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The Hourglass

The Hourglass


The first town where gifted humans and ungifted humans have lived in together in recent history is becoming a battlefield of old ideals and new. Details Inside.

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Immortals : Fall Out Boy | Laura Palmer : Bastille | Twin Size Mattress : The Front Bottoms | The Catalyst : Linkin Park

Youngblood Prince [Reggie is fine if you prefer, I take they/them pronouns please.]

The idea is (as) original (as an idea can get), although I’m very very new here, so I’ve taken a lot of inspiration in the aesthetic design of this roleplay from BleedingLover’s ‘Remember Me For Centuries’ which can be viewed under that link. I claim no originality in the aesthetic design of this roleplay, and am mimicking as a (hopeful) compliment.

{"It can’t be outmatched, it can’t be outrun.”—Linkin Park }

The year? 2016 The place? Southern Dutchess County, NY
The reason? This revolution was not televised; but let’s go back a little ways.
Humans have known of the gifted amongst them since the dark ages. It’s said among gufteds that in the days before all of this, they were revered members of society, a higher class. Things have changed, though, since then if that is indeed true. Segregation between regular humans and gifted ones has been all that’s known to gifteds for generations now, it’s all anyone’s ever known. There are tiny ‘gifted’ towns all over America, and often small, segregated districts within cities as well.
Ten years ago, the protests began, in response to the nongifted human-run police force and military using unreasonable force against gifted citizens all over the country. Gifted humans and their sympathetic non-gifted counterparts protested for months, they made it a national ordeal. Despite media blackout, despite the revolution not being televised, citizen reporting pulled through and in 2012, the first integrated school opened. Segregation still prevails, marriage between gifted and ungifted citizens was only legalized in 2014. The integrated school closed the same year, the government regarded it a failure. But still, protestors and advocates prevailed, and eventually, something was born;
Oakwood, a tiny town which sits on the bank of the Hudson River in upstate New York, only an hour and a half from the city, and fifteen minutes from a large non-gifted down, ten minutes from a smaller gifted one. It’s shaped like an hourglass, and sometimes referred to as such, and something is happening there that’s never been seen before in America; for the past six years, Oakwood has been slowly transforming into the first integrated town in the nation.
And this year, the first gifted sheriff in NY history was appointed in Oakwood. Her police force, largely ungifted still, fights against her every move, and the law needs unity more than anything else in a budding city full of two groups who still have just a little too much friction from years of wrongdoings.

Gifteds, ‘mutts’, the touched, whatever name for them is used, things are the same. Gifted genetics are recessive, but still work by inheritance. Gifteds often have similar or matching powers, but the type of power itself is not genetic. For years, they’ve been segregated and looked down upon. Some radicals are very anti-ungifted.

|{[The Citizens]}|
The citizens of Oakwood, the Hourglass, are a wide range of people, from the generations-old ungifted families who’ve lived here for as long as anyone can remember to the most recent transplants; the gifted families and individuals who’ve moved here recently in defiance or a hope for peace.


{"They say we are what we are but we don’t have to be.”—Fall Out Boy}
Name | Age Range | Power | Description/Role | Face Claim | Status

The police force in Oakwood is incredibly torn right now,
between members who believe in integration and those who
were raised in a segregated world and can’t imagine it any
different. There’s a huge amount of turmoil, to where it
affects work, and unfortunate, too, considering the imminent
threat of their town becoming a battleground of the very
same ideals the police department is split in. So it really
just comes down to if they’ll protect the town, or if
instead they’ll join the fight.

Name | 25-35 | Photokinesis | Sheriff | Nstalie Dormer | Open
New to the job, but doing splendidly. In a feud of ideology with [Mike Vogel], but trying to keep things together for the sake of the job. Close with [Neil Patrick Harris].

Name | 25-32 | Suggestion/Logikinesis | Officer | Neil Patrick Harris | Open
A longtime resident of Oakwood, he knows the town like the back of his hand. “Friends” wih [Zachary Quinto] although [Neil Patrick Harris] is unaware of [Zachary Quinto]’s affiliation and is pro-integration. He’s close with [Natalie Dormer].

Name | 22-28 | Ungifted | Forensic Technician | Jane Levy | Open
Born and raised in Oakwood, and solidly pro-segregation. Looks up to [Georgina Haig] and secretly crushing on [Jeremy Renner] against her moral judgement and the judgement of her parents.

Name | 25-30 | Ungifted | Deputy | Mike Vogel | Open
An experienced officer of the law, and born resident of Oakwood. Fiercely loyal to his town. Feuding over ideology with [Natalie Dormer], as he believes gifteds and ungifteds should live separately. [Gregg Sulkin]’s cousin.

