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Toni Flynn

"Well, someone has to keep tabs on you all. And I guess I'm stupid enough to try, eh?"

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a character in “The Hope of Tomorrow REBOOT”, originally authored by Byte, as played by RolePlayGateway


Toni Flynn


Full Name
Antonia Flynn

Toni/Tonia, Flynn, Blondie (used much to her chagrin), Braidy




First Mate

Hair Colour

Eye Colour

Skin Tone


145 lbs

Formerly a loyal dog of the federation, the signs of athleticism and endurance in Toni's physique are as clear as day. There is no doubt about it, this woman is as fit as an ox. While certainly less fit and toned than your average Joe soldier, she's no pushover and can hold her own in a fight if need be (which she had the pleasure of proving numerous times while in service to the federation); clearly this dame ain't no "in distress" material by a long shot. She possesses a bit of brain beside her brawn, too.

With confidence in one hand and an abundance of experience under her belt, Toni is more than deserving to serve the Broken Trident crew as their appointed second in command; unwavering in the huge responsibility that the position holds, and acting as if being responsible for a bunch of rag-tag wanna-be rebels is little more than the equivalent of a mother fussing over her babes. Funnily enough, there are some who would claim that Toni lacks the talent to lead, only emphasized more by her clumsy chatter when addressing the flock of doe-eyed stares from the people she's supposed to bark orders at. But so far, none have ever tried to stage some kind of knock-off mutiny for the woman's position (not exactly something she'd recommend doing either).

As far as her duties are concerned, Toni usually lets the captain do the shouting. As for herself? She's content with performing the occasional armchair psychologist role, and not much else. With that said, in contrast to her clumsy leadership skills, Toni's far from contact-shy and has a fairly nonchalant air with a smotch of wit and a playful grin that says she's not too serious in the face of the dangers their merry little pirate band face. She's pretty easy-going and has a fairly open mind about things as far as things go, couldn't be more understanding of others if she tried. Still, it'd be wise not to get too comfortable with that sorta thing...

There isn't a whole lot that Toni carries around with her. She's got no real weapons to speak of, but has recently opted to carrying a dagger around just in case. Other than that, Toni wears a glove with a built-in compass; handy during those times when her beloved navigator isn't around to tell their position. Beyond that, the woman has several good luck charms strung on a chain that she wears as a necklace.

What she lacks in experience to rule the ship with an iron fist and a stern glare, Toni makes up for in compassion and genuine care for those that serve under her and the captain. As a secondary leader figure in times of need, Toni strifes to uphold friendly relations with everyone in the crew, is usually the first person to help new members feel right at home and makes sure to check up on every one of her comrades. She isn't above running a mile and back when the crew needs a hand in any way, shape or form. As far as more practical skills go, Toni's an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having honed several forms of martial arts and incorporate them into one single style.

Toni was just your typical kid coming from a poor farmer's family, which meant she was quite used to getting a bit of filth between her fingernails; definitely not one of those pancy girly-girls screaming as they so much got a speck of mud on their pinkie-toe. It wasn't all that spectacular to be honest. Just one of those non-exciting playing it safe situations that left little to chance besides maybe the occasional cow skedaddling at the sight of a rubber ducky. But, hey, if that's all you wanted -- it's all you wanted. Toni on the other hand, felt like she needed a bit more action in her life, and fled the safety of her parental home at the ripe age of fourteen to achieve something greater than "just another farm girl working the ranch" (contradictory to what her parents thought).

It was in this wanderlust phase that Toni met with a federation soldier who convinced the girl to join to cause for the greater good, to apprehend pirates who Toni had come to learn as nothing but no-good scum of the ocean (although some weren't too bad, supposedly) who took without asking. And so, Toni began to serve under the federation's banner as an eager recruit. Making quite a name for herself among her fellow dogs with each pirate she caught, and steadily crawling up the corporate ladder. Now, at that time Toni was a gullible kid with bigger ambition than her experience could carry -- Unfortunately it was because of lacking that experience that led to blindness for the deception and mistrust that hung around the federation (comrades were backstabbing cunts pouncing at the earliest available opportunity to drag you down).

