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Aldwin Brandt

Beware the Hun in the sun!

0 · 307 views · located in Year: 3254

a character in “The Human-Hybrid War”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name: : Aldwin Brandt
Age: 26
Rank: Squadron Leader
Faction:Interplanetary Hybrid Alliance, RDAF (Rapid Deployment Assault Forces) One-Two-Zero Squadron.
Nation State: "The Eagles Den"

Gender: Male
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 71kg


Aldwin is tired, years of war have tired his mind until he no longer cares that much if he lives or dies. To Aldwin after years of protecting ships the mothership has become the center of his purpose and his commanders command much more than his obedience; they command his purpose and he is willing to die a thousand deaths for all of them.

To the government Aldwin has no such regard and considers them useless trash whose only job is to hand out medals and steal the tax payer's money. To Aldwin the officer core is the spirit of the armed forces and while he may not believe in the war anymore he believes in the fleet and adheres to its codes to the letter.
Aldwin puts off pressure by keeping himself cheerful and full of jokes while off combat. He gets to know his comrades and can end up being quite a party animal sometimes just to let off some steam but Aldwin simply does not make connections with people because he knows all too well they can be severed.

In combat Aldwin becomes as cold as his war machine; killing is his only purpose when in the cockpit and if anyone is weak enough to get into trouble survival of the fittest dictates he must die. Aldwin has lost the hatred he once had for the Sapiens and considers them as totally normal people like himself only he has to kill them. For the past seven years hatred has been the only drive making Hybrid young men go up to shoot at Sapiens young men to kill and die. Aldwin expresses no opinion about the matter; hatred is the best way to drive the people to war and even if he has seen the folly of it and is now too tired to hate Aldwin wants efficiency and if humanity must damn itself to an unbreakable cycle of hate so be it.


Name: "Black Specter"
Type: Interplanetary Fighter
Class: Type 33D "Defiant"
Length:150 meters
Width: 132 meters
Height: 48 meters
Armour: damage absorbing multilevel armoring 30mm thickness, damage suppression internal pressure gages.
Main Computer: (Upgrade) User Synchronizing interface system, Legion class Battlecomputer Mk15G.
(Upgrade) Railgun (2x3): Two Tri Railgun's; Armor piercing MP blasters, Pulseshell incendiaries, Thermal Ground suppression explosive shells.
Rapid fire pods (4x4): Rapid firing beam weapons or ground pacification "Nemesis NEM4" AGSDS (Autonomous Gas Shell Delivery system, Deadly poison gas)
(Upgrade) Swordfish Torpedo's (2x1): deep penetrator torpedo's MP blasters or (1x1) Planet buster (Anti Bunker system) Nuclear Pulse warhead for ground operations.
Power plant: Type 900 Fusion core,
Engine: Type 900 Fusion core, Proton interception & Accelerator system
Additional Features: Railings for Mech under cockpit area, Pulse energy dispersal shield system, Scanner system for observation missions, Cyber defense systems, Shield temporary dispersal beam.

The type 33 can trace its origins to the type 29 which saw service in the prewar and early war years on both sides of the conflict. While the UHO's type 49 has converted the design to a pure planetary defense role the IHA's type 33 has remained loyal to the original multipurpose design and the later D type upgrade expanded the bombing capabilities of the design at the expense of operational range.
While the design has become obsolete constant upgrades have kept the design able to continue operations. With the arrival of the USIS computer system the machine has been able to interface directly with its pilot however the system demands highly trained individuals and therefor has been limited to the type 33. In the hands of a master the type 33 despite its old age can match many modern designs however these are mainly stopgap measures taken due to the delay in the design of the type 38 which is hoped to counter enemy designs and succeed the type 33.
In the past the main producers of this type series was the G3 Design team however with the war the design team was part of the enemy war effort and so design and production was transferred to the Mars Complex (named after the god of war)
The type 33 is a fast and agile fighter which uses its speed as its primary means of defense. Its armor is designed to suppress damage however compared to other fighters the type 33 is lacking in true armor in the traditional concept of space fighter design.
The Fusion core produces most of the energy however the heat generated is alarmingly high and therefor the core is normally kept at low levels of activity while energy is stored in storage areas. In combat the Core is activated and heat and energy is released into a pulse field creating a limited shield capability.
The proton system allows the Type 33 to use Proton's generated by light to propel itself great distances in jumps. This allows the Type 33 to travel independently from a mother ship however the momentary spike in the Fusion core when working with this type of energy is rather hectic and even dangerous.
The weapon systems on the 33 are very diverse; the rail guns provide the heavy punch needed to penetrate enemy defenses while the smaller beam weapons are designed to weaken armor and secondary shield systems. The torpedo's are able to deliver a powerful MP blast into large enemy ships deactivating systems for several critical minutes at a time.
The ground suppression weaponry provides the type33 with explosives and even gas weapons to suppress enemy ground forces. The nuclear pulse warhead is specially built for anti banker warfare .


