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Devon Lee Harper

"Be careful... You don't want to be stung by this Bee."

0 · 399 views · located in Kazeoke Village

a character in “The Henshi War”, as played by Scavenger


((Sorry to send in such a major W.I.P. but it's late so I'm just going to send in what I've written so far))

Devon Lee Harper.

[|x|] Theme Song [|x|]

[|x|] Emotional Song [|x|]

[|x|] Fighting Song [|x|]


ImageImage[~*~] GENERAL INFORMATION [~*~]

Role | Second-in-command.
"I take my role as second-in-command very seriously, and you'd be a fool to try to stand in my way, human or not."

Clan | Kōaki.
"There ain't a thing in Hell that'll make me act in a disloyal manner. I love my clan, they're my family an' I want to protect them."

Gender | Male.
"If you couldn't tell before, then there's no hope for you."

Race | Human.
"Inside an' out. And I'm proud as hell of that."

Nickname/Alias | Bee.
"See, there's an interesting story behind that..."

Age | Twenty three.
"I'm not sure that I look twenty three, but it's true nonetheless."

Secondary Occupation/Training | None, as of right now.
"My main focus is on assisting my leader, she is my main priority."

Love Interest | He has eyes for no woman.
"I'll be damned if I let some woman tie me down. I was born free, and I'll die free."

Face claim | Ryuji Suguro.
"No comment."

ImageImage[~*~] APPEARANCE [~*~]

Height | 5'9"

Weight | 150lbs, the last time he checked.

Build | Bee is a rather tall and exceptionally muscular young man, with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. His body is his love, and he goes to extra lengths to make sure that he is well-built, especially when he has to regularly keep up a dominant status around other members of the clan.

Hair | His hair is the reason behind his odd nickname, Bee. There were rumours floating around that he used chemicals to change the colour of the longer strip of hair down the middle of his head, though that is yet to be proved. He often cuts the sides down and leaves the middle, which of course causes some people to turn their heads at the sight of him, seeing as there aren't many people like that around. The longer area of his hair is a light blonde, but the hair either side of that is his natural colour, chocolate brown. The name Bee comes from how he resembles a bumble bee, with the contrast of the two colours in stripes.

Additional hair | Aside from the normal additional hair such as eyebrows and leg hair, he has a fairly small layer of chest hair, as well as the strip of hair below his bellybutton and a little bit of stubble on his chin and cheeks.

Eyes | His eyes vary in colour, though they do not change. They are predominantly hazel (light brown) mixed with small flicks of dark and light green, and dark brown spots here and there.

Scars/Markings | Aside from the occasional battle scar on his arms and legs, he only has one severe scar to speak of. It stretches from the top of his left shoulder down to his the lower right side of his chest, around the armpit (explained further in history).

Piercings | Another trait that Bee is quite well-known for is the fact that he has bars and rings pierced through his skin and hung from body parts like jewellery. On each ear he has at least four piercings at any given time, usually consisting of two rings, a bar and a stud made from pure iron. This is unheard of in most villages, but Bee is quite familiar with the process and considers himself to be unique because of it.

Clothing style | When it comes to clothing, Bee is quite normal. He usually wears button-up shirts made from black cloth, plain bottoms and knee-high black boots. When he's not seen in shirts, he flaunts his muscles with vests or sometimes goes shirtless. He sticks to plain colours, either black, white or grey. Lately, he has been experimenting with sketches, and he often visits blacksmiths to find chains or things that are similar. He keeps his secrets hidden from most people, as he does with most of ideas, and will not share his newest fashion ideas with anyone in case other people steal them and claim them as their own. In conclusion, he sticks to a basic style (for now) with basic colours. He figures that he can't stand out too much.

Weapon of choice | His main weapon of choice is a set of dual daggers, with a (20cm) blade on each.

ImageImage[~*~] MENTALITY [~*~]

Quirk(s) | Bee is quite the inventor, you could say. He's often sketching up new ideas or designs, and often times they don't even make sense, but that doesn't stop him. However, he can't craft items to save his life.

Likes |

Dislikes |

Skills | Bee is skilled in swift moments and fighting skills, with which he is able to use during battles; his skills in fighting originate from his many years of training. He is also quite the artist, though he hasn't finished a painting or drawing in his life. Nowadays he sketches, but that's pretty much it.

Phobia(s) | Acrophobia (heights) and Obesophobia (gaining weight).

Sexuality | Heterosexual // Bi-curious.

Personality | (Still a W.I.P.)

ImageImage[~*~] BACKGROUND [~*~]

Relationship Status | Single, but never without company.

Family | His mother, Helena, still does what women are expected to do by men; cook, clean and care for the family. His father, however, has long since been retired and previously worked as a Bartender. He is an only child, as far as he's concerned.

History | (Still a W.I.P.)

So begins...

Devon Lee Harper's Story