and that shall half your compensation for now. I want those men alive when they get here.. what shape their in however is up to you."

He gave the ball another small roll before raising it higher.."Now if you exscuse me I have a new addition in my house that needs care.. but still I emphasize alive. We can catch up when you get here."
Kenner puts the crystal orb back down on the small table which resounds with a knock as he walks off.

He moves fast for his apparent pace and keeps his feet as steady as a man damned, his walk back down stairs towards the main hall is an amorous one as well. He fumes from the thought of someone disrespecting the house that he leads and only changes his tune when he gets back in view of the new girl.
He looks back up as Roldan steps forward as well and is letting the girl sit with her meal next to her.
The maids had already come and changed her cloths into some presentable linens, even though she still had some dirt on her face and hands she was for the better now at least.

He gaze meets his as he bends to a knee and begins to inspect her for a few moments, going through his routine with a new slave did do something to calm his mind. She was a rather pretty sort and when saw her bindings had the inscribing for its suppression against her kind he leaned in and held to her head. Drawing in a deep breath as he did with Nix and took in what she would most likely be.."Ahh.. a wolf.. and a pure breed at that." He takes a deep look back at her face and see's that she still burns with a wild nature inside of her even though she doesn't appear to have it in a outward form.

Kenner thought for a moment on how strange a coincidence this is seeing that he called William, he might take a liking to this one on sheer reference.

* * * *

Pesshka stood at the wall and watched the others eat and thought that it was good she didn't have to really force anyone's hand and in her mind was grateful for not having to do so at all. She did like her work and for what it was worth she really did enjoy being over them, if not but in a more aggressive support capacity. Nix and Bloodsong finally came to their senses as they began to eat the food given to them.
She however also noticed one of the other slaves, nestled in the corner of her cell eating and sitting quietly in some sort of cold contemplation. Peeshka could see the thoughts going to and fro on her face as her eyes did the same mismatched dance. She had not touched her meals full portions and that tipped her off on the facts that either she didn't like that type of food at all, or she was a vegetarian. She smirked even though you could not see the expression on her mask as she approached Miyako's cell.

~Deep in thought I see... tell me, what are you thinking off child?~
She was sincere in the question, having known many slaves before this one she could already guess at her story and piece together where she might have come from. Seeing out the corner of her vision she caught the werehyena Nix as well clasped on the edge of her bed and resting. She could almost feel the emotion glowing off the girl in bestial form.

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Mad Dog Bill cast a fiery smile at his guardian, his thick mustache bristling with the motion.

"Hear that Daud? Sounds like fun right?"

Daud merely smiled ever so slightly before nodding and placing the whispering gem back on it's stand. Mad Dog beckoned for Daud to follow and he did so without a word, not that he could have said anything anyway. Bill was darkly chuckling to himself as he led his protector back towards his office.

"Tonight is going to be a night of special magnificence Daud ol' boy, I guarantee you that."

He said as they reached the light of his office, the lantern still casting a yellowish hue over the entire room. Mad Dog pulled his belt off a hook on the wall and once it was strapped on he began stowing away his assortment of nasty, lethal knives and of course his trademark cleaver.

"Kenner want's us to snatch up them boys that did him wrong, ain't sure what they did but boy are they about to get the surprise of their now very short lives."

Bill grabbed for his trench coat which he pulled on in a flash before grabbing for his top hat.

"Once we drop Kenner's guests off he an' I can have ourselves a chat on the matter of the girl I need. Once I get whatever angel Kenner has in store we can get The Kitty Cat Club up and running again. Start bringing in some real dough."

Daud nodded slightly in response, enigmatic as always. Mad Dog just smiled and patted him on the shoulder before breezing out the door and heading through the barrel corridors to reach the stairs.

"I want you to get a few of the boys together, then grab a carriage. We leave immediately. We'll catch these chauffers on the road and take em right back to Raven Loft."

