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Sarah Chimmelwi

You, my friend, are very annoying.

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a character in “The Human-Hybrid War”, as played by Izzyvamp


(WIP just want to submit it so it's saved for now, and I'll work on it later.)
Name: Sarah C.
Age: 17
Alliance: UHO
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Sarah has dark brown eyes that could look almost black, along with her black hair. Her hair is on the shorter side, though it is longer in the front than in the back. She has pale skin as a result of favoring in doors than outside. She's not too short or too tall, about 5'7". She can usually be found wearing black and white, and the only color ever found on her would be her nails that she paints dark blues, reds, and purples. She has one ear pierced, and always keeps in her black "X" earring.



Sarah isn't mean, but she isn't very nice either. She'll protect and help people she cares for, but unless you have some connection with her, she'll most likely not care about you at all. She tends to keep an "I don't care" attitude, even when she really does care. She often acts bored, tired, or annoyed as a result of this.
On the other hand, she's someone you can tell almost anything to and she'll listen to you, really listen, and be honest. She won't tell you what you want to hear, she'll tell you what you need to hear. Despite this, she'd generally a good friend and can keep a promise even if it's bad for her.
Lastly, if you get on her bad side, be careful. She's known to have random episodes where she freaks out, and if she doesn't like you, you'll end up in the hospital, or possibly worse.


S.U.M (Simplicity)

Model number: MSA-003
Operator(s):Sarah C.
Height: overall height 19.5 meters; head height 18.5 meters
Weight: empty 36.2 metric tons; max gross 55.6 metric tons; mass ratio 1.32
Armor materials: trillalium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1620 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 18200 kg, 2 x 13800 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 12
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 1.15 G
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Equipment and design features: sensors, range 10020 meters
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x beam saber, power rated at 0.4 MW, stored in recharge racks on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use
Optional fixed armaments: shield, mounted on either forearm
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle, power rated at 1.9 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, 170mm cannon


"Who wants to know?"
... (N/A)


So begins...

Sarah Chimmelwi's Story


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Sarah sat on a bench, eyes closed and head tilted back, in a place between awake and asleep. She liked being in this state, as it made her imagination run wild for once. The things she could think of amazed even her. She could sit there for hours like this, never actually falling asleep. Sure, she'd get weird stares, but she never minded them. Sarah found it normal that whatever she thought of or imagined was unique and random. So when the warning sirens when off, she didn't think anything of it.

However, when the announcement went off, Sarah opened her eyes confused. She knew what that announcement meant, and she also knew there was no reason for it to be in her head. When she opened her eyes, the sirens had not stopped. Cursing under her breath, Sarah got to her feet and looked around. What's going on now? I swear, if people keep interrupting me, I'm gonna- eh thoughts were cut off short by the ground shaking a bit. Looking up, Sarah could swear she saw a ship. Or maybe two. Groaning, she immediately guessed there was an attack.

"You've got to be kidding me!" she yelled, stamping her foot to the still shaking ground like a child. She knew who was attacking them. The IHA, of course. Even if some people refused to acknowledge it, Sarah knew that they'd attack some day. But why did it have to be today? I was going to daydream, go for a walk, maybe practice shooting, and then- her thought was cut off yet again by a loud sound, that she couldn't exactly place. Frustrated that she couldn't even think, Sarah began to walk away in a random direction, hoping to give the attackers a peace of her mind.

Though, she didn't know how to do that of course, since she had no idea where anyone is. "Screw everything!" she screamed, looking around. While Sarah could be a very calm nice person, she did not like being interrupted. No matter what it was. And the fact that the interruption was an ATTACK just made her lose it.


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#, as written by Polka
She knew her fleet where becoming outnumbered even before the female crew member had shouted up the turret. Everything was beginning to crumble for the IHA. Though retreating was never an option.

Her eyes hastily moved from target to target. Though on some shots she didn't inflict damage she had managed to seriously damage some of the UHO ships.
'God Damn it' she yelled through gritted teeth as she felt a shot hit into her own ship. It was at that moment she noticed two openings. One was created by a Pilot of her own Fleet, she believed his name to be Aldwin. He had made it so her fleet could damage the enemy's command ship. If she were to take down the center then it may just save her crew's life. However, the strong headed S.U.M boy was also open for fire.

She knew that attacking the S.U.M would only be for the revenge of the crew he had killed. The better option was the ship.
She raised the laser turret straight ahead and with one swift movement a lightening blue beam shot across the sky, hitting the Command ship. She wasn't sure what kind of damage she had done so Arba shot a second time to make sure she had at least done some damage.
She looked on and watched as some of her fleet began to hammer down onto the small colony. Shooting small capsules released controlled fire pockets over certain parts of the colony's land. Though she could have been described as heartless, at that moment she felt sorrow for the innocent, they were merely the tools of war.

A young man's voice echoed into the turret.

'Captain. Unit 6 are requesting back up. They say their engines are shutting off.'
' Send unit 2 in as back up. Tell the fleet to stop attacking the God Damn Colonies and concentrate on the UHO fleet. Destroy as many ships as you can' .

She could here the Crew member scurry away to relay the message. She had, had enough of the revenge killing, it was time to even out the playing field as she knew the IHA would not send her backup.

The She went back to firing against the enemies main ship.


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#, as written by Polka
All Arba's ships weapons had been disabled... great.

The best course of action would be to retreat in this case, her whole fleet were outnumbered and there was no need to use the back up generator to turn on the weapons.

Just as Arba went to send a transmission to the opposing army a face appeared before her. The opposing fleets leader she assumed as the feed was fuzzy for the first few seconds. It wasn't until half way through the transmission that his face became recognizable. Her blood ran cold, panic gripped her body like a snake binding its prey. She could feel the fear rushing through every vein. He had been there watching the whole time.

It had been exactly a year since the time in which Arba had been captured for questioning by the UHO. Most of her mind had blocked out the terrorizing memories of hot iron being branded across her body but his face brought it all back.

The fear only lasted for a second before she heard a crew member shouting that the higher ups suggested that the retreat would be wise. However, this was not the plan that Arba had in mind, in fact she wasn't thinking with a 'captains head' rather a young frightened girl who was feeling brave. Rage consumed every fiber before she entered the commands to restore her back up generator. Her voice screamed loudly over the Com System. Most of it inaudible screams but one world that could be heard was something about killing that Bastard. She gripped her controls in front of her and began frantically pressing the fire button in Lev's direction.

The crew were worried. Their usual calm and collected captain had became a mess withing two minutes and she was now endangering the entire fleet and the mission at hand.

Tear's of fear and angers dripped across her scarred face, she didn't care about anything other than killing him. She was however, unaware that her own camera had been switched on so her crew could see everything in fact this was a live feed that was sent to every S.U.M any neighboring ship and her commanders.

She placed one of her hands onto a mat that could read skin imprints whilst using the other to keep shooting. Once the system read her imprints it brought up a small silver button which had access to the larger lasers.

Before she had the time to press the button she felt a small prick in her neck before drifting into darkness.
The order had been from above. Inject her and bring her back for questioning. And for God's sake retreat.