Name | 25-30 | Ungifted | Detective | Georgina Haig | Open
The “mother hen” of the police department and one of the most respected members. She looks after [DJ Qualls] and [Jane Levy] the most, and has a deep respect for both [Mike Vogel] and [Natalie Dormer]. She doesn’t know where she stands on integration.

Name | 18-25 | Power Detection, Augmentation & Negation | Secretary | DJ Qualls | Open
A nervous kid with an internship. Didn’t realize he was gifted until a few months ago, total rookie. He looks up to [Georgina Craig] and [Mike Vogel]. [Dan Smith] dated an ex of his.

{"We’re a broken people living under loaded gun”—Linkin Park}
Name | Age Range | Power | Description/Role | Face Claim | Status

The revolution is a ragtag bunch of kids who somehow met
for a shared knowledge of their strong feelings about
unfair treatment of gifted citizens. They’re just starting
out but they’re getting there, and definitely ready to
start defending against injustice.

Name | 18-28 | Immortality & Durability | Organizer & Leader | Dan Smith | Open
An often distracted man, who somehow landed himself at the head of the revolution in Oakwood. Has, secretly and in the past, slept with [Elle Fanning], and on a separate occasion, Maxx Darling, knows [Kat Von D] from childhood.

Name | 20-30 | Pyrokinesis | Second In Command | Kat Von D | Open
A strong woman with a fiery temper who leads the revolution in a more practical sense. She’s [Dan Smith]’s childhood friend. Friends with [Dev Patel]’s older sibling.

Name | 15-25 | Psychometry | Hacker & Citizen Reporter (/Political Blogger) | Dev Patel | Open
A man of few words but many ideas. Has a crush on [Kat Von D] and is [Cacie Dalager]’s best friend.

Name | 25-30 | Super Speed | Supplier | Karla Crome | Open
She always seems to be able to get her hands on exactly what the revolution needs. Saved [Jakub Gierszal]’s life and listens to [Chanel Imani]’s music.

_____ Kerouac | 18-25 | Ungifted | Informant & Researcher | Jakub Gierszal | Open
]An antisocial guy who always seems to be buried in a book o r computer. [Karla Chrome] saved his life and [Elle Fanning] is his sister. His parents don’t know where his alliance really stands and he may be keeping more secrets from them than that. He's friends with [Cacie Dalager]

Name | 17-25 | Power Replication | Combat Specialist | Cacie Dalager | Open
]The newbie to the revolution, and a huge asset with her power replication. She's rather antisocial and friends with [Jakub Gierszal] as well as having a crush on [Josh Hutcherson].

{"God bless us, every one,”—Linkin Park}
Name | Age Range | Power | Description/Role | Face Claim | Status

The resistance is a group who monitor and counter-attack
the revolution under the watchful eye of the mayor. They
are usually much better put together and fight for a
return to segregation and the old ways of the town.

_____ Kerouac | 18-28 | Ungifted | Organizer & Leader | Elle Fanning | Open
A girl who’s gotten by on looks and money since she was young, but who’s a lot more than that. She’s firmly against integration and a true product of her parents. They’re very proud. [Jakub Gierszal] is her brother and she’s slept with [Dan Smith], she’s unaware of both of their alliances.

Name | 27-37 | Audiokinesis | Second In Command & Bodyguard | Jeremy Renner | Open
A man of great conviction, he has a debt to the Kerouac family, and although he’s working by their standards, he’s secretly pro-integration. He’s [Bae Suzy]’s friend as they share a love of firearms, and he gets along very well with [Zachary Quinto]. [Evan Rachel Wood] is his cousin.

Name | 20-30 | Ungifted | Weapons Specialist | Bae Suzy | Open
An astonishingly bright woman who knows her way around a gun. She’s firmly against integration. She considers [Jeremy Renner] one of her best friends, and is seeing [Fin Harries].

Name | 30-40 | Ungifted | Political Support | Zachary Quinto | Open
A man of good political standing who is being paid off to help the resistance, although his opinions on integration are hazy. He’s good friends with [Jeremy Renner] and is close with [Neil Patrick Harris].

Name | 20-25 | Ungifted | Technology Resource | Felicia Day | Open
Blackmailed into the resistance by Daniel Kerouac, she’s the anxious and odd working-class IT girl who hadn’t really thought about integration much before this. She has a bit of a crush on both Kerouac siblings, and is longtime friends with Maxx Darling.