Without a sound Daud then vanished, off to do his employers bidding. Daud, as always worked fast and by the time Mad Dog Bill reached the exterior of the distillery the assassin was standing there with six of Mad Dog's men and a horse drawn carriage ready to depart. Bill tipped his hat to him before hopping in the carriage. Once inside he knocked on the roof with his fist to signal for them to get on their way.

"Shove off fellas."

Bill Manhoon said before kicking back in his seat as the carriage lurched forward on it's intercept course for the slavers that had recently left Raven Loft.

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On a dark, lonely road leading into the iron monger that was Dunwall a carriage rode at a steady pace. It's riders were merely a driver and his co pilot sitting beside him. The old, shabby horses pulling the cart were in need of a rest and a good shodding, the latter of which would not be able to be afforded now due to the meager sum the slavers had collected at their last delivery. The primary driver happened to be griping about their wages just as they turned around the bend where the small stone bridge that would take them over the relatively thin river was standing. The driver's co pilot smacked his shoulder to get his attention before pointing to a dark shape in the middle of the road. As they neared it they slowed their horses down when one of them realized what it was.

"It's a carriage, fresh horses too. There might me some valuables inside."

The co-pilot said excitedly as he hopped off the carriage that was now coming to a complete halt. The other was a tad more wary of it and was glancing through the windows of the mysterious coach for signs of it's occupants.

"Yeah but where's the owners?"

"Evening lads."

Came a voice out of the darkness. The driver of the coach whipped around in his seat to see a burly man with thick mutton chops, a black bowler hat and bludgeon in his hand approaching the cart. Five more men appeared seemingly out of nowhere looking about as intimidating as the first and closed in on the two men. The man outside of the carriage cursed under his breath as fear gripped his heart.


He hissed at his counter part as he went for his knife. A quick punch to the jaw by one of the men with a set of brass knuckles floored him and caused him to spit up a mouthful of blood. The first man, the one who had spoken sauntered up to the wagon casually and climbed up to stand over the driver imposingly.

"Oh we're a lot worse than highwaymen friend."

The big man said before backhanding the driver right out of the carriage with the bludgeon. The driver hit the ground hard with a yelp of pain as his front three teeth were knocked clean out of his mouth from the blow. The driver looked at his cohort in terror as they both conceded themselves to death at the hands of these thieves. That's when they heard the name that froze their blood to the bone. The name that told them that they would go through a lot worse before death was granted to them.

"Get em up, Mad Dog's comin."

One of the thugs said as they reached down to haul the men to their feet. The three of the thugs grabbed hold of the two slavers and roughly yanked them to their feet. In the process they may have unceremoniously thrown a punch or two into their ribs and guts. The driver of the slaver cart groaned in pain as the bruising already forming around his ribs labored his breathing yet he managed to raise his head just enough to look upon the man he had heard such terrifying tales about .

"M-Mad Dog B-Bill..."

He stammered in fear. Bill just smiled cheerfully, standing there in his long brown trench coat and top hat.

"You know my name, I'm touched."

With a nod from Mad Dog one of his thugs through a hard right hand into the drivers face that broke his nose. The nose erupted into a torrent of blood as the slaver coughed in pain and shock.

"You don't get the privilege of speakin to me less spoken too, understand?"

The driver nodded weakly as he mumbled out a response.


Mad Dog cocked his head with an arched eyebrow as he eyed the man curiously.

"What's your mouth all glued up? I asked you a question."

A quick, hard punch to the gut from one of the thugs loosened the drivers tongue right up.

"Y-yes sir!"

He croaked out in pain.

"Good lad."

Bill said as he began to casually circle the two men.

"Now you boys have been awful busy tonight have you not? Been driving that little shit wagon of yours all the way up to Raven Loft in this weather? I'd be impressed if you wasn't so damned stupid."

Mad Dog said as he paused to stop between the two men and pat them both on the back. Once he leaned away from them he continued to circle them.

"See when yous was at Raven Loft you went and pissed off a friend o'mine, the lord of that House. Such anger he has passed down to me in order to make clear to you his displeasure. Observe. Daud?"

Bill said to the man in the shadows no one seemed to see. As if materializing out of pure darkness Daud stepped forward to stand before both men. The assassin's eyes were on his boss, awaiting a command.

