The Haala Condition

The Haala Condition


After tragic events, have you been left broken and left to pick up the pieces by yourself? There is hope, Haala can help.

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Bad things happen to good people.

And something bad happened to you. Maybe you lost an arm, leg, or are stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. From fault of your own or from someone else's carelessness. Either way, you are no longer whole, you cannot do any of your favorite activities, hobbies or just plan get around without those looks of pity. Sure, you could tough it out and prove to the world you are a strong soul. Live off the crumbs government or the insurance company might throw you, IF they approve your application.

The Haala can help.

The Haala Basics and History.

The one drive for the colony was learning. They wanted to explore worlds. What better way to understand a world was through the eyes of the natives. The Haala colony came to earth and established their link with one of the inhabitants. This one was the speaker for the Core members of the colony, the Messenger’s job was to find willing candidates for the fledglings to inhabit. No one could be forced to join, that would kill one or both of the parties.

Most were people that had some physical handicap, with the Messenger’s promise they would be whole again, they followed him. Thus they became a host to a Haala fledglings. The Haala were industrious people their hands produced the finest grades of any given craft.

The hosts were stronger and more aware of their surroundings than the regular human. They had talents of the mind which caused much fear in the non hosts. Thus causing a rift between the Haala and the regular humans, which always led to bloodshed. For the peace loving Haala, this caused much sorrow to see such destruction. Still, they were not doormats and will defended their families, liberties and lands.

After the wars, the colony had to regroup and attempt to save their fledglings from permanent death. They would gather all they could and recuperate, time would pass and the Haala became just a myth in human history or wiped out completely. Than a Messenger would appear once again and the cycle would repeat.

Recent history.

In 1972, a man named Vincent Edwards was swimming in of the deeper mine pits near Crosby, Minnesota. He had just been certified for deep lake diving and was far too eager to explore the deep mine pit. Going out alone was dangerous and reckless at best. He was sure nothing would happen, he sank beneath the surface and swam toward the bottom.

During that time exploring the bottom, he began to hear voices. He panicked not seeing anybody in the darkness around him, he was held still by powers beyond his body and spoken to gently. He learned much during that time, more than his brain could handle. His friends found him floating limp at the surface of the lake. When they touched him he roused from his state and smiled at his friends. He apologized for the scare and came with some excuse to his lack of response to their calls. Vincent went to his large home in Brainered where he had time to think and finally accepted the call to be the voice of the Core.

The Haala population grew in record numbers as people flocked to have bodies whole again, much rejoicing went through the Haala members. As in the past they kept to themselves and used the work of their hands to gain financial means to support themselves. The members bought land around the blue eyed and blond hair Vincent estate. The estate itself was built into a huge complex where many of the newly joined would reside until they felt they were strong enough to rejoin the community.

The Haala hosts spread through the United States like wildfire, in a mere twenty six years they were nearly one hundred thirty thousand strong dotting the whole country side.

Vincent was doing his best to insure national and local governments that the Haala were no threat to them. They were here simply to aid humanity and dwell in peace. His words and promises fell upon deaf ears of some, they saw only a threat with these monstrosities. A secret fraction calling themselves Natural Human (NH) started a campaign against the Haala ‘cult’. They attempted to use politics to keep this ‘plague’ from spreading, when that didn’t work they started using fear tactics. Groups would attack the Haala hosts injuring or killing them. Vincent was outraged and used his own sources in the governing bodies to put a stop to the violence against his people.

June 12, 2002 at two o’clock in the afternoon, Vincent was yanked out of his car by a group of five men. Gasoline poured on him and with a flick of a wrist they killed the Messenger.

All the hosts felt the pain of that moment, they all knew something horrific had happened. A lot of them saw their leader being burned alive from someone who had filmed it and posted it on the internet. In the three hours after Vincent’s death thousands of Haala were murdered, most fled to the main complex in Brainerd for safety. Some started fighting back against those murders they were arrested or killed.

Five o’clock that same day, in an assembly hall of the main haala complex. One of the teachers of the college was speaking to the masses trying to calm their fears and give them answers of what they will do next. He was no Messenger and had no direction from the Core.