It had been your typical stormy day aboard a federation ship when a twenty year old Toni prepared to sail herself and her crew back onto solid ground. It had been weeks since they had last seen their families, and after several pirate attacks the prison block was getting a bit crammed with fresh bounties. Toni knew this portion of the sea to be controlled by a particularly nasty pirate flag, and was aware that not many ships had returned from any endeavours through this territory. And perhaps she was going to be another unknown victim, struck with the sight of a freighter-sized ship, if it weren't for the quick handling of her captain who threw her and a handful of other valuable members off the ship and onto the lifeboats.

Unscathed and grateful for her captain's noble deed, Toni and the others made it to civilization where everything went to shit--

"Treason! Traitors!"

Toni was still comprehending the words of her "rescuers" when the rest of the survivors lashed out in anger. And that was when she got the fuck out, made her escape as soon as the opportunity arose.

Obviously this got her a bounty, branded a traitor for deserting and, presumably, sinking a federation ship. This spurred Toni to return to her wandering life yet again, trying to lay low in fear of having her head chopped off. Of course some poor bastard always did attempt to take her bounty, but she always managed to scram before they could do anything unpleasant. But her opinion of the federation had been skewed, which got her to seek help in the one place she never thought to look. Gale was a pirate who Toni had the privilege of meeting in combat several times in the past, they go way back as sworn enemies on opposite sides of justice. But... even though he was to her like fire is to water and vice versa, Toni had some respect for the man. Which is probably why she had no qualms about joining forces with him.

And after the inevitable quarrel and exchange of words (if you could call them that), Toni swore that she'd serve Gale and only Gale. No trickery, no rats. Just two people united by a common goal; to give the federation Hell.

So begins...

Toni Flynn's Story

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Galeon found himself in a familiar, yet a foreign place. People running and screaming around him as the world around them slowly burned. Ships soared through the air and rained destruction blindly onto the world below. Great titans and beast made of metal fought with thunderous force. "Why...." this was the only word that Galeon was capable of forming. Yet that one word had so many questions entangled within it. Why, is this happening? Why, am I seeing this? Why, do I keep coming here? Why, me? A deafening roar came rumbling from one of the titans as it fell, before a large explosion came tearing towards him.

As the flames enveloped him, his eyes tore open. A sigh of relief left his lungs as he found himself in his quarters. It took him a moment realize he had fallen asleep at his desk. He had spent most of the night looking over maps they have taken from there last raid that outlined the new trade routes being used by the Neptune Federation along with a few patrol routes. A burnt out candle sat on the corner of his desk, some wax had made its way onto his desk and hardened at some point.

Slowly pushing himself from his table still slightly a sleep. He reached for his cutlasses that hung along with his belt off the wall and strapped them around his waste before exiting his room. Once on deck he took a moment to breath in the salty morning air, a sensation he feels will never get old. The sun was particularity warm today and the ocean was quiet. Normally he would say it was going to be a calm day but he knew better than to jinx fate. Taking a moment to scan the ship and see his crew hard at work, he thought to himself how selfish he must be to use all of them to get what he wanted. But in the end they all had there reasons for being here so maybe it was him who was being used.

Silently he stood by a railing and watched the ocean around him, allowing his thoughts to drift and reflect on his dreams.

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Katlyn Delmore, known as 'Doc' by the majority of the Broken Trident's crew, pulled herself back over the railing and onto the deck. For a few minutes she spent her time twisting and squeezing her hair over the edge of the ship to lessen the amount of sea-water in her white locks from her morning swim. It had been refreshing as any other time and, as proof, she still held a content smile on her lips. Today was a good day so far. She hadn't seen many sharks, tclose to the ship anyway, and no sea monsters lurked within their current area. Though, they were known to be some of the more sly creatures of the seas, and often snuck up when you least expect it. They were easy enough to take care of sometimes, as long as you knew how and had all the equipment needed.

A crew member hurried up to her with a rag as he'd been ordered to before she had jumped overboard when the sun began to show itself. With a nod of thanks and a dismissive wave Katlyn took the merchant-bought fabric and used it to drie her hair out more, then began drying the flesh of hers that was showing as well as pressing it to the clothes she wore to retain decency while swimming. It was a long skirt, one that wouldn't fan out but also chosen because it wouldn't rip when she changed between formed, then as a top she wore a simple black tank top, which had been a long-sleeved shirt only a week ago.