"Break his arm."

Bill said bluntly as he motioned to the slaver that had not been driving the coach. Without hesitation Daud stepped toward the slaver and grabbed the man's wrist before twisting it expertly as he began to sob in terror. Once the back of the man's elbow was facing Daud he slammed his forearm into the slaver's elbow, snapping the bone at the joint. The slaver screamed out in pain as tears streamed down his face and his arm was now bent in a sickeningly awkward angle. The slaver continued to weep in agony as the thug that was once restraining him was now forced to support his weight. The other slaver, the one who'd been driving was still suffering from the rough beating he'd already received but managed to begin babbling out some pleas of mercy.

"Tsk tsk there son, I ain't in the business of handing out mercy. You want mercy howsabout you pray to your dear and fluffy lord for a miracle."

Bill said as he leaned in to look in the eye of the slaver. That said he leaned away and made his way back to his stage coach with Daud close behind.

"Boys, load em up. Put em in their own cages, a bit of comeuppance might do em some good."

The thugs chuckled darkly as they slapped around the slavers a bit more while they led them to the back of the cart and shoved them both into the cage their previous stock had been in only hours before. Once the beaten and bloodied slavers were secured away in the cage the Sons clambered up into the cart as one of them hopped into the drivers seat and began steering the horses to follow after Mad Dog Bill's coach which had already began to make it's way down the road toward Raven Loft.

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The storm was raging outside by the time the two coaches rode into the courtyard at Raven Loft. Rain come down in sheets from the pitch black sky. The wind howled with the fury of a demon and the chill of the knight gave a biting edge to the rain as it drove into the body. The horses galloped through the mud to come a well deserved stop within the light provided by the exterior torches of the villa. The two slavers, in the cage were soaked through from the rain and shivering badly. They were both near to hypothermia, coupled with the savage beatings they both sustained and the two men were in a truly sorry state. The Sons hopped off their wagon and exchanged glares with the protective guards that came to greet them. A troop of thugs from Dunwall was not usually a welcomed site.

Mad Dog Bill stepped out of the couch and onto the wet ground. The mud splashed his boots and tails of his coat as the rain streamed off the brim of his hat. His dark gaze flicked between the guards in attendance with bold enthusiasm. He strode forward with a proud smile as he threw a thumb in the direction of the caged slavers.

"Oughta go and fetch your boss, tell him I got him something..."

As Bill spoke his men unlocked the cage and hauled the two slavers out before tossing them in the mud at the guards feet. The two men groaned in pain weakly and slowly raised their heads. The realization of where they were hit them like a lightning bolt from an angered god and once again they began to weep for now they knew their pain had only just begun.

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Kenner looked down at the girl as she spoke.. "Genti?.. That is quite nice." his train of thought was interrupted by the pounding boots of a guard approaching from the entrance. "Master Kenner.. its Mad Dog, he has the two men from before.." Kenner's face brightens at the moment and he turns to look at Roldan, giving him a small signal to take the girl away.. "Take her to the atrium and have the others moved there as well. I will be on my way shortly."

Roldan blinks his reaction to Kenner's words and reaches down to lift up the smaller woman, the surprise almost making her drop the bowl. With he in hand he barks his orders to the other guards and they in turn run about gathering their things for moving all the others along as well.

But for now Kenner looks on as Manhoon and his men are lead into Raven Loft from the weather outside, he is also rather ecstatic to see the two suspects in tow among Bills cattery. They moved weakly with a wobble in each step, this was enough to tell Kenner that they had been worked over pretty well to get them to cooperate or even so for fun.
With the approach of the group both me were brought to their knees by two of Bills men and Kenner walked up in front of them with his hands on his waist and his robe split as before.. "I'm glad I can always count on you William" It was obvious now that Kenner and Mad Dog had a history and even thought it was a small footnote of time that registered for Kenner he was glad that such a man existed as to be counted on.

