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Max Campbell

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a character in “The Howling: They'll eat you alive”, as played by Circus Freak




"People die all the time, its nothing new to me."
- Max

Image☠Full Name☠
Maxwell Campbell




June 10th



☠Relationship Status☠
Currently N/A





Short, brunette

☠Eye Color☠

☠Skin Color☠

☠Distinguishing Marks☠
Various scars, most thankfully hidden beneath clothes as it would be pretty hard to explain why he has a bunch of scars.



{Contradictory, Adventurous, Brave, Calm}

Max has always had a way of being both an asshole, and a good guy all at the same time. His mom would say he was just like his father, always winning hearts only to later crush them. It was something that Max found that he didn't quite like about himself, but could never mend. Over the years he developed it though, into less of an asshole and more of a rude, but mostly joking kind of guy. He doesn't do things to make people mad on purpose, but sometimes he just seems to get into some pretty stupid situations. He likes adventure, for one thing and is always the one to find his way to the best parties or social outings, often times dragging his friends along whether they want to come or not. He is never without a wingman or wingwoman and likes to live like tomorrow is his last day to live.

Years of training have made him brave, but he still often stresses over hunts. He knows there are any number of things that could go wrong, which is why he always tries his best to have multiple plans to follow through with. Its hard to exactly how things are going to go, and he hates the uncertainty that comes with life. In the face of danger he is calm and level headed, never giving the monster the satisfaction of seeing him scared. He could look danger in the face, and mock it just as easily.

He is a really social guy, always with friends and joking around with them. In a way he kind of balances out their usual little group. He is the calm, but fun-loving guy who often times get a little too smashed, but over all he keeps things as light and interesting as possible. He hates depressing situations, and always finds a way to have hope. He is the kind of guy you can talk to easily, he listens and doesn't interrupt. He has been this way for most of his life, though his childhood years were mostly spent being a snotty little brat of course. He takes things seriously when they need to be taken serious, and if they don't he will make sure to bring the cheer.

He isn't always so bright though, known for his explosive temper and sailor mouth. He got in plenty of trouble as a kid as a result of his lack of discipline and disliking for rules. And though he hates keeping secrets deception is what he does best. Having to stay under cover all his life has honed this skill, and made it so that lying comes as a second nature to him now.

For some he can be a little too chatty at times, and his various habits often scare potential friends away.

- Smokes
- Parties too much
- Drinks often
- Hums a lot

- Hand-to-hand
- Shooting
- Finding Weakness

- Smokes
- Arrogant
- Rule breaker
- Headstrong



☠Family Of Importance☠
Douglas Campbell (Grandfather)
Diane Campbell (Aunt)
Christopher Campbell (Uncle)
Brandy Durban (Cousin)
Lisa Campbell (Cousin)

Even though Max has both of his parents in his life he doesn't really consider himself particularly lucky. Unlike his cousin Brandy who received all the usual training as she grew up Max had to wait years before they became training him as a hunter. All because Maxs mom had some reservations about teaching him at a younger age - which was ridiculous. He knew he could handle it just fine, and he did handle it just fine. His parents are often gone, either working or hunting leaving him to pretty much live with his aunt and uncle Diane and Chris. As a child they were his main source of comfort, and they are the ones who cared for him the most. Feeding him when his parents would forget to leave money for take-out, and teaching him ways to defend himself.

He grew up angry, and he grew up arrogant. He saw himself as above other kids because he knew what was really out there, and he was capable of fighting it! He could do so many things that normal kids couldn't, and he thought he was better for it. Then he met Isolde, the only person who had ever been capable of kicking his ass into next week. She made him see that he wasn't any better. She was a normal kid, he knew that but over the years they taught each other things that the other hadn't known before. Of course he would never tell her who he was, and what exactly was out there. But he had no qualms about teaching her more advanced defense skills - not that she really needed it.

On his first solo hunt he nearly got himself killed, learning the hard way that his life wouldn't be flowers and sunshine from that point on. Through the years he went on various hunts, solo and with other people but most of the results were usually the same. Either it was too easy, or he nearly got himself killed. There was usually no between. Not with the monsters he would hunt.

His cousin Brandy is the one who found out about The Howling. First taking the information to their grandfather who acted as the sort of chief hunter in their family. He advised her against it, as she was too young and would likely be overwhelmed. Instead he passed the hunt along to Max, who accepted it without a problem. advised by his grandfather he decided to invite a few people along, none of them hunters, so that he wouldn't seem out of place and suspicious to the wolves. At first he was against taking anyone with him, but he caved into the idea and brought along the friends he figured would be most likely to defend themselves, including Isolde.