“Peace and rest yourself from fear,” a soft yet powerful voice said. Everyone turned to the black haired man standing in the doorway. His dark tanned face had the single white line from the hairline down the middle of his face and disappearing down behind his collar. There were five delicate lines that were spaced evenly around his neck. The mark of the Messenger, all the fledglings hummed with joy inside their hosts minds. “I am Thomas Anderson I am the speaker for the Core.”

It was then the gathering was announced. The hosts from all across the states moved to Brainerd, Minnesota for protection. The NH felt they had won a huge battle in the war, and felt they needed to quarantine the ‘infected’ and had a massive fence erected around the cities limits. (yes it is very long and took two years to complete the project) Those who were not as willing to leave their homes were gathered by the military and relocated with the rest of their kind.

No new members were accepted. No new fledglings able to open their understanding to the world around them. No natural humans beyond families of the hosts were allowed inside the gates of the city.

Beyond the fenced lands of the Haala, the general population suffered from the lack of aid the Haala had readily given. The economy began to suffer from the masses of poorer classes in desperate need of food, shelter and medical treatment. The local and national governments sagged under the financial weight from the spike in numbers on welfare and social security. As well as the thousands of lost jobs when the Haala business owners closed their doors and moved.

After ten years of silence, the gates of the Haala opened once more.

In this roleplay the player has two options.

First, a worker that has applied for a much needed job within the cities of Brainerd aka Haala City. Not many humans will be welcomed and must earn respect from the hosts.

Second, a human that had been crippled in some way. (And before you even ask, no cosmetic problems such as a scarred face and so on will not be accepted)

The person that has been accepted to be a host will be taken to the medical wing, there they will find the fledgling that will accept them. Once that has taken place, the fledgling will forsake the snake like body and turn into a mass of goo which will sink through the pores of the skin. Normally over the spinal cord, the sensation has been described as a tingle or tickle. The host will sleep for four days thereafter as the fledgling connects with all the bodies systems.

Upon waking, the new host will be welcomed by the Messenger who will insure all is well with both host and fledgling. He will be told by the fledgling of the intentions of the host so he can act accordingly. (Thus a member of the NH cannot become a host in effort to learn their secrets.)

    Things the new host will know about themselves upon waking.

  • There is a great loyalty to the Core and the Messenger instilled from the fledgling to host. The Core is considered loving parents to the fledgling.
  • The body is whole and is stronger than before.
  • Host markings on 75% to 95% of the body. Including the face. It can be any shape, this marking is the ‘fingerprint’ of the fledgling it is unique. The marking of the Messenger cannot be used. The color will depend on the ‘class’ of the fledgling, see below. When the host is threatened, the fledgling will form a thick scale armor around the host that ooze from the marking and harden in ten seconds. (Haala’s embrace) This armor cannot stop bullets or blasts from a landmine or other similar effects. The markings of the host are echoed on the scales.
  • The host can hear and sing in perfect pitch. The fledgling hums and sings in the hosts mind, this communication will relay the feelings of the fledgling to the host, who then can act upon that.

There are three ‘classes’ of fledglings:

Protetor: Makings are blue.
This host is stronger OR has more dexterity than the others. Their armor can take more abuse and can be worn for longer periods of time. The protectors are the first line of defense in the haala military and the peacekeeprs of the community. The host will have a one power that is their main ‘weapon’ which can be nearly any superhuman ability. (at the GM’s discretion)

Healer: Markings are green.
This host will sing or hum one perfect note to pull heat from the air around them. They are able to convert that energy into healing power. The only way to transfer this energy to the wounded is through a touch skin against skin. (Most hold the other’s hands.) These hosts are considered very honored and precious, and they tend to have a protector assigned to them to keep them safe. A healer cannot heal a human who doesn't have a fledgling.

Craftsmen: Any color except blue, green or white.
These are the workers, artists and craftsmen. They are able to produce high quality items of their given professions. Their natural in the gifts before they were joined are enhanced. (For example a human painter becomes a host that skill is blossomed in the four days of sleep. Or a public speaker can stir the audience even more.)

