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Violet Alice Terrace

I thought the drugs were candy...I swear.

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a character in “The Hospice”, as played by teegaroo


Violet, otherwise known as Vi is your all around scene girl. She didn't start out that way though. When she was younger she had wheat blonde hair to go along with her ocean blue eyes. As soon as she hit the age of 14 she died her hair jet black. It was an accident, she had meant to make it go a brownish colour but since her hair was so light it turned out black. Violet didn't mind though she loved her black hair, it made her stand out. On the other hand her mom hated it, she told her to get rid of it and go back to blonde but Violet refused to. As she continued to grow she decided to try different things with her hair, but she never liked any of them as much as her plain black hair. She let her hair grow out and it now reaches the bottom of her rib cage. Violet doesn't like her hair in her eyes so she pins her bangs over to one side. In the morning's doing her hair is a mission, she turns her natural curls into pin straight strings and backcombs individual pieces of hair so that they stick up in just the right direction.

Violets face isn't one that would be considered beautiful. Her cheekbones are a little to high, her lips a bit to big, her eyes aren't slanted enough and her nose is a little bit to tiny for her face. But when you put all of these things together they seem to all work together perfectly. She's pretty in her own way, at least that's what her mother use to say. Violet usually doesn't wear any cover up unless its a necessary but she does wear thick eyeliner around her eyes. Put on a little bit of blush and there you go! Violet has a monroe diamond piercing on her left side. Violet is 5'6 which is just a bit above average. She is very slender but doesn't have any curves, which she is thankful for.


Violet doesn't talk much. This is what started to hint at the fact that something wasn't right with her. When she was younger she didn't play with other children and instead would sit inside and read or draw. This didn't change as she grew older no matter how many play dates her mom set up. Violet remained quiet and refused to try to make friends. Of course Violet has a few friends... there just not girls. Violet is anything but a girly girl. She likes to get dirty, and isn't afraid to show it. She communicates better with boys and is often seen with them more. She doesn't date a lot though because she always gets stuck in the friend zone...which she doesn't mind but sometimes it can get annoying.


Violet is a messed up kid. That's what everyone tells her mom but they say not to blame it on her mom but on her dad. Who is he anyways? Violet didn't get to meet her dad until last year. When he decided to write a letter to her asking her if it would be alright for her to come and visit him in mexico. What teenager would put down a chance go go to Mexico? Not Violet that's for sure. So against her mothers will she decided to pack up and head down to's not like anything bad could happen right? Wrong. That's where Violets life was turned upside down she can even perfectly recall the day it happened.

The room was dusky, dark and had a sweet smell drifting through it. The smell was deadly mixture of pot, cigarettes, sweat and meth. All of them put together made an intoxicating scent that pulled Violet in and made her feel for the first time like she belonged. It was weird though because her dad was the one who had brought her here. He had said he needed some stuff and told her not to come in but the smell was just to much. She stood in the corner observing everything. Her dad noticed her and when he turned around she could see that something...a dark force had taken over him. His eyes were red, his nostrils flared and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. Yet, he didn't act scary. He told her to sit down and try some of the candy. Violet was smart enough to know that the drugs weren't candy...but still. Violet wanted to be that calm, she wanted that smell, she wanted what ever her dad had and all she had to do was breath in a bit of the "candy".

A year later and Violet hadn't stopped with the meth. She was still taking it hardcore and wasn't getting any better. She smoked constantly, both weed and cigarettes always trying to get that same rush she has back in Mexico but it never came. So she kept searching, trying different drugs different ways with different people. Still it never came, no matter how many times she shot up, smoked up or sucked in she could never get that same buzz.

That was the least of Violets problems.

The first time Violet cut herself was the first time she got that same buzz. So she continued. Every cut, every drop of blood made her life so much better. It just made Eventually though her roller coaster ride had to stop. It stopped when her mom found her stash underneath her bed. She screamed at her, told her she was like her father and ordered her to get the hell out of that house. So Violet did and she ran. But not until she had grabbed a good amount of sleeping drugs. At first they were just supposed to be to get her to sleep but then she remembered what her mother had told her and how she was like her father. Someone like her father didn't deserve to live. So she downed the pills.

People say that there is a moment in everyones life when a miracle happens, a huge one, one that can change your life. Violets happened that night. Someone had been watching her in the alley and when they saw her took the pills they immediately came over and started to call 911. Violets life was saved but the horror was just about to begin. The doctors explained that her mother wants her to get needs her to get better so in ordered for that to happen they are going to send her to some hospice somewhere in the tropics. There going to make her smile if it's the last thing she does.

So begins...

Violet Alice Terrace's Story