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Jackson "Jax" Hale

0 · 576 views · located in Nashville, Tennessee

a character in “The Harts of Nashville”, as played by ThrillerNight




[size=85]Full Name| Jackson Tobias Hale
Nickname(s)| Jax, Jack, Toby
Age| 24
Gender| Male
Orientation| Straight
Hometown| Portland, Oregon
Occupation| Bass Player

- Swimming
- Classic rock
- Classic cars (especially his Pontiac GTO)
- His Fender bass
- Big dogs
- Cooking
- Zombie and sci-fi movies
- Contact sports
- Vegetables and vegetarians
- Going slow
- Pompous people
- Getting up early
- Prudish people
Quirks| Jax loves to be viewed a sexy, bad-boy, manly-man, but secretly really enjoys cooking for himself- and not just the stereotypical manly things either. When he's not getting his laps in at the pool or writing music, he's in cooking class or surfing the web for new recipes. He isn't very good at using the computer however, no matter how he tried to figure it out it just baffles him. This incompatibility with technology is especially odd given that's very good at building things, and even repairs his own cars- in fact, he won't let anyone else even touch or drive his baby.
Fears| Despite his tough-guy image he is insanely afraid of wasps and bees, if you asked him Jax would tell you it's entirely due to his allergies, but put him in a room with anything resembling a yellow jacket and he starts to climb the walls. After being stung once in the third grade and having to be rushed to the emergency room he's never quite been the same around insects, and now he can't even stand to look at them. Jax would rather die than admit to his fear, however, and so does his best to stay out of wooded areas or other places where bees are known to lurk.
Secrets It's not too big of a secret, but for a while he was with one of the Hart sisters- and although he's not really interested in pursuing their relationship again he never misses the opportunity to flirt with her, especially when her fiancee is around. Other than that his only major secret is that he's always wanted to be a rockstar like the men of AC/DC or ZZTop- sans the beards. He'd also love to have one of the songs he wrote featured on the girls' next album.
Personality| Jax likes to think of himself as a hardrocker, every girl's bad-boy fantasy, and although he is in many ways, there are many parts of him that aren't. Some of his more jarring traits include his love of cooking, animals, and sci-fi movies; get him around any of those things and he instantly forgets his tough, cocky exterior and starts acting like a kid in a candy store. Although he's never one to shy away from a conversation, get him started on any of those topics and he can talk your ear off for days. For Jax, the things that he likes are his whole world and no matter how hard he tries to hide his passionate interior, it seeps through in the oddest ways.
When he's more in control of himself, Jax is the totally cocky, rocker. He likes to give the impression that the only thing he cares about is sex, drugs, cars, and rock'n'roll, so he tried to appear aloof and hard to reach. This means that he doesn't go out of his way to appear friendly, often waiting for others to talk to him first, unless he's giving some girl a one-liner. Even though he flirts with every girl he's introduced to, he's not too interested in pursuing them and never puts a lot of effort in to making them fall for him. On the whole, Jax is too busy pursuing what he loves to be too weighed down with relationships; despite this however, he never lets anyone down and is always there for whoever needs him. Even if it's someone he doesn't know, Jax does whatever he can to help a person in need.
History| Growing up in Portland with his Mom and younger siblings, Jax was always the man of the household. Ever since his father left them when he was five and his brother and sister were barely one and two respectively, he'd been trying to be as grown up as possible. While his mother was at work-working multiple shifts day and night as a nurse- he had been the one making sure the other two got to bed on time, making their lunches, and- in the case of his sister- doing their hair. Working as both a father and sometimes a mother gave Jax the sense that he had to take care of everyone, but at the same time caused him to start acting out. When he was in school he was a horrible pain to his teachers, of course he did all his work, but he would never do what they asked and always tried to be the center of attention.
Everything changed, however, when his mother met a lawyer his sophomore year in high school; they dated barely a year and half before the two got married and Jax and his siblings were forced to move to his new step-father's home in Nashville. Although he missed Portland more than anything for about a year and half, the change wasn't completely horrible for him. Now that his siblings and he were older, not to mention that they now had a Dad and a Mom that didn't work all day every day, he had more time to pursue whatever he wanted. It was in Nashville that his passion for guitar turned into something more; here there was an opportunity for him to pursue his love of music, and now he had the connections to do so. Luckily for Jax, his new Dad worked as a signing attorney for one of the biggest record labels in the country- stationed in the center of Nashville.
It was at this record label that he met the Hart sisters. He was working as a part-time studio musician at the time, and something about one of them really caught his attention. But as they always say, never mix business with pleasure and soon their relationship fell apart. He still considers them really good friends and has no qualms flirting with her, but keeping his job in the band- as well as not hurting his father's reputation- are more important to him than anything else at the moment.
Clay Hale, 21
Ailee Hale, 20
Right forearm
Shoulder blade

So begins...

Jackson "Jax" Hale's Story