Model: Mars Complex "HMU 8k"
Series: Storm 5
Nickname: Dark Specter
Overall Height: 14meters
Base Weight: 6 metric tons
Full Weight: 10 metric tons
Armour Materials: 15mm basic armor, energy absorption plating.
Power plant: High performance thermal generator
Propulsion: "Challenger" mk21 thermal acceleration drive
Performance: Sustainable at atmospheric drop, designed for movement
Two "Shatterstar" Pulse canons
Four "Central Arsenal'" beam pods
1x6 Heavy Gatling Blaster
1x1 Light Rail gun, MP Precision round

Additional Systems: (Will add later)

Description: (will add later)


Seven years ago human space was a very different place, Aldwin was not the man he is today. He was energetic, proud and eager to prove himself. Peace was a strange thing, Aldwin can't remember h how he could stand state of ignorance not knowing that humanity would be plunged to the abyss so soon after.
When war came Aldwin was forced to escape his homeland and flee to the lands of the Hybrids now purged from the Sapiens infestation.

His eagerness clouded with confusion, anger and eventually hatred. What right did the Sapiens have to deny him his home? What right did the Sapiens have to wish the extermination of his existence just because he was different from them?
To Aldwin the Sapiens had made war out of jealousy and fear, the Hybrids where better than they were. It was the Hybrids who would take humanity forward and if the Sapiens stood in the way they would be purged and put in their place.

With this ideological vigor and sense of purpose Aldwin joined the early IHA Interplanetary Defense forces (Before they were reformed)
Aldwin was proud of his service; he was flying one of the few fighters the early IHA had acquired and constantly denying the Sapiens a "Walkover" to the planet below.

He did loss friends, he himself had been shot down once and was fortunate enough to survive but this did not change his eagerness to return to battle.
As the first three years passed by the IHA began to create a military powerhose as capable as that of the Sapiens however it was here that things changed. The war lost its glory of champion versus champion proving their metal against one another in the field of combat and became instead a war of statistics in which the individual was just a number.

Losses began to mount as the fighter concept grew obsolete. Some fiends could not take it anymore, many others died yet nothing seemed to be achieved as fleet destroyed fleet, rebuilt itself only to destroy itself again.

War has lost its meaning, there was no greater purpose anymore; only the wish to stay alive. The more enemies he killed the more he survived and Aldwin became very good at killing and was given some useless straps of metal called medals to decorate his shirts.
Yet these useless scraps of metal seemed to be the only thing of worth in the entire universe besides his fighter, it gave him his individuality back. The media tracked these "aces" and made a fuss over them, Aldwin didn't like it at first but eventually he didn't mind at all.

He adopted the nickname the "Black Specter" and wore the dark uniform assigned to him by the propaganda department making a few alterations himself. After another two years of war Aldwin was invited to join the new rising faction inside the Hybrids "The Eagles Den". The Den was a settlement built by the pilots of the IHA who had no home to go to for years, only the best where invited and to Aldwin it was a great honor and a sense of joy that finally he would live with people who understood.

The war went on, more friends died but Aldwin had learned not to make them in the first place… at least not on the bases in which he would truly care. Aldwin was removed a number of times to train as he finished a certain number of missions statistics claimed going over would break a pilot mentally. Aldwin does not see much of a point as most of those he trains would die in their first day of combat but he tries to make those few who have a spark of flame In their souls know a bit more so that they may survive a bit longer.

So begins...

Aldwin Brandt's Story


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Three small lights flickered among the stars, If one peered into space they could not be seen easily and with the explosions running all the length of this peaceful planet's sky these small machines of man where nothing compared to the giants of destruction.

Aldwin gazed at the planet "below" him, sad that this unending war would claim such virgin planet void of fear, war and terrible uncertainty. Aldwin in better days could not bear to watch such carnage but now he did paying respect to his enemies, he and his comrades now shed their blood and the least he could do was to see them perish and acknowledge their bravery.

Ahh, sentimentality… what a funny feeling; Aldwin felt sadness even regret at seeing such bastion of human peace brought down in a hail of fire yet he was not sorry.
He was not sorry to see this planet go to waste, these where his enemies and even in peace they had aided the betrayers who had started this war… the Universal" human" organization.

… I do not understand this, the battle has begun yet we remain here unmoving, please explain?

Aldwin chuckled, to teach strategy to a so called "battle computer", would this irony ever end?

"If we attack now we will face the full brunt of the enemy's arsenal, those gunships now being deployed are more than capable of ripping us to shreds and therefore we must wait for them to engage themselves against the heavier ships in our fleet which can withstand this fire"

… Then what is the purpose of these small and weakly structured fighting machines?

