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Cian Deimos

The wolf among sheep.

0 · 233 views · located in On planet Arvenious

a character in “The Hidden Warriors Of Arvenious”, as played by Animality Opera


Name: Farid Maevus ( Disregard Cian Deimos )
Species: Sickle-claw Akerlial
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Voice Sample: Sorry for the low quality. There are no actual words in this, but it should give you a feel for how he sounds.
Appearance: He stands at about 7'2", relatively short for a male Akerlial, and is of a lean, athletic frame built not for strength but agility. The first thing to be noticed about Farid, however, is his coloration - he's albino. His hair, straight and just past his shoulders, is pure white. His eyes are a pinkish red, and his scales are a very, very pale pink, nearly white. Sickle-claw Akerlials are more reptilian than other shapeshifters of their species, with eyes like snakes, short spines on their shoulders and backs, and long, lizard-like tails. Though some are without, most sickle-claw tails - including Farid's - have a 10-inch blade-like attachment at the tip that can secrete a toxin capable of causing temporary paralysis and/or a fever should it enter the bloodstream. This same toxin they can pump from their canines to deliver a venomous bite. But their most notable attribute lies in their namesake: three-clawed feet, one particular curved claw on each foot averaging nearly six inches long. Farid wears a long, black loincloth to accommodate his tail, a belt with two nine-inch daggers attached, a black, sleeveless, hooded top, red vambraces, and black gloves.
Other: Being albino, Farid is especially prone to severe sunburn, and bright light is potent to his eyes. For this he has taken to a nocturnal schedule, which many of his breed prefer at any rate. Also as a result of his albinism, any alternate form he takes while shapeshifting is either albino or at the least off-color, rendering any attempt at disguise rather useless.


Farid has a generally calm, quiet temperament... not the kind of quiet that is shy, but the kind that gives the impression he is constantly thinking. Farid is very clever and strategic, always one to plan before acting. He fights with caution and swiftness, avoiding hit after hit until his opponent is worn out and then striking with astonishing ferocity. He uses his own teeth and claws as much as his knives, and is not above fighting dirty. Despite this, once you have earned his trust and loyalty he can be trusted with your treasures, your secrets, and your life. He makes for an incredibly reliable friend and a truly terrifying enemy.


Two nine-inch blades, one on each side of his belt, and a few pouches full of a variety of powders - some with toxic qualities, some with healing qualities.


Sickle-claw Akerlials are a rarer breed; back when their population was normal, many of their tribes had gained infamy for being cold and sometimes ruthless in their ways. But because of their nature a great number of them were banished to the underground as criminals, leaving hardly enough to even form more tribes. Though scattered tribes remain, most sickle-claws are seen traveling alone or in pairs.
Farid's unusual coloring brought mixed views from his tribe. Some thought him to be a chosen elite warrior that would someday lead, while others believed he was a sinister omen of disaster. But as of yet his fortune has neither been particularly abundant or lacking. Regardless, he set off on his own when he turned 20, pursuing fresh challenges and new people.

So begins...

Cian Deimos's Story