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Julius Caesar

"I'm not a hero. No, I mean it, I'm not a hero. Ask someone else to save them."

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a character in “The Heart Given”, as played by libidinosus



Julius Amator Caesar


Character title
Human One, Master One


Asexual || Panromantic


Julius has eyes that seem to be tinted purple, whether this is natural or artifical is to be seen. Julius himself is of above-average height, 5'11" to be precise, and stands out in a crowd due to this fact. Julius has a pocketknife kept on him at all times in case of emergencies.

Feelings towards animal spirit
Julius doesn't feel threatened by his animal spirit, but he doesn't feel any particular inclination to help her. He'll have to spend time analyzing her to make a somewhat correct deduction. He does plan on using her to his advantage, but may end up becoming attached to her.

Feelings towards scientists
Julius sees the scientists as an obstacle for him to destroy should they interfere with his plans. He will not hesitate to fight against them should they show malice towards him, but has no reason to stop them from 'making the world less weak'.

Julius is not a hero nor is he necessarily a villain. He just is. He lives for his survival and for his own needs. His own needs, however, can be the survival of others. Julius takes advantage of all he is given and is not morally obligated to help anyone. He is not however, completely cold-hearted. You'll most likely see sarcasm, passive-aggressiveness, and laziness from him, but he'll mostly be friendly to you. If you anger him however, he'll hold no qualms over orchestrating your downfall.

Slightly Self-absorbed
Platonic feeling of attachment towards other test subjects

General History
Julius was taken from his soon-to-be home and happy family at a young age. He was raised as a sort of test subject throughout his life, the scientists having kept close tabs on him, but otherwise lived a normal life. He was mostly home-schooled and developed poor social habits as a consequence, but developed a high intelligence as well. Julius did however, not bond with the scientists and simply saw them a nuisance throughout his life. He grew to be an observer and to pull the strings from afar, but to fight if necessary. Due to a lack of people in his life however, he grew attached to those like him, the other 'experiments'.

So begins...

Julius Caesar's Story


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"Shut up."


"I said shu-"

The last word Julius had said was interrupted by the noise of a clock smashing to the ground, Julius having broken it. It wasn't a new occurrence, Julius' temper did manifest itself a lot, after all. It was however, a bother to clean up. Not that Julius would be the one cleaning it up, he'd probably end up breaking the tools to clean with.

Julius hid the small clock's debris under what he assumed to be a carpet, seeing as he didn't want to be reprimanded by one of the scientists that worked at the laboratory. There was no way he was going to admit that he had broken a clock, even if it was a clock he had bought on his own.

Julius, after having evenly spread out the debris under the carpet, walked out of what he had been designated as his room. Most people called his room drab, boring, and bland; but Julius found it was just perfect. It was mostly white, although the books on shelves did stand out.

Julius was, as he assumed would happen, intercepted by a worker. The worker brought Julius to what he assumed to be a spirit guide and the creature... the person that had his heart in them. Julius didn't stop to stare at Luna's arms. They were strange, but he had already gotten used to their strangeness. His eyes simply narrowed when his gaze landed her, a sign of annoyance.

"What is it now?" Julius suppressed the urge to insult the scientists and everyone in the room through sheer willpower. He had decided that compliance would be the easiest way to not be bothered by the scientists. His eyes darted back to the girl(Aurora) he assumed to be his soon-to-be 'spirit' guide. "My name's Julius, what's yours?" His voice was monotonous and sounded bored. He was however, far from it.

"This wont hurt me, will it?" Julius asked Luna regarding the experiment he assumed would commence. He didn't have a reason for asking whether or not it would hurt the girl(Aurora), seeing as he didn't even know her.

Julius himself wasn't bound due to the fact that he was a compliant subject. He didn't openly rebel. That, in his opinion, would have been stupid. He was nowhere near powerful enough to rebel and wouldn't do so without a plan or weapons. For now, he just had to comply. Comply and not break any more things.

"Just as a heads up, I'm not a good person." Julius stated what he believed to the so called spirit without a moment's hesitation. He didn't want to give the being the wrong impression. "I will however, be forced to stop you from killing yourself should you choose to." Julius stated this simply. He wasn't quite sure how the whole process worked, but he got the impression that he would die if the 'spirit' died.

"Nice to meet you, I hope we become the best of friends." Julius didn't put much enthusiasm into his voice. He walked closer to the spirit(Aurora) without showing an ounce of fear. He was still scared, but he wasn't going to show it. Julius believed that a person should never show their fear to a stranger. He, after having made sure the girl wasn't still strapped down, extended his hand to her in a greeting.


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Julius savored the forced and seemingly painful smile given to him by Luna, having already deduced that he wasn't seen as more than a nusiance by the scientists. It was enjoyable really, seeing them force themselves to smile, or at least he thought they were forcing themselves. He didn't really know, but he didn't really care to find out either way.

"My duties are mine alone. If I wanted to kill myself it would have been done already." Aurora managed to, In his opinion, miss the point of what he had previously said. He noticed the sudden heat and almost backed away yet somehow stood his ground. He was, believe it or not, scared. He was however, a great liar and easily managed to hide his fear. He was planning on saying something along the lines of "i'm not worried about you, I'm worried about me", but he refrained from doing so. He didn't know what would have happened had he said that.

Julius did notice that Luna hadn't answered his question about the experiment hurting and, due to his pessimistic nature, assumed it would hurt. This assumption was further helped by the fact that she left him alone with the spirit.

Such a bother...

The thought popped into Julius' head followed by a mental sigh.

