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Johnathen Arrington Richard

"Bang, Bang Babe!"

0 · 110 views · located in 1924, Manhattan, U.S.

a character in “The Hot Box”, as played by SincereBanister


General Information
Name: Johnathen Arrington Richard
Code Name: John
Birth Date: Oct. 24th 1901
Race: African America and Indian
Height: 6’’5’
Weight: 235 LB
Blood Type: O+
Relationship: Single
Family: Jamie
Occupation: Ex Military, Bootlegging, and Moon Shining
Residence: Apartment# 145A Carlton Havens Complex


Johnathen is calm and very blunt about what he says and thinks. He often speaks the first thing that comes to mind making him seem inconsiderate at times. He is strong willed and when his mind is made there is little that can change it. Johnathen is also very calculative and comprehends things faster than his peers showing a varied learning curve. He rarely acts on impulse and has a very determine drive that revivals others. Once irritated he simply dismisses the person with a wave of the hand. He is patient, but does not like to be push when making decisions and would act on his own account. He works better by himself, but he will consider others opinions, yet in the end go on his own gut feelings. He doesn't enjoy the spotlight so he sticks to himself sometimes answering his own questions or talking to himself. Johnathen always seems deep in thought and likes the quite. He is very active in physical training and goes to great lengths to push his body and mind to higher peaks. He shows fascination with guns, cars, and more guns. His fascination with guns has lead up to him having dozens of them in which he takes the time to polish and repair them. He rarely converses with others unless spoken to. Johnathen is very witty and makes smart comments when he does talk and always enjoy the company of women. He is not very arrogant, but in others eyes he could come off as such.


Johnathen is 235 pounds of lean muscles with a stature of 6’’5’. His eyes are a pale brown with silvers of hazel in the iris. His hair is cropped to mid length with the ends of the brown strands curling at the tips. He has a sculpted face with hard angles and a nose to match. His eyebrows are semi thick and he usually sprouts a bit of stubble on his chin and upper lip unless clean shaven. His lips are full and he rarely smiles and could be seen with pressed lips indicating he is lost in thought. Johnathen has light brown tan skin that shows off his African American and Indian blood heritage.


Johnathen Arrington Richard at the tender age of 15, entered into the US Army during the end of World War 1. His family was relative poor and large. Due to the death of his mother who had been working two jobs along with his father's three to support the family; Johnathen's father was unable to take care of his nine children. In a desperate measure to keep the bank from repossessing the home Johnathen's father and mother worked so hard to keep, Johnathen's father enlisted his two oldest sons into the service in 1917. Johnathen's father had to lie about Johnathen's age to enlist him but because of his height and early growth sprout, he looked every much of eighteen as the rest of the boys. His oldest brother Ricky was later killed in a freak accident during a training exercise before he was even deported into battle. This left Johnathen to go to the front lines in France by himself where he took part in the trench wars. Because Johnathen was one of the youngest soldiers and black he often received the most deadliest jobs, such as setting claymores or TNT. Time and time again Johnathen had to put up with racial slurs and discrimination from commanding officers and fellow grunts like himself.

Eventually Johnathen was shot in the buttocks while pulling a white solider by the name of Alex Accere to safety who had had his arm blown off. Johnathen was honorably discharged from the military after being wounded and received monthly payments from the government that was just enough to pay off the house his family was living in and settle his father in one place to look over Johnathen's younger sibilings. Johnthan eventually moved out because of the narrow living space in the two room shotgun house and got a rusty old apartment not far from the downtown area. After the war officially ended in 1919, Johnathen received an offer from Alex Accere, the white soldier he had saved during the war, offering him a job detailing cars.

There Johnathen discovered his passion for cars. Alex was later on killed by members of the Klu Klux Klan for being a nigger lover because of his kindness toward Johnathen. After Alex was killed Johnathen went jobless coming close to being kicked out of his apartment until his little brother under him, Jamie, got him involved into some illegal work. This mainly included making good ole moon shine and run ins with fierce competitors. In that line of work Johnathen rediscovered his love for guns and became known for his quick draw and sharp shooter. Because Johnathen was military trained, his and Jamie's illegal business boomed leaving them with few rivals who wanted to go toe to toe. Now with less competition the two set their mind to distributing their shine to local speakeasies.

So begins...

Johnathen Arrington Richard's Story