Come and experience the Haala Condition.

Toggle Rules

To the best of your ability, use clear English; strive for correct spelling and good grammar.

Try to keep your posts longer than one paragraph of more than three sentences for each character played. The more the better for your writing group. I don't want to see "He smirked at her and took another drink of wine." Characters have thoughts feelings and the five senses (or more if they have special abilities) Don't forget them. Also know that your character should be a 'living' and 'feeling' entity, they have more than just ONE mood.

Do not use thoughts or other information against the character. If 'he' did something outside the room 'she' is occupying than 'she' has no knowledge of this. Therefore 'she' cannot act upon it.

Have thick skin. Remember bad things will happen to your character in a game, don't take it personally. Use your creativity to get your character out of that situation. If the action truly upsets, talk to that writer or the GM. Do NOT just disappear and leave the thread hanging.

Please read don't skim, if you do you may miss on important elements or part of the environment that is being created. If you don't understand, ask questions.

As always, no godmoding. Seriously.

This is a writing forum if pictures are used for the character, please describe them in words anyway. Especially if you are playing a host. The markings are a very important part of the character.

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#, as written by Yolo

The setting changes from Alternate Earth to Haala City


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#, as written by Yolo
Thomas stood next to the window in his office on the third story of the main complex, gazing below the city and people below him. The city was a marvel to behold, it was the very essence of creativity and commerce. They had to be very creative about their surplus and trash during the time they have been locked away from the rest of the world. They had gotten a jump on reuse and recycling nearly all things.

Nearly everyone had a small garden somewhere on their property as well as community ones for those stuck in apartment buildings. There were thousands of large barrels about the city to catch rainwater to use in gardens, some even adapted that water to use inside the house. After the machine was perfected the Haala were able to gain raw materials for useful items such as solar panels, wool, and other things.

Cars were no longer of use since they were unable to bring in gasoline and oils in and most had been dismantled and used for other more practical means, namely the machine that was housed in the basement of the complex. It was a fail safe to ensure the continuation of the colony. It was used sparely at first to make sure the hosts body could withstand the effects of the power forces behind it. With all great power, came a lot of rules, and the sphere didn't come with instructions. Thomas knew what it was the moment he laid eyes on it, thanks to the core's memories. The whole concept, hope for the best, prepare for the worst was alive in him.

That thought lead him back to the present, and the agreement to open up the community to the human neighbors. He knew it was the only way for the colony to expand their knowledge of this world and the people in it. He also feared that it would end them in a horrific way. As of right now, there were several in the sleep as the fledgling and human become one, he could feel the anticipation of the general population about these new arrivals. He also had the bubbling inside him, which was always dampened by his concern for his people and their future. He closed his eyes and let out a long breath, he felt the whispering of the five minds skittering against his. "I worry," he stated.

Amusement rolled through his mind from the only female of the five which caused him to shiver. "You always worry," she answered him.

"Messenger Thomas," a voice called from behind the closed door a soft knock sounded, before it opened.

"Yes?" He said turning toward his adviser, who was wearing her favorite cream colored pant suit.

She smiled at him, clasping her hands in front of her. "The new host is waking."

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Alternate Earth

Alternate Earth by Yolo

The wide expanse of the Unite States, characters can start here if they are not becoming hosts.

Haala City

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Alternate Earth

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Haala City

Haala City by RolePlayGateway

A place of safety for the host.

Haala City

Haala City Owner: RolePlayGateway

A place of safety for the host.

Alternate Earth

The wide expanse of the Unite States, characters can start here if they are not becoming hosts.

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The one drive for the colony was learning. They wanted to explore worlds. What better way to understand a world was through the eyes of the natives. The Haala colony came to earth and established their link with one of the inhabitants. This one was the speaker for the Core members of the colony, the Messenger’s job was to find willing candidates for the fledglings to inhabit. No one could be forced to join, that would kill one or both of the parties.

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