He stared down on the two pathetic excuses of man as they made small scrupulous noises to dictate their feeling towards the moment of their peril. The man on the left with his lightly brown and muddied hair has already starting to make a mess of the moment. Apperantly he soiled himself during the ride back, or maybe it was the man handling that Bills men gave him either which could not be discerned now anyway. The left one however, the little blonde man was also causing his own problems.
His nose somehow got broke before he got inside and an audible drip could be heard in the silence of the moment. Red dots of life dropped from his broken face and started leaving a small round reflective circle on the marble below. Kenner Sneered for a moment realizing that it would be his maids to clean up such a mess. Both men raise their eyes in fright and freeze when they see Kenner, who in turn leans in a small amount with his smile.. "What nothing to say?..." The blonde man stammers a small bit when he tries to answer but ends up swallowing his right to speak with a large resounding gulp in his throat.

Kenner raises himself and grabs the two men by the hair lightly twisting their heads to change position so he can speak and announce his orders.. "Guards.. I want them in a set of pared stocks and locked in the lower ring for three weeks." He tips the men back as the lose balance on their knees and fall backwards, their head smacking the marble easily causing more physical pain. The two guards on the stairs were quick to grab the men by the ankles and drag them off back towards the door, only to turn a corner and soon disappear down a ridged stair case.
Both of the men making sobbing sounds all the way, it was evident that they didn't know what was coming but they still feared it all the same.
Kenner produced a small rag from inside of his robe and wiped his hands clean of the muck that the men left behind, only to drop the rag and step forward and finally approach Mad Dog and take his hand in a hearty shake.. "Ahh.. Mad Dog Manhoon. Just the man that I can count on to make my day instantly better." They release the grip and Kenner looks at Daud with a large Grin.. "Welcome back as well Daud."

* * * *

Pen'g stood at the edge of the table and looked at the other Masters as they sat and finished their meals, Kaede was the first to act out with his small toast and while she was forbidden from drinking at the moment she gave him a slightly nod and smile. It was then that another entered from the adjacent door, it was another woman dressed in white. In fact she was dressed the same way as Peng'e, save for the fact that she had a rather large pony tail pulled in her hair with only the bangs sticking out. She looks at Peng'e and moves in to say something to her before moving back out of the room moving out of the main door. peng'e makes a slight face as she exist and returns her gaze back towards the group only when Eavia speaks up about wanting to see the slaves. She smiles and bows gesturing towards the rear door from where the other woman arrived and she walks out slowly so the others may have their time to rise and follow.

Meanwhile below Pesshka has stepped outside of Miyako's cell, she looked over at Nix as she spoke to herself. Either that or she was trying to get Pesshka's attention for some reason and the masked woman leaned in as she approached the werehyenas own container.
She presses her self against the bars as she tilts her head to hear the distant noise of boots approaching and turns back toward Nix. ~Well.. if you be a good girl and follow her lead.. then you will get your chance.~

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Mad Dog Bill shook Kenner's hand with a hearty warmth, earnestly glad to be once again working with his old ally again. Kenner and Mad Dog have known each other since Bill first started his meteoric, albeit bloody, rise to power. Kenner helped supply top shelf talent and Manhoon took care of the dirty work that needed to stay off the books. It was actually quite the lucrative business arrangement they had.

"Yeah well you know me, always happy to help a friend."

Bill said as the hand shake came to an end and the two men released their grip on the other. Daud merely gave a subtle nod of respect and greeting to his old master and Bill's ally. The show of goodwill from the mysterious, supernatural assassin may have seemed minuscule but was not lightly offered so to get such a offering was quite rare.

"So Kenner, while I'm here, ya might be able to help me out with a little something. I find myself in need of a little fresh blood, I figure you're the man to talk to about that."

Mad Dog with a grin. Mad Dog's mind was already beginning to envision what beauteous delights Kenner had in store for him.

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With the greetings done between Mad Dog and Kenner it is taken upon the business men to converse more as they walk for a while through the master hall.
Kenner is starting to understand that this day must have been some sort of test to get under his skin, however Williams presence is making everything seem much better as the time drew on.. "I see Manhoon."
"If you are looking for some new.. blood as you so lovingly put it, I may be able to facilitate."
He beckoned Mad Dog on and offered the extension to Daud as well and so the men began to walk out of the hall. As they left the guards who escorted the two men down below returned and continued with their own duties of standing guard at the stairs.