Julius, after having stated his 'not being a good person', was slightly confused at the girl's subtle smile. "No one is truly a good person. We are all neither good nor bad. If you had told me you were all good I would have called you a liar." Aurora, as had been revealed to be her name earlier on, got up after saying this and took his hand. Julius had slightly flinched at Aurora's touch but had managed to subdue the urge to pull his hand back. He had to get whatever was going to happen over with.

"I know you don't know me and so you do not believe i am your best friend. Aurora said something that Julius found to be, in his opinion, a cocky statement. Julius however, held his tongue. "But know this, no matter what I will do what I can to serve you. I will be your weapon." She, without warning, moved his hand above her his heart that just so happened to be in her chest. Julius heard what he assumed to be his heart beating and found that it felt weird to hearing, he didn't like it. It sounded noisy and annoying, but it also sounded necessary.

"This heart is yours. We will merge. It will not harm you." She, unlike someone Julius knew, actually explained what was going to happen. He felt relieved that it supposedly wouldn't hurt him, but was still slightly nervous. "No way, I can't believe that's my heart. It's not like any-" Julius' anxiety-induced sarcasm was cut short when he noticed that he was probably going to be cooked alive surrounded by fire.

"Do not fear the fire. It will not hurt you." Aurora asked Julius to do something that he deemed impossible. Last time he checked, fire was very much capable of burning him. His mind was telling him to get out of there as soon as he could and make a run for it, but his heart(hah) was telling him to stay. He shut his eyes and prepared to die, as he expected he would. His internal panic was suddenly interrupted by the fact that: A) he wasn't burned to death; and B) the girl was no longer in front of him.

That's when he felt what he assumed to be a fear, but not one of his own. Julius opened his eyes and found that the girl was in fact no longer in front of him. Julius had no time to rejoice in the fact that he wasn't a pile of ashes due to the fact that he soon noticed that he was most likely merged with Aurora and the strange feeling he had in his chest. He felt, for some strange reason, whole.

Feel my fire Julius but do not fear it.

The thought that wasn't his brought his attention back to the fact that he was still standing in the fire. Two options rushed into his head.

Do not fear the fire or fear the fire

Julius was thinking which option to choose before his body decided to choose for him. Unluckily for him however, his body picked to fear the fire. This didn't help. It instead made the fire seemingly grow larger, as if his fear were somehow feeding it. The fact that he could feel her fear, albeit hers seemed to be different, didn't help either. At the very least he couldn't feel his sweat, seeing as it evaporated as soon as it came to the surface of his body.

"You're a guide right? His voice had a slight hint of shaking, "Then guide me." Julius hadn't particularly cared for an answer to his previous question. He just wanted to at the very least control the fire. He couldn't allow the experiment to fail now, he was scared of the experiment but he was more scared of what Luna might have done should he fail the experiment.


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"Close your eyes Julius." Aurora seemed to have, in his eyes, decided to actually guide him. It was pretty terrible guidance in his opinion, but he followed her command nonetheless. After all, what did he know?

"Forget what is going on around you. Focus on me. Focus on your heart. You must accept me. You must accept who I am, my pain, my spirit." She asked for something that seemed impossible. Julius didn't want to accept pain or the girl for that matter. He was, although he wouldn't admit it, slightly a coward. He didn't want anyone else's pain in him, but he didn't have much of a choice.

"For fu-" He was about to curse and stopped himself from doing so. He would only be wasting time. Instead, he tensed his body and really didn't do anything. People in books always ended up 'accepting' something into them, but no one ever bothered to explain what it was they did.

That's when, strangely enough, Julius began seeing. He closed his eyes tighter but found that it didn't make a difference and suddenly had his senses barraged, without his consent. He forgot about his previous fear and instead focused on the scene that was playing out in what he assumed to be his mind. Or it might have been the mind of the creature inside of him, he didn't know how the whole body-inhabitation thing worked.

The scene that played out before him seemed pitiable in his eyes. He watched with indifference as the man he assumed to be the small child's father slapped the child. He felt a pain, but it wasn't his. He assumed it was either a pain from the memory or the pain of the memories' owner.

Julius flinched when the young girl was kicked but didn't even try to help. He wasn't going to stick his head out, not for someone he didn't know. He had the urge, most likely a side effect of the experiment as he'd tell himself, to help; but fought against it. Julius assumed that he couldn't interfere with the past, even if he wanted to, which he convinced himself he didn't.

That's when he saw the child, Aurora, retaliate. It was expected. The young girl produced flames, flames made from anger. He stepped back, instinctively fearing the flames. It took him a second to steel himself and convince himself that the flames wouldn't hurt him.

"I am not weak!" The child's statement didn't resonate with Julius. It most likely however, struck the father with a fury not unlike Hades. Julius watched with a distant stare as the man burned. He was pulled out of the memory, no longer fearing the fire.

He had seen weakness. He had seen a way to manipulate and grinned devilishly. "I don't like being lied to," Julius began with an air of confidence. He had, in his opinion, won. What he had won however, seemed unclear to him. "You said you weren't weak, but look at you." Julius' voice was monotonous and cold, but that was what he intended. He needed to stop the spread of the fire he no longer feared. "Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" He may have been overstepping his boundaries, but he needed the girl to focus.

"If it'll help me survive, I accept you." Julius felt in control, as much as one who had recently been surrounded by flames could. "Please don't make me repeat myself, go ahead and do whatever you need to." Julius felt exhausted, but he didn't let it show. He felt emotions he didn't want, but didn't let them show. He felt like falling face first on the floor and letting his exhaustion disappear. This whole ordeal really was a bother. He didn't know how others managed feeling so many emotions and felt a second of pity for them.