Maxx Darling | 20 | Power Manipulation & Bestowal (unknown) | Soldier & Rookie | Hunter Parrish | Taken
A quiet young man whose father is friends with Daniel Kerouac. Maxx has no clue he’s gifted. He tends to skim by on his looks and has been [Evan Rachel Wood]’s client for a while now. He’s slept with [Dan Smith] and is good friends with [Felicia Day].

{"I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass.”—Fall Out Boy}
Name | Age Range | Power | Description/Role | Face Claim | Status

The citizens of Oakwood are an interesting bunch; a mix
of old and new, and many of them a great deal more
important than any of them may quite realize. They’re the
lifeblood of the Hourglass.

Name | 15-25 | Enhanced Physical Traits | The Student | Josh Hutcherson | Reserved
A curious young man, he has an intoxicating personality. He’s seeing [Bae Suzy] and is friends with [Gregg Sulkin].

Name | 20-25 | Animal Telepathy | The Wild Child | Sky Ferreira | Reserved
An ineffable young lady and newcomer to Oakwood. She has a crush on [Mike Vogel] but her affections tend to shift rapidly. She’s friends with [Chanel Iman].

Name | 18-25 | Ungifted | The Model | Gregg Sulkin | Reserved
From a strict and controlling christian family, this young man has a secret. He’s also [Mike Vogel]’s cousin, and is friends with [Josh Hutcherson].

Name | 20-30 | Ungifted | The DJ | Chanel Iman | Open
A social butterfly and self proclaimed heart of the town, this girl almost singlehandedly keeps Oakwood’s nightlife alive. She’s recently befriended [Sky Ferreira] and is strangely knowledgeable about Harper White.

Harper White | 24 | Illusion Crafting | The Artist | Tom Kaulitz | Taken
An odd man who seems different every time you speak to him. Some speculate he’s the victim of a mood disorder, others figure he’s just a little off because of his powers. He tags a lot of buildings. He used to have a crush on [Natalie Dormer] but the flame has quenched. He’s friends with [Leda Muir].

Name | 20-30 | Botanokinesis | The Dealer | Evan Rachel Wood | Reserved
A woman who saw her talent and seized the first opportunity she could with it. She sells to [Maxx Darling], and is trying to convince him to work with her due to his green thumb and people skills, and is [Jeremy Renner]’s cousin.

Name | 20-25 | Dreamweaving | The Musician | Jack Barakat | Open
Just rolled off a bus from New York City, this guy was born and raised in the segregated district of NYC where gifteds are forced to live and this feels like freedom. He doesn’t know anyone except [Leda Muir], with whom he traveled upstate.

Name | 18-22 | Invisibility | The Rogue | Leda Muir | Reserved
Much the same as her travelling companion, [Jack Barakat], she was raised in the segregated district of New York City and lived in relative poverty all her life, before moving to Oakwood for school with [Jack Barakat] a week or so ago. She’s already become fast friends with Harper White



Daniel Kerouac | 51 | Ungifted | Mayor | Daniel Day Lewis | NPC
][Jakub Gierszal] and [Elle Fanning]’s father. Technically, [Natalie Dormer]’s boss. Pro-segregation.



Code: Select all
The Character Sheet may be edited as you see fit.
[hr][/hr][center][img]img or gif[/img][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][font=palatino][size=110][url=URLHere]Theme Song Here[/url][/size]

[size=130][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr][left][img]smallgif[/img][/left][right][img]smallgif[/img][/right][center][font=palatino]{[b]Full Name:[/b]}
                  {[b]Birth Date:[/b]}
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center]
[hr][/hr][right][img]gif[/img][/right][center][font=palatino]Appearance info here. Feel free to free-write what the character looks like or break this into categories which can be filled out.[/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center]
Gift (List ungifteds as ‘Ungifted’ and remove the following categories.
A description of the technicalities of your gift here.
The limitations or drawbacks of the gift.[/center][/font]
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center]
[img]gif[/img][/left][center][font=palatino]Personality here. Feel free to free-write and a description and/or add categories.[/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i][/size][/font][/center]
[font=palatino]{[b]Relationship Status:[/b]}
Relationship Status



