The Hole

The Hole


You have been captured by the evil "Darsaius" or "Blood men" and forced into a massive mechanical prison camp with no hope of ever getting out.

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You've been captured, beaten and sold to the blood men. the betrayers and users of blood magic you rode for hours through the dessart in a massive slave train hope of rescue died when you crossed the border and from what you can tell your now weeks away from civilization and water. you keep seeing a shinng black structure in the distance and you know exactly what it is. The Hole. the bigget prison in history made up of three massive walls taller then the kingdom of Rasaliden and so far apart that it is unbeliveable. the worse part is that it moves. it is a feat of mechanical genius when the slaves and prisoners are done working in the massive ore pits to harvast the presious mineral and go to the blocks for the night the entire prison the outter wall detaches from itself and becomes four gigantic metel legs. it moves slowly but the next morning it sets itself down and the blocks open then the work week starts again.

This is now you life you came here and got put through the steps to become a slave. first they charged you full of energy that blocks your ability to use magic. second you are sprayed down with hot water and given a hair cut. and lastly you are lead out to a platform and are left alone you turn around and come face to face with a boot. and that lead to where you are now sprawing in the dirt and rough looking prison-mates gathering around. welcome to your new life.

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race(human, dwarf, elf, orc etc. as far as this goes i don't care just let me know what it looks like and what it is known for);
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have fun and use your imagination if what someone is doing is bugging you (includeing me) tell me and we will talk about it
listen to what i am saying and what other people are saying

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#, as written by Church
The guards draged the girl into a room splatered in blood and threw her into a chair and straped her down then another Gnoll with only one eye turned and said "Ahh another subject this should be interesting" walks away to gather his utensils
but as he go's to do that an alarm goes up and he stops "Someone is escapeing" listens to the rest of the alarm that has changed pitch "And a Dsi'Nagal has been sent on the chase" the guards and the docter ran to the window not paying any attention to the girl and the docter yelled "If we don't get this flap down..." then he was interupted by a wave of magic that knocks everything down includeing the guards the docter and the chair the girl was sitting. and dimly a Clicking noise could be heard and someone screaming.


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#, as written by Raize
Sai took this opportunity gladly. Her hands slid down the straps, the claws at the edges cutting it effortlessly. While the others were watching the window she stayed in the chair, for although she had gotten the straps close to her arms, the ones on her chests were far from her reach. She didn't make a noise but on the inside she wailed. The chair was still not right side up and it had dug deep into Sai's back. She fought back a hiss as her eyes turned a boiling red. She heard a click and someone shriek. What was happening...

"I never know anything.." She mumbled beneath her breathe.


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#, as written by Church
The Docter and the guards had just enough time to stand up and brush glass off themselvs and look out the window then hit the ground again as something sailed through the window and hit the wall. it was a man. then two other things sailed through. the Dsi'Nagal. they look like a mix of a insect, a reptile and a man. and click to each other through their razor sharp teeth. they look at each other as the man got up and with a resounding click both of them started to glow a Dark Blood Red color. and the man started to float screaming and kicking and all the sudden he stopped. the Dsi'Nagal had its hand up and then the other Dsi'Nagal made the motion of pulling apart a doll by the arms the man was ripped apart.


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#, as written by Church
(well that sucks someone abandoned the only rp'er..... sigh)

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The Hole

The Hole by Church


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