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A small female fox/griffin

0 · 274 views · located in Alternate realm (Alternate earth)

a character in “The Half Breed”, as played by theultimatevera


A large female fox/gryphon with the usual colors and markings of a fox, with a torn right ear and a scar running down her back right leg along with orange silver streaked angel wings She is very loyal, and strong for her size. She is usually serious, but can be playful when she wants to. She is very stealthy and can sneak up on almost anything, she can speak any language.She has a soft spot for pups. She is 3 years old in human years. She uses all fours but can stand on two legs if needed, and can heal injured creatures.

So begins...

Nama's Story

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Character Portrait: Nama Character Portrait: Matsurika Half Breed
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Nama was resting in a large clearing of a forest, watching the birds fly in the clear blue sky. She was slowly standing up, when she heard the cracking of a twig underneath the weight of something. She snapped her head around, but it was too late. Before she felt the blow, she saw two aquamarine eyes staring down at her, then everything went black.