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Luna Hunter

"All for science!! Nothing matters but science!"

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a character in “The Heart Given”, as played by Blind3y3



Name-Luna Hunter
Character title- Scientist 2 (evil)
Sex- Female
Appearance: She has silver hair with green eyes. Because of an experiment gone wrong her two hands were replayed with mechanical ones. Her figure is curvy which posses as a distraction for some. Luna's hair used to be long but was cut due to the damage done to it during the accident.
Feelings towards animal spirit/ towards master- "I feel they are all subjects. No matter what, they are all just specimens being used for the better of the world. Science is everything. The sacrifices are limitless."
Feelings towards scientists- "My job serves its purpose. Me and my partner will take away the weaknesses of mankind. No longer shall other beings be better than us."
Demeanor- Most the time Luna is serious and doesnt bother anyone. She spends most of her time analyzing the subjects with demon blood. Its as if she is obsessed with them. Their power is growing and that excites her.
Weakness- Crying, children, water
General History- When Luna was a teenager she chose to go the same path her father had gone. Her father was in charge of the facility but due to his death it was passed on. He died during an experiment gone wrong. They were infusing a human with a spirit but the human went mad and attacked the scientist. Her father fell in love with the subject which made the humans spirit resistant. Luna was in the way during the time and the human (possessed by an animal spirit) tore off her arms. Her life was never the same. She devoted her life to finding a way to take away this emotion called love. She thought of it as a weakness and something unnecessary. Not many felt the same devotion as she did. She decided to experiment with demon blood on the side. She believed the strongest being that lacked love most was demons.

So begins...

Luna Hunter's Story


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"Shut up."


"I said shu-"

The last word Julius had said was interrupted by the noise of a clock smashing to the ground, Julius having broken it. It wasn't a new occurrence, Julius' temper did manifest itself a lot, after all. It was however, a bother to clean up. Not that Julius would be the one cleaning it up, he'd probably end up breaking the tools to clean with.

Julius hid the small clock's debris under what he assumed to be a carpet, seeing as he didn't want to be reprimanded by one of the scientists that worked at the laboratory. There was no way he was going to admit that he had broken a clock, even if it was a clock he had bought on his own.

Julius, after having evenly spread out the debris under the carpet, walked out of what he had been designated as his room. Most people called his room drab, boring, and bland; but Julius found it was just perfect. It was mostly white, although the books on shelves did stand out.

Julius was, as he assumed would happen, intercepted by a worker. The worker brought Julius to what he assumed to be a spirit guide and the creature... the person that had his heart in them. Julius didn't stop to stare at Luna's arms. They were strange, but he had already gotten used to their strangeness. His eyes simply narrowed when his gaze landed her, a sign of annoyance.

"What is it now?" Julius suppressed the urge to insult the scientists and everyone in the room through sheer willpower. He had decided that compliance would be the easiest way to not be bothered by the scientists. His eyes darted back to the girl(Aurora) he assumed to be his soon-to-be 'spirit' guide. "My name's Julius, what's yours?" His voice was monotonous and sounded bored. He was however, far from it.

"This wont hurt me, will it?" Julius asked Luna regarding the experiment he assumed would commence. He didn't have a reason for asking whether or not it would hurt the girl(Aurora), seeing as he didn't even know her.

Julius himself wasn't bound due to the fact that he was a compliant subject. He didn't openly rebel. That, in his opinion, would have been stupid. He was nowhere near powerful enough to rebel and wouldn't do so without a plan or weapons. For now, he just had to comply. Comply and not break any more things.

"Just as a heads up, I'm not a good person." Julius stated what he believed to the so called spirit without a moment's hesitation. He didn't want to give the being the wrong impression. "I will however, be forced to stop you from killing yourself should you choose to." Julius stated this simply. He wasn't quite sure how the whole process worked, but he got the impression that he would die if the 'spirit' died.

"Nice to meet you, I hope we become the best of friends." Julius didn't put much enthusiasm into his voice. He walked closer to the spirit(Aurora) without showing an ounce of fear. He was still scared, but he wasn't going to show it. Julius believed that a person should never show their fear to a stranger. He, after having made sure the girl wasn't still strapped down, extended his hand to her in a greeting.