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Malachi Joseph Vidal

"By the will of God I am judge, jury, and executioner."

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a character in “The Hidden World”, as played by Malan



Name: Malachi Joseph Vidal

Aliases/Nicknames: The Son of Man

Age: 75 (Uses strength charms to remain active)

Race: Human

Powers/Abilities: Malachi has no powers, but takes advantage of a variety of magical objects that he has confiscated from his victims.

Description: Malachi is an old man, and it's fairly obvious by looking at him. He has a decrepit face and thin white hair. Despite his appearance he walks with confidence and power, and has the strength of a man a third of his age. Malachi is treacherous but clever, and he is almost always the smartest person in the room.

Notable Items/Equipment: An AK-47 Assault Rifle is his weapon of choice. He also has two golden Desert Eagle Hand-Canons as his backup. Both pistols and the rifle are enchanted to do special damage against magical beings. The amulet around Malachi's neck is a health charm that gives him his great abilities. He uses a cane as a walking stick to help him seem harmless and blend in, but it also doubles as a detector: it can tell which person has magical abilities and which person doesn't.

Strengths: Malachi can often fool those that don't know him into thinking he is a harmless old man. He is a renowned shot with a gun. When he wants someone dead, chances are that they will end up dead.

Weaknesses: Malachi has a very strict religious code that often prevents him from doing anything unorthodox. His ruthless nature prevents him from making many allies forged from friendship, instead out of necessity.

History: Malachi Vidal was born to French Jewish parents in 1939. When Nazi Germany invaded France his parents were among the many casualties of the Holocaust - however Malachi was rescued by a travelling Opus Dei monk. Malachi was taken to a monastery and raised from a very young age to believe in the Opus Dei branch of Christianity. His Jewish heritage was forgotten by the monks, and the only memento of his old life was his name, which the monks did not change. This Opus Dei monastery was different than most, however: its leader was a fallen Angel, and wanted only to see all of his kind eliminated from the world. This Angel trained Malachi to hate all magical beings - Werewolves, Vampires, anything with non-human blood, - with hatred. Malachi took his first life when he was 14. She was an old Wiccan living in a small village, and Malachi killed her with a single shot to the head. Since then he has been training as a warrior monk in a secret war - the war against magic. Malachi is infamous among those that know him. He has killed entire packs of Werewolves and slaughtered the waves of Angels that come after him in vengeance. Malachi always takes a trophy of each kill he deems worthy. He began calling himself "The Son of Man" when he was around 20, representing his extremist views and hatred of all magic people.

Malachi ended up moving to America in the 60's. He continued to fight the war until he turned 70. He was bested by a Vampire, a woman, barely out of her teens. A few decades ago he could have killed her with his hands tied behind his back. This signified that it was time for his retirement. He left for Argentina to live life on a farm. He lived there for two years until Olympia Capello found him and presented him with the youth amulet. She, much like Malachi, was an Opus Dei hunter, the last person trained by the Fallen Angel until he died. With her encouragement Malachi resumed hunting the magical creatures of the world.

Other: Artwork by Miles-Johnston on Deviantart

So begins...

Malachi Joseph Vidal's Story


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#, as written by Malan
"Oh, how conceited you fairies are." Malachi paced the small soup kitchen. "Thinking that you're above the Law of God just because you serve some food to the poor. Let me tell you something. A lesser good does not make up for a greater evil. Your existence is not excused by a small act of charity."

"We've never hurt anyone," whispered one of the fairies. She was a young, thin woman, like the other six that were tied to their chairs. This one had bright purple eyes and tiny wings poking out behind the straps of her apron.

"That is not the problem here. You are an abomination in the eyes of God. I wish it could end differently. Truly, I do. But this Earth was for humans in His will. You are the spawn of Satan. I pray that you will find redemption in the afterlife. But here you will find no mercy." Malachi waved his cane over the seven fairies again, just to be sure. All of them were of pure fairy blood. They were a regular coven, right here in New York City.

"You wouldn't kill us," said another fairy, one with dyed pink hair and a thin face. "We've heard of you, Malachi Vidal. You are a famed hunter of vampires, werewolves and angels. You only fight those that can fight back. Fairies are not fighters. There is no sport in killing us. No honor."

Malachi was silent for a long while. "You're right," he agreed. "I won't kill you. I'll leave it to my apprentice."

Olympia raised her rifle. "Got it, boss. I'll make this quick." The Italian hunter aimed at the first victim. "Deus vult," she whispered before taking the first shot.


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#, as written by Malan
New York City, The Carlton Hotel, Hotel Lobby

The hunters walked into the building with confidence. "My daughter and I are waiting for someone," Malachi alerted the attendant without breaking stride, as the pair walked over to the waiting area. Olympia grabbed an extra large cookie on display as she was walking.

"This is a nice hotel," Olympia noted as she put her feet up on the glass coffee table, drawing eyes. "I mean, really nice." Olympia had a guitar case next to her, which held both of their rifles and Olympia's shotgun. "They don't make them like this in Italy. Well, not in the slums where I grew up. Other side of the city, yeah, I'm sure." Olympia rubbed the couch she was sitting on. "So, you find anything in that journal the guy fairy had on him?"

Malachi sat nearby in his own chair, fiddling with his cane. "Some names," he said dismissively. "I haven't looked through it well enough. This amulet of yours gives my body strength, not my eyes." The old hunter watched people come and go through the front door. "They were fairies, though. Doubt it could be anything very important."

"That anonymous tip really did good by us," the woman noted. "More accurate than even Archangel Gabriel's insight. We actually got all seven fairies cornered at once." Malachi drew in a sharp breath when Olympia mentioned their mentor.

"Describe it to me," he whispered.

"What?" Olympia asked as she bit into the cookie.

"Gabriel's death, of course. How did he die?"

Olympia was silent for a moment, the only noise she made was the crunching of her cookie. "I had been raised believing that all beings who possessed magic were inherently evil." She finally said. "I was forced to kill all sorts of things from a young age. Younger than when you started, old man. They've streamlined the process. I took my first life when I was seven. Killed four people in a bombing that only hurt the magically-affected. Gabriel made it no secret that he was an angel. But he wanted to make us think he was special, somehow. But when a group of werewolves attacked the monastery, I watched him let my classmates die as he saved himself. I realized he was no different than those he preached about. So that night, while the others were rebuilding, I killed him. Shot him in the back of the head while he was reading." Olympia finished her cookie. "He didn't deserve any last words. I wouldn't have listened, anyway."

Malachi pursed his lips. "Huh. It was that easy." Olympia just shrugged. The duo sat in silence for a while, until a hunchbacked woman walked into the hotel. She was wearing a full Muslim burqa, covering ever part of her body in a silky purple robe. "Here's our harpy," Malachi whispered, and the two rose from their seats.

"Who the hell is she fooling with that getup," Olympia asked, "dumb bitch was born in Kentucky." The woman rose from her seat and hooked her arm around the harpy's. "Hannah-May, you old devil. Trying to hide from us in plain sight." The harpy tried to pull away, but Olympia held fast. "Now now, let's not make a scene in the lobby, Hannah. We'll resolve this in your suite."