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rouge controlling the void

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a character in “The Hadden Training Academy”, as played by Deathbound

So begins...

Deathbound's Story


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James Buchanon

A faulty roll over in his small bed awoke James, far earlier than he would have liked. 4:13am, the clock read as he opened his eyes up enough to see it.

"Fucking shit." he muttered to himself as he rolled out of bed, and grabbed a particularly dark suit, and puled his ironing board out. James always believed his suit looked better pressed, but he wasn't particular, as long as there weren't any wrinkles. After ironing, and preparing himself for the day, he decided to go to his favorite morning spot on top of the dorms for the sunrise. He checked his watch, 5:26am. He had another 14 minutes until it started. Praying nobody was watching, he stuck his head out of his room and looked around. He saw a flash of a girl making her way downstairs, but besides that, it was clear. He usually avoided breakfast, as it bothered his stomach to eat that early in the morning. Giving the hallway another once over, he made his way up the stairs, towards the roof hatch.

He pushed the hatch open with ease, slid over the old wooden chair he had stolen from the common room (nobody had even noticed it's absence yet), lit a smoke, and sat down to watch.


It wasn't as bright as some had been, but it was breathtaking nonetheless. A smile crept across James face as he watched the tail end of it. His lack of control over himself had probably brightened the lights in the dorms, but not enough that anyone would really notice. He could feel himself doing it by accident sometimes and wouldn't bother fixing them, but he normally kept himself in check. He checked his watch again. 7:45. Announcement in 3......2.......1........ "All students please report to Training Center A in approximately 15 minutes. Thank you"

"Fair enough, it is monday morning" James whispered to himself, as he looked towards the ground. In lieu of wasting his time running down the stairs, he decided speed was the best option as he leapt off the roof, porting himself a few feet away moments before hitting the ground. He was praying nobody noticed, but it looked like he wasnt that lucky, accidentally landing himself right in front of the kitchen window, looking right inside.

"Hi" he said weakly, almost dying of embarrassment. May Parker, and Adrian Reyes were staring back. Part of a popular clique in Hadden, he never really talked to them much, but this didn't exactly seem like something he could just walk away from. Against his better judgement, he motioned for them to open a window, they obliged. He ported himself in, grabbed a particularly red apple, and gingerly spoke. "H..h..hey, I'm James. You're Adrian, and..... May, right?" He spoke as though he wasn't entirely aware of them, even though he knew full well who they were. Their parents were legends, and here he was, some nobody, who had literally been tortured into having powers. It didn't seem fair for them to have to even be in the same room as some nobody.