Aldwin raised an eyebrow, that was quite the question.

"It's cheap to send off pilots like this, it does not even cost the military a coffin for the many unfortunates" replied Aldwin both bitter and pessimistic still saddened by the sight on this lovely planet.

… Then why do you go on engaging in hostilities knowing your death statistically has to come? Asked the computer to which Aldwin had not yet had the time to grant a name as was tradition, probably because it was tradition for Aldwin to name this electronic comrade after its first battle.

[CODE YELLOW, CODE YELLOW, CODE YELLOW] the message displayed all over his communication devises sending alarms off to trigger every one of his automated systems.

So, it begins.

"Link up!" said Aldwin the interface of the battle computer now covering his eyes displaying the field of battle in marvelous detail ranging from power sources to shield type to even a flush of a toilet if Aldwin had the time to go through the data.

The squadron formed behind him as did twenty or so other fighters all ready and accepting of the fact that the blinds of death would soon cover in darkness what would be a marvelous sunrise on a until now marvelous planet.
No communication was needed, all these pilots knew what they were doing and those new boys who didn't would not matter anyway. The word yellow repeated three times brought all the information they needed on their display screens saving the time consuming and often costly affair of voice communication.

The birds of steel descended upon the enemy ships, weapons systems where ready, the reactor was up and running and shields where up. All seemed ready to be a fine day to die as Aldwin located his squadron's target…UHO Phalanx.
Aldwin smiled with satisfaction; didn't these people know their history? As the Greeks on Terra showed the ancient world; to create a Phalanx needed many and not these few.


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Lev stood on his command dais, listening to reports coming in from all sides. The cruiser UHO Fortitude had just arrived, bringing with it another squadron of fighter drones. A pair of frigates had also arrived and the ships were even now moving in to support the Phalanx. Despite this, the fighting was going poorly. The enemy was entrenched and in formation, despite the best efforts of Lev to dislodge them. It seemed that they had guessed his objective and were even now attempting to delay him. His eyes widened slightly as he saw an IHA Frigate with two Corvette’s in tow turn to aim its main gun at the Phalanx. It was directly ahead, it must have though the Phalanx’s main gun was still out of operation. Lev smirked slightly. ”Fire the main gun. Get rid of that frigate and its escort.” A quick voice shouted its confirmation and Lev could feel the ship shuddering as the main gun charged up. That frigate and its crew were doomed, they just didn’t know it yet. Lev turned to review the rest of the battle, but was interrupted when MILA voice suddenly appeared within the command deck. ”cAPTAIN. iT APPEARS WE HAVE BEEN TARGETED.” Lev started and looked at the view screen, a sudden power spike out of nowhere, its readout indicated that it was some form of beam weapon, though Lev could not guess as to what type.

”Scramble defence drones! Prepare an energy shield against that blast!” The defence drones scrambled and four of them lit up an energy shield between them against the incoming blast. For a moment it seemed to Lev that the beam stopped against that shield, moments before it broke through and short circuited the three drones. The beam cut a swath across the bow of the ship, rocking everyone in the command deck. ”Status report! What the hell was that?!” Lev’s voice sounded frantic even to himself. A woman near his command dais quickly reported minimal damage to vital systems and no loss of structural integrity, but two of the forward batteries were offline. MILA’s voice once more sounded throughout the command deck. ”cAPTAIN. aNALYSIS COMPLETE. wEAPONS FIRE FROM A S.U.M. PROTOTYPE. rECOMMEND ELIMINATING IT IMMEDIATELY.” Lev frowned even as he grinded his molars together. They had no pilots left. And the drones would never be able to match that thing. Another frantic report came in from below the command dais. ”Sir! A force of fighters incoming! Gunships are entangled with enemy forces and can’t come to our aid!”

This was going to turn ugly soon. They were losing ground and fast at that. With a nod Lev gave his next orders. ”Redirect the Fortitude’s Drones and one squadrons to engage those fighters. All small batteries are to target the fighters as priority targets. And get a message to commander Atreides. Tell him he has 10 minutes to find the cargo and get his ass on a ship back to the Phalanx. And get the Red Sun ready. I’m taking off to engage that S.U.M. Redirect one squadron of drones to assist me.” As he finished he turned on his heels and marched away from the command deck, followed by loud protestations. He could direct the battle from a mech. What was more important now was distracting that S.U.M. before it tore the entire ship apart. He was the only pilot capable of doing so on the ship. He frowned slightly even as he mumbled. ”Shouldn’t have sent Atreides away.” With a snort he expelled the regret from his mind and marched to the mech loading bay. As expected, the Red Sun was ready for launch. He quickly changed into his flight suit and boarded the mech. ”MILA are you there?” He said, even as he began the preparations for take-off. ”pRESENT cAPTAIN. rEADY TO ASSIST YOU.” Lev nodded once, before saying through the comm system to the deck crew. ”Red Sun taking off!” With a sudden jolt the transformable mech was dropped out into space, where he immediately transferred to fighter mode and raced for the S.U.M. signal, a squadron of drone fighters in tow.

