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The Heritage of Cy'Rell



a part of The Heritage of Cy'Rell, by CausaMortis.

The province of Grauenland is occupied by cold, trees, and feudal lords. The largest domain is the Seelenreich which rules most of the province by religion.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Grauenland, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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ImageThe province Grauenland is directly aligned with the north coast and part of the Northern Ice Wastes. Most of the time this province knows a very cold weather which is rarely above freezing temperature. Its landscapes are barren and mostly deserted with the exception of a few small towns; most of the province is occupied by an ocean of trees reaching for the sky. This forest, named Von Grauenwalden, is so intense, so heavily covered in foliage that it is impossible for the sun to reach the ground. You would need an artificial light source to actually see several paces ahead. The forest reaches from west to east across the province, hugging the coast line, leaving a circle of room open for the large esteemed city Reichstadt. Completely shut-out from the other provinces or any other humans this human-city is held secret of its location just as much as their old tradition they share with their hosts.
ImageTheir hosts are a race prestige in their elegance, their walk of grace, and long lifespan. They go with the name Seelenfrei. Led by the Faith Holder Sarren, they have several cathedrals placed in the city. All of these are connected by an underground system which the Seelenfrei use to reach the woods where the bust of their civilisation lives. The old tradition Seelenfrei hold with their Reichstadt human allies is the following: Each Seelenfrei has the right to pick an human family for adoption, often this choice is made when a human couple gets married in one of the cathedrals. How higher the worth of the human???s achievements the more wealthy is their host. The Seelenfrei will support this family with food and any needs they require, depending in how far his wealth reaches, in return he is allowed to feed on their blood every fourth night of the week. The humans do not notice the feeding itself, but they do know of this tradition which is considered the normal way of life in Reichstadt. The Seelenfrei are, next to the source of income for the humans, also their spiritual guidance. Every fourth day all the humans flock to the Cathedrals to hear the Faith Keeper or his high priest speak and to share the bliss he gives them.
ImageEvery fourth year in the first month of summer all the humans are gathered for a month of tests and challenges, they call this month 'Talentsuche' The objective of these tests is to reveal someone???s talents, so the humans get a chance to experience all the kinds of functions one can serve. Through this test the Seelenfrei try to exclude any chances of undiscovered talents and the humans missing out on a chance to excel in which they are good at. This is done with much determination because the humans that achieve to master their talents and become a major attribute to the community are granted the choice to become a Seelenfrei and enjoy the splendor of immortality.
ImageThe Seelenfrei itself survive on the human blood, but they find much importance in etiquette and condemn murder among their own and their adopted 'children'. They find their income by mining silver, found in their underground tunnels, and even though their traditions and city is unknown for the outside world, their silverwork is not. Seelenfrei smithys produce the best silver products in the whole of Cy'Rell. They are sold for hefty prices and can only be directly bought from the merchant villages on the Von Grauenwald border. From there it is sold and bought until it reaches even Tulban, and on the way its price will be increased six times its original sell price.
ImageStories about the Seelenfrei are told to children in Hellenia as horror stories and myths, often portrayed as monsters killing humans and kidnappers who steal children for their souls. While in physique they actually look quite common to humans, the features that differ them from humans are their pale skin, their exceptional height (males range from 6'2 to 7'0, females 5'9 to 6'8) and crystal blue eyes. They also have their very own kind of fashion, showing off the etiquette they so much uphold.
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The province of Grauenland is occupied by cold, trees, and feudal lords. The largest domain is the Seelenreich which rules most of the province by religion.


Grauenland is a part of Cy'Rell.

1 Places in Grauenland: