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Maxx Darling

"Are we growing up or just going down?"

0 · 628 views · located in Oakwood "The Hourglass", New York

a character in “The Hourglass”, as played by Youngblood Prince




Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year

"Are we growing up, or just going down?"

"It's just a matter of time before we're all found out."

{Full Name:}
"Maxx. Yep. Just Maxx."
Maxx Demetrius Darling
{Birth Date:}
"I hate my birthday."
Dec 26th
"Old enough."
"Let's keep this between you and I, shall we?"
Closeted Homosexual

"Take our tears and put them on ice."

With a relatively muscular build, Maxx is something of a looker, despite his tendency to try to play that down unless he can get something substantial out of it. He keeps his body language confident, but a trained eye can see the measured quality to his attempts at intimidation or confidence. Maxx tends to dress casually and can often be seen with a satchel. He stands a little under 5'7". Often enough seen wearing his work uniform, although when not working he generally abandons the green work apron associated with it. In the summer, Maxx's hair bleaches out to almost-blonde with sun, but in the winter it's much darker. He has freckled shoulders.

Maxx also has a small collection of usually-covered tattoos. His chest is adorned with an anatomical heart modified with seedlings. His left arm has a skyline/tree psuedosleeve in black and white. He has a simple black wind-up keyhole on the back of his neck, as well. He'd like to get more tattoos soon, although he'll likely keep them in spots where he can hide them..

"I swear I'd burn the city down to show you the light."

"Gifted? Me? No, not at all."
Power Bestowal and Manipulation.
Maxx knows nothing of his gift; his mother and paternal grandfather are his gifted progenitors, both absent. He was raised away from gifted society, and has little capability to understand his power, should he ever recognize its existence. Power Listing lists Power Manipulation as a bit more of an omnipotent thing than the extent of Maxx's powers would ever go. Maxx can simply augment or negate powers over time via being physically close to a person. He can 'evolve' them, so to speak, manipulate their strength or weakness. That said, a full evolution into something a significant amount stronger, weaker, or different, would probably take days of frequent contact to accomplish. His power bestowal functions much the same way.
Maxx's biggest limitation is a complete mental blockage to powers, and his unknowing of his power. Even when he discovers his gift, though, he'll likely have a lot of psychological issues actually finding any sort of control over it, and his gift takes a lot of mental strength and focus to actually perform in the way he wants it to, there's a high chance of things going haywire without perfect practice, and he's entirely unpracticed. He knows nothing of it. Another constraint is time; while Maxx could, for example, make a small adjustment to the capabilities of a gifted, it wouldn't likely be anything hugely significant without a lot of time around them.

"We're the chemists who've found the formula to make your heart swell and burst."

Maxx is usually quiet. He tries his best to be easily forgettable and usually is. He's the ultimate wallflower and avoids eye contact at all costs. While not shy, he's the last person people think of in a group of friends and he's the one people just forget places sometimes. He's made his peace with that. He's usually well poised, and tries to be as polite as humanly possible. Often times, the only person Maxx talks to on his days off is the cashier at the supermarket or the girl at starbucks.
He lives a quiet life, and with only a father who keep tabs on him, he's the kind of person who wouldn't be discovered dead until the neighbors smelled him rotting. He doesn't keep pets, he wouldn't be eaten by his houseplants.
Maxx is often lost in a vague haze of alcohol, or the substance of the week, whatever he can find. He keeps few friends and fewer enemies, and is often overly forgiving. He'll use his looks to his advantage, and realizes some people find him attractive. He tries not to get attached to people, or things, but likes music, and will hum to his houseplants while he does housework sometimes. He's eccentric when he's alone, but around people, Maxx is much more guarded. He's a people pleaser, he puts his brightest face forward and uses his best manners. It's a rare time when Maxx actually tells someone to fuck off.
A lot of people would be displeased by a life like Maxx has, but he enjoys his quiet existence, with plants and tattoos and music, he often indulges in history and art, anything that can be enjoyed quietly, without people. He seems to have an aversion to trust, and an unreasonable, perhaps traumagenic dissociation from people probably formed at an early age. He's blindly loyal to people he does trust, though.
While many people view Maxx as a forgiving, sensitive (and perhaps pitiable) creature, which he, to a certain extent, is, he glides by in a moral gray area and a haze of only half-understanding why most people do what they do. Maxx tries to be fiercely independent, and due to his self-sheltered nature, he's largely inexperienced with friendship or romance, both topics he often avoids like the plague. He's tired of losing friends because sometimes he can't express himself verbally, or because he can't keep up with moral debates, or because people just get sick and tired of his faded-out attitude or drug habit. He keeps his sexuality to himself and always has, it's never been a question with a strict father who'd be disappointed in him more for liking guys than the empty bottles slowly accumulating in his apartment.
Maxx has a green thumb, and loves plants more than he loves any other living being. His apartment is full of them, his balcony overflowing in green. A psychologist might chalk it up to him trying to create meaningful relationships where he can't be let down.

"I'll keep singing this lie if you keep believing it"

{Relationship Status:}
"Heh. Nah, I'm available."

"Just me and my dad I guess."
Caden Darling | 46 | Mechanic


{Known Languages:}
"I'm a bit of a polyglot, to be honest..."
Conversationally, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. He's studying Portuguese and is going to move onto Russian after that. He wants to conquer the ten most common languages.

Maxx was born to an illegal transporter and a seedy businessman, Maxx didn't know anything about his parents' lives, and lived most of his childhood in a relative state of confusion in relation to the parents who he was supposed to be learning life from. He was more often than not left to the care of his older older half sister by his father, Diane. When Maxx was three or four, his mother disappeared into thin air, and left him with his father, something his father didn't even begin to hide his distaste for. Neither of them knew of his mother's gift, and Maxx remembers next to nothing of her. He steered clear, even as a child, of mentioning her after she left. He doesn't even have photos.

As things got tighter, financially and emotionally, in their little family, they moved upstate, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and toward Oakwood, although between the ages of twelve and fifteen, Maxx lived in Croton on Hudson, which was where his sister would eventually graduate high school, and then much like his mother, completely disappear into thin air, so that their father might never find her and she could live on her own.

Following this, Maxx's father made sure to make it very clear that Maxx was never to do such a thing to him, and Maxx, at the time some mixture of terrified and awed by his father, of course, complied. By the time he was graduating from Oakwood high some three years later, he was already working at a small garden store (although he's since moved to a different, larger garden store) and seeking local apartments for rent where he might be close enough that his father would never feel abandoned.

"We're the kids you used to love; then we grew old."

"I'm just a soldier for my father, sir."
Soldier & Rookie
"Uh. Pro segregation?"
He says pro-segregation to please his father, in the end, he's not so sure of his own opinion.
"I sell plants."
Garden Store Employee
"Nah, I'm good."

{FC: Hunter Parrish || HEX: #1cc760}

"We're the lifers, here til the bitter end."

So begins...

Maxx Darling's Story