”Patch me through to the Widow.” He said, even as he swiftly closed the distance. ”Son, this is Captain Stellinkov. I am moving out to engage the enemy S.U.M. The Phalanx can’t fight its way through to you, so you’re going to have to get there yourself. I will hold the enemy off. Stellinkov out.” Lev ended the transmission and with a smirk he noticed that he was getting close to the enemy S.U.M. ”Once we’re in range, launch missiles. I’ll start off with a few strafing runs. Get the drones to do the same.” MILA voiced her confirmation even as the enemy S.U.M. was getting closer and closer.


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#, as written by Polka
Now Arba had always stuck to being a collected person. No matter what the situation or circumstance she prided herself in being a level headed warrior. However, if you begin messing with her fleet or better still her Baby(Ship) then that principle of staying calm often left the battle field.

Up until now Arba had kept her face completely covered and stayed away from aiming any guns herself. She had specialized pilots and Mechs to do that kind of dirty work. Yet the blue haired woman was a skilled pilot and gunman with the added bonus of being a hybrid rather than a human. Plus she was very pissed that this boy had somehow manged to destroy and kill some of her fleet within mere seconds because she had underestimated him.

' Captain someone has hacked our main communication system. We are open for anyone to hear'

Great.... now her communication was open for anyone to hear. How could she have been so stupid and now her own S.U.M was having difficulty in battle.
' Someone get the turrets ready for me and send out more of our fighter pilots. This is about to get dirty. I want all missiles fired. Use whatever Ammo you can find. '

It was at this point Arba did not care who could hear her communications. She ripped her hooded cloak from her scarred body, a member of the crew handed her a pair of yellowing goggle and began to run after her as she briskly walked to the turrets taking the mouth peice to her lips once more.
' Whether you be part of my fleet or a member of the UHO. Listen to this.... The Colony is now our enemy, you may attack at will. You begin to kill my crew. Something which we did not do to your 'Precious Planet' and you face the consequences.'
Before entering into a large turret she dropped the mouthpiece to the floor and shattered it under her foot.

She entered a large rounded turret which was in control of a laser machine gun. Taking one deep breath she looked around for a brief moment. Spotting the S.U.M target. She released fire.


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[Unit C now reading complete functionary disruption, no life signs detected from human controller… presumed unit destroyed by enemy drone fire after a momentary lack of evasive maneuver upon attempt at lock on target]

Aldwin almost closed his eyes in disgust; a completely avoidable death brought upon by inexperience. Training was a rushed inefficient affair to begin with and every month saw new demands for reinforcements and new cuts in training in order to get them into the pilot seat as fast as possible.

Aldwin could not afford to lose them this way, a pilot who survived his first battle had his statistical survival rate raised from 4% to 30% but the figures he had been getting these past missions where pointing towards a more likely figure of 2% survival rate… far detached from the propaganda statistic of 47% among rookie pilots.

"UA to UB, enact code Sunday, " shouted Aldwin to the communicator; the interface technology was not yet reliable enough to create a direct link between the pilots and so occasional obsolete vocal communication was sometimes needed.
Code Sunday was an attack pattern which had the sender unit engage enemy defenders while the receiving unit began an attack run on the target. Among other details such as formation, duration and secondary provisions this particular order was one enacted in case of the premature termination of a third of the squadron.

With unit C down only two units where now left.
Aldwin bounced the defending drones now launching and dived back returning fire with his powerful tri rail guns causing a number of kills among the breaking formation.
With Unit B now closing in after a short exchange between it and another formation of drones Aldwin fired another burst into an incoming interceptor clearing the way for unit B to begin its attack run.

With defenders now in disarray after a strange blast from the target colony presumably ether an allied unit or accidental enemy fire the fighters had a short but valuable turkey shoot bringing down a few dozen drones and interceptors.
In addition the forward Squadrons in the attack group had managed to accomplish their objectives with only 30% made causalities before the attack run and a further 40% after the attack leaving three survivors to keep on covering for the rest of the attack force and giving the first strike a 70% strike rate causing a number of enemy ships to loss key systems and one to loss life support systems possibly terminating the majority of its occupants.

Unit B did not repeat the mistakes practiced by unit C and remained consistent with its evasive maneuvering during the lock on stage. With only a short distance to go to the enemy target resistance was stiffening but was still fractured enough to allow half the attacking force of the second wave to pass unscathed.

