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Julian Le Mort

I've always been more of a lover than a fighter anyway!

0 · 86 views · located in Akane Resort

a character in “The Hosts: Demons vs. Angels”, originally authored by ChildishDelusion, as played by RolePlayGateway


Julian Le Mort


Demon 3

Who are they the Host of?
Will be announced once roleplay starts



Julian is a very carefree sort of demon who can easily get lost in music or fairytales. He is very easily pleased and can become fascinated with even the most mundane things. He often shirks responsibilites due to being so easily distracted which gets him into conflicts with his guardians. He can be classed as a bit of a lovable rouge as his cheeky smile and uptempo attitude can usually get him out of the trouble he has gotten himself into. He has very little time for rules and regulations and can tend to do what he feels is right for him rather than relying on a social/moral compass. Due to his nature he often speaks his mind and can be seen as blunt and he tends to be quite honest with fellow demons irregardless of who they are. However he is quite competitive and depises losing in any personal bet. Can be vain at times, loves to learn and be the best at anything he comes across. He is rarely ever sad but if he does become so it can often be hard for Julian to lift himself out of it. Can overthink. Very optimistic. Likes animals. Has a really big sweet-tooth.

Brief Description
Quite tall young demon standing over 6ft 3inches. Has the brand of the "Le Mort" clan on his back- it looks as if it has been burned into his skin. He has a few scars littering his body in various places. Very long dark hair that he often keeps tied in a plait. He has a lot of gothic/punk accessories that he wears. Dark eyes that display the emotion he is feeling quite well. He carries his family gun with him wherever he goes.

Since Julian likes to learn and is quite the quick learner he has picked up a range of talents. He is quite skilled at the instruments and has perfect pitch when it comes to music, he dabbles in other instruments but takes special pride in his violin and flute playing. He prefers to listen to piano than play it. While his cooking is average Julian is very good at baking and making desserts which he is well practised as due to his huge sweet-tooth. He adores writing and often spends hours composing music sheets or creating stories. He is quite the animal lover and finds it easily to befriend stray or wild animals. He is also very good with a gun and is an excellant shot.

As far a demonic abilities go Julian is quite young in his family and has not reached his potential as of yet. He can seperate his spirit from his body, speak the demonic language fluently (a language thought to be almost dead amoung demons) and communicate with other species (such as birds etc). He has not yet learned any defensive or offensive powers which run through the "Le Mort" line.

-Sweet things like desserts
-Listening to music, especially classical
-Being the best
-Playing the flute/violin
-Winning/being the best

-Being upstaged/losing
-Being ignored
-Sour things
-A sad atmosphere

-Being cast aside for someone else.

While Julian was originally born in human form he has no recollection of this life and only knows of his life as a demon. Being part of the "Le Mort" clan meant the death of human body, emotions and memories as part of his contract. He has no idea how they found him or why he decieded to join them, only that he signed the contract of his own free will. His guardian mother who freed him from human life to give him a superior life often told him he was extrodinary "even for a human". He is quite young in the clan having been part of them for only almost two decades and still has much to learn. The history of the Le Mort clan is vast and is filled with a bloodline of extremily powerful demons, they are quite old and strict and every member has to learn the old arts and the old demonic language. While Julian is to young to have gotten very far in the old arts he was always enthusiastic and willing to learn, its always quite a competetive clan and members of the family have been discarded for being too weak. Julian always feared being destoryed for not being good enough and so learnt to pick up thing very quickly to be the best and the favourite in Le Mort. He has an ongoing competetion with his older sister Darla. So far this has being going well with no major hiccups except for getting in minor trouble here and there he often makes it up to his clan by succeding, and he's determined to be the best man for the job a this resort!

None as of yet.

What do they desire most?
-To learn.
-To put to rest his conflict with his sister and be deemed the best demon in Le Mort one day.
-To have fun!

Anything else?

I want it all
Adventure seeker on an empty street
Just an alley creeper, light on his feet
A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt
With the pain and anger can´t see a way out,
It ain´t much I´m asking, I heard him say,
Gotta find me a future move out of my way,

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It ain´t much I´m asking, if you want the truth
Here´s to the future for the dreams of youth,
[- From: ... yrics.html -]

I want it all, I want it all,
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I´m a man with a one track mind,
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It ain´t much I´m asking, if you want the truth,
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So begins...

Julian Le Mort's Story