Of course he had to drag her along, but it wouldn't be the first time he had done so...hopefully it won't be the last.

Face Claim: Jeremy Allen White
Hex Color: #232329

So begins...

Max Campbell's Story

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Alaska was anything but excited for the Opening night of howl. Nothing was more obnoxious to her then a bunch of teenagers and young adults getting fucked up and stupidly walking into their possible death. It didn’t help that werewolves gave off a certain kind of scent that attracted the humans even further. It was a sick and twisted game really, a game that Alaska always won at as long as she was high out of her mind. Being high and intoxicated made killing half naked, fake tanned broads a million times easier.

She finished lining her bright blue eyes with thick black liner before changing into her outfit. Her mother was never particularly fond of her choice in clothing, this particular outfit however was liable to give her poor mother an aneurism. She couldn’t find bring herself to care though. She was already feeling a slight buzz from the few lines of coke she’d done about fifteen minutes ago with her mate or fiancé, her mother like to call him that.

She lit herself a cigarette, taking a long drag from it glancing up to Kasper as he came out of the bathroom dressed like a grudge 90s rock star. He had a cigarette resting between his lips as he looked up to let his eyes rake over her shamelessly. She raised a brow, letting a wicked smirk creep across her painted black lips.

“Quickie before we party?” he said a bit muffled, the cigarette bouncing between his lips. She walked across the room over to where he stood reaching her fingertips out and lifting his shirt up a bit to tease his waist line causing him to groan.

“Oh, Kaz. You know I’d love to.” She breathed pressing her lips to his neck leaving behind a block smudge of lips stick. “But, your just so fucking boring when it comes to quickies.” She pouted, before shrugging and taking a step back. “Now, let’s go.” She ordered causing Kasper to roll his eyes as he slipped out of the door behind her.

She walked through the halls of their underground mansion that lay just underneath The Howling Festival grounds. The halls were empty for the most part because like always she was the last one to show up. She wondered briefly where her brother was, but the second they got into the kitchen that thought was forgotten as she effortlessly broke the lock on the liquor cabinet that was meant to keep her out and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

“Catch.” She smirked tossing it to Kasper, before grabbing a bottle for herself and popping it open taking a swing, not even wincing as it burned down her throat. She used the counter to put her cigarette out. She felt Kasper’s presents behind her. He grabbed her arm spinning her to face him. His eyes looked hungry and it made her heart race. He was a dangerous wolf, he was one of the best hunters and he always treated her more like his prey then his girlfriend.

He towered over her, despite how tall she was with her heeled boots on. He’d set the bottle down behind her and wrapped one arm around her waist and fisted a hand full of her long hair in his other hand pulling her close and kissing her hard, setting her whole body on fire. The kiss didn’t last long, because someone cleared their throat behind her and he pulled away.

“Darling I do hope you’re not planning to have sex on my very expensive granite counter tops.” Her mother’s faux sweet voice made her jaw clench tightly. “No Ali.” He mother breathed the nickname Alaska hated most. “It’s in both your best interest if you head up to the festival, it’s already underway. The longer you wait the less likely you are to feed on all the good humans.” Her mother said sweetly.

Alaska laced her fingers with Kasper’s then as they slipped out of the kitchen and finally made their way up to the front entrance where people were filing in like herds of cattle. Her and Kasper of course didn’t have to wait. The music was already playing and people already dancing. It was easy to pick out the wolves from the humans and as soon as they were inside the hunt began.


Beau kind of enjoyed the Howling Festival. There was always incredibly good music, beautiful girls, and of course he got his feel of hunting for the year. The way the howling worked was he hunted down about five to seven individuals who’s blood satisfied his cravings. They were kept in the realm of The Howling trapped, unable to escape and whenever he had cravings they were literally in his back yard. Sure it was fucked up, but it kept the wolves from running ramped all over the world and it kept them from becoming noticed.

People tended to overlook the humans who went missing at The Howling festival. They faded to missing people on the back of milk cartons, because for the most part the cops didn’t assume they were dead or that they’d been kidnapped. They assumed they’d meet someone and ran off among an array of other excuses. So really the wolves were brilliant for coming up with this. It was really a win win for everyone, accept the victims of course.

In fact Beau was finishing up the last of his victims from last year’s festival. The last girls was really very pretty. A small brunette that stood no chance to a monster like Beau. In fact he’d slept with her to keep her calm and the suspicion of what he was going to do to her on the down low. She was a good fuck, but a boring one at that. When they’d finished fucking he’d broken her neck almost instantly, then cut her wrists. The second he smelt her blood his bones started to break and he groaned in pain and after a few moments, he was in the form of a white wolf.