Dispatching a further two drones Aldwin noted that an enemy gunships was now beginning to turn and concluded that the sacrifice of one of his two torpedo's was the only method by which the second wave would be able to clear the enemy defenders sufficiently intact to hit the enemy command ship.
Slightly modifying the attack formation Aldwin accelerated his fighter to avoid the Gunships missile barrage and turned back now from the rear communications section of the gunship which while heavily protected had the fewest amounts of defensive armaments and was void of any offensive capability.

Aldwin fired a burst of his beam guns before beginning a cyber-attack on the Gunship's shield systems to allow his shield disrupter an easier task.
The Human brain could not normally handle such tasks in the speeds of fighter combat but his interface with the computer thanks to his cyberbrain incasing along with his genetic modifications, his experience and the Cyber upgrades and implants to his body allowed him to keep pace with the action.

There are many unused neural pathways in the brain which could genetically be expanded and artificially be adapted to specialized tasks. There was a cost to this however; overusing the systems could have a very dangerous consequence to the physical functionality of the biological brain which in most cases like Aldwin's resulted in artificial Cyber implants.
Over the course of seven years' service most of Aldwin's brain had been converted from biological to artificial functionality and after he had his fighter shot up by enemy fire much of his body had also been replaced with artificial components.

With the Cyber attempt at the gunship's systems only a partial success Aldwin pressed on with what he had managed and fired the singe missile into the shield bypass penetrating the armor and burning out most of the gunship's functionality.

These torpedo's designed for large heavily armored ships easily overcome the lighter armor of the gunship and the powerful MP burst was able to overcome the gunship's systems far less protected then a battleship's leaving it adrift in space and its crew most likely terminated.

Aldwin turned and retraced his way to his target, while he had dealt with the gunship unit B had been destroyed by the gunships forward batteries however this loss was acceptable as Aldwin was now well past the enemy defenses and even with only one torpedo left he could still damage vital systems inside the enemy command ship.
As he locked on and made the final approach to launch a band of drones assaulted him causing some damage to the power management systems and left him with in the unfortunate predicament of a decreeing velocity.

To compensate Aldwin fired his emergency rocket engine granting him a temporary boost in speed to complete his attack. There was no question of a cyber-attack at this stage of the attack however the first wave had left a four meter shield defense weakening near the command section allowing the shield disrupter to make enough room for the torpedo.

Targeting the reactor Aldwin fired the Torpedo on a course which would send it beyond the command section and into the reactor section. As the Torpedo penetrated the ships armor it became clear to Aldwin that the armor had been stronger then calculated preventing a breach all the way to the reactor section so Aldwin settled for a strike at the control systems link between the command section and the rest of the ships systems.

Maybe a temporary dysfunction in these systems would allow allied ships to launch an attack on the enemy's command ship?


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#, as written by Polka
She knew her fleet where becoming outnumbered even before the female crew member had shouted up the turret. Everything was beginning to crumble for the IHA. Though retreating was never an option.

Her eyes hastily moved from target to target. Though on some shots she didn't inflict damage she had managed to seriously damage some of the UHO ships.
'God Damn it' she yelled through gritted teeth as she felt a shot hit into her own ship. It was at that moment she noticed two openings. One was created by a Pilot of her own Fleet, she believed his name to be Aldwin. He had made it so her fleet could damage the enemy's command ship. If she were to take down the center then it may just save her crew's life. However, the strong headed S.U.M boy was also open for fire.

She knew that attacking the S.U.M would only be for the revenge of the crew he had killed. The better option was the ship.
She raised the laser turret straight ahead and with one swift movement a lightening blue beam shot across the sky, hitting the Command ship. She wasn't sure what kind of damage she had done so Arba shot a second time to make sure she had at least done some damage.
She looked on and watched as some of her fleet began to hammer down onto the small colony. Shooting small capsules released controlled fire pockets over certain parts of the colony's land. Though she could have been described as heartless, at that moment she felt sorrow for the innocent, they were merely the tools of war.

A young man's voice echoed into the turret.

'Captain. Unit 6 are requesting back up. They say their engines are shutting off.'
' Send unit 2 in as back up. Tell the fleet to stop attacking the God Damn Colonies and concentrate on the UHO fleet. Destroy as many ships as you can' .

She could here the Crew member scurry away to relay the message. She had, had enough of the revenge killing, it was time to even out the playing field as she knew the IHA would not send her backup.

The She went back to firing against the enemies main ship.


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"It's away!" said Aldwin grinning with satisfaction as the Torpedo began its chain reaction among the Phalanx's electronic systems.
Turning gracefully using his last booster rocket Aldwin calculated he would have sufficient acceleration to deliver one more sweep since enemy gravity fields had deployed causing a further decrease in overall velocity.

"Code Black, Code Silver" said Aldwin searching for any remaining fighters among the formation, no response of acknowledgment was detected and therefor Aldwin had to assume he was the last operational fighter in the formation.
Making a strafing pass on the exposed enemy ship Aldwin prepared his proton accelerators for a very hasty retreat.

