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MinKi Lee


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a character in “The Hidden Secrets”, as played by XMatthewxHitomiX



Name: MinKi Lee

Nickname: Mickey or Key

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior

MinKi is rather easy going and doesn't get involved in many conflicts or drama. He personally thinks that the popular kids are stuck-up jerks that don't care who they hurt to get what they want. He likes to stay towards the back of rooms and read if he can. He doesn't like interacting with those who are part of the In-Crowd, preferring to be an 'outcast'. He is super kind to those he considers his friends and will protect them, even if he gets hurt in the process. He won't get involved in conflicts or drama unless you bring his friends into it; otherwise he ignores drama and will ignore any insults or drama that is directed towards him. He is rather energetic and jokes around and laughs with his friends, but you only really see this side of him once you break past his guards he puts up to keep those who aren't particularly nice and also because of the fact that in new or different situations, he's rather shy.

Martial Arts
His Friends

His Grandparents
His Accent
His Broken English That Surfaces Now and Then

Extracurricular Activities:
Art Club

Martial Arts

Will Update

His secret isn't from his friends but from his parents. He is in a local band called Unstoppable. They perform when his parents are out of town or busy with other things so that MinKi won't get caught. His sister helps him hide it by telling his parents when they ask where he is, that he's studying with friends or he went out with friends.

MinKi was born in Korea, however, his father got a job in America when MinKi was going to start eighth grade. Growing up in Korea, MinKi spoke in English while he was at home, but when he was at school or out and about he would speak Korean. When they moved to America, they switched it. MinKi would speak Korean at home or when talking to his family, and speak English while at school or out and about. Every summer, they would visit their family in Korea for two months.
MinKi joined Unstoppable, a local band, as the guitarist and backup singer when he was in his freshman year of high school. They sing a variety of different songs and often include MinKi singing in Korean for sections of the songs, as it sets them apart from all of the other bands.
MinKi joined the band against his parents' wishes and performs with them without their knowledge. His parents told him that if he joined the band or any other band, he would be sent to live with his grandparents in Korea. Now that wouldn't seem so bad, I mean, living in a different country than your parents and grandparents are alway much cooler than your parents, right? Wrong. His grandparents are extremely strict and often yell at him because of his choice in clothing and basically everything else he does. He hardly gets any approval from them, so obviously he doesn't want to go live with them.

So begins...

MinKi Lee's Story


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Lilly climbed out of the dark blue BMW and waved goodbye to her father driving in the front seat. She smiled as the car drove off leaving her at the front steps of her high school. Students were already sitting around the front of the school. She remembered a few of them and greeted them pleasantly. "Hey," she said smiling to Minki and his band buddies, Taylor, Roke, and the dark Japanese kid she never managed to remember the name of. "How was everyone's summer?" She was comfortable with most people and preferred to sport a laid-back expression.

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