Eurydice Sonitus

"Live for yourself, take what you can, because only the strong and beautiful will survive."

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a character in “The Hosts: Demons vs. Angels”, as played by RainWish


Eurydice Sonitus


Demons 2

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Eurydice is the human embodiment of Lust. She is extremely coy, confident, bold, headstrong, and thinks little of humans for their weak hearts. She usually is seen with a sly smile painted upon her face. She is not afraid to start a conversation, but will usually wait until spoken to because she likes to watch and learn about the people around her. With whatever knowledge she can gain on a person, she will use it to twist their will. She will never beat around the bush, saying what she is thinking. She can be very sarcastic or get annoyed easily if things begin to change from the direction she was pulling the strings into. Eurydice has extreme patients and will follow long, often drawn out plans, until the end. She has no doubt the human will fall for her and she will be indifferent to his affections.... Or so she may think.

Brief Description
Eurydice has lush, thickly curled black hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her skin is usually pale, made even obvious by her dark features. She has slender, full body of perfect temptation. Her eyes are a startling, sterling blue that seem to pierce the soul of whoever she is looking at, as if they can hide nothing from her. She only dresses in black and accents of blue to compliment her eyes.

Eurydice is extremely good at sensing what a person is feeling. Depending on what it is, she will either strengthen or weaken the emotion for her own personal benefit. She is said to have an amazing singing voice. It can range from a husky lure to a high pitched tone. Like her namesake, she has inspired many songs of love. She is able to use her appearance for her benefit in getting what she wants. She enjoys painting, although she will never let anybody see her work.

~The moon
~The rain
~Blue roses
~People admiring her beauty

~Being alone (But she would never say this)
~Humans (For now.... )
~Small animals
~Annoying people

~Someone being prettier than her
~Being exposed (ie. falling in love.)
~The Ocean/water

In life, she went by a different, forgotten name and was said to have a beautiful singing voice. Her voice and body were said to lure the eyes of any male from any age. She never became "famous" as she sang more classical songs, full of beauty and emotion. The girl enjoyed the attention, but little did she realize, she caught the eye of more than mortal creatures. While on a dinner cruise where she was to perform, the ship was struck and crashed into the shore, killing its passengers. The girl watched as her parents and younger sister were dragged out to sea and drowned by the vicious waves. She desperately tried to swim toward her sister, the only person to show her true affection. A strong current carried her under, miraculously bringing her closer to a lifeless form. She grasped her sibling, tears mingling with the salty grave that surrounded them. Softly she began to sing, whimpering for safely and life to return to her sister's dead lips. The girl grew tired and she too felt the bitter water take hold of her life. Suddenly she was lifted from the water's grasp. The girl hung limply from the arms of a powerful demon lord, blue eyes clouded in sorrow. He proposed that she would be allowed to live if he took her to his palace in the underworld. He had herd her singing and wished for her to be his. She begged him to save her sister instead, panicking as the lifeless body began to slip beneath the water's surface. He laughed, chastising her. "Emotions will only make you weak, my dear Lust. Live for yourself, take what you can, because only the strong and beautiful will survive. But as you wish." He smiled to the shivering girl, offering to save the sister under one condition: The girl was to reman his forever, never to return to the surface of Earth and see the sister again. Weakened, the girl finally accepted the offer. Smiling, the demon pulled the corpse to safety, sending a minion to collect the child's soul before leaving it on shore to be found. The girl was brought to the underworld palace, sorrowed that she would never again be able to see her sister but thankful the girl would be safe. At first, the demon called her Lust as he made her the human embodiment of the deadly sin. She hated this, insisting he would refer to her by a different title. He then chose the name Eurydice. The girl lived with the lord for many years. She was to do everything the lord requested, singing and dancing for him and his friends, all calling her beautiful and mesmerizing. The demons watched her with sickening, hungry eyes. She grew sick of this, wishing for more than this in her life. As time grew on, however, she was permitted to watch as her sister age and became everything Eurydice could have hoped for through a tainted mirror given to her by a lesser demon. The lord began to play with her mind, however, causing Eurydice to forget much of her human life including her birth name. Her sister was the only link to humanity she had left. While watching the sister one day, Eurydice saw her begin to cry on the anniversary of her death. In a flash of sorrow, Eurydice fled from the castle to comfort the only being she had left in the world. The demon lord did not chase her, allowing her to leave freely. When she arrived to her new destination, she was met with the head of her sister. Eurydice sobbed in pain at what she had done. Because of her weakness, her sister had been slaughtered. In resolution, Eurydice promised she would never feel attached to another to protect herself. Her memories faded in a mental protection as she lurked alone in the underworld. She grew into the being she is now, accepting her master's taunt of being the embodiment of Lust. She will never allow herself to grow weak with emotions as she did with her sister. For emotions have no place in the world except for pain and suffering.


What do they desire most?
~Winning the contest.
~To have some actually say she is beautiful with their words rather than hungry eyes.
~To remember her birth name.

She also responds to the name Lust. She has forgotten her true name, although sometimes it can be on the tip of her tongue. This can frustrate her as certain actions can trigger her memories of her human life. She wants reject all aspects of humanity, and yet finds herself unable to. This only increases her frustrations.

But I am a Good Girl
The dress is Chanel
The shoes YSL
The bag is Dior
Agent Provocateur
My address today, LA by the way
Above Sunset Strip, the hills all the way

My rings are by Webster
It makes the heads twirl
They all say, “Darling, what did you do for those pearls?”
“What”?! I am a good girl

The age I adore, the day oh no more
Breakfast Polo Launch and pools at the shore
The Chateau for cocktails
The Courtyard at night
Downtown is for dinner
The hell is divine
You know I have found the words goin’ round
They all say my feet never do touch the ground
“What”?! I am a good girl…

So begins...

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