[ALERT, ALERT; Engine section not responding, section registering 64% termination commencing automatic shutdown] reported the damage report program as a sharp twist of the flight sent additional G's all over the unfortunate type 33.
"What the he…" wondered Aldwin as an additional blast hit the fighter

[ALERT, Course correction systems destroyed]
[ALERT, shields deactivated]
[ALERT, energy management systems not functioning]
[ALERT, all weapons destroyed]

"Bugger" thought Aldwin, this would be the second time he had been shot down… quite strange he was still alive to think it.

"IHA forces, more ships are on their way and will be here shortly. I demand that you break off this attack and leave this area at once"

Aldwin spotted the origin point of the communication and concluded based on the projection that this strange unit had been responsible for the loss of his wings.
Now that was just too much, he had been shot up by some kid… well a kid with some serious hardware it seemed.

[ALERT, emergency reactor shut down now in progress]

"Cancel emergency reactor shut down procedure" snapped Aldwin at the automated systems, he was not about to let his last weapon be deactivated.

If he was going to die now he would make as much damage as possible against the enemy, if he wasn't to die well doing some damage would still be nice.

By blowing off one of the Proton accelerators he was able to gain a sufficient course correction towards the unfortunate space colony.
A read out showed that the colony's shields had been pounded sufficiently to allow Aldwin to enter them, from there on it seemed as if the gravity stabilizers for the colony could be destroyed if he let his fighter smash into the exterior of the station thus triggering an explosion sufficient to destroy it and destabilize the Sapient fleet's formation by the sudden loss of a gravitational point.

"Unit A for Adam calling control ship B for Baby, my fighter had been damaged beyond combat functionality. I am going to crash my fighter at the gravity stabilizers of the colony as I eject, this may cause a destabilizing effect on enemy fleet. I advise allied fleet commence compensating maneuvers and recalibrate systems to maintain superiority."

Aldwin used the secure fighter channel and hoped the enemy would take a few moments to break the decryption. He had to state the full message word by word since there was no code for the radical action he was about to embark on.
Aldwin began preparations for impact removing himself from interface mod and prepared the control pod in the cockpit section for ejection.

[you have not yet answered my question, why do you remain in this position knowing you will eventually die?] Asked the computer now once again separate of Aldwin's mind.

Aldwin chuckled; this new battle computer was really something.

"Well, it's only in fighters I get to pull stunts like this"

[I fail to understand this motivation, I would like to remain operational in order to further observe this phenomena] said the computer, possibly afraid of its termination?

Aldwin often wondered if these AI's could really think as humans did, but now was not the time for it.

"Shame that we must part now, keep the fighter on course and rig up the reactor… Overlord"

Aldwin ejected the control pod leaving the battle computer to process that last puzzle he had given him… his new and final name.

Aldwin hit the protective shielding of the colony but was able to overcome it thanks to the emergency shielding of the control pod, he gazed from the camra feed as he saw the fighter begin to burn in the artificial atmosphere of the colony before vanishing behind the colonies towers now coming into view.

Aldwin braced himself for the explosion…


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This wasn’t good. Reports from the Phalanx were streaming in. There were too many. They were a distraction. They were keeping him from his goal. They were turning his attention this way and that. He never should’ve kept the link open. He should’ve focused on the goal. But it was too late for such regrets. The Phalanx had been hit and hit hard. It’s defences were already weakened and the enemy saw its chance. Suicidal fighters took it. A torpedo, launched with such pin-point accuracy that Lev needed to take a single second to appreciate it, had knocked down quite a few of its vital systems. MILA had already redirected a large portion of those, but they were now sluggish and the main cannon remained offline. And now some other ship had opened fire, doing considerable damage to the Phalanx’s armour. But it shouldn’t pose a problem. The fleet had grown and now outnumbered the IHA fleet. The officers had seen the danger and drawn the fleet into a defensive position near the Phalanx. No more fighters were getting through, if there were even any left. And the larger ships with enough firepower would need to fight its way through that fleet to get to the Phalanx. But this was a dangerous, unwanted situation nonetheless.

Lev’s attention was forced back to his own fight straight away when the S.U.M. closed in. How could he be so stupid? He could have easily outrun that thing, of course, he had not taken the S.U.M.s superior capabilities into consideration, but still. Instead he stopped paying attention and now it was right on him. MILA presented to him the likely course of action the enemy would take judging from the battle data collected so far. That spread shot again, but this time right in front of him. There was no way through. The enemy knew that. Still there was something in that shot. Arrogance? Perhaps, though more likely inexperience or a lack of knowledge of his own machine. ”This is going to hurt.” Lev mumbled, even as he frowned. His train of thought had taken less than even a tiny fragment of a moment. With a single button press he forced his craft upward, even as he transformed it into mech mode. Immediately he turned all engines and thrusters to full and ignited them. The mech, now upside down and all engines and thrusters faced away from the direction he was going in, immediately stopped, before almost instantly blasting straight into the opposite direction.

