The Haven

The Haven


Kids, who all hold mysterious supernatural abilities, flock to the one place they feel safe. The Haven. But what happens when it starts to get threatened? (More Inside...) (4 Spots Open!)

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You have been alone most of your life. Switching from foster home to foster home, sitting in an orphanage for god knows how long, or just been simply living on your own. Not only that, but you possess certain... abilities. You have never had great control over these abilities, and one day something happens, an event that erupts due to the little control you possess.. This is how they found you, the two that asked you to come with them. The two who are exactly like yourself, except with different abilities of course. They lead you to an old building in Rome Italy, where they tell you it’s a home for you, and where you won’t be alone any more. There you focus on reaching the potential, and control of the ability you posses, with the help of all the others there. They call this building The Safe Haven, because that’s exactly what it is.

But what happens when it's comes under threat?

The safe haven doesn't feel so safe any more. Just recently, little threats have arise here or there stating that this so called rebel group knows of their existence. It started out small, just emails or notes shoved into your pockets when you weren't looking, while out in town. But they've stated coming to the front door, though forms of things missing, broken things, and shattered glass. It seems harmless for now, but what happens if it turns dangerous?

The Safe Haven

The Safe Have is an old, but beautiful abandoned building on top of a hill in Rome, Italy. Its secluded and has many acres that belong to the property. There's old stone stairs that go down the hill that lead into the city, but they take about ten minutes in total just to get down. Sometimes teenagers and things creep into the building assuming of course its abandoned, but often times leave because they see the shadows of us living in it, sometimes even encountering us and running away in fear of being caught and in trouble. Each person has their own rooms, but even so with the group that live in it, the building seems large, and some of the new people who arrive even get lost in the maze of what it is. There are things such as the main corridor, living spaces, kitchen, a garden and green house in the back, and even a musical room with a grand piano placed inside. It really is an old piece of history.



The characters should be around the ages of 16-19. The Two's age should be 17-19. Remember that if you are not one of the two starter characters who found the others, you have little control over the Ability. The amount of you're control depends on how long you're character has known about it, and used it. I want one ability per person but remember there are branches of this you can do with a single ability, and you can add onto those branches as your character because more experienced. The characters are allowed to leave the safe haven and roam around Rome and such. Along with training for abilities, we will go through strength training, and there is a dummy range outside.


(Since these two found each other long before the others, they would have a past. So please message me whoever takes the second one, and we will come up with their relationship and everything)


1)The Two #1||Female||Name:Atheya Vera||Ability: Mind Linking||Age:17-19||FC:Lily Collins||TAKEN(AmeliaIsGhostly)

2)The Two #2||Male||Name:???||Ability: ???||Age:17-19||FC:???||OPEN


1)The Found #1||Female||Name:???||Ability: ???||Age:17-19||FC:???||RESERVED (The Toxic Cereus)

2)The Found #2||Male||Name:???||Ability: ???||Age:17-19||FC:???||OPEN

3)The Found #3||Female||Name:???||Ability: ???||Age:17-19||FC:???||OPEN

4)The Found #4||Male||Name:???||Ability: ???||Age:17-19||FC:???||OPEN

If these fill up and people are still interested, I might be willing to add two more spots.

-Real Face claims are preferred. If you have trouble finding one, I can help you out. Once you know your FC, send me a gif so I can add it to the front page.
-Like said above, around the age of 16-19
-Tell me what ability you will be using before submitting your character, I will have to approve it.
-You can send in a WIP as long as its not completely blank, but just make sure you do finish it.
-Reservations last for 48 hours, if you need a longer time, just message me and I will extend it for you. Reserve through OOC or PM, whatever is best for you.

Character Skeleton

-There is no set character skeleton, but please include all the basics.

For the two, please include past history, and how you two found each other etc.

For the ones found, please include past history, the event that happen that made the two found you, etc.

If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to ask me! I know this can be kind of confusing.

I do have a pre-set character skeleton if you wish to use it, just message me if you want.


1)Swearing is fine, just don't go overboard.

2)Please, no god modding, Mary Sues etc.

3)No killing anyones characters or harming them, at least not without their consent.

4)Romance is great! Just don't go into some of the "details" that may occur.

5)Try and include everyone!

6)Post should really be above 250. And I want you active! Please try to get a post in maybe twice per week.

7)Please be active, and if your stuck not knowing what to post, ask me and I will help you and come up with a plot idea, don't just stop posting when everyone's waiting on you.

8) Reservations last 48 hours unless reason for an extension!

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