As the moved on it was easy to tell for Mad Dog that most of Raven Loft's insides had been renovated since he left with Daud in his keeping. Marble lined most of the floor and high archways gave the halls a towering appearance. Seeing that it was only barely after mid day many of the houses patrons were moving about to get back and forth between their respective stations. The sounds of the whole body that was this place echoed on around them while their foot steps were easily drowned out by the rest of such immense movement.

Kenner kept speaking to enhance the conversation between him and Mad Dog. "I do have an idea of what you could be looking for.. someone well enough for your new enterprise. From what I hear that new club will be ready for full operation soon." He dipped his head slightly as several woman passed by in sundresses, each with an assertive bounce in their step and it could be seen why. A woman was walking behind them who cast assertion in her face and dominance in her stride. It was her that was driving the group on to whatever activity they intended to be at next.
She gave Kenner a firm but respectful nod as she passed him and his two friends.
With their passing Kenner continued.."As of now all of my new additions that are not taken.. are rather bare."

"I do however have some unique new treats for our trainers at least."

As they kept moving in their purpose the three passed into a large rotunda of passageways with several stairways leading down into and away from it. This was the causeway, and it was the only part of Raven Loft that truly remained untouched from the renovations. Peng'E was leading the other masters into the rotunda at the same time and she could see Kenner ahead of the group. With a slight pause in her step the group was halted before fully surpassing Kenner's, she gave a slightly bow towards the masters accompanying her before Kenner himself greeted them.. "Ah yes.. its good to see you all here now, that is fine now Peng'E you can head back to mistress Thresh now." The woman in white bows once again flashing a slight smile as she heads back up the stairs from where the group came.

Kenner beckoned them onward and lead them further eastward into the keep and as he lead them on the hall began to become wider and taller, with a great vast light pouring in from the exit ahead. Each step lead them closer and as they walked the sounds of nature could be heard coming through the opening as well.
When the group broke the threshold it became clear to them what the name atrium meant.
It was a vast opening within the bowels of Raven Loft it had the makings of a massive gladiatorial arena, but instead of sand within the base of this giant ring there was a field. Trees and tall grass and a sizable lake in the center and all that many creatures could wish for. Kenner walks the group out onto the balcony of a large slope overlooking the atrium and presents it to them all. "Welcome to the atrium, a crowning example of design if ever there was one. As you look around you there is nature for all to see and if you cast your eyes above even the sun itself is part of Raven Loft."

He was not off when he said this, for when an eye was cast upwards a circular inverted dome could be seen dominating the roof of the atrium. It shined with a deep warm light that gave life as easily as the sun itself would do in mid summer.
"For all those slaves who want to see the world as they left it and come back to nature, however it is still safe to let them roam free here. There is no chance of escape even for those with the power of flight."

* * * *

Peeshka looked back at Nix as a look passed on her face that the masked warden would not have thought possible for the shape shifter to show. She tilted her head to the side as guards with restraining implements arrived in droves, each one in full dress and waiting with baited breath for Pesshka's words.
She cast her gaze towards them and spoke.. ~Alright pair up and get to your appointed cells..~ She looked up to see that behind several of them men were two guards with Genti in arm, they did little to hamper her movement and instead lent an arm to help support her weight for her as they helped her walk. The men & woman got to work as Pesshka walked closer to see Genti for herself. Stopping only a few feet away she stared for a few seconds before slowly leaning in, her expressionless mask looking on and red leather bindings creaking as she inched forward. ~I see.. a new one comes again unscheduled.~
"The master also wants her moved into the atrium with the others.." The guard holding her bowl in his right hand spoke in order to clarify. Peeshka only returned a twitch of her head in his direction before looking back at Genti before nodding.