Blood leaked from Lev’s nose from the raw G-force of his sudden 180° turn. All around him alarms flared. As expected, he hadn’t managed to avoid the entire hail storm that the S.U.M. had lain out in front of him, he crossed its field of fire for a split second and it had damaged his machine. Still, he had to take a moment to appreciate the timing of his opponent. Perhaps it was the S.U.M.'s superior capabilities, but the attack had been spot on. Had he been fighting a regular mech, the damage would not be a problem. But this thing was too dangerous. He was going to have to retreat soon. But leaving that thing in full functional capability was madness. He was sure if he went full speed while in the Red Sun’s fighter mode he could out run it. But there was no way to outrun its weapons. No, he needed to slow it down somehow. Maybe even force it to retreat. He angled the mech once more, this time straight for the S.U.M. ”MILA, fire all missiles, full spread. Make sure it can’t dodge. I’m going in.” Under loud protestations of MILA he went full blast towards the S.U.M. closing the distance in a matter of moments, closely following his own missiles. Behind this curtain of missiles, there was the chance the S.U.M.O. wouldn’t even notice him. Even if the S.U.M.O. did, there was no way of telling his intentions behind that curtain of missile fire. He had no time to doubt his course of action, or even consider the possibility the mech might have superior sensors to regular mechs that might detect him despite all the missiles. In the instance before closing the last bit of distance he pulled out both of the Red Sun’s beam sabers and got them ready. He would have the S.U.M. deal with the missiles and attack with both beam sabers at once in that instance that they were all exploding around them. Distraction, attack. A single attack, before quickly transforming back in fighter mode and racing full blast away from the S.U.M. and back into the firing range of the UHO fleet.


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#, as written by Polka
All Arba's ships weapons had been disabled... great.

The best course of action would be to retreat in this case, her whole fleet were outnumbered and there was no need to use the back up generator to turn on the weapons.

Just as Arba went to send a transmission to the opposing army a face appeared before her. The opposing fleets leader she assumed as the feed was fuzzy for the first few seconds. It wasn't until half way through the transmission that his face became recognizable. Her blood ran cold, panic gripped her body like a snake binding its prey. She could feel the fear rushing through every vein. He had been there watching the whole time.

It had been exactly a year since the time in which Arba had been captured for questioning by the UHO. Most of her mind had blocked out the terrorizing memories of hot iron being branded across her body but his face brought it all back.

The fear only lasted for a second before she heard a crew member shouting that the higher ups suggested that the retreat would be wise. However, this was not the plan that Arba had in mind, in fact she wasn't thinking with a 'captains head' rather a young frightened girl who was feeling brave. Rage consumed every fiber before she entered the commands to restore her back up generator. Her voice screamed loudly over the Com System. Most of it inaudible screams but one world that could be heard was something about killing that Bastard. She gripped her controls in front of her and began frantically pressing the fire button in Lev's direction.

The crew were worried. Their usual calm and collected captain had became a mess withing two minutes and she was now endangering the entire fleet and the mission at hand.

Tear's of fear and angers dripped across her scarred face, she didn't care about anything other than killing him. She was however, unaware that her own camera had been switched on so her crew could see everything in fact this was a live feed that was sent to every S.U.M any neighboring ship and her commanders.

She placed one of her hands onto a mat that could read skin imprints whilst using the other to keep shooting. Once the system read her imprints it brought up a small silver button which had access to the larger lasers.

Before she had the time to press the button she felt a small prick in her neck before drifting into darkness.
The order had been from above. Inject her and bring her back for questioning. And for God's sake retreat.


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"Oye mate what are you doing down here"? Demanded an accented voice, possibly from the sixth planet but one could never know these days.

It had been half an hour since Aldwin had "landed" and ground staff where running all over the place to repair the damage. He had since nicked a uniform of one of the guards who had proven rather slow on the trigger compared to Aldwin but from the reaction he had got the uniform was not the best among the people there.

"Hell mate can't ya see I am makin me runs? Colony doest repair itself ya kno what I mean?" said Aldwin mimicking the man's accent and poor sense of wording.

The man seemed to be convinced at this but out of the blue a second chap stepped over baring the nasty look of a hound looking for blood.

"Show me your papers please, this a restricted area for experimental purposes" said the man now nearly facing Aldwin.

"Ohh righto mate, giv me a moment" said Aldwin making a show of taking his right hand towards his pockets but then move rapidly to punch him using the full force of his cybernetic hand pounding the poor man's skull with a blast of kinetic energy.
The man collapsed onto the ground and the sixth planet fellow grabbed his pistol and began to fire hitting Aldwin a few times but doing little more than superficial damage.

