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The Boss

"I'm The Boss, capital letter would be nice."

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a character in “The Houston Project”, as played by RPGLoVeR213


Johnathan Richard "The Boss" Wilkes




The Boss is a very handsome young man, with beautiful misty grey eyes and straight jet black hair. He has a cut on his lip from a fight with a Drone. His lip on the opposite side of the cut is a lip ring, which he wears proudly. On his left eye there is a long, dark red scar from where the operation had started. He is almost never seen without his tinted aviators covering the scar. On each ear there is at least eight piercings.


Richard Daniel "Wilkes" Wilkes
Joanna Amelia Wilkes

He can create a psionic blast, which overload the target's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, or even death if used long enough. He can also create a sonic scream, a scream that can be way higher or way lower than a normal human bring which causes mild to extreme pain.

He has long flashbacks which cause throbbing headaches, sometimes enough to cause him to black out wherever he is.

His hobbies are surfing, planning, hiking, swimming, leading rescue, bombing, or infiltration missions, laying under the stars, sleeping, and visiting the Ugly Thing children who look up to him as a hero. Something he isn't.

Ugly Thing

None; he is very easy to be recognized out on the streets as Wilkes's runaway son.


He always has his pair of aviators, a special phone that does not allow its calls to be tracked but can track other phones, a small computer with a list of all the Ugly Things and their records, a hoodie which can cover his face if he's on a mission, and a clear visor which is a database of everything Pretty Perfect, along with the all the Ugly Thing pseudonym's.

He has three rooms; one in the Capitol, one in Deejay Riff's station, and one with Mother Theresa, Blaze, and the Royalties. His room in the Capitol is a white room, a normal Perfect Room. The one in Deejay Riff's station was a pile of plankets and pillows that take up most of the room, with a ceiling projector to watch non-Pretty Perfect videos and movies. His final room at Mother Theresa's place is his most special room. It has a large bed with three comforters, a mahogany desk in which the true Database for the Ugly Things is located, and another projector for videos and movies.

His hair color is black

His eye color is a misty grey


The Boss was born Johnathan Richard Wilkes to Richard Daniel Wilkes and Joanna Amelia Wilkes. He was one of the children that was mostly seen and not heard around his parents. When he turned six he was sent to a special school to train the children that were going to be tested for the Project T.E.E.N.E. He started to become very rebellious with some of the T.E.E.N.E.'s that visited, including a seventeen-year-old named Theresa. She would preach to him about music and life outside of the Academy. Pretty Perfect was already in the Academies for T.E.E.N.E, but it never crossed Johnny's mind after age nine. When she had to leave, they had to knock her out. Johnny was also knocked out after screaming and running after her. He woke her up before the guards caught up and saw the fear for the little boy in their arms. The guards knocked him out in front of her, and enjoyed the angry screams following them away. After that, Johnny would not, under any circumstances, take the special medicine which caused him to temporarily lose his memory of Theresa and her magical preaches. They would bind him and force the liquid down his throat, along with the special liquid which made his powers accumulate. Wilkes, his father who he hated so, would control his mind and make him use his powers on rebels that would not talk. This frightened Johnny, and soon after he would run to his mother who would protect him from his father. This happened until he was fifteen, when his father got tired of his rebellious attitude and having to be forced to take his medicine. He was "acting like a kid" He scheduled a Drone operation, and his son had no idea. The guards came in his room, and Johnny thought it was just a routine day. Until they knocked him out. They tookk him to the OR, and it wasn't until they were working on his left eye that he woke up. He was screaming in pain, which caused the surgeons pain since it was one of his "specialties". He found his way out of the building and the Capitol. He found Mother Theresa, which was such a joyful reunion. Johnny had tears in his eyes. He started to think of rebellion, and life before the Pretty Perfects. He told Mother Theresa and her young prodigee Blaze of his plans, and as he turned sixteen the Ugly Things were born, with him on top as "The Boss". There were already rival rebel groups, but he put all of the rebel groups together and formed his special group.

His birthplace is in the Capitol, in the Main One hospital.

He has a Siamese cat named Whiskas, a snake named Swagger, and a Doberman named Fangs.

He has a strong relationship with his mother, who is an idol to him. Mother Theresa, to him, is a second mother, friend, sister, and another idol. Blaze is one of his best friends, even though she is only ten. He hates his father with a deep passion.

He was sent to the Academy at seven, met Mother Theresa at nine, and was almost turned into a Drone at age fifteen. He changed into The Boss at age sixteen.

When he can't think or is on the Database, he'll wear thick, black-bordered glasses.

So begins...

The Boss's Story