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Usaki Namanei

"I cant fall in love with the human. I cant fall in love with the human. I cant fall in love with the human. And I fell in love with the human......"

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a character in “The Hosts: Demons vs. Angels”, originally authored by kailani98, as played by RolePlayGateway


Usaki Namanei





Angel 4

Who are they the Host of?

Will be announced once roleplay starts






Usaki is a kind caring girl. She loves to help people out and comfort them when they are sad. She always gives free hugs, for those people who need them. She loves to cook so she will usually cook for people too. To make them smile or to actually sort of flirt in a way. She always cooks for the people she likes. The boys. She's not shy one bit so she usually shows her feelings. Its pretty obvious to tell when she hates you or likes you. Or even has a crush on you. Other than just being friendly and kind shes also pretty happy and bubbly most of the time. You will always see her jumping around and hugging you. But this kind of leads her to be sensitive. She can get upset or angry easily if you say you hate her cooking or just say something rude to her. So you shouldn't get on her bad side. Another thing is, is that she is really strong. She can notice the smallest things. So if your watching her change or something along those lines she will throw you on your ass. So don't do that. And people shes not very dumb so don't try to get anything past her. Its kind of impossible.

Brief Description

Usaki is pretty short. But not that short. Its hard to explain. She has really long hair that is sometimes in pony tails in the front as shown in the pic. above. Shes super skinny and has a normal sized bust. Usaki loves to wear white so you will see her in white jackets, white dresses, whits stockings, yada yada yada. Her wings are hidden but when they are showing they are small and fluffy. The white feathers shine in the sun light. Most of the time her wings even have spirit ribbons on them to show dead angels. She is the graveyard angel as they call it.


She has great cooking and art skills so she cooks amazing tasting, and looking food. She always cooks her food perfectly. When she was still alive she started to plan for a restaurant. But it never seemed to work out. Another thing is she has adapted to hearing quite well. She can hear the slightest sounds. SO it may be hard to sneak around her. Like I said she is extremely strong. She trained a lot when she was alive then even more in heaven. It was for the war. She usually wins in fights. She doesn't like killing though. Its not her forte.


+ Cooking +
+ Dogs +
+ Animals in general +
+ Reading +
+ Drawing +
+ The words, "This food is delicious!" +
+ Rain +
+ Sunsets +
+ True Love +
+ Hugs +
+ Friends +
+ Swimming +
+ Sleeping +
+ Food (If you want to make her happy. Just make her something from the heart.) +


- Mean people -
- Bad cooking -
- People being sad -
- Being a graveyard angel -
- Being Lonely -


* Claustrophobia *
* Her cooking failing *
* Being alone for the rest of her angel time *
* For the demons to win the war *
* For her human guest to be really mean *


Usaki was deemed holy to be an angel by saving her friend. They were at school. School was over and only the teachers were still going to their cars. Then some explosion went of in the school and the building caught on fire. The building was slowly crumbling down. Usaki ran out with the teachers and her friend. Everyone made it out except Usaki and Momo (Her friend). The exit was blocked off so they had to find another one. There was a piece of building about to fall down when they found the exit. There was a small whole. Usaki helped Momo out first. Then that one piece of building crushed her and left her dead. When she went to Heaven the war was about to start. She was deemed a graveyard angel since the last one died. A Graveyard angel is a holy position. Its pretty high for a starting angel. But its sad to know how the angels die. Especially if they are angels she knows.


"At the moment no one has caught my eye."

What do they desire most?

~ To fall in love. ~
~ To be able to cook for people eat the resort. ~
~ To make friends.(Shes pretty lonely.) ~
~ For the angels to win the challenge. ~
~ To end this war between demons and angels.~


She never had a boy friend and her dream was to always fall in love.

Sakura Kiss

Kiss, kiss:
Fall in love!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

I see you come,
I watch you go;
You never seem to leave me though!
So is this love or hate?
We'll see...
You're makin' me crazy

Inside my dreams,
You're all I see...
Well, all I see is you and me
Lady? Maybe. A host?
I find I really don't mind.

If I had to choose a rose
From this garden of romance,
Maybe we could take this chance...

Maybe you're my love!

And I would like to find
A hand like yours to take mine;
And with one kiss
We could stop time and I'd fall in love with you!
Tomorrow's far away
Let's place our hope in today -
Just you and me
In a beautiful spring

And we'll always fall in love

Hey! Hey!

Maybe you're my love!

(I know I know your probably sick of seeing this song every time. It just fits all of my girl characters.)

So begins...

Usaki Namanei's Story