The benefits of a cybernetic body where quite wonderful; since losing much of his body in the past Aldwin has since then never had to worry about it. Aldwin rushed the man and overpowered him with a similar well aimed punch and after he had collapsed grabbed his pistol for added security.

The building he entered was a hanger of some sorts and the impression Aldwin had got out of his scan was that the place was full to the teeth with military hardware. Aldwin scanned the first hanger, there was no body about since the colony's population apart from the essential personnel where in the shelters but it seemed they had closed off this hanger for use with a shield device.

Aldwin examined the security card he had gotten of the uniform and saw that it was one for the security of the fourth hanger but no other.

The other hanger's security was easily deactivated with the card, Aldwin proceeded to examine the line of impressive mecha's standing in front of him realizing that these where experimental fighter-mech models.
Grinning from ear to ear at the realization Aldwin opened the most menacing one and entered its cockpit. The mech was jet black and seemed to be fully armed for a testing run scheduled for today giving Aldwin a bit of offensive power should he want it.

Aldwin hacked the system to allow him temporary control until he could work on it and make his control permanent. The trick was to make the system think that Aldwin's actions where part of the planned test run today and accept him as the test pilot.

Aldwin punched in a scenario of planetary invasion but hacked the IFF recognition system to view the IHO ships as the Hybrids and vice versa. Satisfied with his changes Aldwin taxed the machine off the hanger and began the takeoff procedure, maybe he could have one more go against the Phalanx before going home?


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Aldwin was amazed and the smoothness of his escape, no alarm had sounded and what was a mere few minutes ago a battlefield seemed void of conflict.
Had the battle ended? Had his fleet been destroyed? Aldwin was not a very optimistic person but maybe his attack on the colony brought their own forces the victory?

Flying past the colony Aldwin tried opening the fleet channel but found it locked with only the emergency beacon operating as a means to gather survivors in a rally point. This fightermech was something alright; it was quite similar to his old fighter as it was also based on the same type his fighter had been born out of however this machine was by far the more advance one retaining only the external appearance of his old one.

There was no AI system inside the fighter yet however the smaller automatic programs where impressively able to handle this complicated machine on their own. For combat operations Aldwin would have to finalize the machine with an AI and other devices but even so it would be some weeks before the thing was operational.

This was a planetary assault machine designed to destroy the enemies air power and then support an invasion considering the lack of the long range capabilities Aldwin was used to and the addition of many air friction "smoothing" devices. Command might want it for the special unit but Aldwin knew he had enough influence to keep the machine if he wanted to; there was a bright side to being an ace after all apart from staying alive.

Aldwin spotted on his scanner a ship which appeared to be the command ship of today's assault, there appeared to be some damage but nothing critical. Aldwin prepared the fighter for the approach and attempted to make contact with the ship by sending a short clearence code. Aldwin hoped the code was still valid; as a member of the fighter force he tended to get the codes later then the other services so there was always the possibility the code had since lost its validity.


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#, as written by Polka
Arba stirred and awoke to a bright white light shining into her face.
She sat up and became tangled in wires that were suctioned to her head, they were clearly to read her brainwaves. Though she could not remember exactly what she had done Arba assumed they were checking her over for any abnormalities or 'Flight Sycosis' which was a common illness for crew member who had not rested in a while. It was at that exact moment that she noticed a pale blond woman, hair slicked back into a tight bun beside the table she lay on.

'Arba Porter? your'e awake. Good.First I need to ask you some routine questions before explaining the situation at hand'

Who was this woman and what did she mean situation. Arba chose to nod her head than respond to the woman, she was still dazed from the strong sedative injected into her blood stream.

'Ok. First what do you remember about the incident that took place earlier'
She could still remember his face. The bastard she wanted so desperately wanted to kill. Yet if she wanted to get to him she would have to justify her actions in another way. Revenge was an instant dismissal.
' Only that the enemy was within range. I believe we could have caused extensive damage to their command ship.I realize now that not everyone agreed'.
The woman jotted into a small black book with a silver trim.

' If this post is affecting your judgment Madam then you must say before you jepordize this ship and your crew again. Your brainwaves are functioning normally and as this fleets Psycho therapist I suggest you bring all your decisions through to myself or another officer from this point on. You are under Probation for the next 3 months'.
Then she left. The scarred woman sat on the steel table in shock. In all her years of training she had never been on a warning. How was she going to prove that she could do this when she still wanted to find the man responsible for the scarring that covered 65% of her body.

Her thought process was interrupted by one of her crew members sheepishly entering the room. He stumbled forward and handed her a list of things that had been authorized whilst she had been unconscious.
A unknown ship had been authorized to land in the ships loading bay.

She ripped the cabled that protruded from her head and indicated the crew member to lead the way. She had better check who had climbed aboard.