"You there, no not you. You. I don't know your name. You've not been a patient of mine, how would I? Anyway, you know the medic bay? Yes? Good. I need you to go and fetch something for me." She paused to stretch and groaned when her back popped several times before she continued. "When you enter, look to your right. You'll see a desk, on that desk is a folded pile of dry clothing. Go get it. Thanks."

As the pirate hurried away, she continued drying herself before she spotted Captain Galeon and made her way over. With the towl draped over her shoulders and her hands weaving her hair into a wet braid, she greeted him, "Morning, Captain. Hope I'm not interupting anything." She studied him over, as had become a habit to assess his health. Spotting red marks on his face, she gave a small amused smile and gently touched her fingertips to the deeper red one on his forehead, trying to guess if it would bruise, "Fell asleep at your desk again, sir?"

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#, as written by Byte
“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe...”

A slim, boney finger waved back and forth between the bridge and the starboard side of the ship, apparently the owner having some sort of dilemma that had her resort to a childish rhyme to decide where she'd go and be all authoritarian today; if only she was that lucky to be given the opportunity. 'Right. Straight face, straight face.', couldn't let the little ones notice her doubt. They had a tendency to smell that sorta thing.

Still, present time didn't get any less dull...

It was during serene, peaceful times like these that Toni found she had little to do; and even less to complain about. Incremental boredom, however, had struck her like the flu and it wasn't long until even the clumsy flailing of her subordinates doing pretend-work stopped being funny – 'And of course Gale's not gonna let me steer the ship; “That's Nimethel's job!”' A condescending thought better not voiced in either presence. Not that Nimethel was to blame for her lacklustre state; and in hindsight, neither was Gale (but she was somehow not willing to give him a free pass, go figure). With something of a scowl and a loud groan, she almost felt like praying the federation would show up again. But really, if that happened she'd only be more displeased with today and, well, she kinda welcomed the silence. Didn't get much of that when you're a pirate. Especially if you served under the world's most wanted man (but Toni always left that little detail out of debates, she had a juicy price on her own pretty head after all).

Moping proved unproductive, though, and with everyone finally crawling out of the woodwork (or in a certain fishlegs case, out of the water) Toni off-handedly decided that maybe she'd see if her favourite anthropomorphic cat had any fun stories to share to kill time. And one moment of contemplation later, Toni came up beside the somewhat taller woman performing her usual navigator duties; tossing her arms around Nimethel's neck and nestling her head on the other woman's shoulder.

“Nimmy, please tell me we're almost there! I'm sick of staring at my blurry reflection in the ocean.” She whimpered, though she hadn't nearly a clue where the captain had decided to sail this time around. Never seemed very share-y with that sort of information, not even to his second in command.

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Closing his eyes for a second seemingly enjoying a cool breeze, only to opening them to find the good doctor Katlyn questioning him about his sleeping habits. A small sigh moved passed his lips as he gave a short but polite answer. "Yes." Taking a quick moment to scan the ship to make sure everything in order. Near the helm he saw his first mate Antonia Flynn or better known as Toni to the crew, she was seemingly keeping her self amused with the ships navigator, Nimethel. Things seemed lively on the ship today, which honestly made Gale happy, not that he would ever admit. His crew seemed happy and for now that was fine, for happy days will not always be here. "It's quiet out there today." he spoke absently. "Well Miss Delmore would you care to accompany as I address the crew." Not one to wait for a reply he began moving towards the helm.

"Having fun?" He questioned to his second in command and navigator. Gale gave them a cold gaze but truly didn't mean any harm by it. "Toni, how is the crew doing? Are we in need of supplies?"

'They are near, they are hunting you. RUN. Land is safe.' An all to familiar voice clawed at the back of his mind, causing his eyes to widen ever so slightly. "Nimethel, change or course to the nearest port. I don't care which one."