Everyone was thus gathered up from their cells.
Awoken from slumber or lead out from their positions, some had to be restrained in order to keep the guards peace of mind. The cause to being marked with a black collar saw many of those slaves being treated as such. However the guards were gentle as they could be and courteous in their work, the master would not want to see them damaged what he had just come into possession of within the last hours.
It was then that the group of slaves, was lead towards their destination of the atrium. However they did not share the use of the upper walkways like the masters and more privileged slaves were used to. The area they walked was darker and more somber with wider halls and such open spaces as to maneuver large groups of bodies. This was the main way for the guards to transfer a mass of slaves from one point in Raven Loft to the other and while the atmosphere of this lower area was rather dim.
It still bore a fresh air and lenient energy about it.

The only exception to the move was Nitha, she was left within her cell. The guards did not have the material to move her nor the manpower at the moment and while Kenner with his gifts could transport easily, they would need several men to move her even with a dolly.

Within several minutes the group was lead through a causeway of their own and this one itself lead into the grassy area within the atrium. As the guards lead the slaves in one after the other was released from their bindings and left to stand within the light of the atrium's dome. Those with less tendencies to strike were released first and those with black collars were let go last before the guards passed through the cause way again and as the last stepped through a large gate was swung closed behind to bar an exit.

Pesshka stayed behind with Nitha looking into her cell..~I must say that it is good to see one of your kind again.. it has been some time since one with blood like yours has passed through these walls.~

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Miyako get up from her bed and joined the group in line. She was nervous and scared. She wasn't afraid of the woman with the mask, she was afraid of what was going to happen next. Her fear was not as bad as it had been before the woman spoke with her, was kind to her. If this had happened earlier she would have been terrified.
Miyako stood next to the other girl. The girl was human like her and had brown eyes, but after that they were different. The girl was lighter skin and had rounder eyes. She was older and taller. She had the look that Miyako had earlier; the sad and defeated look of someone whose whole world had come to an end. She wanted to talk to the girl, maybe be her friend, but she decided not to, in case.
She looked behind and watched as the guards placed special restraints on the slaves with the black collars. She understood now what a black collar was, but was still uncertain what a blue and orange collar was. The girl next to her had orange, so they had something else in common, besides being human girls.

They walked through darkened underground corridors that felt cold and unfeeling. She couldn't see much, but the dark. As they walked she could see some light in the distance, "That must be the atrium." she though, her heart beating faster and her breath got faster. She squinted when they were almost there, the light seemed so bright. She stepped into the atrium and it looked like a giant forest. She stared at the trees, the grass, the flowers, everything, there was even a lake in the middle. Miyako stopped and looked up at the sunlight shining through the glass above. It was amazing, especially to a girl from such a small and backward community to see that a place like this really exhisted.

Miyako looked up and she could see people; there was the man who told her she was an orange and blue, two very scary looking men, a woman in white, a woman with red hair and a man in white robes who looked like he maybe similar to her but she couldn't tell for sure.
The girl named Nix went to play in the trees, the Wolfkin rolled in the grass, Miyako decided to go sit on a rock by the water and just watch everything. She didn't really want to play, there wasn't anyone to play with and she was more interested in watching everyone else, especially the people above them.

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Kaede continues following behind the group. He slides a little further back with each step. Except for Peng-E the group makes him feel on edge, "There is something wrong with these people, if they're even people." he repeats to himself. He's not so much afraid as he is being cautious -- probably too cautious. He needs to make sure that he doesn't arouse suspicion among the Mistresses.
His caution is eased momentarily when their group merges with Kenner and his group. Seeing Kenner does bring some measure of relief, but the group he's with doesn't bring one iota of ease, rather they bot make the hair on the back of his neck stand. "Wonderful! We've run into a group of common-looking thugs." he murmurs in his mind, though he is certain that they are anything but common. "I never expected to see saints and women of wholesome virtue," Kaede contemplates, "But, I also never anticipated that I'd be rambling around the third plane of Hell either." He feels like he has crossed through Minauros with its vile rains and harsh winds, past the demonic hoard of guardians that protect Mammon's golden fortress. If Kenner were less human and more serpent-like, Kaede would swear Kenner was the Viscount Mammon. Kaede shakes his head clearing his head of such thoughts.

