Boukyaku Senritsu

"I would be nothing without my music."

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a character in “The Haunted Meeting At Millside Manor”, as played by ShidoAzureAuraMist


Nickname: Dark Adonis

Age: 23

Personality: Boukyaku is calm and charming, he doesn't talk all that much and seems to be apathetic and absent minded but in reality he always has deep thoughts and is off in his own world thinking, he is very intelligent and kind-hearted though his appearance may make him seem like a mean and uncaring guy. His can sometimes get angry at the drop of the hat but he never does anything about it, he merely holds in all of his feelings and he never speaks about his past.

Details about Boukyaku: Boukyaku is the lead singer and guitarist of an all male goth group known as the "Bleeding Iris's", he like dark colors and isn't much of a morning person sometimes. From time to time he can be rude if you get on his bad side or upset him, though even then his attractive features make his anger seem even more charming and sexy causing women to fawn over him even when he gets angry sometimes which is very rare. It is also said that he has slept with many women but in actuality he has never even been with one or even dated one let alone kissed one. Boukyaku also loves dark colors such as violet, indigo blue, crimson red, and black, along with some lighter colors such as grey or white.

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Boukyaku Senritsu's Story