It had taken him a total of twenty-two minuets to clean the meat from the poor girl’s bones. The transformation back into a wolf was a painful one, but he was used to it. He sat next to the remains of the girl, back in his human form naked. Her blood covering his mouth, hands, arms, and chest. He sighed running his fingers through his hair. His door opened behind him but he didn’t filch or try and move quickly to grab his close he sat there.

“Shit sorry Beau.” His cousin Tulia said from behind him. He rolled his eyes and stood up walking to the bathroom. She followed. It wasn’t weird to him for her to see him necked, hell they used to take baths together as kids and they were all use to seeing each other naked there was no privacy when you were a wolf, it wasn’t like you went from clothed human form to transforming into a wolf and then back into a human and your clothes were magically on again. That was Hollywood shit, not real life.

He slipped into the shower, while she sat on the toilet seat. “What do you want Lia?” he breathed as he watched red water disappear down the shower drain. “Shouldn’t you be hunting?” he breathed.

“That’s just it.” She said back almost instantly, her high voice irritated him. “Every year, I go and find my prey and your bitch of a sister takes them…so what’s the point.” He sighed.

He moved his neck from side to side, trying to creak it, still reeling from his transformations. It was silent for a long time as he rinsed off the last of the blood and washed his body, then his hair. He grabbed the towel that hung over the shower door and wrapped it around his waist before stepping out. Reluctantly Tulia was still sitting on the closed toilet seat waiting for his advice.

“Listen Lia, she doesn’t meant to be like that. She love you, wait till she’s already filled her quota.” He said with a sigh. “Then get yours, she can’t steal after she’s already marked her territory.” He said with a shrug. Tulia popped up then wrapping her arms around Beau’s neck and hugging him tightly.

“Thanks Beau! You’re the best.” She said happily before skipping out of his room. He just shook his head. By the time he went back out into his huge bedroom the mess he’d made of the girl was already cleaned up thanks to the house keep. He dressed quickly, knowing he was already running late, in an outfit his mother deemed fitting. He let her for the most part control a lot of aspects of his life, he always had. It kept her happy and it kept her off Alaska’s back. Finally when he was already he headed up to the festival.

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Isolde could live without dealing with Evas over cheerful attitude for the rest of her lifetime. If she weren't so fond of the ball of sunshine she would find some way to ditch her. As it is for the moment Eva lounges on Isoldes bed, entire body stretched across the silver sheets. Sitting next to Eva is Olivia, already looking quite fantastic in her little black skirt and red dress top. Isolde admires Olivia for how easily the other girl manages to make herself look good. It usually takes Isolde hours to even find the energy to get herself put together nicely.

"This one?" Isolde asks, holding up a teal dress. Its one of two dresses she owns, and shes fairly sure she wore it to a wedding a few years ago. Eva sticks her tongue out and Olivia shakes her head. Isolde sighs and puts it back, digging around the mess of her closet for the only other dress she has. This one isn't as modest as the teal dress. She holds it close to her and turns to face them again.

"Seriously? This one..." Olivia shoots her a thumbs up, her other hand busy holding onto her phone. Likely texting the boys and asking them when they would finally make their grand appearance. "Remind us to take you shopping when we get back," Eva comments, standing up now. She starts rummaging through the ridiculous amount of sweatpants and tank tops in Isoldes open closet. "Really?" Eva grins, holding up a pair of grey sweat pants with the words 'hot stuff' written in red on the back.

Isolde rolls her eyes and snatches the pants away. "These happened to be a joke gift okay!" Isolde defends, tossing them into a growing pile of random clothes on the floor.

"Ollie are they almost here?" Isolde asks, sighing as she faces away from her friends and pulls her shirt off, then pulls the dress over her head. Eva helpfully zips up the back while she slips out of her sweat pants and into some tights that will at least cover up a little bit of skin. "Twenty minutes is what Ryder says." Olivia replies.

That isn't exactly enough time to get as ready as she wants to be, but then again she never asked to be dragged along on this trip. She quickly applies some makeup. Nothing over the top since she knows how much its going to suck having to wipe it all off later. Then she brushes out her hair and turns to face her friends.

It didn't exactly take twenty full minutes for Max and Ryder to show at the door. They all hurry along to Maxs car, where the radio is already blaring some godawful music that she is absolutely sure Ryder picked out. She sits in the backseat, hoping to tune out the music by listening to Olivia and Eva chatter the entire way. Isolde really hates getting dragged to these things, even if sometimes they don't end up so bad. Usually Isolde ends up drunk out of her mind and waking up in strange places. Avoiding alcohol is possibly the hardest thing for Isolde to do.

