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Cyla K. Jones

A sweet carefree girl attempting to fit the mold of a fierce party-loving socialite.

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a character in “The Hooded Vigilante”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~




Full name: Cyla K. Jones [Cyla is pronounced; Sigh-Luh)

Role: The Reporter, and The Ex-Girlfriends BFF.

Age: 24

Personality: Cyla is an extremely kind, laid-back, carefree kind of girl. She's also adventurous to her own detriment at times. Ex: If a random person came up to a group of her friends and offered to take them bungee jumping, she'd be one of the first to pop up with a huge smile of anticipation on her face - even though she didn't know the person from a hole in the wall.

Now talking is something she can do a lot of, being one to ramble when nervous, upset, happy, or bored. However Cyla is also a wonderful listener, and is the type to talk for an hour but let someone respond for four so that she could not only take in everything they have to say in the moment, but attempt to read them as a whole. To her words are the keys to seeing a persons true self, and she loves to listen to how people try to form sentences or twist their words to fit, or hide, how they're actually feeling.

When it comes to being physically-tough, Cyla is far from it. Being slender an a total klutz you'd be better with a poodle at your side when it comes to toughness versus her. However she does put an immense amount of heart into everything she does, and it's obvious when she cares about something, or someone.
But if an argument or fight were to start up around her, and Cyla couldn't see a quick way to fix it, she'll walk away from it so she doesn't have to be around all the yelling and discord - ESPECIALLY if it's an argument between people she cares about.

History?: Cyla is the daughter of a former ferocious Tycoon by the name of Gregory B. Jones, and a mother by the name of Hailey P. Michaels-Jones - who just so happens to be the most famous defense lawyer in the entire city.
So essentially she was born into every socially-"it" circle you can think of, however none of it seemed to interest her much the older she got, and instead of attending galas with her mom and friends, she preferred to hangout at the coast, study, listen to music, and write.

When she only four her father was killed when his jet crashed off the coast of Oahu, and for the next several years her mother became somewhat of a shut in, who was extremely over-protective of her children. However once she met her current boy-toy; Mickie Taylor - son of an important diplomat, her mother rediscovered her youth, and took back her social status and then some - once again becoming known as every prosecutors worst nightmare.
Cyla, and her twin Kyle, were both 14 when Mickie moved in, an after a short-while her brother took their mothers change and ran with it himself - becoming overly obsessed with his money, status, and party-happy friends. Cyla on the other hand took her mom being less-protective as a chance to be herself - fun, free, and anti-everything luxurious. By 16 she had moved out of her mothers places and into her own apartment.
Sadly though when it came time to go to college for her greatest passion - writing - her mother said the only way she'd agree to pay her tuition was if she went to a respectable school she approved, began attending events with her family, and essentially grew up from the "weird bohemian girl on the corner" - as her mother use to say - into the prestigious woman she was suppose to be from birth.

So ever since she entered college at age 17 - and met The Ex-Girlfriend - she has tried to morph into the strong socialite her mother wants her to be when she's around her immediate family, however around friends the so-called Bohemian girl tends to creep out a bit in Cylas clothing and personality, however it's still stifled by the fear of her being judged, and her mother taking all her influence/money away.......something that would of meant very little to her before, but now meant the world - since her mother is the sole reason she's now working at the cities most-respected newspaper as a lead reporter with EXTENSIVE leeway - something most don't earn until YEARS after graduating.

So begins...

Cyla K. Jones's Story

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*~ Cyla K. Jones ~*



For the past hour and a half Cyla had been stuck in a late meeting at her newspapers - "The City Times" - skyscraper downtown. She had learned to perfect the nod and smile routine - acting as if she really cared and was paying attention when it was really the exact opposite, however as it neared in on the second hour she couldn't help but begin to appear bored, as she twirled a strand of her hair, tapped her heel on the ground, and stared out at the remarkably clear night sky via the 20th floor window.
She'd be snapped out of her daydream though by the 2nd in command - Jared Holmes, a man who loathed not being paid attention to or adored when in a crowd.

"I'm sorry Ms. Jones, am I boring you?"
His voice quickly made her sit up straight and stare in his direction. "No, never, my mind was just on something else for a moment. Never mind that though, please have my undivided attention."

"Oh no, please, if you have something more important to bring to the table by all means, do....."

It took everything in Cyla not to roll her eyes, as his gesture for her to speak was an obvious taunt - daring her to come up with something better than him in front of the entire team of reporters. He didn't expect her to take the bait, and she hadn't planned on it, however when she caught a glimpse of a slight mistake in his bi-weekly budget add-up on the dry erase board she couldn't resist the urge.

"Well, unless our budget is 1.6 million i think you might want to remove a couple zeros from the base sum on that board there. I mean i think we'd all dig a budget of 1.6 mil for the next two weeks but something tells me the big dogs up top would die first before giving us lowly reporters so much dough."
Giggles and all-out laughs could be heard around the room as Cyla crossed her legs and smirked. It was obvious Jared wanted nothing more but to deck her, however in an attempt to save-face he chopped his mistake up to "being human" and quickly bypassed her jab.
Cyla would go straight back to staring out at the stars and bright lights, but this time she'd be left alone until the meeting finally came to an end twenty minutes later.

Jared tried to stop her on her way out, but not being in the mood to hear one of his "You should be more appreciative to be here, others would kill to be in your shoes" speeches, Cyla made up an excuse about being late to dinner with her mother as to why she had to jot out of the door faster than she originally came in it.

As she hopped up into her black & red off-road Silverado her Metallic Red Samsung Galaxy Note2 began to buzz with missed calls - most from her mother. The two hadn't talk in a few days due to her busy schedule at work an it was becoming more than obvious that her mother was dying to get her on the phone, however after another long day the last person Cyla felt like talking to was her mom. So without a second thought she'd throw the phone in the passenger seat along with her purse, and then pull out of the parking garage in record speed.


Cyla was only a few minutes from her place with Lily before her favorite bar/nightclub came into sight - Piccolos. She had driven by it longingly for the past several days but she couldn't do so on this night, her brain was utterly taxed from all the things Jared had been dishing out her way, so instead of passing the bar by she'd bully a Prius out of a parking spot a few steps away from the front door.

Once inside she'd brush out the few wrinkles in her red high-wasted pencil skirt and white fitted tank before sighing in relief. There was an instant comfort she found in such a place, an as soon as she spotted an open stool towards the end of the bar she'd make her way over towards it, hop up, and kick her shoes off - to reveal her rainbow painted toe nails.
"Hey there baby girl, it's been too long......thought you had maybe moved on from us common folk here." a middle age bartender named Ginger let out, before patting Cyla on the back. The two had known each other for as long as Cyla started coming in - which was years ago.
"No i'm just swamped, like, incredibly swamped at work. Those people honestly drive me up the walls sometimes, and i don't know......guess i'm in need of a drink right about now."
"The usual Long Island Ice Tea?"
"Yeah, but make it with no ice...."
"Oh la la - going hardcore tonight eh?"
"Hey, i'm always hardcore! Harder than a diamond baby!" Cyla joked with a silly pose. The two would laugh for a few seconds before Ginger walked off to fix her drink.

As Cyla waited her mother again called. She knew it was to gossip or to once again push her into coming to some corporate big-wigs masquerade ball Saturday night, so instead of listening to the same spill she turned her phone off......but not before texting Lilly; "I'll probably be home late tonight. Come join me at Piccolos if ya want. <3 Cy."