{[b]Known Languages:[/b]}
Known Languages [/font][/center][hr][/hr][left][img]smallgif[/img]
[img]smallgif[/img][/right][center][font=palatino]You can write some or all of the character’s history here. It’s up to you how much you share but a briefing paragraph is the minimum of what I’d like to see.[/font][/center][hr][/hr][center][img][/img]
[font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrix"[/i][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr][left][img]smallgif[/img][/left][right][img]smallgif[/img][/right][center][font=palatino]{[b]Role[/b]}
Role Here
Opinionn on integration and current events
{[b]FC: [color=#ColorHere]Face Claim[/color] || HEX: [color=#ColorHere]#ColorHere[/color][/b]}[/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][font=georgia][size=110][i]"Quote or Lyrics"[/i]



i. reserves must be made in the ooc, with the password.
ii. while I prefer that the face claims aren’t changed, I understand that you want to play a character you like to look at. just talk to me about it, i’m usually open to change.
iii. If inactivity or an inability to play comes up, please inform everyone in the ooc.
iv. reserves last for 48 hours. Please have a WIP up by then. I understand work and school but this isn’t something I can be lenient about except in special circumstances, I’m sorry.
v. I’ll probably start after we fill at least half of the positions and have at least one person from each group.
the password is if your character has a pet or not. make sure to describe if they have one!
vi. this goes without saying, but respect in the OOC please, and respect one another while writing as well. I am strict about godmodding. Three strikes and you’re out. I will also not tolerate bigotry or hatespeech in the OOC in any way shape or form.
vii. viewer & player discretion advised, mature roleplay, mature content, etc etc etc.
viii. rape is off limits. period end of story. the DM is an assault survivor and wouldn’t like to read about rape
ix. I may be the DM, and want my final ruling to be understood, but I try to be an easygoing DM who trusts their player’s instincts and common sense. Please talk to me about concerns, questions, anything.
x. I’d like to see at least a strong paragraph, if not more than two. I want a relaxed roleplay, but I don’t want a lazy one.

{"I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass.”—Fall Out Boy }

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Character Portrait: Maxx Darling


Character Portrait: Maxx Darling
Maxx Darling

"Are we growing up or just going down?"


Character Portrait: Maxx Darling
Maxx Darling

"Are we growing up or just going down?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Maxx Darling
Maxx Darling

"Are we growing up or just going down?"

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Re: The Hourglass

The role of Cacie Dalager is OPEN due to MayKinz withdrawing her reservation.

Re: The Hourglass

Hellos! I would love to take Power Replication ((FC Cacie Dalager))
I will get a character sheet to you ASAP but if you could reserve her that would be fabulous she seems very fun to play >.<

My character will have a pet kitten since she is anti social she prefers to spend time with the little kitty x3
The cat is small and all black fur similar to that of what a witch would have the cat has big black eyes and it is quite a slim tabby cat.

Re: The Hourglass

Youngblood, I understand if you'd like to drop my reservation then, though I'll still work on her. It's hell week part one for my school's winter play, so I'm somewhat tight time-wise until the weekend.

Re: The Hourglass

First order of business; I have Maxx up, He's not completed by a longshot, but his bio right now can give you a sense for the minimum I'd like to see for character completion.
Edit: Maxx is more or less completed but needs a little formatting work before I'm ready to call him '100% finished'. Please reference him for an idea of what I'd like on character sheets.

In that vein, those of you who reserved on Sunday; you should get your sheets in, after tonight, your reserves no longer stand.

Re: The Hourglass

@Urania Your reserve's been made.
@xSilentButterflyx - I'd rather not another victoria's secret model as a faceclaim here, they're rather overused as I've seen, but if you'd like to choose a different FC and discuss it via PM/IM I'd be happy to reserve the character for you.

@Everyone Else
I just changed the character sheet a little, seeing as the 'personality' section was a bit broken by code, so if you have an in-progress character I suggest you compare notes so the BBC's not broken

Re: The Hourglass

I would like to reserve Molly Quinn, but I would love to change the face claim to Barbara Palvin. And I think if Barbara had a pet it would be a fluffy white Persian with stumpy legs :D


Re: The Hourglass

Hey Hun :3! I'm gonna snag up Josh's FC <3
I can see him having a ferret or some kind of bulky dog as a pet like a husky or a Norwegian Elkhound! Omg yess that's brilliant! If it's a boy his name would be Odin or if it's a girl it would be Luna !

Re: The Hourglass

@Mei So it is! Might as well change the FC to Elle Fanning then. I'll reserve Evan Rachel Wood for ya.

@ Everyone
Your reserves will be up in a moment.

Re: The Hourglass

Hello! Could I possibly reserve Leda Muir? I don't think she'd currently have the resources to take care of a pet, but she would probably feed strays a lot.

Re: The Hourglass

I'd like the reserve FC Gregg Sulkin and for a pet I picture him having a red heeler(australian cattle dog) named Whiskey that he takes camping, hiking, hunting, etc.


Re: The Hourglass

May I reserve the Botanokinesis spot?

No, my character doesn't have any pet at the moment.

And one more thing the spot that has Cara Delevingne as a face claim the person in the picture is Elle Fanning, just to let you know.


The Hourglass

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