Tonight its worse, that strange prickly feeling is back. Racing through her skin, making the hair on her arms stand up and a fresh sweat breaks out. She rolls down the window to try and get rid of the feeling, her body bursting into flames just beneath her skin; or so it feels like.

When they arrive the festival is already in full swing. The smell of sweat, smoke, and alcohol thick in the air. They file out of the car and towards the crowd. She distantly hears her friends talking but she tunes them out, focused in on the mass of bodies. She pushes into the crowd, veering first off towards where she suspects the source of the alcohol will be. Barely noticing that shes already lost the others in the crowd.

A young man in the crowd winks at her, eyeing her up and down - yeah, Isolde did not feel like getting hit on yet. At least not before shes nulled the feeling beneath her skin. She eventually gets her hand on a drink and spots Eva in the crowd. As she nears she spots Ryder and Olivia conversing with a stranger - probably attempting to score some drugs or something. Max is nowhere to be seen, but Isolde doesn't really worry. He always has a way of blending in with the crowd, and she has no doubts he is nearby.

"Man this place is great!" Eva shouts, over the blaring sound of the music. Isolde nods her head, offering a tentative smile as she drinks from the red plastic cup in her hand. Straight alcohol, no chaser, just what she would need to quiet the anxious energy and let her actually enjoy the party.




Max prides himself on being brave, but despite being brave any other time the only feeling he can muster up is anxiety and worry. If something goes wrong tonight it will be his fault, he is the one putting all of his friends in danger. All for his family, who claim to know best...It still feels wrong though. Knowing that he is the one taking them there. Bait - that is what his grandfather calls them. He can't remember a time when his family ever approved of him having friends outside of the Hunting community. They always claimed that no matter what it would always be a bad idea to make friends with people who don't actually know whats out there.

He sighs, getting dressed in practical clothes that won't restrict his movement too much. It might not exactly fit the party atmosphere, but at least he wouldn't completely stand out. Besides he knows for a fact that Ryder is probably going to wear a similar get up. Making it a little less obvious to anyone else.

"Maxwell, please try and be careful." Aunt Diane comments, a worried look plastered all over her expressive face. Max sighs, rubbing a hand through his hair. "I won't die on purpose, I promise." Max says, a little half grin creeping up to smother his frown.

Aunt Diane slaps his shoulder lightly, "Thats not funny young man." She scolds, bringing him in for a hug. "Are you sure you don't want us to send Brandy with you? I know shes young but she could help..." Max shakes his head to stop her right there. That would be the worst possible choice to make. He would never recover from the guilt if anything were to happen to Brandy while out on a hunt. No, he would rather do it himself without having to worry about family getting involved.

"Okay best hurry on now I'm sure your friends are waiting." She tries to smile, but Max knows her too well to believe for a second that she isn't extremely worried. Max picks his car keys up off the table. Quickly says goodbye to the rest of his family and leaves.

After picking everyone up up they make the long drive to the festival. He knows how bad this idea is, going in so under prepared. No real knowledge uncovered from their research. His only defense being his usual knife and fun combo, although his Aunt begged him to keep the gun hidden so he wouldn't end up causing a frenzy. He knew he would have to do his job without worrying his friends or causing a panic in the crowd, especially if he managed to find one he wouldn't be able to attack it right away.

As much as it disgusted him he would have to play along with this little festival, and hope to god everything turns out alright in the end.

Once there Max eyes his surroundings to see if he can find anything out of the ordinary, or any vantage spots he can use to his benefit. So far nothing is amiss, the crowd is packed with teens and young adults getting fucked up like there's no tomorrow. "Don't get lost in the crowd," he tells the others, but right off the bat he notices that Isolde ignores him in favor of making her way into the crowd. He sighs, at least she can handle herself in a fight if need be. He sticks close to Ryder, Olivia, and Eva for the first few minutes until Olivia and Ryder manage to slip out of his sight. He waits until he sees that Isolde has returned before going off on his own in the crowd.

He doesn't go too far away from them, scanning the crowd and attempting to make himself seem as appealing as possible. If he can just manage to find one then he can find a way to get it alone and hold it hostage until he figures out a better course of action for taking them down. He knows it could be incredibly dangerous, he doesn't exactly know how many are here.

He feels his cell phone buzz in his pocket.

Max makes his way to a more secluded spot, still within eyesight of his friends where he can have a moment for himself. He grabs his phone, bringing his phone out quickly.

From: Brandy
"Have you found anything out yet?"

Max really doesn't feel like getting his cousin anymore involved than she is. Opting to ignore the text instead of fueling her curiosity. Shes going to be mad when she doesn't get a reply, but Max knows for a fact she will get over it.