Kaede bows to the 'gentlemen', "Gentlemen. Good day to both of you. It's a pleasure. I am Prince Kaede Akimori second son of King Haru. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." As uncertain as Kaede feels about the two new men, this mission is not about these men, Kenner, the women or his concerns; it is about acquiring what he needs and getting what is rightfully his and if that means dealing with unscrupulous and amoral beings then so be it.

Kaede steps back to the women and follows Kenner down the hall toward the atrium.
"Welcome to the atrium, a crowning example of design if ever there was one. As you look around you there is nature for all to see and if you cast your eyes above even the sun itself is part of Raven Loft." Kaede stands in awe inhaling the entire scene with his eyes, etching every plant, every piece of glass, every carving, everything about the room. He is amazed by the splendor and workmanship of the room. This room surpasses anything piece of construction he has ever seen, "The number of master craftsmen it must have taken to design and build such a structure." he whispers, a gasp in his voice.
"For all those slaves who want to see the world as they left it and come back to nature, however it is still safe to let them roam free here. There is no chance of escape even for those with the power of flight." Kenner proclaims not hiding his pride in the splendor of the room.
"Amazing!" is the only thing the young Prince can think to say, his mind blank of any thought of the others with him and earlier concerns. "A man who crafted this is someone not to be trifled with." he etches into his brain.

His muses of the room are interrupted by the noises below. The slaves have arrived. Kaede plants his focus on the slaves. He sits down and observes, the way the Emperor does when he picks a special woman for the evening. His attention begins with the rowdy young one who was singing an odd, but threatening song. Kaede smiles, "The dog that howls the loudest is not always the most dangerous. But, never be too quick to judge." he thinks.
The creature rolling in the grass is the next to earn his attention. It's a tall and fascinating looking being. He wonders how it might fare in a fight, if it could be trained to kill, and more importantly, kill the right target. That one wears black, while the girl has red and black.
"Interesting!" he says in a low voice as he tries to imagine them finishing off his father and brother. But the image doesn't come to him. Something about them bothers him. "For now." he says nodding his head.
He watches some of the others going about their routines and then his eyes fixate on a girl sitting near the lake. He cocks his head, sits up and leans forward, "She's one of us." he tells himself, shocked that a girl that might be from his region could be here. "Who would sell one of our people to this place? The Emperor would be infuriated should he discover this." he shouts in his head. It's possible he could be wrong. He etches that girl to his memory as well, "I will need to learn more about her." he whispers.

"Kenner, sir," Kaede says turning toward his host, "Questions. That girl down there singing that strange song. That creature rolling in the grass. Why do they have black collars. Specificall, Sir. I understand they're dangerous. Can I speak to them? Do they have the intelligence to understand? I mean, the girl is singing a song, but I can teach a parrot to do the same. That doesn't mean it would understand me and be able to hold conversation. No disrespect intended." he pauses for a brief second, "Oh, and that girl by the lake sitting there with her thoughts in the blue and orange collar. What of her? May I speak to her?"

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The larger man gives Emalyn a stiff stare as she responds to Roldan's question, he almost starts to lift his hand and strike her. This must stem from the fact that she basically ignored him for the entire trip from start all the way to finish.
His eye catches a small glint of metallic silver before his arm reaches back all the way and he realizes that the tip of a rapier is pointed narrowly at his chin. Roldan had slipped the papers to one side and produced the blade from its sheath on the back of his hip and his grip on it is rock solid as he points it further in and begins to prod the man on his lower lip. "I would suspect you to know the house rules.." The other trader lays his hand on his own face and speaks in the defense or his partner. "I apologize sir.. He doesn't get out much and I was rather apprehensive to bring him to begin with."