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Katlyn nodded in answer to Galeon's comment on the quiet, then again when he asked her to accompany him before following beside him quietly as he went through with something done daily. She thought it was funny, still, how she'd actually grown accustomed to living amongst those on the ship. The pirate she'd sent for her clothing returned then and she thanked him silently before holding the clothing under the crook of her arm to wait for the captain to finish speaking before she would change. Suddenly, she spotted the changes in Galeon and pursed her lips into a thin like.

She knew what was happening, any that were as in tune with the ocean as she was would be able to feel what Galeon was just by looking at him. She herself had never heard the oceans speak, she couldn't hear the voices it whispered in. She could only feel it and try to interperet from there. But for that, she'd have to be submerged in order to do so. Without contact, she could do nothing but watch for signs from the Captain or the creatures below.

She pulled on the pair of breeches under her skirt quickly and smoothly (having had plenty of practice) then she pulled the skirt off and slipped her usual blouse over her wet tank top, then the corset over that, and then quickly weaved her still-wet hair into a braid. The boots were still in her cabin so she'd have to go bare-foot for now, not that she minded. Still, through this, the case of her Captain's sleep was on her mind and she turned to face the opposite way of him before speaking quietly into his ear, "If you ever need something for sleep or bad dreams, I'm sure I could whip something up for you. I'll be in my cabin for now, readying for the trip on land."

Katlyn then gave him a discreet, meant-to-be-comforting pat on the back before heading off to get ready for docking as she said she would. The wet skirt dragged behind her unceremoniously. Really, her dislike for the item clothing type couldn't be more obvious as she allowed it to collect dirt.

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With her eyes looking towards the prow of the ship, Nim was quite unprepared for getting pounced on by the last person she expected, the first officer. It was bad enough having a clingy scarf who was bored to tears, but for Toni to be doing such a thing right where everyone could see them - captain included - made Nimethel's cheeks flush with embarrassment. The navigator did her best to shake Antonia off, her tail lashing irritably. "If you see land then that'll give you a clue," she told the woman.

It was at that moment that Galeon told Nimethel to change course. She'd felt a certain premonition about today the night before, but if this was it then it had come a little sooner than Nim expected. Regardless, the catgirl gave a nod of acknowledgement before taking a look at her map and adjusting the course accordingly. "Aquamarine Isle's the closest port, captain," she called down. "Won't take us long." It was also a fairly neutral port too, in case they needed to lie low from the Federation for a little while.

Of course, there was still the matter of a certain someone being bored out of their mind, and Nim didn't fancy being almost throttled again, so perhaps it would be best to provide a little light entertainment. It would certainly help stop Nimethel herself from being so tense right now. The navigator racked her brains for a good story to tell, settling on an old favourite of hers. "Let's see... Did I ever tell you the story of the legendary Amani bear warriors?" she began. "It goes like this..."

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Galeon sighed as the ship changed course. The voices that rang in the confines of his mind always warned him impending danger, mostly when the federation was around. Of course he rarely tells people of this aspect of his power for it, for it might make him seem crazy.

He glanced at his navigator as she went on to tells another story to the easily bored first mate. "When you two are done, I would like to discuss what to do once we make land. I also need to go over the next raid with you." Quietly he moved from the two and motioned to the good doctor to follow him. "Since we have yet to find a decent cook. I would very much like for you to make me something doctor. That is if you are not to busy at the moment."

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Katlyn came to a full pause, having been stopped in her tracks by her captain's words. She wasn't upset though, far from it. The captain had her with the first sentence he spoke to her, knowing full well where this was going. So, with a grin, she tossed her wet skirt to another deckhand with the order to take it to her living quarters, then turned on her heel back to follow Galeon. "No, not really. As I said, I was going to my cabin if I weren't needed. Seein' as you wish something to be cooked up, I'm plenty happy ta help." She moved to his side, a sort of spring in her step. Despite the hitch in the day causing them to go to land, today was startiing off quite well. No unpleasant surprises during her swim, the captain wasn't yet stirred into anger, and now she was to take to the herbs and fire. Yes, this morning was a good start indeed.

With a happy, content sigh and continuous smile, she spoke to her comrade, "So, what do ya have in mind. I'll make what I can with what we have." With that she also realized that perhaps this trip to land might not be so bad, you could never be too well-prepared with supplies.