Two of the other guards step forward to edge the girl away from her original handlers, moving her behind Roldan and taking her into the doorway. Roldan takes his share of the papers and presses a small bag of silver into the hands of the more sensible trader while the other stepped back into the back of the carriage while still rubbing his chin.
He looks back at Emalyn as he steps towards her and smiles at the young Neko.. "Yes.. This will be your home now and don't worry, we will take good care of you." He reassures the young girl, petting her head lightly and brushing her ear with his fingers.
"Take her to the holding area.. Master Kenner should still be there and he would want to see her as well."
Roldan dropped his hand and stuffed the papers under his arm as he walked by, intent on going to his office to file the new arrival. While he does this the other two guards move Emalyn along with them down the side passage and through the master hall.

Peeshka finally enters the patio overlooking the Atrium as she peers at the other Masters, noticing that one is missing she strides over to the rail and looks down to see her getting aquianted with some of the other slaves. She cranes her head to the side as she speaks down into the clearing..~Time to head back now little one's.~
The guards were opening the main door as she finished speaking and they moved once again with the same trained sequence they had done before. Approaching the slaves calmly and cautiously, setting restraints and coaxing them out the gate as a reminisces of what happened before. The guards sway past Mistress Syntira, unfortunately they had to interrupt her conversation to get all the slaves rounded up and back out of the atrium.
"Apologies Mistress.. as per Master Kenner orders we are order to bring the slaves back to the holding area." Strangely the guards do not wait for a reply as they issue the slaves away and disappear themselves.

The leather clad Peeshka looks back at the other Masters and informs them..~It is now getting late and now dinner will be delivered to your quarters for tonight's meal.. so please enjoy your first night.~ She gives a slight bow as she leans back on the rail and falls over, her body giving away to a quick fall as she lands with an intense solid thud.
Her body recovers quickly however and she trots over to Syntira's person.
~Well.. Mistress, I suspect you would either like to eat or finish your little conversation. That or you could do both at the same time.. however you would have to pay for that dinner." It was obvious that she was making a sly little stab at her origins and if she had a face behind that mask it would be wearing an intense smirk for the moment.

It took some time while everyone was being ushered to and fro with their own effects passing by, a small audience of guards was given to the Masters to bring them back to their respective room. On their arrival they were met with the presentation of a personal dinner laid on the center table of their rooms. A meal fit for their taste and pallet was presented but one would guess how someone would have access to such knowledge.
The slaves in turn were returned to the holding area and instead of being brought in, one was released and allowed entry for them to get better acquainted with the new rooming.

Kenner looked to Quinn as she turned away from him and he noticed the small strip of incantations under her sleeves. He was quick to reach out and grab her right hand and pull her back around to face him, holding her arm closely so he can inspect it. By this time the other slaves were being released back into the room, one by one they came in and their bindings were released.
"It looks as though you were the center of some concern for a few people." He smiles for a while as he can be seen contemplating something as it crossed his mind. "I know of a way to quickly have you released if that if your wish.. but it is dangerous" as the slaves finished with their reentry he dropped her arm softly before returning. "We will finish this some other time.."

He walked past her and strode past Silver who was still situated next to Nitha and dipped his fingers in the fountain, giving the water a small flick as he walked past them to get their attention. "Alright ladies.. get ready for dinner." He walked up to the others as they got situated as well and spoke to them.
"Alright I suggest everyone grab a seat somewhere or at your beds and hold tight, Evix should be here with the food and I suggest everyone be at their best behavior." He laid his eyes on Nix and gave the hyena a smile with some teeth showing on his side before moving past.
His eyes pick out the new Neko girl who was being let into the door with by two other guards on the opposite door. He kept a cock sided look to his head as he walked up on the young girl and turned his eye to the guards. "Unregistered? The guard shook his head slightly and returned "No sir, Roldan says she was contracted through one of our agents." Kenner flashed a look of realization and issued the guards to move with their work as he took the young girl in his hands, holding her lightly at the shoulders and looked her over.

"My.. you are young, go ahead and take a bed for now while dinner comes. We will get you a collar tomorrow morning."
He sets the girl to his side and steps past as Peeshka shows up around the corner, she leaned around the doors edge and scanned her vision over the whole room, it was as if she was waiting for something.